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Birthday surprises (AV, incest)
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Something I wrote after a long hiatus. Disposal references throughout.

I caught myself mid sigh, and remembered I was trying not to seem impatient. I was nearing the end of a little family gathering for my son Ben’s 20th birthday. He was too old for gifts, but my family still insisted on coming around for lunch, and to catch up. Problem was, I had a very different celebration in mind, and they were getting in the way of me getting started with that.

Ben was in the lounge talking to a couple of his cousins, and I was in the room with my brother, his wife, my sister and her husband.

“He’s looking great, Dale.” my sister said. “How often is he at the gym?”

She was right – he was. At 5’6” he was always quite a bit shorter than the rest of the family but made up for it with everything else. Strong frame, defined features, killer smile. Not a great deal behind the eyes, but nobody’s perfect.

“Pretty much every day.” I replied.
“God – that a lot, isn’t it? You don’t think he’s overworking himself?” her husband interjected.
“Nah, he loves it. Gives him something to do anyway.”
“He still out of a job then?” my brother asked.
“Yeah, not much work going when you’re still living at home at 20 and dropped out of high school at 16.”
“Hey, go easy on the kid. He’s got plenty of time to find a job.” replied my brother.
“Hah, I suppose so.” I said with a smirk.

To be fair, they didn’t know about my plans for the rest of the day.
The afternoon wound on. Congratulations were given, cake was eaten, hugs were exchanged, and eventually, finally, it was time for everyone else to go. Ben and I stood at the front door and waved as the rest of my family headed off home. I let out a sigh of relief and shut the door.

A moment after the door shut, I grabbed Ben around the waist, and pulled him into a rough embrace.

“Dad!” he whined. “They’ve barely left, what if they see!”

I shut him up with a kiss, grabbing a fistful of his sandy blonde hair and pushing his face toward mine. I felt him loosen up immediately.

“Strip.” I commanded.

I went over to the couch to watch as he pulled off his clothes – first a red snapback, then his blue hoodie. Next his grey sweatpants and finally a white wifebeater. I got a whiff of him – not body odor per se, but he was an athletic guy, so he did have a bit of a musk. Same as his dad. My cock twitched. He was left in just his special jockstrap, which had a zip down the front of the pouch.
I admired him for a moment. Everyone knew he was built, but I was the only one who got to appreciate it all. He had a dusting of lightish hair all over his body, with his pits, legs, chest and ass being particularly hairy. He was particularly proud of his abs though, so he did ‘manscape’ that area down to a narrow happy trail. I loved knowing this was all for me. I leaned back on the couch and he hopped up next to me on all fours.

“Eager, boy? Good.”

I leaned in for another kiss and reached over to his backdoor. He moaned into my mouth as I slid a couple of fingers in. God, it was funny to think how tight this was a couple of years ago. With how much I’d wrecked it by now you could probably get four guys in there at once. Oh well. He wouldn’t have much use for it soon.
Without breaking the kiss, I roughly pulled my fingers out of his ass, eliciting a whimper from Ben. I reached to his pouch and undid the zipper, letting his now rock-hard cock flop out. Not as long as his dad at 5”, but respectably thick. I gave it a few tugs, then leaned back to watch the expressions of pleasure play out on his face. I started stroking him slowly as I started to talk.

“As you might have guessed, I’ve got a bit of a birthday surprise for you.” I said with a smirk.
“First, you get to suck on my cock…”
“I do that every day anyway.” he grumbled.
“Second, because this is a very special birthday, I have a special surprise. Today’s the day I’m finally going to shove you up my ass!”
His jaw dropped. “You’re going to what? But, Dad!”

I squeezed his shaft. “What? You don’t like my surprise?” I said, my smirk deepening. “I did tell you that you were going in one day.” I had actually talked about it before – I guess he had though I was joking.

“I mean… what’ll happen to me?”
I gave him a knowing look. “You’ve seen guys go up there before, you know what happens.”
“You wouldn’t let me out, before I… you know?”
I smiled. “Before you what, son?” I said, as I started to stroke him faster.
He blushed. “You know, dad. Before I… mmm… turned into… uhhh… shit.”
“Nope. That’s the best part. Why should I?”.

