Giant Guy

Ancient Secrets Revealed - Sh, O

Backed Up - Fs, A

Bed Hog - Fs, A

Blue Balls - Sh, D

Cheater - Sh, O

Dick Pump - Sh, O

Down and In - Sh, A, Cons

Frat Bash - Fs, O/A/D

Go Go Gone - Fs, A

Hot Tub - Fs, A

House Special - Sh, O

Hunting Weekend - Fs, O

It'll Stunt Your Growth - Sh, O

Lean and Mean - Fs, O

Let Him Slide - Sh, O

Lifeguard vs. Football Player - Fs, A

Midnight Snack - Fs, O

Push Comes to Shove - Fs. A

Loyalty: Sequel to Push Comes to Shove - Fs, A

Relaxing the Muscles - Fs, A

Ryan Goes Deep - Sh, O

Sam & Roy: Dinner to Go - Fs, O

Sam & Roy: Fast Food - Fs, O

Sam & Roy: Fair Share, O

Sam & Roy: One for the Road - Fs, O

Saturday Afternoon - Fs, O/D

Scanner - Sh, O

Scratching the Itch - Sh, D

Show Me What You Got - Fs, O

Sliding Into Home - Fs, O

Some Shrinking May Occur - Sh, O

Star Power - Fs, O

Steam Room - Fs, A

Supplements - Fs, O

Takin' Ya In - Fs, O

Therapy - Sh, O

Tight End - Fs, A

Under The Hood - Sh, D

Winner Take All - Fs, O

Winning Streak - Sh, O

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