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Summer Days (OV, Sex, Digestion, Belching, Semi-Willing)
« on: September 05, 2019, 12:06:00 PM »

Wasn't able to sleep last night so thought I'd write a new story for you all. Hope you like it  ;)

-Willing Oral Vore
-Semi Willing Digestion

Summer Days
Saturday Night, 10:42pm- August 2018
“-struggling to no avail as I sank ever deeper into the expanding jaws of the man who’d already consumed my entire lower body, legs bending as they began to bulge out the hairy belly of my would be one-night-stand…” The rapid click clacking of Matt’s fingers striking the keys on his family’s living room computer echoed through the house while he feverishly worked to finish the story he’d been working on since his parents had left a few hours ago, doing his best to ignore the throbbing member between his legs as he sat in the swivel chair, boxers bunched around his ankles.  Multitasking had never been his strong suit, after all.
            His fingers flew over the keys as he began the final paragraph where his character would finish his descent into the hungry man’s gut and meet his fate, that being a gurgly end, fit for a meal such as himself.  Matt’s cock twitched at the thought, imagining the satisfied pred hefting his prey filled gut and moving to the bedroom where he’d let his stomach digest its living meal over the course of the night.
 “A satisfied belch erupted from the bearish man’s mouth as I settled into my temporary new home.  I kicked out as best I could but the stomach around me, clearly well experienced with squirming young men being deposited into it, didn’t give an inch.  Still, I continued my desperate writhing, but the elastic, pillowy walls only gurgled contently.  A slick fluid began pooling below me and rising slowly as the minutes passed while I-”
            So, focused on the horny ramblings of his story’s climax, Matt failed to hear his front door open, only noticing he was no longer alone when a figure turned the corner, only a bulky silhouette in the dim light cast by the monitor.  Shocked by the sudden appearance of someone in his home while he was supposed to have the house to himself for the weekend, the young man jumped up in fright, knocking the chair over backward as he did so.  Forgetting in his panic that he was naked from the waist down, he attempted to quickly step away from the computer desk only to trip over his own underwear now damningly tangled around his ankles as he tumbled to the ground in a heap.
            A light flipped on, illuminating the whole scene with a cringe-worthy clarity.  The sound of a hearty laugh erupting from the middle-aged man now standing over him made him look up, now recognizing the bemused face of the next-door neighbor, Brian. 
            Face flushing scarlet, Matt could only imagine what he looked like to him; a lean eighteen-year-old, short blond hair a wild mess, sprawled on his ass on the living room floor, and cock surprisingly erect despite the sudden turn of events.
            “W-what the hell are you d-doing here!” Matt stammered indignantly as he scrambled to stand and yank his boxers up, doing a pitiful job of covering the tent still pitched in the fabric.  Once the nudity problem was more or less sorted his eyes zeroed in on the extremely kinky smut filling the pages of the Word document open on the monitor.
“Hey now, your folks asked me to check up on you while they were gone.  Didn’t want you destroying the house or eating nothing but junk food the whole weekend.” Brian said, deep voice thick with amusement as Matt stepped in front of the computer again, pointedly positioning himself to block the older man’s view of the monitor as he minimized the window.  “Though, I’m now realizing I probably should’ve knocked first.  Teenage boy, all alone in a house all weekend… should’ve guessed.”  The man chuckled, stroking his dark, scruffy beard and shaking his head apologetically.
            “Yeah, no shit…” Matt muttered, annoyed at the truly embarrassing interruption to his night, as well as at his parents for not telling him they were having the neighbor drop in on him.  Though he couldn’t really blame them, he supposed.  After what happened last time, he was surprised they’d left him alone again at all.  One hell of a party though.
            “If it helps, I did bring you a pizza.”  Brian said, green eyes sparkling with still barely contained laughter as he holds up the steaming box. 
            It did a bit, though Matt just wished this mortifying interaction would just be over and he could forget about the whole thing. “Just put it on the coffee table, I’m gonna go put some pants on.”  The young man said brusquely, as he turned to run upstairs, hoping Brian had the sense to be gone by the time he got back.  Normally he’d be ecstatic that the beefy neighbor man had stopped by while he was alone for the weekend.  Were the circumstances of his arrival different, Matt would have been delighted to spend the evening eating pizza and perhaps watching movies until late.  His heart skipped a beat at the thought before sinking as he remembered the past couple of minutes, knowing that was out the window now.
Having had a schoolboy crush on the man basically the entirety of his horny youth, Brian had been the star in many of Matt’s dirtiest fantasies over the years.  And it sure as hell didn’t help that the man was partial to sunbathing nude by his pool on weekday afternoons when he thought none of the neighbors would be home to see, his glorious hairy body on full display, domed beer gut slick with tanning oil and glistening in the sun.  A fact he’d discovered when he’d been home sick with the flu his sophomore year in high school. His bedroom window giving a perfect view over the tall wooden fence dividing their yards.  After that he’d been “sick” so often his mom was about ready to take him to see a specialist at the hospital.