Precum started leaking on my hand as he struggled to think of excuses. “But who’s going to be your fuck boy if I’m gone?”
“Who knows. Maybe I’ll pick up some twink at a bar, or maybe I’ll knock up some girl and start on another long-term project, like you were.”
“But… but… I’m your son!”
“That’s right, and that makes you what?”
He paused and sighed. “Your property.”

I let go of his cock. “Right. So, no more arguing boy. I’ve asked you to go up my ass, and what are the only two words you’re allowed to say when I ask you to do something, no matter what?”

A momentary flicker of mental conflict crossed his eyes, but then he lowered them. “Yes, daddy”.

Good boy.” I whispered in his ear, giving his cock another squeeze. “Now come over here.”

I stripped and sat down in my personal comfortable chair on the other side of the lounge. Ben walked over on all fours and stared up at me with a look of complete submission. This was going easier than I thought – the boy could have tried to get away, and I had been ready for a fight. I would have won, but he was big enough to make it a challenge. The lack of any real resistance made me think that perhaps his protests were just for show. Either that, or I’d just trained him to obey orders too well. I didn’t worry me either way. I leaned down to him.

“What do you say, boy?”
“Please dad, can I suck your cock?” He looked up at me, pleading.
I leaned in closer. “Yes, you can, my hot little fuck boy”.

He crawled up to the foot of my chair and dove onto my cock. I watched, keeping my arms on the armrests, as he latched onto my cock, starting by running his tongue around the tip, then putting him tongue underneath as he swallowed the whole thing.

"Mmmmh, good work son."

He cradled my balls in his hands and occasionally dipped down to suck on them as he blew me. I saw his own, slightly neglected cock, dripping precum on the floor under him. He started to pick up the pace with his mouth, and I put my hand on his head. He looked up at me - he always looked so hot like this.
“Mmmph!” His eyes watered as I pushed his head down suddenly on my cock.
Ben was nominally straight, but that didn’t really bother me. I started fucking him soon after his 18th birthday, and after that he wasn’t allowed to sleep with anyone else, let alone girls. Since he only ever got to cum with me, he was essentially dad-osexual now, and he knew it.

“That’s my good little boy.”

There was something particularly satisfying about using Ben’s mouth as a fuckhole. His ass was still great, to be honest, even if it was a bit loose by now, but his mouth was something special. Perhaps it had something to do with being able to look down and see in his eyes an appreciation of the cock and the man who made him. He’d also become a pretty expert cocksucker under my training, which didn’t hurt.
I felt myself getting close, and grabbed a second fistful of hair, starting to facefuck my son in earnest. Tears streamed down his face as I thrust into his throat, barely letting him get any air.

Fuck son, I’m cumming!” I yelled as I shot my load into his mouth. The anticipation of what was soon to come had me horny as fuck, and I felt a huge amount of cum, even for me, fill Ben’s mouth. I pushed him off my cock with a grunt.
“Show dad, son”.

He opened his mouth – filling much of the back of his mouth was my thick load.


He closed his mouth and swallowed.

“Show dad.”

He opened his mouth to show me it was all gone.
I leaned down to him. “Such a good boy.” I kissed him, enjoying the taste of my seed on his lips.

“Next up is a rare treat for you son, but seeing as you’re going up there soon, I might as well give you full access now.” I grabbed my ankles and exposed my hairy asshole to Ben. “What do you say boy?”

He was actually starting to look eager. Him rimming me really was a rare occurrence, so this novel form of worship seemed to have set off his deep-set submissive instincts. “Please dad, can I eat out your hole?”
“You certainly may, my boy.”

He dug right in, with a great deal of enthusiasm. His tongue got deep in there, tasting my ass musk, probing deep into my hole, occasionally going up to suck on my balls.

