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Special Delivery (FS, AV, CV, digestion)
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Mark grew up on a farm, but moved to the city seeking a more open-minded atmosphere. However, he soon found the city offered its own brand of isolation. In order to keep up, he worked two jobs, as a bartender at night and a UPS driver by day. Today, his last delivery was in a neighborhood that was always a pain in his ass. Pretentious yuppies with a constant supply of packages. How did they even fit all of this crap in their tiny apartments? At least the job allowed him to get outside instead of sitting on his ass all day. Speaking of ass, his muscular cheeks and thighs were being hugged tightly by his brown uniform shorts. He resisted the urge to scratch a longstanding itch.

Conor waited for the package all day. Finally, he looked out of his apartment window in relief to see a tall man with closely cropped blonde hair, shaved shorter on the sides. Sweat dripped down the man’s five o’clock shadow as he unloaded a large package from the back of his truck, wheeling it down the sidewalk and toward Conor’s apartment building. The package was at least as tall and wide as the man and looked much heavier. The delivery man stood at the front door of the building and tried the buzzer once, twice… a third time. A look of annoyance flashed across the man's face. Conor took pleasure in his confusion, watching the man look around a bit and then walk over to the first floor window where Conor was standing unseen. The man gently knocked and Conor smiled. The extra effort this beautiful man was taking to fulfill this delivery turned him on.

Mark, sweating like a pig, buzzed a final time. He set the dolly upright to look at his wristwatch. Whenever he took a package back to the center undelivered he felt like he hadn’t done his job right. He finally just thought the hell with it and tried knocking on what he thought was the guy’s window. A few seconds later, a handsome man walked out, shorter than Mark, about 5’ 8” but stockier. He had short thick curly auburn hair with a matching beard. His septum was pierced with a single black metal ring. He wore clean grey trousers, and a tuft of dark brown hair was sticking out from the top of his loose sweater. To Mark, the guy looked like just another tech-hipster type that he’d grown to hate on the job. However, he was disarmed by the man’s genuinely friendly smile.

“101?” the delivery man asked.
“Yeah.” Conor said looking into the man’s light brown eyes.
“I figured that was the right window. I think your buzzer’s broken."“Yeah, I haven’t gotten around to getting it fixed.”
“That’s alright, I’ll just knock on your window from now on if it’s okay with you.”
“Yeah, that’s perfect,” Conor flashed another smile of gratitude. “Here let me help you bring it in.”
Working together, the two men easily hauled the package into Conor’s apartment.
Looking around the stylish living room, the other man pulled out an electronic stylus from his belt and faced it toward Conor. “Nice place. I just need your signature.”
“Thanks.” Conor scribbled a large C on the device’s display.
“And just to confirm, what’s your last name?”
“Ulster. By the way, my first name’s Conor.” Conor replied, sticking out his hand.
The man looked at the shipping label of the package and chuckled, “Yeah I knew that.... Mark” firmly shaking Conor’s hand,“Have a good day,” he said as he turned to leave.
Unable to control himself, Conor reached out and grabbed the back of Mark’s shorts. He pulled the waistline of the other man’s underwear back and peeked at his round ass. Except for a small patch of blonde hair on his lower back it was smooth. It looked like Mark took the time to shave regularly. A whiff from Mark’s sweaty ass after a day of hard work hit Conor in the face, and his dick bounced at the scent.

It took a minute for Mark to understand what was happening. Indignant at first, he turned his head around and reached his left hand back to pull the shorter man’s hand away. But he wasn’t successful: Conor used his free hand to pin Mark’s down. Three hands, Conor’s right grabbing Mark’s left, in turn grabbing Conor’s left, were now reaching down the back of Mark’s shorts and pulling them all the way down. At this point Conor gazed into Mark’s light brown eyes with a confident, reassuring look. Feeling his eight inch uncut dick growing underneath his uniform, Mark realized he wanted this as much as Conor did. Mark felt his body relax and allowed Conor to guide him to his knees.Now on all fours, Mark turned his head back to watch Conor skillfully strip down to his underwear. Conor was covered in dark brown hair, particularly across his chest, ass and belly. Muscular but not especially toned. he had a rugby player’s build. An intricately illustrated tattoo of a minotaur stretched across the whole left side of his body, including his hip, ass check, and shoulder. Mark was now fully erect and presented his ass hungrily to Conor. He began panting eagerly as it dawned on him that his itch was about to be scratched.