Mentally kicking himself for looking like an idiot in front of his crush and for kind of being a dick about it afterward, Matt was almost grateful that he’d be leaving for college, five states, away at the end of the month.  Definitely not showing my face around here anytime soon. He thought grudgingly, trudging up the stairs.
Downstairs, Brian eyed the semi-nude young man as he left the room, setting the pizza down where he’d asked before turning to head for the front door.  Pausing next to the computer, he glanced at the monitor, a Word icon the only think in the minimized section of the dock.  Out of curiosity, he leaned over to grab the mouse and clicked on it, taking in the heading of the document: Last One Night Stand by Gut_Slut88.
“Huh… you don’t say.” He muttered as he skimmed the surprisingly well-written story, eyebrows rising as he read.  One hand absentmindedly came to rest on his own belly, a low grumble emitting from it. No… I couldn’t. I shouldn’t.  The man thought, mind wandering a bit to places it probably shouldn’t.  Shaking his head, he minimized the window again, straightening up and adjusting his suddenly tight pants before making his way out before he let his dick and more so, his stomach make an impulsive decision.
Friday Night, 8:50pm- July 2019
            “Right here on the right.” Matt said to the taxi driver that had picked him up from the airport.  The vehicle came to a stop in front of the familiar grey house.  Home sweet home.  He thought as he swung the door open, stepping out onto the curb.  Hefting his duffle bag onto his shoulder he wiped his brow, already beads of sweat dotted his forehead, the hot summer air thick with humidity.
            When he reached the front door, Matt fumbled with his keys for a moment before finding the correct one and turning the lock, allowing the door to swing open.  The house was surprisingly quiet for a Friday night, no sounds of the TV coming from the living room or smell of food cooking in the kitchen. 
            “Hellooo?” He called, dropping his bag next to the stairs as he looked around the house.  Finding the house empty, he wondered if maybe it was a mistake to try and surprise his parents for their anniversary weekend.  Matt really hadn’t had any reason to think they wouldn’t be here though, his mom and dad having been doing the same thing for their anniversary for as long as he could remember; Dinner at the restaurant his dad had proposed at, then an evening of drinking wine on the back patio.  He checked the time on his phone again, 9:01pm.  Strange, they were usually five glasses deep and all giggly in the back yard by now. 
            Heading to the kitchen to grab a glass of water, Matt glanced at the calendar stuck to the refrigerator door, seeing the day’s date with the bold words “CRUISE” circled in red ink, the Sunday of the following week also marked with “back home” in decidedly less enthusiastic lettering, a small frowny face drawn next to it.  Huh guess they decided to change things up this year.  He thought, wondering for them finally having an empty nest through the summer and plenty of free time had anything to do with it. 
             Not really sure what to do now, he made his way up to his bedroom, tossing his bag onto the foot of the bed and collapsing back onto it in a huff, considering his options.  His flight back to school wouldn’t be leaving until this Sunday night, none of his old friends were in town, and with his parents most likely being in international waters somewhere he doubted he’d be able to call them and let them know he was home at the very least. “At least it’ll be a nice, relaxing weekend to myself…” Matt muttered sleepily.  Thoroughly drained from the trip home, he dozes off.
Saturday Morning, 11:15am
            Sweat streamed down Matt’s face as his feet pounded the pavement, jogging at a steady pace, he rounds the corner of his block.  Though still the morning, the temperature was already nearly in the 80’s.  Really, he should have started his workout a bit earlier, but something about having the house to yourself on a Saturday morning made you want to be lazy.  He’d lounged in bed for a solid couple of hours after waking up before finally deciding he’d better get on with his day. 
            He stood in the driveway for a second, bare torso glistening with sweat as he tried to catch his breath.  The sound of a door opening to his right caught his attention though and turning, Matt saw his neighbor step out onto the steps.  His heart did a little flutter.  Sure, he’d seen the man when he was home for Christmas but that was a brief greeting while he was attending his family’s annual holiday party.  Really, Matt hadn’t been alone with him since that spectacularly embarrassing moment the previous summer.  Brian though, seemed to share none of the same apprehension, smiling excitedly and walking over, giving the boy a big hug, despite his sweatiness.  Matt tried not to blush and hoped Brian didn’t notice his cock stiffening in his jogging shorts as the man’s belly pressed into his torso.
            “How ya been kiddo? Been a while.  School been good?” He asked after he finally released him, apparently not noticing how flustered Matt was.  Matt replied, talking for a moment about the fun first year he’d had at college.
            “Ah, freshman year, good times that’s for sure…”  Brian said, getting a distant look in his eyes as a hand idly rubbed his beer gut.  “Anyways, what brings you home? Thought your parents were on vacation for the week.”
