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The Big Game
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First time posting so please forgive any formatting errors :) .. I had to write a story after reading all the hot ones being posted here. Open to feedback and notes! Hope you enjoy, and maybe more to come if I can find the time to write.


Coach Peter Mange watched sourly as three Greyhound buses pulled into the parking lot of the stadium. He heaved a sigh, his bulky frame swaying with exasperation. Today was a big game... only their state rivals, who were parking and beginning to file off the buses,s in his way of reaching the playoffs.

He squinted while sizing up the players as they exited and gathered around waiting for their coaches to lead them to the locker room. They couldn't see him from inside his office, which was probably a good thing since they would probably notice a strange glint in his eye and the small bit of tongue poking through his lips as though trying to taste something.

Coach Mange had a special way of dealing with competition. He scanned the crowd of young men, ranging in size from the somewhat scrawny, but still muscular kickers all the way to some behemoth 400+ pound linebackers.

They milled about excitedly, knowing it was a big game for them too. They all wore suits and would change in the locker room. Coach Mange noticed that a few seemed to have gotten bigger fairly recently. The offensive line especially were in various states of being untucked or unbuttoned, their ample bellies spilling out of the various openings and their meaty rumps barely contained by their dress slacks. They laughed and goofed around, poking and slapping each other's big guts and round butts, trying to get hyped up for the game.

Then Peter spotted his first target stepping off the bus. He checked the clipboard in his hands that contained the opposing player stats and records, and knew that this one would cause problems for his team.

Name: Jimmy Orderve
Height: 6'5"
Weight: 385lbs
Position: Offensive tackle

Jimmy "The Tank" Orderve was simply a monster that quite literally crushed his opponents on the field. And his reputation for intimidation usually preceded him. Most players got the feeling he could swallow you whole if he wanted, and he definitely used this to his advantage. Coach Mange had pushed his team to their limits, helping them pile on muscle and in some cases fat, to make them one of the most formidable teams in the conference. But this kid was a star with his sights on the NFL. Peter knew he if his team had any hope of winning today he would have to take matters into his own hands... Or more precisely, his stomach.

Finally, the coaches piled off the buses as well. They were obviously players in their days that had let themselves go in their later years. The head coach, Bill "Buster" Aarons, seemed to lead by example in this department. He had to be pushing almost 500 pounds, his massive 6'4" frame supported by two tree trunks for legs. He wore a sweater vest instead of a jacket, probably because he'd outgrown it, thought Peter. He'd heard rumors that he earned his nickname because his clothes were constantly busting at the seams. Though Peter didn't have much room to talk. He'll be damned if he didn't just pass 450 himself after last week's away win.

Coach Mange grabbed a shirt that was a few sizes too big, even for him. He pulled his current ratty t-shirt over his head, his hairy belly and tits welcoming the cool air. He buttoned the dress shirt as he began thinking of how to separate his target from the pack. After he finished dressing in his shirt that seemed comically large, he turned to leave the office.

"Make sure the guys are ready," he told the assistant coach as he passed him on the way out. "I'm gonna go get a closer look at the competition." His assistant nodded in understanding and headed to the home locker room while Peter hurried to the entrance. Under the pretense of greeting the opposing team, he met them as they walked through the doors of the building.

"Good day for a ball game, eh coach?" he welcomed them jovially. He shook hands firmly with Buster and a sort of understanding passing between them. There was more at stake today than just the game.

"Sure is, can't wait to run your boys up and down the field," he replied, a sly grin crossing his round face. Coach Mange grinned back and put a hand around his shoulder. Their enormous stomachs rubbed against each other as Coach Mange held him close and led him to the away team lockers.

"A bit unconventional for the home team coach to be so chummy," Buster growled, shrugging off the meaty arm of his opponent as they made their way to the large, yet secluded hallway leading to the locker rooms. "What are you really doing here?"

"Just a bit of hometown hospitality!" Coach Mange replied with feigned offense. "I wanted to make sure you found your way to the locker room personally. wouldn't want any of you getting lost in here."

Buster shot him a suspicious look. "We can make our way just fine," he snapped. Peter could swear he heard his stomach growl, almost as if in agreement.