“Mmmm, yes son, that’s it. You like the taste of daddy’s hole, huh?”
“Mmmhmmm”, he moaned. He went in deeper, really thrusting his tongue in now.
“Oooh yes, Ben. That’s where you’re going, huh? You’re gonna be inside there soon!”

He started whimpering, which made me smile. I didn’t know if it was lust, or fear, but either option turned me on. I let my legs down and pushed on the back of his head with my feet. “Yes you are, my little fuck boy, you’re going to be a big pile of shit soon!” I mashed his face into my hole with my feet, feeling myself start to loosen up properly. The thought of what came next had me hard again already.

I took my legs off him, got off my chair and got on my hands and knees in front of Ben. “This is it, what do you say, boy?"

“Please dad, can I eat out your ass again?”
“…and what else son?”

He looked at me, face bright red. “Can I eat out your ass, and can you take me inside it?”
“One more thing son.”

He looked down. “Can I eat out your ass, can you take me inside and digest me into your shit?” He looked back up. “Please dad?”
“Well, when you ask so nicely, how could I say no. Get your face in there, you hot little fuck.”

Ben looked away for a moment, but then shoved his face right into my ass. “Oh, fuck yes!” I felt his tongue pressuring its way deep into my hole. “You want this don’t you? You know where you belong!”
I started pushing my ass into his face with more force and reached back to grab his head.

“Well son, it’s been a fucking hot ride, but it’s time to send you on the trip you’ve always deserved to take – up my ass, and then down into the sewers!”

With that I thrusted back and relaxed my hole, engulfing him up to his shoulders with a wet slap.
“Ungh, fuck!
I quickly moved to get more of him in – not that I thought he would try and get away, but most men tend to struggle naturally as the air starts to grow thin, which complicates the process. I twisted, pushing on one arm to get a shoulder in, then twisting the other way and pushing the other arm to get that shoulder in. I would have been incredibly uncomfortable for Ben, but what did that matter? He was going to be shit soon enough.
With my ring safely over his shoulders, I got up and sat down on his torso, starting to slide his body inside me like a dildo.
“UNNNNGGGHHHH, AAAAAAH!” I roared, in equal pleasure and pain.
My hole slid over his built, broad chest, and I gave one of his nipples a sharp twist before I swallowed them, which caused him to squirm his way further in. I sat down again, sliding now over those abs he worked for so long on. It would be easy from here.
I got down to his hips, and eventually my hole was around his waist. Ben’s cock had been well out of reach for both of us up till now, and although he couldn’t get to it with his hands pinned to his side, I now could. I was about to reach down to finish him off when he started to buck, frotting himself against my once again hard cock. Apparently, the stimulation was all too much, and he came all over my balls and shaft within seconds.

“How did your last orgasm feel bud? Hope it was a good one!” I said to the bulge appearing in my stomach. I got a squirm in response.

With that out of the way I tucked his cock in and sat down yet again, engulfing his cock, balls and that sweet, perky ass of his. I’d miss that ass.
Following that were his strong thighs, and then I finally felt his calves, and then ankles slide in, and only his feet remained. I was about to open up and take his feet when I heard a door suddenly open. I froze.

“Hey, Uncle Dale? I think I left my wallet… what the fuck!” Jason, my nephew walked in.

Shit. How the hell was I going to swing this?

To be continued.
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Re: Birthday surprises (AV, incest)
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AN: Second part. Gets pretty cruel and rapey. Sorry if that's not your thing.

I panicked, thinking of what to say. “Hey, bud. Whatcha looking for?” I said, trying to sound natural (as if anything in front of the boy was natural).
He put his hand out and looked away. “Uncle Dale, you’re naked, and you’ve got feet sticking out of your ass!”

“Well yeah.” I replied, trying to downplay the situation. “Haven’t you even heard of a pred before?”
“Yeah, of course, everyone knows about people who can vore but I didn’t know we had any in the family! Jeez, and your dick’s out and everything…”
“Nothing wrong with that boy, it’s natural. Christ, take your hand down, I’m not gonna be mad at you for looking.”