            “Yeah apparently I was the only one who didn’t get the memo,” Matt chuckled, trying not to let his eyes stray back down to where the big man’s hand still rested on his round middle.  “Meant to surprise them for their anniversary and everything.”
            “Well shit.”  Brian said, laughing.  “I’m sure it’s still nice to be home anyways. Though I don’t know how you stand running out in this heat.”
            “Oh yeah I plan on cranking up the AC for the rest of the weekend, it’s awful out here!” Matt said, grinning.  “I’m sure it’s not too bad when you’ve got a pool to hop into though, I’m kinda jealous.”
            “Well hey, you’re more than welcome to take a dip!” The man said, smiling playfully at the young man.  “I’m about to run some errands today but what do ya say I grill us up some burgers later tonight when I get back.”
            Matt’s face reddened a bit at the thought, but burgers and the opportunity to swim on a hot summer day was too good to pass up.  Besides, he didn’t have much more to do with his day anyways.  “Really? Thanks that’d be awesome!”
Saturday Evening- 8:00pm
            After showering quick and changing into a pair of short, red swim trunks, Matt spent the afternoon floating in his neighbor’s pool, soaking up the sun and enjoying the cool water when he got too hot.  As the afternoon hours passed he finally went home to shower up and spent a while getting ready to grill with Brian, almost giddy at the prospect of spending an evening alone with the man. 
            Pushing open the gate to his back yard, Matt found Brian already flipping a dozen patties on the grill, the smell wafting through the air making his mouth water. Despite the mercifully cool evening air, Matt was pleasantly surprised to see Brian was shirtless, hairy chest and beer belly exposed proudly. The boy tried not to let his eyes linger too long as he greeted his neighbor, who reached behind him to a cooler and pulled out a beer, passing it to Matt.
            Perplexed, the young man eyed the bottle hesitantly as he took it. “Umm… You know I’m only nineteen, right?”  Not that he didn’t want to drink it, he just didn’t want Brian to get in trouble because he assumed he was twenty-one. 
            “Oh please, think we both know this isn’t your first one.  I won’t tell if you don’t.”  He replied, winking.  Good enough for me. He thought to himself, grinning as he twisted off the top and took a big swig. 
After a while, and a few more beers, they piled the cooked burgers onto a plate and the pair made their way to the patio table next to the hot tub.  Matt had known Brian’s burgers were legendary in the neighborhood, but they seemed to taste extra delicious when they were made special for him.  Even so though, he only managed to finish two before he felt ready to burst, full on beer and burgers.  Brian on the other hand just kept putting them away like it was nothing, eventually stopping when only one remained, and even then, the man still eyed it like he might still down it.  They sat there for a minute, basking in the glow of a strong buzz and a good meal.
“Urrp!” A sudden burp escaped from Matt’s mouth and he covered his mouth, eyes wide, embarrassed.  “Excuse-” He started but was stopped by Brian holding up a finger.
“URRRRRRRRRRRPP!” Came the belch, bursting out from the big man’s open mouth, the smell of beer and burgers wafting over the two of them.  They stared at each other for a moment before tossing their heads back as laughter erupted between them.  When they finally settled down, Brian picked up his beer, downing the rest of it before looking over to his young companion and saying, “So how bout we hop into the hot tub?” as he stood up. 
“Sure! I’ll just run and grab my trunks real quick-” Matt stood as well and was about to go do just that when Brian stopped him.
“Pfft oh don’t worry about it, we’re both guys here.”  He said, waving a hand dismissively, and without another word turned and dropped his pants, exposing his hairy, beefy ass as he strode over to the hot tub. 
Matt stared dumbfounded for a moment after him, feeling his member once again rising in his pants, the only think shocking him out of his stupor was the thought of Brian seeing him fully erect before he could even have a chance to get into the water and hide it.  Quickly the young man fumbled to get his pants off, pulling his shirt over his head, he tossed it aside and hopped in just as the older man turned and sat back in the bubbling water.  For a bit they just sat there in the relaxing water, sipping their drinks. 
Matt glanced over at his neighbor, the man’s head rolled back eyes closed and arms spread out, resting on the edges of the hot tub, one practically around the boy’s shoulders as he sat there next to him in the bubbling water.  Taking the opportunity, he glanced down into the water but could only make out the dome of the man’s gut just below the surface.
“Y’know you can rub it if you want…” The deep sound of Brian’s voice snapped him back to reality and Matt glanced up, feeling busted, and immediately flushed in embarrassment.  Not even processing the man’s words in the moment and stammered for something to justify his gazing.
“Oh, just c’mere boy.”  The man said, arm moving down from the ledge to actually rest on his shoulders now, wrapping around him to pull the young man closer.  With his other hand he guides Matt’s own to rest on his belly, pressing it into the flesh of it.  “Those burgers need some help settling in.”