"Alright, alright, point taken," he said. "No need to bite my head off for trying to keep the competition friendly." He stepped off to the side and let Buster lead the rest of the way, obviously flustered by the overly welcoming nature of his rival, and distracted as to the whereabouts of his team which was trailing further and further behind his powerful strides.

Just as I planned, Coach Mange thought to himself. His hands began idly rubbing over his ample belly as the rest of the team passed and made their way to the locker room door that was swinging shut behind their coach's broad back. He offered each a hollow smile until he caught the gaze of The Tank. When they locked eyes the young star glowered at him and began making his way over. He saw him whisper something to a linebacker on the way. The two of them made an imposing pair and did not look like they were here to exchange niceties. Well, two for one I guess, Peter chuckled to himself.

"Boys, how can I help y-" his sentence was cut short as he was pushed back against the wall. The last member of the team looked back to see The Tank and his buddy roughing up the coach. They turned and told him to get inside they'd be joining everyone else in just a minute. The boy understood and smiled as the door closed behind him. But when they turned back to Coach Mange nothing could prepare them for what would happen next.

The Coach's jaw looked as if it had unhinged, his tongue lolling and dripping saliva.

"I figured I'd have to work harder for you Tank," he grinned wildly. "And you even brought a friend. Looks like he's an anchor on the team. This will make our day much easier." Before either of them could respond Peter lunged forward and engulfed both of their heads. He could hear muffled screams, but between their current confinement and the growing sounds of the crowd above there was nobody to hear them.

Peter knew he had to make this quick before Buster came looking for his boys. He tended to enjoy savoring his meals, taking them naked so he could taste them better. Especially college guys like this who ooze musk and testosterone from every pore. Sometimes he would even stop to savor their cocks and asses to make them explode in his mouth on the way down. But he needed to get back to his own team as well, so he decided to speed things up.

In one massive gulp he brought both boys further into his throat, their bellies pressed tightly against each other. The strain on their already tight suits was enough to pop buttons as the coach hoisted them above his head. His jaw expanded obscenely to accommodate the massive football players as his throat muscles contracted and pulled them in further, their now exposed bellies surrounded by his drooling lips. If anyone had walked around the corner now they would have been greeted by the sight of Coach's biceps bulging as he gripped two huge, beefy boys by their asses while their legs kicked wildly in protest as they slipped down his gullet.

Using his strength he pulled them in further, finally closing his mouth around their thick thighs while their bodies began entering his stomach, pushing it out to crazy proportions and bursting the buttons that were struggling to contain his hairy gut. With a few final slurps he sucked the rest of them down, feeling their weight inside him. He groaned and rubbed his belly which had now tripled with a combined 800 pounds of prime beef.

His only regret right now was that he couldn't savor the feeling of them struggling inside him. He realized his cock had grown rock hard during the struggle, but he had a team to Coach to victory which would surely be much easier now. He leaned back against the wall and let out a massive belch, his stomach contracting around the two boys and sealing their fate.

He waited as long as he dared for his stomach to expertly consume his rival's star player plus one, and after a couple minutes of groaning and rubbing his hairy belly it returned to a proportional size, though noticably larger. Confident that he could move again without being off balance, the Coach began making his way to the home team locker room. Since he hadn't planned on gulping down two of the opposing players he needed a new shirt.

Finally he entered the home locker and his assistant coaches were wrapping up their pregame talks. He clapped his hands as if celebrating already and addressed them excitedly.

"Alright boys, I've just been informed of two injuries on the opposing team that have made our lives much easier. Seems as though The Tank another linebacker are out of commission! We won't be seeing them today, and in fact I think are out for the rest of the season!"

Their cheers echoed off the walls as they made their way out to the field, confident they would take home a win and make their coach proud.
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Sounds like it would be one hell of a good time getting eaten by this coach.

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Re: The Big Game
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This was really good! I hope you write a sequel.

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Re: The Big Game
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Thanks guys! I have a few ideas floating around, just gotta get them on paper

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Great work and easy reading!  Please keep writing more!
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