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Joe's Meal
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The bar was packed. Joe grunted. He wasn't much for going out to the bars but at the same time it was Friday and the bear app was dead. Joe opened the door as raucous electronica music exploded out. He could tell just from the doorway the place was packed. He stepped inside as the door slowly closed behind him. The place smelled strong of beer, sweat and leather. Joe scanned the bar. Shit, he thought, it must be leather night. Joe cursed that he decided against his leathers and went for a more comfortable outfit of denim and wife beater. Oh well, he was comfortable and that is all that mattered. He scanned the crowd as he pushed his way up to the bar. He was ordering a beer when out of the corner of his eye he saw someone. He quickly turned his gaze and for a brief moment saw a guy, thick black hair covering his body and cascading off his head and face. His body was built but not a gym body but one from hard work from a blue collar job. "Here's your beer. That'll be five bucks" A voice said to Joe's side causing him to turn his head.
Joe looked at the bartender and paid him. Turning back, he looked but couldn't see the guy anymore. Joe sighed as his cock throbbed. He scanned the crowd in hopes if seeing him again but he saw no trace.
Joe spent the next hour nursing his beer as chatted with guys who were hitting on him. Any of these guys will do, Joe told himself as the scene began to make it uncomfortable. He finished his beer and ordered another. It was on the third beer and when he found himself tied up in a conversation with a chubby chasing cub when he saw the man again. His sleeveless t-shirt clung to his body from sweat. Joe watched and tried to follow the guy but the cub seeing Joe distracted interjected himself. Joe looked and the guy was gone again. Joe shook his head and looked back at the cub who happily continued talking.
Another hour passed and Joe was ready to leave. He would just go to the bathroom and take care of business, he thought. He worked his way back toward the restrooms, using his impressive frame and hefty gut to create a path. He opened the door and stepped into the dimly lit bathroom. At the urinal stood the black haired god he had seen. Joe couldn't believe his luck. The sound of a heavy stream hitting porcelain was all Joe needed to hear. He walked up and stood behind the guy. His muscled and hairy back couldn't be hidden by the shirt. Joe stood and waited. The stream slowed, then stopped. Joe admired the man's size. He was easily taller and more muscular than Joe, but Joe was sure that he weighed more. The man turned around as Joe stepped forward. The two bumping into each other as Joe wrapped his arms around the man. To his surprise, the guy returned the embrace. Soon their lips were locked in a passionate kiss that caused Joe's body to sweat.
The kiss broke as the man whispered in a deep voice, "I was hoping to meet you."
Joe whispered back, "as was I. I needed you."
With that Joe grabbed the man's long back beard and pulled him into another deep kiss. The two explored each other's mouths as they grinded their bodies together. Joe nipped the man's lip causing him to break the kiss. Joe grinned and stuffed the beard into his mouth and swallowed as he pulled the man back into the Kiss. The man confused by his thick beard in Joe's mouth tried to pull back but Joe held tight.
Joe then swallowed. The thick beard pulled into his throat and the man's chin into his mouth. Joe swallowed again as this time he took the man's whole head in.
At this point the man was confused. His entire head was trapped in another man's mouth. He tried to struggle but Joe's grip was tight. Joe swallowed again.
Joe wanted this guy and he was going to have him. With his head in his throat and shoulders in his mouth, Joe started to cram and stuff the strong man in. The salty flavor of his sweat danced on his lips and tongue as his arms and chest quickly were ingested. Gulp after gulp, more of the large man disappeared. Joe's throat bulged out as the form slipped in and then disappeared behind Joe's hairy pecs. Joe learned forward as more of the man was gulped in. His torso was gone, his crotch and ass were in Joe's mouth and only the thick powerful legs remained. Reaching down and holding the legs tight, Joe lifted the legs into the air. With his head tilted back, Joe slurped, gulped and swallowed the legs in. Only the booted feet remained as Joe straightened up and looked at himself in the dingy mirror. One hard gulp and he watched as the boots slipped away, into his mouth and down his throat.
Joe looked down as his belly escaped from the bottom of the wife beater. The man was completely contained in Joe's belly. He could feel him struggling, his roars of anger and pleas for help completely lost behind the layers of fat. Joe patted his belly. He had found what he needed. He stepped back into the bar as he saw a sexy bearded redhead come in. Perhaps I should pick up breakfast as well, he thought and made his way over to the newcomer.   