Matt’s member twitched beneath the water at his words and the feel if the furry dome beneath his hand.  It might’ve been all the beers and the combination of the hot water, but that was all the prompting the boy needed.  Now pressing both hands into the Brian’s beer gut, the big man groaned contently at the massaging.  Matt moved closer, moving his hands lower, squeezing and kneading the mass of flesh.  Apparently, Brian’s stomach appreciated the treatment because after a moment a gurgle rose up from through man’s chest, erupting out of his gullet in another massive belch to rival the one from earlier, the familiar beer and burger smelling air, now joined by the sickly-sweet scent of digesting meat, nearly blasting the boy in the face, not realizing how close he’d gotten to Brian’s mouth.
Matt eyed those lips, member fully hard now as it bounced below the surface.  Despite everything happening, he still hesitated.  Brian didn’t though.  The older man reached down into the water, lightly brushes over the young man’s shaft as Matt gasped in surprised pleasure.  Brian didn’t give him the chance to make another noise as he pulls him close, practically into his lap and presses his lips against Matt’s, scruffy beard scratching at his smooth skin as he does.  Passionately squeezing him against his body, he felt the neighbor boy’s stiff cock grinding into his gut, working out another thick gurgle from within him.  He pulled away for a moment, familiar pressure rising once again at the back of his throat. 
With Brian’s lips just inches away from Matt’s face, he can only stare as they part incredibly wide, though so caught up in the moment he really didn’t notice just how borderline unnaturally wide it was.  Still, Brian felt the boy’s cock jump at the sight, his own thick shaft having long since risen up as well to rub against Matt’s smooth thigh.  As Matt watched, the open gullet rippled, and a third belch ripped free from deep within him, the pungent smell hitting him full force this time as drops of saliva and other internal juices splattered his face. 
Matt couldn’t help it, it was too much stimulation and all his buttons were being pushed right then.  He moaned loudly, thrusting his dick hard into the flesh of his neighbor’s belly and came hard.  Thick ropes of cum spiraling out into the bubbling water, quickly carried away by the force of the jets.  He panted, leaning heavily into the larger man while he took a moment to recover and looked up sheepishly. 
“Fuck you are a little gut-slut, aren’t you?” The man said, a glint in his green eyes.  In his daze, Matt only just caught the comment, the phrasing catching in his mind.  He tried to say something but, Brian didn’t give him the chance.  He kissed him hard again, this time grinding his stiff member against the boy who in turn moaned into him.
“Don’t worry, now you can help me out.” Said the man after pulling back.  He then proceeded to stand up, rising out of the water in full, dripping glory, water and bubbles streaming down through the hair on his belly.  His thick cock now on display, eye level with Matt as Brian sat back on the edge of the tub.  Matt, to his credit wasted no time, moving to grip the shaft with one hand, placing the other on Brian’s thigh and taking the head deep into his mouth as he slid his lips over it.  The man leaned back as the boy’s head began to bob, arms braced on the wet tile behind him, causing his gut to protrude even more above Matt’s head. 
Almost unconsciously, Matt found his hand wandering up to rub the hairy dome while he sucked the dick of the man he’d fantasized about for years.  How far is this going to go? He wondered, feeling his own cock stiffening again at the thought of Brian fucking him.  The older man, it seemed, had a similar thought process, because after a couple minutes he reached down and eased Matt’s head off of his now properly slick shaft. 
He stood the boy up so that he was standing between his spread legs.  Gripping his thin shoulders, he stood as well, turning Matt and roughly bending him over the edge of the hot tub.  Face pressing hard into the slippery cold surface of the tiled ground, Matt gasped as he felt Brian grind that fat cock against his ass, lining it up with the tight puckered hole as he began applying pressure.
“F-Fuuuuck.” Matt groaned out loudly as he felt the head slip between his cheeks and begin to spread his hole wide. 
Brian, determined to give the boy a thorough pounding, began to slowly but persistently stuff himself in, the thick shaft steadily disappearing inch by inch.  Finally, when his balls rested comfortably against Matt’s dripping ass, his cock buried deep in the slick warmth of his innards, he began to pull out, eliciting a pleased moan from below him. 
Just when Matt thought his cock would slip free, he slammed it back in with such force his groin slapped audibly against Matt’s ass.  He cried out in pleasure and likely a bit of pain as he was roughly filled again. Beginning to really piston in and out of Matt’s hole now, he leaned down over him, putting his full weight on his lean form.
Matt gasped, struggling to draw breath as the bulk of Brian’s body bear down on him, pinning against the cold tile while he was thrust into again and again.  The feeling of the man’s gut pressing into his back nearly sent him over the edge again, though he fought it this time.  Still, he imagined all those burgers in Brian’s belly, squishing and sloshing about as the round mass was sandwiched between Matt’s body and Brian’s.
