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Sam’s Experiment
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Mike woke with a start, confused and groggy. He rubbed his eyes, trying to open them after what obviously been a deep sleep. He blinked a few times, and froze. Where was he? He realized he was standing, and in something. He reached out, and his hand touched cold glass. Suddenly fully awake, he shuffled and looked around him. All he could see was glass, all around him. It suddenly hit him: he was in a giant test tube.

There was a jolt, and Mike looked put to see he wasn’t the only one in a test tube, twenty other men of similar build and age were trapped in test tubes. Mike saw they were naked, and realized he was too. How the hell did I get here?! He thought. 

He realized the jolt was something picking up the tray of tubes. He looked to see a giant pair of hand rapped around the edge of the tray. A cold, sinking feeling ran through him. He wasn’t in a giant test tube, mike realized, he was tiny. There was another jolt, as the tray was put down. Mike could hear loud, booming voices. Suddenly two fingers cane down from the sky and clasped Mike’s tube. He was thrown against the glass as he was picked up, and held in the air. Mike looked at his surroundings. He was in what looked like a lecture theater, full of college aged men. One of the audience stood up, as if he’d been called, and walked towards mikes tube. The man took Mike’s tube from the other man and held it up to his face. Mike looked up at a handsome mans face, about 25 years old, strong jaw, perfect teeth, and messy blond hair.

The man pocketed Mike, and walked out of the room. Mike could feel the familiar motion of walking, now magnified 200 times inside the tube, thrown back and forth. After what seemed like a long time, the man took Mike out of his pocket. He pulled the cork from the tube, and tipped Mike onto a table. They were in what looked like a dorm room. Mike took a breath of fresh air, and looked up at the man. “Hey!” He said. Mike stumbled back at the power of the voice. “I’m Sam!” He said. “You’re my biology project this term, gonna do an interesting test on you”, he said with a grin, showing his perfect teeth. They seemed so huge to Mike. “What is going on here?!” Yelled Mike. “You were randomly selected dude”, said Sam. “Nothing personal, but you’re in good shape, and fit the criteria". “What criteria?” Asked Mike. “Oh you’ll see” said Sam, with another grin. “Just gonna heat my dinner up little guy” said Sam. “I’ll let you wander”. Sam picked up Mike in his hands, and placed him on the floor. Mike was suddenly aware of how huge Sam’s feet and legs were. He was wearing Asics Kayano joggers, with huge and thick soles. His legs were muscled and thick. He walked over to the kitchen, and mike watched in awe as the huge out-sole of the sneakers stepped over him. They were the size of buses to him. Mike watched Sam put a steak on the stove, and heard the sizzle of a hot pan. Mike had barely any time to admire his giant surroundings before Sam walked back over. This time he wasn’t careful. Mike screamed as the huge out-sole if Sam’s sneaker came crashing down in him. Mike felt himself being squeezed into the carpet, as the hard rigid out-sole of the sneaker pressed him down. When it felt like he would be crushed into the sole, the sneaker lifted. “Sorry little buddy! Didn’t see you there!” Yelled Sam down to mike.

Sam was holding a plate with his steak on it. Sam leaned down and picked mike up. Sam sat down, holding mike, and put his plate on the table. “Now for the experiment” said Sam, with a glint in his eye. He placed Mike down on his plate, next to the steak. Mike could feel the heat coming off the steak, and he looked up at Sam, sitting in front of him. Sam picked up a knife and a fork. Mike fell backwards as Sam brought the knife to the steak, and cut off a huge piece. It looked huge. Juices ran from the steak, covering Mike. He watched as Sam brought the steak piece to his open mouth, and put it in. Mike watched in horrible fascination as Sam’s jaw moved back and forth, chewing and grinding the steak. Before very long, he stopped, and Mike watched his cheeks as Sam moved the ball of chewed steak to the back of his mouth. And then, the horrible sound of Sam swallowing. Mike could see the ball of meat travel down the think neck, as it disappeared into his muscular chest. Sam repeated this, as if Mike wasn’t on the plate. Mike was terrified, wondering every time that Sam brought his fork to the plate if he was going to go down next. Halfway through the steak, Sam paused and looked at Mike. “You don’t know what my experiment is do you?” Mike shook his head. “Well,” said Sam. “I’m studying biology, we’re looking at the digestive system, and how much it can handle. This unit is on live prey. I’m going to see if my stomach can digest a live, struggling, human.” Mike froze. He couldn’t believe this. He didn’t want to die this way, not now. He stared up at the muscular handsome man that was about to eat him. He got up to run, but slipped in the steaks juices that he was covered in. “It’s time little dude” said Sam happily. “I’ll analyze what’s left of you on the other end” He sad with an evil grin.