He was very much still on edge but did lower his hand. He took a good look at the situation, and actually stepped a bit closer, letting me get a good look at him for the first time in a while – I had kind of ignored him earlier at the party.
Jason was everything Ben was not – tall, lanky, pale, book smart. The kid took after his dad, my brother Jeff. Jeff was a pred too, but we’d both resolved not to tell our kids about it as neither of them showed the signs (though Ben had found out eventually, having discovered me mid ‘feeding’ one night, and then joining in with the festivities a few other times after that). Jason was a couple of years older than Ben and was usually on the other side of the country at some fancy college on a big scholarship. It always surprised me how well they got on, despite all their differences. Although, I suddenly thought, looking at the expression on Jason’s face, maybe I did have an idea of why that was, which might just be my ticket to a tidy way out of this mess.

“It’s Ben up there, you know.”

It was Jason’s turn to freeze. He looked at my face for the first time, breaking eye contact with the feet sticking out of my ass. “What? You’re voring your own son?”

“Yup, that’s about right. It’s birthday boy Ben up there – shoved himself up my hole when I asked, knowing full well he wouldn’t be coming out until he was a fat log.
Jason gulped. “Woah.”
“You really like Ben, don’t you Jason?”

Jason blanched. Jackpot.

“What… what do you mean?” he stammered.
“It’s ok, I think he’s hot too. That’s why I’ve been fucking him for the past two years.”

Jason’s eyes got wider, if that was at all possible.

“You… you and Ben… have been doing it?”
“Yup. Come over here, you can touch his feet if you like.”

He shambled over slowly, as if in a trance. He rubbed the soles of Ben’s feet (which must have tickled, because caused Ben to squirm in my guts a bit), and without looking like he knew he was doing it he rubbed his crotch as well. I smirked. Jason was going to be even easier than Ben was.

“Do you want to get closer?” I asked. “Actually, do you want to get your cock out?”

My unexpected directness seemed to have overwhelmed the usually straitlaced boy and faced with the imminent demise of his incestuous crush he just nodded. He slowly unzipped his jeans, slid them and his briefs down and pulled out his surprising large cock – it must have been 7”, thick, and surrounded by a large, dark bush.

“Nice cock, nephew. Go ahead, do whatever you want with him.”

Jason dropped to his knees and went to town on Ben’s feet. Who’d of thought a kid like him would be into feet? He licked and sucked on the heels, sucked on his toes and licked the sole (eliciting further pleasurable squirming from Ben). After a relatively thorough tongue bath, Jason got up, pressed Ben’s feet together and started to slowly slide his cock in and out on the gap between them. His thrusting was just enough to move Ben’s whole body inside me slightly like a giant dildo, and we both started grunting and groaning in pleasure. After a moment, I looked back at Jason.

“Having fun?”
“Mmm, yes… I never thought I’d get a chance with Ben, and I certainly never thought it would be like this…” he replied, continuing to thrust.
“Well, that leads nicely into my next question – wanna join him?”

He didn’t stop with his slow rhythm. “Do you mean, go up your ass with Ben?
I looked back at him. “That’s right. How about it – one time offer, join your hot cousin on his journey to being ass fat and my next dump.”

He continued to slide his cock over Ben’s feet for a moment while he thought. Eventually he stopped and looked up at me in what looked like a daze. “If that what’s happening to Ben, I want to join him.”
I smiled. “Good boy, right answer.”

I was hugely satisfied with myself. I already knew at the start of the day that I would be taking Ben on way or another, but I had had no idea I’d be getting a second, even more willing meal as well.

“Get over here then. I’ll give you a last fuck before you join your crush in the shit factory.”

Having accepted the idea of becoming my dump surprisingly quickly, a pre-voring fuck was an easy sell to Jason. He relinquished Ben’s feet and came over in front of me. I stood up, relieved to finally be off my hands and knees, and sat down on my chair again – Ben’s feet pressed against the chair, but with a slight push he was, at last, completely inside me. I felt my hole squeeze shut.

“Strip.” I commanded, for the second time that day.