He felt hot breath on the back of his neck as Brian’s thrusting became more furious and rapid, rough facial hair scraping against his sensitive skin as the older man pressed his lips against it before moving to his ear, wetly licking at it while he dragged his fingers through Matt’s sweat soaked hair.
             Suddenly the weight upon him is lifted and Matt fills his lungs with a deep breath.  Brian though, continues to roughly fuck his ass, reaching down to grip the boy’s hips, nails digging into his skin as the thrusts hardly even pull back anymore, thick shaft continuously buried deep in him until the man throws his head back, voice dripping with lust as he groans deeply.  He pulls back and slams back into that ass.  Hard.  Matt feels a liquid warmth spread through him as Brian unloads inside him, the man’s breaths coming shallow ragged gasps. 
Slowly, the young man pushed himself up away from the ground, standing up and leaning back into the man, those big arms encircling him and pulling him close, thick member still deep in his ass.  Despite the truly brutal fucking, it was a gentle, loving embrace.  Gradually, Brian withdrew from him, cock sliding free of the well-used hole, warm seed dripping freely down Matt’s thigh as proof of that fact.  Turning the boy to face him, Brian sat him back on the edge of the hot tub now, taking the exhausted young man’s face in his hand, tilting his chin upward as he leaned down to kiss him again.
“Lay back and close your eyes, boy. I wanna try one more thing with you, you’re gonna love it.”  He said, pulling away after a moment and gently but firmly pushing his hand against Matt’s chest until he did as he was told, lying back on the cold tile, legs still dangling in the hot water. Matt couldn’t help but wonder what Brian had planned as he closed his eyes.  Surely, he didn’t want to fuck him again, did he? He could still feel the man’s cum oozing onto the cool surface beneath his battered and sore ass. 
He giggled a bit as he felt the scruff of Brian’s beard scratch his flat stomach when he gently kissed there, moving down to his inner thigh, then his knees, bent at the edge of the hot tub.  Two hands rubbed soothingly over his thighs for a few moments before they disappeared.  A second later Matt feels them gripping his ankles, pressing them together and lifting them up out of the water.  He really DOES want to fuck me again.  He thinks incredulously.  Gotta give him credit for endurance I guess.  Mentally preparing himself for another round, he’s taken aback when he felt a wet heat puffing over his toes, like the steam from the hot tub was wafting over them.  A moment later though a slick wetness enveloped all ten digits, quickly sliding over the entirety of his feet, something rough scrapping along the front and backs of his ankles as the toes are embraced by an even tighter wetness he couldn’t explain. 
Hands gripped just below Matt’s knees now as the strange sensation rapidly moved up his shins, almost as if Brian didn’t want to give him time to figure out what was happening.  Still he kept his eyes closed, trusting the big man to make him feel good.  And he had to admit it did feel pretty good, although somewhere in the back of his sex addled mind he felt like this all seemed a bit familiar.
When it finally reached his knees though and he felt the tightness around his feet loosen, toes dipping into mushy, liquid… something, his curiosity got the better of him.  Pushing himself up into a sitting position, Matt opened his eyes, looking down at a sight that took him a moment to process. Brian was kneeling in the hot, bubbling water hands gripping Matt’s thighs firmly, and jaws stretching obscenely around the young man’s legs, lips sealed tightly just above his kneecaps. 
Speechless, all he could do was stare as he worked through this insane new reality, realizing where the rest of his legs were; shins wrapped tightly in the man’s pulsing, gripping throat, his feet… god, his feet had to be in the STOMACH, and that liquid slush surrounding them undoubtedly the remains of the burgers he’d devoured just a short while ago. There’s no fucking way- no fucking way. Matt thought, his rational brain trying to make sense of this impossible scene laid out before him.  Yet no matter how many times he thought it, the reality remained.
They stared at one another for several long moments, Brian, not advancing an inch but not pulling back either.  Waiting to see what I do. Matt realized.  He’ll do it if I let him, he’ll actually eat me. The thought barely crossed his mind but his achingly hard cock visibly throbbed, leaking a thin stream of pre down the shaft.  They both saw it.  That, in combination with Matt’s silence was all the go-ahead Brian needed.  The man gripped his thighs tightly and pulled, pushing his head forward at the same time and opening wide as he swallowed hard.  For brief moment, Matt could see his knees disappear into his gaping gullet before the jaws closed, around his mid-thighs. Matt groaned at the sight, resisting the urge to grab his dick, knowing full well he’d erupt immediately if he did.  If Brian really wanted to take him all the way, he wanted to last at least until it was inside his ravenous neighbor.  He wouldn’t have to wait long, already feeling the man’s hot breath wafting over his ass and balls. 