Conor, now completely naked, looked down at Mark, who was still wearing a uniform brown shirt, shoes and socks, but now his shorts were pulled down to his knees, exposing red cotton underwear. Conor balls groaned. He felt his large, pool ball sized balls churn hot against his hairy thighs. He grabbed his cock: six inches long, two inches thick. Beads of pre-cum were dripping down his glans and shaft. He lubed himself up with his right hand and then used the same to assist Mark. Moving behind, he pulled Mark’s underwear down and rubbed the rest of his precum against Mark’s asscrack. Mark bucked in pleasure and started gyrating back and forth. Conor mounted Mark from behind and gently guided his shaft inside, the wide head spreading Mark open. Conor didn’t have to think much, as his cock seemed to drive itself. Each hand firmly gripping an asscheek, Conor started fucking Mark.

When Mark felt the thick warm dick sliding into his ass, his fingers and toes curled. His ass pushed itself back and opened for Conor’s cock as it slid up and down his rectum, brushing against his prostate. The sweat was dripping down his legs, and it was satisfying when Conor’s thick public hair scratched against his hole. This was exactly what he needed after such a long day at work. His entire body felt like it was pulsing to Conor’s thrusts. A hot pressure began to build deep inside. The hipster’s balls felt heavy against his legs and Mark could tell when they were beginning to retract. Suddenly Conor’s fingernails dug into his ass flesh followed by a rush of hot cum that flooded his anus. The pleasure of feeling Conor’s semen begin to drip out immediately triggered Mark’s orgasm. He felt his sphincter clamp down on Conor’s dick. Mark bucked his hips as ropes of seed shot across the floor.

As Mark lay panting beneath him, Conor knew what was about to happen. He felt a mixture of sadness and excitement, but ultimately he knew Mark’s fate wasn’t up to him. Conor’s cock had a mind of its own. Once it came in someone’s ass it immediately transformed into a monster that wouldn’t stop until the other man was completely devoured. Mark was obviously a good guy, a hard worker, simple minded…  really the perfect cock food. He tried shutting off his mind and turned on auto-pilot, distancing himself ethically from what was about to happen. After all, thought, who would miss Mark? He would be easily replaced by the next delivery man.

Mark hadn’t been fucked like that in a so long - he’d forgotten his hunger. He tried to catch his breath against Conor’s living room floor, bracing himself for the inevitable. He knew the consequences of his ass’s desires and had vowed not to gratify them, but in this case Conor had brought things upon himself. He seemed like a nice, friendly dude, but he needed to be taught a lesson.

One of these predators is about to become prey. Which do you chose?
A) Mark:
Conor had to work to slide his cock out of Mark’s ass. It was now substantially thicker, completely filling Mark’s hole. He couldn’t help but feel like Mark’s ass was resisting, trying to hold on, but despite this tug-o-war, Mark was clearly exhausted and didn’t put up much of a fight. Conor pulled his dick out with a loud “pop”. Conor’s dick didn’t waste any time while its prey was vulnerable, growing rapidly. Conor’s furry testicles began to get heavy and swell up.

In seconds, Conor’s dick reached the floor and his balls were down to his knees and still growing. Conor crouched down to lift up Mark’s feet, and like an anaconda, his cock seized upon Mark’s toes. Mark was immediately shaken from his post-coital bliss, and he looked back at Conor in surprise, "You? Fuck me!"

Mark groaned as Conor’s cock swallowed, engulfing the larger man up to his knees and lifting him up into the air like an elephant trunk. At this point, Mark seemed to relax a bit as Conor’s giant cock mouth climbed up his torso. When the lips of Conor’s glans overcame Mark’s cock, balls and ass, he closed his eyes and moaned in pleasure. Conor sensed that deep down this is what Mark always wanted, offering him relief from the mundane anxieties of everyday life.

Suddenly, Mark’s semi-hard dick sprayed cum everywhere, coating the walls of Conor’s cock with its seed. When Conor’s cock tasted the salty cum that leaked out, it became voracious. It gulped down the rest of Mark, now aided by the lubricant. Conor thought Mark looked like a half-man half-cock, his arms pinned now to either side by his urethra. Mark’s feet slid down into Conor’s beach ball sized right testicle, and finally gravity forced the rest of Mark comfortably down with a loud squelch.

