Cody II
By: Steve

The baby sitter, part 2

The next morning, I packed a few things, including my laptop, and headed over to the loft.

Stan greeted me at the door and was as pleasant as he could be. I asked, “How are things going?”

He kind of rolled his eyes and said that Cody was having problems with his leaving, but he had settled down a bit. He also said that my visit last night helped a lot, because Cody liked me.

I joked, “Yeah he liked me…to eat.”

Stan looked a bit grimmer, “Well yes that is true, but I have made the point and he understands. He has talked about nothing else but wanting to eat you. He just doesn’t get that it may harm you. He just wants to do it and has no regard for the other person. I know I don’t think about the chicken when I eat it. I have made my point, though. You just have to keep reinforcing that, and it will be okay. He actually said he wanted to play some games with you and was looking forward to watching cartoons.”

“Well that is good. Where is he?”

“He went into the refrigerator room to eat breakfast. He should be right out. I will lock the door, and they deliver at around 11 for lunch and again at 5 for dinner.” Stan instructed.

Just then the steel door slid open and Cody emerged. He had on a pair of sweat pants and no shirt. He was breathtakingly beautiful, with massive hairy chest, giant shoulders, huge muscular arms, which sat on a tight narrow waist with a hair-covered six-pack.

He saw me and beamed. He swallowed whatever was in his mouth and said, “Hi, Mr. Steve.”

I smiled back and said, “Hi Cody. How are you today? I hear you want to play some games with me.”

Cody beamed again. “Yeah. I am going to play the game where I get to eat you after daddy leaves?”

He looked hopeful.

“No, Cody, remember what your daddy said. We will have to play some other kinds of games.” Cody frowned a bit, but didn’t seem too disturbed by it. He just said, “It’s not fair.”

There was a flurry of last minute instructions from Stan and a last admonishment to not eat me to Cody. Cody had busied himself with cartoons and hardly noticed that Stan was leaving. We both thought this was a good sign. The cab arrived and he left.

I went over to the sectional and sat down near Cody. He took up most of it, so there wasn’t much choice. When the cartoon was done, Cody focused on me.

“So daddy is gone now.” He said.

“Yep but he will be back before you know it.”

“And he said I couldn’t eat you.”

I replied, “That is right. You can’t eat me.”

“But I want to eat you. It’s not fair.”

“So,” I asked, “What do you want to do now?”

“Eat you.” He smiled.

“Besides that, Cody.”

“I dunno, what do you want to do?” he asked.

“Well, it is up to you. You said you wanted to play some games. What kind of games did you have in mind.”

He replied, “The kind of game where I end up eating you.” Again he had a big smile.

“Cody enough of that.” But I smiled back. He was so adorable.

Then he said, “I know. Do you want to feel my muscle?” and he flexed his huge 40-inch bicep for me. I reached up and felt it as best I could. It was amazing.

He said, “That is where Torry is.”

I looked confused, “Torry?”

“Yeah,” he replied. “My friend Torry. He used to play with me. He liked my muscles.”

I said, “I am sure he did.”

“He also liked it when I licked him and sucked on him.”

“When you sucked on him…what do you mean.”

“You know. I would suck on his legs or arms or sometimes his whole body. We used to do it all the time. His pee-pee would get hard and squirt white juice.”

“Really.” Was all I could manage.

“Yeah, I liked that.” He said dreamily. “And he would always say that someday when I ate him, he wanted to be a part of my muscle.”


Cody went on, “So one day he said I could eat him, and I did and I made a muscle. He is there.”

“Okay, so he is the friend that you ate, that got you into so much trouble.”

“Yeah. I miss him. I kept telling everyone that he wanted me to do it. No one believed me.”

He went on, “I like eating guys.”

“I know you do.”

“But daddy doesn’t like it when I do.”

I continued, “I know he doesn’t.”

Suddenly Cody perked up, “But daddy didn’t say I couldn’t suck on you like I used to do with Torry.”

This kind of threw me. “No he didn’t say that, but isn’t that just part of eating someone?”

Cody looked shocked, “No it isn’t. It is just sucking. I did it all the time with Torry.”

I responded, “Yeah but you did eat him eventually.”

“Well yeah. But it’s not the same. It’s not fair. Come on, Pahleeeesee.”

It thought for a minute, and finally said, “Well maybe later.”