Brian now gripped his hips, gulping hard and finally sliding Matt’s used ass and cock into his mouth, tongue slipping between those asscheeks as it came to rest on it, making the overstimulated boy moan out in ecstasy as he lapped at the hole he’d ravaged minutes ago the taste of his own cum mixing with the salty sweat coating the delicious young man.  Swallowing again and pulling at his torso, he felt Matt’s back arch with the pleasure as his cock finally felt the warm embrace of Brian’s throat as he slid deeper into him, legs bending and curling in the expanding stomach.  He seemed to be really trying not to cum, though the experienced man knew that would be a losing battle.  Brian now used his hands to scoop the boy’s remaining upper body completely off edge of the hot tub, tilting his head back to allow a straight shot for his continued descent into his now bulging belly beneath the surface of the water, gravity only assisting in the process. 
Despite his Matt’s efforts, the slick feeling of Brian’s esophagus muscles rippling over his cock as he descended into the man, coupled with the sight of the scruffy lips creeping up past his abs and the realization that he was over half way eaten sent his senses into overdrive.  He bucked wildly within Brian as he had what was undoubtedly the most intense orgasm of his life, just in time for his groin to slip free of the throat and his cock to paint the stomach walls with his second, yet largest load of the night, joining what used to be several hamburgers at the bottom of the gurgling chamber.  Now thoroughly spent, eyes unfocused, basking in the bliss of his wildest fantasy, Matt was barely aware of Brian continuing to take him in, jaws stretching they reached the widest part of Matt; his shoulders. 
Arms raised up over his head as he sank down, Matt knew he was about to be completely and utterly devoured.  Brian would stop, even this far in, if Matt asked.  But certain in that knowledge, he wanted to feel what it was like to be totally surrounded by this man.  Swallowed alive and curled up in a big hairy gut, just like he’d fantasized and written about so many times.  He took a deep breath as his head and shoulders slipped down into the gullet, the slick, pulsing tube dragging him deeper and deeper. Matt felt Brian’s mouth close over his hands, nibbling lightly on his fingers before a final, soft gulp dragged them over the back of his tongue and they disappeared into the yawning abyss of his throat. 
He’d done it.  Brian had actually, impossible as it was, swallowed him whole.  Even now, he almost couldn’t believe it.  But here he was, curled into a tight fetal position, face pressed into his knees, and back curled against the curve of the stomach wall, his body no doubt bulging out his gut immensely as he sat back in the hot tub, stuffed beyond all measure.
 Matt had to admit, the reality of his fantasy wasn’t quite what he’d imagined.  It was a fair bit tighter than he’d thought it would be, though fitting an entire person in your gut understandably wasn’t likely to leave a whole lot of free space to begin with, even so the gently pulsing walls were elastic enough as he experimentally pushed against them.  The heat was truly sweltering as well, the high temperatures from earlier that day seeming almost temperate now, sweat coating his body along with the slick viscous liquids the stomach continuously oozed and massaged over him. Also, the acrid stench of bile stung his eyes and throat with every breath, far more potent than any of those belches had been.  Thankfully there was no pool of acids rising up to claim him, though the digested mush of former burgers coating his ass and ankles was a little gross. All that aside though, Matt was beyond content, reveling in the sensations of his wildest fantasy with his oldest crush coming true. 
He imagined for a moment what Brian looked like, the big man even bigger now as he sat there in the hot tub, rubbing his boy-filled belly.  Fuck he wanted to see it.  Maybe he’d be able to heft himself up and grab Matt’s phone to take a picture, so he could see for himself when he let him out.  Would he do this again with me? I’d come home way more often. He thought then about all he could do if he actually had time to prepare next time.  Videos, pictures, the whole works.
 Matt tried to take a deep breath, intending to shout and see if Brian would take a picture, but with the constricting tightness off the stomach around him he could barely draw in enough to raise his voice only slightly.  Even to his ears in there, it didn’t sound like it really penetrated the thick layers of flesh that separated him from the outside world. Whatever, he would just ask later.  Right now, all he wanted to do was bask in the blissed-out afterglow of the best night of his life, dozing slightly in the relaxing, rhythmic pulsing of his neighbor’s gut.
Saturday Night- 10:35pm
Outside, Brian rubbed over the bulges Matt was currently making in his massive gut as the neighbor boy explored his new environment, sending small waves rippling through the now still water, the jets having turned off some twenty minutes ago as he’d finished swallowing him.  At one point he felt the mass within him shift a bit and thought he heard the kid try to say something, but he couldn’t make out the words.  Really, he was never able to.  In any case, it must not have been too important because he settled back in soon after, only giving occasional twitches, probably the boy doing his best to get comfortable in there.
  He was ecstatic, reminiscing on the night. Going into this weekend he never imagined the night would end like this; an entire nineteen-year old boy lightly squirming in his belly as he lounged in his hot tub.  Well, not THIS particular boy anyways.  A happy coincidence of events leading to the horny young man allowing himself to slide right down Brian’s throat into his waiting belly.  And after one hell of a fuck too.  His spent cock stirred a bit just thinking about it.
