A Lack of Subtlety - Fs, O

A Real Man's Doll - Fs, O

Bean Burritos - Sh, O

Beach Scenario - Sh, O

Big Dicks - Sh, D/O

Big Fish - Fs, A

Brett Joins the Team (Sequel to Lunch Money) - Fs, O
Added -> 5/10/08

Conquest - Fs, O

Eric and Jay - Fs, O

Freedom - Sh, O
Added -> 6/10/06

Fantasies - Fs, O

Game Night - Fs, O

Gatorade - Sh, O/A

Guilt - Sh, O

His Roommate's Eyes - Fs, D

Hot Tub - Fs, O
Added -> 6/10/06

"I Bet You..." - Fs, O

In Your Place - Sh, O
Added -> 6/10/06

Joining The Frat - Fs, O/A

Lunch Money - Fs, O

My Beginning - Fs, O

My Beginning II - Fs, O

My Discovery - Fs, O

Never Drink and Drive - Sh, O

Olympians I: Never Blackmail A Gymnast - Fs, A

Olympians II: It's In His Kiss - Fs, O

Revenge - Sh, O

Tables Turned - Fs, O

Taking Down Jeff - Fs, A
Added -> 5/10/08

Territory I - FS, O

Territory II - FS, O

Territory III - FS, O

The Crash Diet - Fs, O

The Formula For Victory - Sh, O

The Hungry Quarterback - Fs, O

The Last Straw - Fs, O

The New Recruit - Sh, O/(A)

The Soccer Team - Gr, O

Vengeance is A Dish Best Served Small - Sh, O

Weight Away - Sh, O

Hungry - Fs/Sh/Gr, O/D/A
A "choose your own adventure" type story moderated by Pi. Constantly growing, please check back and add your own chapters! All kinds of vore welcome and desired!

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