Cody was thrilled and started jumping around the room chanting that he was gonna suck on Mr. Steve.

Then my cell phone rang. I answered it.

I heard, “Hey are you the guy who posted the message on the vore site?”

I said, “Yes”

TJ said, “My name is TJ. So it is really true, you found someone?”

“Apparently, yes. I have not seen him do it, but he talks a lot about it and is big enough.”

TJ sounded thrilled. “Wow, that is awesome. Could I meet him too? What is he like?”

I explained what Cody was like.

TJ was even more excited. “Oh man, I have to come down and meet him. I am really good with kids and maybe I could help you.”

I cautioned, “I can’t guarantee that he won’t try to eat you. He seems pretty hell bent on it.”

There was a pause. Finally TJ said, “I understand. But I still want to come.”

“Well, okay. Where are you?”

“Milwaukee,” he replied, “but I know my way around Chicago.”

I gave him the address and directions and we agreed he would be there in 2-3 hours. I was not sure why I agreed to let him come visit.

I turned my attention back to Cody who was anxiously awaiting me to get off the phone. “When?” he asked.

“When what?”

“When can I suck on you?” he asked anxiously.

“In a while,” I said.

“But I want to do it nnnooowwww,” he whined.

I looked at him. He was gorgeous and it would be hot. So I thought, well why not for a little while. TJ would be here soon and could occupy him.

Finally I said, “Okay for just a few minutes.”

Cody started to dance around again then reached down and grabbed me. He started to lift me to his opening mouth.

“Wait,” I shouted. He stopped. “What?”

“What are you going to suck?” I asked.

He said quickly, “Your whole body.”

I said, “No how about we start small. How about just my hand.”

Cody frowned but finally said, “Okay. It’s not fair.”

He carried me over to the sofa and sat me on his lap. He pulled my arm to his mouth and slowly licked my hand as he slid it into his mouth. “Mmmmm” he smiled.

He pulled my hand out and said, “You taste good.” And stuck my hand and wrist into his mouth. His tongue played with my hand and I could feel him suck on it like a lollipop. With each suck, he drew in a little more of my arm. Shortly my elbow has slipped between his lips. It felt great and really turned me on to have this giant simple boy, really, slowly taking more of me into his mouth. When he reached my shoulder, I said, “That’s far enough Cody.” He scowled a bit, and I added, “I know it’s not fair.”

His face brightened. I let him suck and lick my arm for a few more minutes, then said, “Okay Cody. Time to let me go.” He sucked harder and started to pull my shoulder in. I said sternly, “Cody now!” and he reluctantly let me pull my arm out.

So I said, “Did you enjoy that?”

“Yeah, you taste good. I love sucking on you. I just wish you would let me eat you.”

We said in unison, “It’s not fair.”

There was a click at the steel door at the one end of the wall. They were delivering lunch for Cody. I wondered when it was right to send him in. I thought I would wait for a while.

I knew Cody had heard the first click. I tried to distract him. “You may have another playmate come today, Cody.”

His eyes got wide with excitement. “Really? Who?”

“His name is TJ. He wanted to come and meet you and play with you a while.”

Cody was very excited. “Can I eat him?”

“Well I don’t think that would be a good idea, Cody. You remember what your father said about jail.”

Cody pouted. “It’s not fair.” There was another click at the steel door. Cody heard it and said, “Time for lunch.”

I went over to the door and opened it for Cody. He trotted in, and the door closed behind him.

Cody was in there for a while, when I head the door buzzer. I went to the intercom and said, “Yes?”

“It’s me, TJ.”

“Okay come on up.” And I hit the buzzer.

A few minutes later, there was a small knock on the door.

I opened it to find a very nice looking kid, about 19 years old. He was about 5’10”, nice little build, with dirty blond hair and glasses. He had a backpack with him. I wondered how long he intended to stay. I said, “Hi TJ, Steve. Nice to meet you” And shook his hand and it was trembling. He looked very nervous and excited.

“Hey Steve,” said looking around. “Where is he?”

”He is in his room eating. He should be out in a minute. You okay?”

He was almost shaking, “Well kinda. I am pretty nervous about this. You know I want it but I don’t. I almost turned around about a hundred times on the way down. But here I am. You said he was very muscular but mentally challenged?”