Truly he’d been thinking about this moment since he’d stumbled up on the boy’s kinky interests the previous year.  Then he’d barely come home the whole year, so he never had the opportunity to test those waters, so to speak.  It was a gamble to see if he’d actually let him go all the way, but it had paid off, and Matt had certainly enjoyed the ride.  The odds were certainly stacked in his favor though, judging from all the stories “Gut_Slut88” had posted on the forums over the years.  It hadn’t been too hard of a handle to track down, after all.
   Damn, he was tired now though.  The warmth of the water, plus fucking Matt and swallowing him whole had really taken it out of him.  Not as young as I used to be.  He thought shaking his head.  Eyeing the patio door, much farther away than Brian would have liked, he doubted he’d have the energy or strength in his current state to heft his extra weight and shuffle all the way over, open the door, then at the very least make it to the couch or somewhere comfy enough to rest.  Still, he couldn’t stay in here all night, he’d shrivel up like a prune.  Plus, Matt probably wouldn’t appreciate the extra heat from the water.  Though he suspected it was already quite hot in there as is. 
Glancing around, looking for any alternative, he spied the large inflatable lounge chair floating in the pool just a few feet away.  Getting onto it would be no easy feat, but it could be done.  Either way, it would probably be a rough couple of minutes for his stomach’s current occupant.
            “Hang tight, kid.  We’re moving.”  Not entirely sure whether or not Matt actually heard him, Brian wrapped his arms under his bulging middle as best he could, swallowing several large gulps of air in case all the activity likely forced some out of him, and heaved his two-person mass, stepping out of the steaming water and making his way the yard or so to the edge of the pool.  Catching his breath as he sat for a moment, he felt a stirring beneath the hairy globe as the boy tried to reorient himself after all the jostling and swaying. Sorry Matty, not quite there yet.  Reaching out for the inflatable, he could just grab the edge of it, pulling it over to where he sat.  Moment of truth. The man thinks, hooking one leg over the inflatable, straddling it almost, before hefting the brunt of his weight sideways onto the lounger.  It rocked perilously under the mass of two men but didn’t capsize thankfully.  Sure, it dipped down a fair bit so his ass was slightly submerged, but that was tolerable, at least it floated. 
Now he was ready to settle in for the long haul, laying back on the lounger, legs straddling it for balance, and boy-filled gut spilling out in his lap.  Best seat in the house.  The man thinks, smiling a bit at that. Depending on your point of view, anyways. Not everyone was always happy to be in the position Matt was currently in.
 Bobbing lightly in the water, he slowly drifted off, one arm draped over his bulging middle as he idly rubbed the spot where Matt’s head most likely was, the only sounds now being the crickets chirping, and a low gurgle starting up in the depths of his belly. 
Saturday Night- 11:45pm
            Matt woke up from his dozing to a strange bout of activity happening around him.  He’d managed to settle back down after the short period of jostling, followed by a continuous light bouncing motion that was oddly relaxing, briefly considering staying awake for Brian to decide it was time to get out, but he trusted the man would wake him when the time came and allowed himself to relax fully again as he curled comfortably, lulled by the light massaging the man’s belly was giving him. 
This was different though.  That motion had clearly come from an outside source, most likely, he assumed, from Brian moving out of the hot tub to another location.  All this new activity was coming from within, and the difference was immediately apparent.
            Gone were the soft undulations that had greeted Matt on his arrival, now replaced by thick, rolling churns that compacted his body into an even tighter ball, roughly forcing his face into his knees each time the powerful muscles bore down on him.  The contrast was staggering.  This wasn’t the passive belly he’d willingly slipped down into, who-knows-how-long ago.  That belly was gentle, welcoming even, with only a light kneading over his naked form as he’d enjoyed himself.  This was a whole different place now, relentless and unyielding as it worked over him in constant, grinding motions.  He tried to push back against the walls as he’d done before, but this time there was almost no give to them and he could put up no resistance when the next rolling contraction came.   He shifted about, or at least attempted to.  He was all but held immobile by the uncompromising stomach around him. 
            It wasn’t until Matt noticed the peculiar sensation spreading over his skin that he finally realized what this was, the feeling like pins and needles, getting slightly more intense as the boy was endlessly churned about.  This was no longer the safe environment he’d descended into to enjoy and get off in, or so he’d assumed.  This was a stomach in active digestion.  Brian was actually digesting him.  In his panicked and, at this point, likely oxygen deprived state, Matt’s mind struggled to wrap his head around what this meant for him.  Even if his heart already knew. 
It was almost laughable really, he’d fantasized about this moment so many times, written dozens of stories with this kind of ending.  And yet nothing could have prepared him for his own real-life, imminent digestion.  He hadn’t even considered it a possible outcome of allowing the man he’d known his whole life to proceed with stuffing him down his greedy gullet.  “You’re gonna love this.” Brian had said.  Did he really think Matt would actually want to spend his last moments stewing away in his gut? Like for REAL?  Swallowing him was one thing, but this? There was no coming back from it. 
