After... - FS, A, Cap

After Game Snack - Sh, O, Cap

After The Camera - S, A, Cap

I Almost Have You! - FS, A, Cap

Apprentice - Fs, A, Cap

Army Experiment - FS, O, Cap

Bad Mood - Sh, O, Cap

Bad Plan - Sh, A
Added -> 8/20/05

Beckham's Game - Fs, O, Cap

Beef, it's what's for dinner! - FS, O, Cap

His Best Friend - Sh, O, Cap

Big Shot Brett - FS, D, Cap

Fill Me Up! - FS, A

A Little Snack - Sh, A, Cap

Bye-Bye - Fs, A, Cap

Camping Trip - Fs, A, Cap

Canned! - Sh, O, Cap

Caught Staring - Sh, O, Cap

Into His Cavernous Ass - FS, A, Cap

The Cheating Boyfriend - FS, O, Cap

Deep Kissing - FS, O, Cap

Domination - Sh, A
Added -> 8/20/05

Doug's QB - Fs, A
Added -> 8/20/05

His Dream Date - FS, O, Cap

98 Degrees' Drew Eats Nick - Sh, O, Cap

Never Drink And Drive! - Sh, O, Cap

The Drinking Game - Sh, O, Cap

Double Meat Meal - Sh, D/O - Cap

Durability - Sh, A, Cap

Easing On Back - FS, A, Cap

Eating The Gym Rats - Sh, O, Cap

Extatic - Sh, O, Cap

Falling Back - FS, A, Cap

Fantasies Gone Amiss - Sh, O, Cap

Fill Me Up - Fs, A, Cap

Filming It - FS, A, Cap

He Forgot The Food! - FS, O/Post, Cap

Position For The Camera! - Sh, O, Cap

Frat Rivalry Gone Too Far - Sh, O, Cap

Get Off! - Sh, A, Cap

His Girlfriend's Cheating - FS, O, Cap

Going Rogue - Fs, O, Cap
Added -> 11/12/04

Goodbye Chris! - FS, A, Cap

Gone Dancing - FS, O, Cap

Hasty Words - FS, A, Cap

I Have To Have You - FS, O, Cap

Jason Hawke Has A Meal - FS, O, Cap

Head Or Feet First? - Sh, O, Cap

Some Help With An Itch - FS, A, Cap

How Small To Make Him? - Sh, O, Cap

I Bet You... - FS, D, Cap

If I Can't Have You... - Sh, O, Cap

Vore Interrupted - Sh, O, Cap

Jan's Surprise - Sh, D, Cap

Jan's Second Victim - Sh, D, Cap

A Game Of Jaws - FS, O, Cap

98 Degrees' Jeff Loves His Fans! - Sh, O, Cap

Hard At Work In The Kitchen - Sh, O, Cook

The Last Man Cut - FS, A, Cap

The Law Of Nature... - FS, O, Cap

Laughing - Fs, A, Cap

Love Your Job - Sh, O, Cap

Making Cody Big - FS, A, Cap

Misjudged - FS, A, Cap

Listen To Mom's Advice! - Sh, O, Cap

New Year's Surprise - Sh, O, Cap

That Wasn't In The Deal! - FS, D, Cap

The Only Way For Lunch - FS, A, Cap

Oops! - Sh, O, Cap

The Party - Sh, O, Cap

Pausing - Fs, O
Added -> 8/20/05

He Picked On The Wrong Runt - G, O, Cap

Picninc Lunch - Sh, O, Cap

Poker Dare - Sh, O, Cap

Posing For A Shoot - FS, A, Cap

Priceless - FS, A, Cap

If I Had His Problems... - Sh, O, Cap

Being Pushed in (OLD) - Sh, A

Gettin' Rid Of Rivals - Sh, O, Cap

A Romantic Boat Ride - FS, A, Cap

Sarge In My Butt - Sh, A

Savoring His Roomie - Sh, O, Cap

The Sea Spirit - FS, A, Cap

Shower Fuck - Fs, A
Added -> 8/20/05

Shrinking Sarge - Sh, O, Cap

Silly Fool! - Sh, O, Cap

Special Forces - Sh, O, Cap

They're Stranded - G, O, Cap

The Study Session - FS, A, Cap

My Stupid Roomie - FS, A, Cap

Super Soldier - Fs, A, Cap

A Vorish Version Of Telephone! - FS, A, Cap

The Other White Meat - Sh, O, Cap

The Ultimatum - FS, O, Cap

Got Him To The Hilt - Sh, A, Cap

How To Make A Vore Montage - G, O, Cap

Two At Once! - FS, O/A, Cap

A Union Complete - Sh, O, Cap

In The Weightroom - FS, A, Cap

What's This, Fun WIthout Me? - Sh, A, Cap

Where'd You Go? - FS, A, Cap

While You Were Sleeping - Fs, D, Cap

Winner Eats All - FS, O, Cap

With His Clothes On - FS, A, Cap

Woodland Stuffing - Fs, D, Cap

You ASked Me To! - FS, O, Cap

It Was Your Choice! - FS, A, Cap

You're Right! - FS, O, Cap


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