“Yeah he is huge and gorgeous and the mind of a 5 year old. He just got done sucking on my entire arm. But he is really pushing the eating thing, so we have to keep him in line.”

“Really? Okay.”

Just then the steel door to the food room opened and Cody came out stuffing a 20-pound ham in his mouth.

I heard TJ gasp. “Oh My God.”

Cody saw TJ and smiled a huge smile. I said, “Cody, this is TJ. He came to visit for a while. Remember we need to be on our best behavior – even if it isn’t fair.”

Cody stuck his tongue out at me and turned his total focus on TJ. TJ squeaked, “Hi Cody.”

Cody didn’t seem shy at all, but came right up to TJ and said “Hi. So you wanna play?”

I thought TJ was going to faint as he looked up at the powerfully built man/boy. “Uh, sure.”

“Cool,” said Cody, as he literally scooped TJ up in one hand and headed for the sectional.

I said, “Cody! Be careful with TJ or he will have to go home.” Cody turned and stuck his tongue out at me again. They plopped down on the sectional. TJ was shaking like a leaf and I could tell was hard in his pants. TJ was too stunned to say anything. He just kept staring at Cody. I was watching the situation closely.

Finally Cody said, “Do you want to see my muscle?” and he flexed his massive bicep in front of TJ. TJ put his shaking hands on the huge arm and rubbed it. “That is where Torry is.”

I interrupted and said, “Torry was a friend of Cody’s. Cody was very bad with Torry and got himself into a lot of trouble.”

TJ looked confused. Cody said defiantly, “I told you he wanted me to eat him. It’s not fair.”

TJ had a look of ecstasy and horror on his face at the same time. But he began to regain his composure. He said, “That is a great muscle you have there Cody.”

Cody beamed. “You want to see the other one?” He flexed his other arm for TJ. TJ felt and admired it. “I want to play a game.”

TJ said, “So what kind of games do you like to play.”

I warned, “Cody be good.”

Cody shot me a look and said, “Well, how about Shoots and Ladders?”

TJ said, “Okay, I like that game.”

They went over to the table and Cody grabbed the game box. They were chatting back and forth pretty well, giggling from time to time. I thought I could finally leave Cody alone for a few minutes to take a shower. I asked TJ if they would be okay and he said they would. I warned Cody to behave and went to the bathroom.

The minute I left, Cody said, “I know. Let’s play strip Shoots and Ladders. My friend Torry and I played that all the time.”

TJ said, “Well, okay.”

They set up the game. Cody then said, “I want to eat you, but Mr. Steve says I can’t.”

TJ said, “I see,” and let it drop.

Cody won the first game. He was thrilled. He said, “Okay now, TJ, you have to take all your clothes off.”

TJ said, “All of them? I thought I would only take off one shoe.”

Cody said with a rather menacing look, “No you have to take off all of them. I won. It’s not fair.”

TJ said, “Okay. You won.” And he slowly stripped completely naked. Cody watched with great interest. When TJ pulled down his jeans, his cock popped out hard as a rock. Cody became very excited. “Your pee-pee is hard. Just like Torry’s. Does it make white juice?”

TJ was embarrassed but answered, “Yes sometimes. Do you like that, Cody?”

“Yeah”, he said dreamily.

TJ asked, “How did you make Torry make white juice?”

Cody said quickly, I will show you, and he reached over and grabbed TJ, lifting him over the table and up into his arms. He grabbed TJ by the waist with one hand and began rubbing TJ all over his body like a washcloth. As he was doing this, he said, “Torry liked when I did this.”

TJ was rubbed nearly raw all over Cody’s hairy muscular body. Then Cody shoved TJ under his arm pit and held him there with his massive bicep. He began to flex his arm a bit, pressing down on TJ with crushing force. Cody said, “Torry liked this too.”

He pulled TJ out from his arm pit and began to lick his raw naked body all over. Cody said, “Mmmmm you taste good. I really want to eat you a lot.”

TJ could only say, “Really?”

Cody said, “Yeah, you taste real good,” between licks. Cody started concentrating on licking around TJ’s hard cock and then said, “I know how to make you squirt white juice.”

TJ said, “How?”