 “Fuck, you are a little gut-slut, aren’t you?” The memory of what Matt had thought was an off-handed comment came back to him. Brian couldn’t have read his stories, could he? Shit.  If that’s the case, he probably passed out thinking he’d fulfilled my greatest desire.
 Wasn’t it though? His thoughts were disjointed now, hazy and disorganized as his panicked breaths further reduced his supply of breathable air.  The boy’s survival instinct warred with his delirious, horny mind that had made him willing to slip down into Brian’s stomach in the first place.  Despite himself he found his cock hard, sandwiched between his legs by the rough, tight, churning around him.  As the tingling sensation ramped up to a slight itch and burn, Matt realized there was no escaping his fate at this point and writhed in the cramped darkness, trying to maneuver his hand between his legs to get off to the grand finale of his dark fantasy.  Even if he would rather see the light of day once more, though that clearly wasn't an option anymore, and likely never was. 
           It didn't take long for Matt to cum, the image of Brian’s big, bulging belly slowly shrinking down over the course of the night quickly sending him over the edge one last time in his feverish state.  Shooting his final load, he settled back in, waiting for the inevitable.  The sudden small flurry of motion must’ve knocked something loose though, because there was a sudden whoosh as the remaining air around him rushed back up the way he’d come, leaving the spent Matt behind in the churning darkness, expelled from Brian’s mouth in a low, hearty belch.  It was the belch of a well-fed, satisfied man.  That thought strangely comforted the boy, glad Brian had enjoyed his time with him, even as the biological symphony of his own steady digestion faded out. 
Sunday Morning- 5:30am
            The birds were chirping as the sun rose, early the next morning.  Brian was still sound asleep, floating in his lounger still, even as a small finch came to perch on his still large, but visibly smaller gut.  A loud, wet slosh and groan emanating from the hairy dome startling the little bird, which gave a surprised tweet and fluttered off, brushing Brian’s nose as it did.
            “Huh-whaa?” He grumbled sleepily, nearly toppling sideways into the water before waking up a bit more and becoming aware of his surroundings.  The big man took in the sight of his huge middle, recalling the events of the previous night. 
There were still a few noticeable bulges, but none were as well defined as they were upon the boy’s initial swallowing.  Pressing his hands into the mass, trying to judge just how far along the kid was in the process.   He felt the contents squelch and shift at his prodding, not quite as entirely solid as Brian had initially thought, he noted, kneading a couple of the more stubborn bulges until they broke apart, disappearing into whatever meaty stew Matt had been reduced to over the course of the night, his belly now resembling an overinflated beach ball, round and taut but malleable to the touch. 
A sloppy, wet belch worked its way up from the churning depths, the acidity of it burning Brian’s throat.  Fuck, the boy was already starting to give him indigestion.  That never used to happen.  He really needed to stop doing this, his tank just couldn’t process young men like it used to.  Matt was a special case though, so he didn’t regret it too much.  Still, as he glanced around at the scattered clothes and beer bottles, he wondered if maybe it was a mistake to go ahead and let his gut process the boy. He’d been a nice enough kid and a damn good fuck, and it had been a pleasant change to have someone enjoy sliding down his throat instead of kicking and screaming the whole way. 
In hindsight he probably should have asked if he was fine with it being a one-way trip, but all those hot stories he'd written had seemed to point in that direction so Brian, in his slightly drunken state, had been more than happy to help him live out his fantasies, from start to gurgling finish.  In any case, there was little do be done about it at this point anyways.  Brian hoped at least he hadn’t swallowed too much air for the boy before he fell asleep to let his belly have its way with him.  He’d wanted Matt to enjoy his stay for a bit longer, but digestion could be quite the messy ordeal if you’re awake when it really kicks into gear. He made a mental note to pick up some more Pepto at the store once Matt digested down to a bit more manageable size and moved from the pool to the hot tub in hopes that the warm water and some steady rubs would speed the process along.  Belching again as he lowered himself into the bubbling water, Brian could just make out the heavy gurgles coming from his hairy tank, still hard at work breaking his meal down as the sun continued to rise, the morning air heating up with it.  Gotta love these summer days.  He thought, looking forward to a lazy Sunday digesting the rest of the tasty neighbor boy. 
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That was an AWESOME read, and may or may not show my feelings toward one of my neighbors at the moment. >\\\\>

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A perfect way to end the night after a nice round of sex is to be a meal for a hot manly pred. This story really turns me on.

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Always enjoy your work!  This one in particular was fantastic. Great pred, scenario, and writing.

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What a great, well written story!

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Amazing story!

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Excellent story! Probably hits home for a lot of guys here who grew up next to a big-bellied neighbor, ha.