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Re: Joe's Meal
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The cool night air was a relief from the heat in the bar. Joe smiled his new pal Dugan followed him. Joe could feel the guy in his belly trying to move and struggle. He patted his big belly and let out a long belch. The guy's struggles I side became more frantic as he found himself with no air. Joe loved feeling there struggles. Not that it mattered. No one ever has escaped. Joe inhaled deep and swallowed the air down. Doing this a few times to give his prey some new air and prolong his consciousness inside him. The man pounded against the inside of Joe's belly but it was completely lost to the outside world.
Joe and Dugan climbed into Joe's truck as they roared off for home. It was a nice 15 minute drive. Joe found himself drifting away from the conversation as he could tell the man inside was starting to feel just how powerful and awful Joe's digestive tract was. Joe gulped in more air as he relished these final moments of struggle. Joe knew his stomach was strong. The longest he ever managed to keep a guy alive was 35 minutes. Most men only lasted 15 at best. Granted all of them were broken down to mush within two hours. Less if Joe decided to crush and smash them to move the process along.
Joe pulled the truck under a carport in front of a single wide trailer. "Home sweet home." He announced to Dugan.
The red headed bear just grinned. "Nice place." He said, more from politeness.
The two men entered Joe's place. It was a dump but Dugan had seen far worse. There were beer cans here and there. The place was lived in and definitely was infused with Joe's potent musk and masculine scents. Joe wasted no time once they were inside. He grabbed Dugan and the two were locked in a long passionate kiss.
Joe worked and maneuvered the pair down the hall and into the main bedroom. They broke the kiss just long enough to strip out of their clothes. Joe then shoved Dugan back onto the bed. Before he could move Joe landed hard on top of him. A barely audible snapping was heard but Dugan didn't think anything of it, focused instead on his own sudden discomfort. Joe heard it as well and also the muffled scream of pain. Joe just grinned and planted his mouth on Dugan's. The two men shifted and soon both were comfortably on the bed, their naked hairy bodies pressed together. The night continued into passionate horny manlust driven sex. The man in Joe's belly broken down to sludge by the time Joe's cock plunged the first time, deep into Dugan's tight ass. By the 5th load, Joe was worn out. Dugan having succumb to blissful unconsciousness after the Joe milked 4 loads out of him and plowed a 3rd deep in his bowels.
Joe's stomach gurgled hungrily. He looked down and patted it. "Damn, ready already?!" He said he his sloshing belly. He could tell his supper was gone, mostly sliding through his intestines and bound for being his morning log.
Joe slipped off the bed and lined himself up with Dugan's huge 16EEE feet. Joe slowly lifted and worked the Huge feet into his mouth. His tongue lapping over the soles gently. The flavor was intense as his stomach let out an angry rumble at the tease. Dugan just moaned and shifted but remained asleep. Joe swallowed. The feet slipped into his throat that stretched to accommodate. Joe reached up and slowly guided the hairy legs into his mouth and down his throat. Joe reached up and grabbed the bear's wrists. With a expertly done push down on the mattress, Joe created enough space to slide Dugan's hairy ass over his lower lip and into his mouth. Joe had lots of practice perfecting that technique. No one who ever ended up on Joe's bed managed to escape the fate of being digested and added to his belly. Though a few got to at least experience a few nights instead of just a one night stand. Joe fed the big burly hands into his mouth along side Dugan's torso. Joe snaked his way up the bear. As the elbows slid into his mouth, Joe reached up and stroked his thick red beard lovingly. Dugan shifted and a smile crossed his lips. Joe gulped again as the thick biceps and barrel chest disappeared into his mouth. Joe slapped Dugan's face as the man tried to jump from the jolt. He quickly realized he couldn't move. Confused, Dugan looked down and saw Joe's mouth sliding over the last of his chest. He went to scream and Joe just reached up, putting his hands on the top of Dugan's head and shoved the bear down and in. His entire head disappeared into Joe's mouth. Joe held him there as he rolled over onto his back. He could hear the confused roars from his prey. The same cacophony of useless babble that came from men about to be swallowed away. Joe looked up at the mirror on the ceiling. He could see Dugan's struggles in his stretch throat and mouth. Joe smiled and opened his mouth wide. The sound of Dugan's voice clear again as he growled and shouted. He looked at the back of Dugan's head as he swallowed. The head slipped away, down into the throat. Joe admired his wide empty mouth and the bulge that was Dugan sliding down past this throat and lost behind the thick hairy chest. Joe smiled as his belly stretched out to hold his new prey. Happily full, Joe laid back and rubbed his man filled belly. He slowly drifted to sleep wondering if breakfast would also be so delicious.     

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Joe sure seems like a fun guy to spend a night with and be eaten by.

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Hot as always!

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Awesome to see more writing from you!

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Glad to see you writing again! Hot and hairy.

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Good to see you writing again! This was hot as hell!

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Hope you write me something soon <3
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Re: Joe's Meal
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Oooooh this is soo good! So hot and huge and hungry! Kinda wish we got to know how he takes care of two men in the morning!

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