“I will show you.” And with that he lifted TJ high about his head and opened his mouth. He began to lower TJ’s feet into his mouth, sucking on his feet for a minute then sucking in TJ’s calves. Cody lingered there for a minute then sucked in TJ’s knees and thighs. TJ squirmed around as Cody’s tongue worked over his thighs and throat massaged his calves. Finally Cody sucked TJ in to the waist. Cody began working his tongue on TJ’s hard cock. TJ closed his eyes and got into the feelings he was experiencing. Finally, TJ began to breath hard, then arched his back letting out a yelp as he shot his load in the young man/boys mouth.

Cody continued to suck on TJ, gradually pulling more of him into his mouth. Then TJ said, “Cody, it is time to let me out.” But Cody kept sucking a little more of TJ inside.

TJ tried a sterner voice. “Cody now. Let me out now. You will get into trouble.”

TJ was up to his chest inside Cody and Cody kept sucking on him.

Finally, TJ said, “Cody, you can eat me later, just not now. Let me out.”

With that, Cody got very excited and started to pull TJ out. He laid TJ’s saliva soaked body on the sectional, and plopped down right next to him.

Cody said in delight, “You mean I can really eat you?”

TJ said, “Yeah later.”

Cody protested, “But I want to eat you now. I want to make you be in my muscle. You liked my muscle. I am going to eat you now. You said I could.”

TJ said, “Yes in a minute.” He was hoping that Steve would come out.

Cody got defiant as only a 5 year old could do. “No, now”

Cody grabbed TJ and held him up to his face. “My daddy says I should always say thank you. So thank you for playing with me and letting me eat you.”

TJ managed, “Cody not yet” before Cody put TJ’s head in his mouth. TJ felt his shoulders quickly slip between the man/boy’s lips. He could feel Cody quickly taste him as he felt the pressure of Cody sucking on him – pulling more of him inside. He felt the waves of the throat swallowing his head and shoulders. His stomach was now inside the man/boys mouth. He slid between Cody’s lips easily now as he was still slick from saliva. His thighs entered Cody’s mouth and he started to curl up in the man/boy’s stomach. With another swallow, only his feet were outside Cody’s mouth.

Just then, I walked out of the bathroom in time to see TJ’s feet slip into Cody’s mouth and with one last swallow, into Cody’s stomach. “Cody!” I shouted. But it was too late. TJ was already in Cody’s stomach.

TJ could hear Cody’s heart beat as well as various gurgling sounds as he curled up in Cody’s stomach. He realized that only his feet were outside Cody’s mouth when he heard Steve shout at Cody. He was quickly propelled entirely into Cody’s stomach immediately after he heard the shout with one rapid swallow. He could hear Steve shouting at Cody, and could feel Cody’s heart beat begin to increase. TJ thought to himself, that he had always kind of wanted this, but to actually be inside another man was not something he would ever really see. He was both scared and excited. The stomach started to massage him, and he could feel some burning of the acid. He inexplicably shot another load. Then started to fade from lack of air. He wondered what it would be like being part of this amazing man/boys muscle. In a matter of seconds he was being absorbed into the incredible body of Cody.

I yelled, “Cody, let him out.”

Cody looked defiant. “No! He said I could eat him.”

“Cody, I told you that you couldn’t eat him. You did a bad thing.”

“But he told me I could, just like Torry did.” Cody wailed.

“I said, let him out, now”

Cody started to flex his muscles. “I can’t.”

“Why not?”

“Because he is here,” and Cody cried as pointed to his growing muscles.


“Yeah. But don’t be mad at me. I couldn’t help it. He wanted me to eat him. It’s not fair.”

Cody was miserable.

I didn’t know what to think. It was my fault for inviting him here, knowing that he had the same drive I had. Yet I was strangely turned on and envious that TJ had accomplished what I was too chicken to actually do.

I finally decided to not be mad at Cody and to try to calm him down. I went over to the sectional where he had flopped down in his crying jag and took his head in my lap and started to rub his massive back.

“It’s okay, Cody. I understand. I am not mad. Though your father is going to be very upset with me. But I am not mad at you. Don’t worry.”

Cody raised his head up and looked at me, still sobbing. “Really?”

“Yes really.”

He laid his head back down in my lap and sobbed a bit more.

He said into my lap, “So you are not mad at me for eating TJ?”

“No, not really. You shouldn’t have done it, but I understand.”

(Anyone interested in being written into this story, email me and let me know the particulars. I will be happy to do it.)

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