A Man Of Substance - Fs, O

A Taste of Things to Come - Sh, O

An Englishman In New York - Fs, O
Added -> 11/12/04>

Anything Once - Fs, O

Belly Dance - Sh, O

Butt Supper Boy - Fs, A

Butt Buddy - Fs, A

Collector's Item - Fs, O

Coming Out, Going In - Sh, O

Down and Out: A Rough Guide to Being Food - Sh, O

Flushed With Success - Sh, O
Added -> 11/12/04>

Greg's Butt Supper - Fs, A
Added -> 11/15/04>

How Was It For You? - Sh, O

Inside Out - Fs, O

In The Belly Of The Boy Next Door - Sh, O

Man Kicks Ass, Ass Eats Man - Fs, A

Man's Man - Sh, O

Metabolism Matt - Fs, O
Added -> 4/24/05

My Master's Meat - Sh, O

One Way Out - Sh, O

One, Two, Three, VORE! - Sh, O

Ronnie Recycles - Sh, O

Size Queen - Fs, D

Stomach - Sh, O

The Shrink Twink's Tunnel - Sh, A

Vore Thoughts - Sh, O

Up Close and Impersonal - Sh, A

Inner Thoughts - Fs, O

The Swift Trip - Fs, O


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