Conor was relieved to see the back of Mark’s head sink down into his cock, but he could still feel the larger man struggling inside. At first Mark must have felt crushed that his life was ending for just trying to do his job, but in the end he seemed resigned to his fate, as if this was finally his opportunity to become part of something bigger. Conor eased himself over to his sofa and put some classical music on the stereo in order to begin the process of churning Mark down.

Conor’s massive right testicle was hot and swollen like an oven. Eventually Conor felt Mark’s body soften into a glue-like texture as it was broken down into pure testosterone. Eventually some of the load was pumped to the other testicle until it was evenly distributed. In the course of a few hours, Conor’s mass increased slightly, his musk growing stronger with Mark’s signature, and his body hair thickening with a healthy sheen.

With Mark gone, Conor couldn’t contain himself any longer. Laying back on the sofa, he propped his gigantic member up and stroked with one hand, rubbing his massive Mark-sized balls with the other. Conor felt the pressure build impossibly, until his cock erupted in a geyser of hot cum that stained the ceiling. Conor smiled in bliss as what was left of Mark dripped down on his naked body. His cock finally rested, hoping the next delivery man replacement would be this delicious.
B) Conor:
“What the fuck man?” yelled Conor. Mark’s sphincter muscle clamped down harder on Conor’s cock. Mark chuckled in pleasure feeling Conor’s futile attempt to free himself from Mark’s ass. Mark felt Conor’s hands press against his asscheeks, trying to get leverage… a dire mistake. Immediately, Conor’s hands slipped against Mark’s copious ass sweat. With a loud “slurp,” the hairy man’s arms were sucked deep into his ass. Mark sighed, it felt amazing, as if the effort of Conor’s entire body was going into fingering him.

“Oh my god, what the hell is this?” he heard Conor cry. At that, Mark’s ass went hog wild, immediately chomping down on Conor’s shoulders. He felt the features of Conor’s face press firmly against his asscrack before being forced inside. Conor’s muffled screams continued, echoing up his ass. Mark’s asscheeks crushed and squeezed Conor’s tattoo’d torso deeper up his anal cavity, swallowing fast until it reached Conor’s exposed ass and package. At this point it stopped, as if evaluating its next move. Mark could feel Conor’s hard cock and swollen balls against the underside of his own as he thrashed desperately to escape. It was almost like his had two cocks. At this moment, Conor kicked violently and the second cock involuntarily ejaculated, spurting cum against Mark’s now distended belly. Mark’s ass took that as a sign.

Humiliated and in shock, Conor was forced up Mark’s colon until only his hairy feet were sticking out. Mark could only imagine how the musty smell of decaying food overwhelming Conor’s senses. Mark felt a huge shift in weight as Conor’s body slid into his stomach. Conor was being digested in Mark’s stomach juices. Mark felt pressure in his throat and started farting and belching to let out the gas being formed from Conor being broken down by the gastric acid. Conor fought until the bitter end as he was slowly crushed by Mark's stomach muscles the kicking and screaming subsided. Eventually, Mark laid his bloated body down on Conor’s couch, rubbing his huge distended belly until he nodded off to sleep.

When he woke, Mark had an urgent need to relieve himself. He looked for the bathroom but then decided it would be fun just to dump Conor out on the floor of his own apartment. He crouched down and slowly pushed out a massive steaming pile onto the floor. He noticed a metal nose ring in the remains. He relieved his bladder on the heap and smiled in satisfaction. He could tell Conor thought he was smarter than him from the moment they met, but the truth was, brains can only get you so far in life. Eventually Conor met his match in Mark’s ass and look at him now. Now that Mark’s itch had been scratched after so long, he wasn’t going to hold it back any longer. He felt new pangs of hunger as he thought of potential meals along his delivery route. His ass ripped another loud fart in agreement.
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Re: Special Delivery (FS, AV, CV, digestion)
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Nice. Bigger fan of conclusion A than B. Mark didn’t put up much of a struggle. Still, I like a man being slurped down a ravenous Cock.

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Re: Special Delivery (FS, AV, CV, digestion)
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💛💛💛 really loved this~

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Re: Special Delivery (FS, AV, CV, digestion)
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Love ending A. I can also see an alternate A where Conor picks up on Mark's anal predation and decides to send the stud to the grave with his own method~
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