Mike watched Sam lower his fork, and deftly trip Mike onto it. He rose up quickly, and stared into the depths of Sam's open mouth. The tongue was large, a healthy wet pink. The teeth were huge, all perfectly arranged and white. Mike could see bits of steak on the giant molars. “Bye bye little guy!” Said Sam, his booming voice close to mike, putrid steak scented breath washing over him. Sam moves the fork, and mike into his mouth, dumping mike onto his tongue. Mike watched giant incisors pass above him, before tumbling into the hot, sticky tongue. He could feel the muscles of the tongue ripple underneath him. Sam closed his mouth, putting Mike into complete darkness. Mike felt the tongue shift beneath him. He was pressed against the hard rubbed roof of Sam’s mouth, and he felt all the steak juices being sucked off him. The tongue rubbed him mercilessly, the rough surface coating him in thick hot saliva. Mike could already feel a slight unpleasant tingle in his skin from the saliva. The tongue released him, and angled upwards. Mike fell onto Sam’s back three molars. He screamed as they tightened down on him. He could feel chuckle of steak stuffed between the teeth. The molars released him into the back of the tongue. This was it. Mike could feel it. The tongue angled upwards, and mike fell into Sam’s epiglottis. Sam’s reflex actions took over, and Mike was pushed forcefully into Sam’s throat. Waves of muscles propelled Mike down the throat. The heat was intense, and the cold structuring of the muscle squeezed Mike painfully. After 8 seconds, Mike’s headset a ring of muscle. It opened slightly to let his head through, and then his torso and legs. Mike dropped into Sam’s stomach.

It was hot. And smelled beyond awful. Mike scrambled up in a mix of milk and chewed steak, and something else. It was deafeningly loud, squelches and squirts were everywhere, as the muscular walls around him churned the food. The walls dripped acid down into the mix. Mike felt his skin start to burn, like after a day out in the sun. A twitch from the muscular wall next to him made Mike fall further into the churning slop. He screamed as he started to sink into it. The stomach seemed to know that it had a victim, and it was working hard to churn him into the mix. Another jolt sucked mike into the chewed food up to his neck. Mike cried out as the mix rose up to cover his head. The muscular entry opened again, letting through a ball of chewed steak. The ball feel on Mike. Everything went black, as he felt his body start to break apart. Sam lay on the couch, his sneakers lounging off the edge, as he lay his stomach after his dinner. “See you in a few hours Mike!” Sam laughed, and fell asleep. Within 1 hour, Mike was just digested sludge in Sam’s stomach. Nothing but food. Another muscular ring opens in the bottom of Sam’s stomach, letting the chunky sludge drain out. The remains of Mike’s body went through. Here in Sam’s intestine, all of the nutrients from the steak and what had been Mike were sucked out, and sent to different parts of Sam’s body, feeding him. The sludge moved to the large intestine, where the liquid was extracted. All that was left was a thick, stinky mix of nutrient less paste. It was pressed into a hard log in Sam’s rectum.

Sam woke, and felt his bowels full. He walked to the toilet, and sat down, still in his sneakers. He pushed, and muscles in his rectum pushed the hard log through his sphincter and it splashed down into the toilet. Sam stood up, and looked at it. He couldn’t see any part of Mike. His body had completely destroyed Mike, everything from his skin to his bones had been churned, burnt and absorbed. Sam patted his stomach with a smirk. He was going to treat it to another steak. He turned and flushed the remains of his steak, and what had once been Mike. Sam didn’t care. All he was thinking about was the next treat he was going to give his body to destroy.
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Hot story thanks for writing it. I fixed the formatting and a few grammatical things for you.