I got an entirely different show this time. Off came a grey button-down, revealing a lanky, hairless torso. The kid wasn’t only skin and bones, but he wasn’t far off. A pair of brown dress shoes and socks were pulled off, and the already undone jeans were shucked off. Finally, his plain white briefs came down, revealing that nice cock again.

“Come and sit on your Uncle Dale’s lap, boy.” I leaned back in my chair, put my arms up on the armrests, and spread my legs.

He stepped out of his pile of clothes and moved sheepishly towards me. He clambered, somewhat awkwardly, on top of me, but managed to settle in sitting perpendicular to me, in my lap. My cock jutted upwards between his legs. He stared down at it.

“You haven’t done this before, have you, boy.” I guessed.
He shook his head. “I’ve watched videos – that’s where I learned the foot thing – but I’ve never actually been with another guy.”
I grinned. “Nice. I get to be your first, and your last fuck, boy.” That got his cock to twitch, and bead of precum gathered on its head.

I leaned in for a kiss and grabbed the back of his head. Shorter hair than Ben, I thought, not being able to get as good a grip. With my other hand I traced down his back towards his ass. I felt him shiver as I started to trace around his asshole.

“Even have anything up there before?” He shook his head. I laughed. “Well boy, you’re in for a hell of a ride.”

With that I spat on my index finger, then slid it in without warning, which got a large yelp out of Jason. He tensed up, in that cute way first time bottoms do.

“Relax, kid.” I moved my hand down to his cock and squeezed it. “Feels good, doesn’t it.”
“Mmmhmm.” he nodded.

“Uncle Dale knows what he’s doing.” I started to slowly move the finger in and out, stopping as he tensed up as I moved it, waiting until he relaxed again. He started to breathe more regularly, and the little yelps slowly changed into moans. One finger became two, and I worked slowly up to a proper finger fucking at a reasonable speed. I normally wouldn’t have bothered, but he was so tight that I needed to loosen him up at least a bit for what was about to come next.
This continued until Jason started to really get into it, pushing back against my hand with precum leaking from his cock.

“Think you’re finally ready for the real thing, boy?” I said, looking down at my rock-hard cock.
“Yes.” he said quietly.
“Good.” I helped him move around until he was crouched, back facing me, over my cock. I rubbed the tip on his tight asshole, which got some moans of anticipation from Jason. “Ready?”

He nodded. Not for this you’re not, I thought.
I grabbed his hips and kicked his feet out from under him, thrusting up and pulling him down simultaneously. His hole couldn’t resist, and I slid in, to the hilt.
Jason screamed in pain at my massive cock penetrating him, but I wasn’t perturbed. I was bigger and stronger, and he wasn’t going to be around to complain about it for much longer, so I ignored his cries and started slamming into him like a jackhammer.

“Please stop, its too big, its hurts so much!” he screamed.

I was massively horny after ingesting my son, and almost equally turned on by the thought of voring Jason, my second conquest. Nothing was going to stop me from destroying his hole. I slammed him all the way down on my cock, harder this time.

“You’ll take it, and you’ll like it you little slut. That’s what you are – a little slut, willing to get ground down to shit just so you can touch your cousin’s cock.” Jason just wept in response.

One hand around his waist, one hand grabbing his hair, I picked Jason up with my cock still inside and got into a doggy-style position on the floor. Jason offered no resistance at this point, and just lay, ass up, arms splayed out while I continued to violate him. I slapped his ass until he started to struggle again. I grabbed his arms and held him down with my weight, feeling my climax coming as he thrashed underneath me.

“Fuck boy, here it comes, get ready for a breeding from your Uncle!”

I slammed down and felt my cock unload in his (now not so) tight ass. Jason gave up struggling again with this end to the onslaught. Once I’d finished pumping my load into him, I pushed him off my cock. He crumpled into a heap on the floor. I got onto all fours next to him.

“Alright boy, your turn to go in.” I spread my cheeks. “Since you’ve been such a good sport, I’ll let you choose. Head or feet first?”

He crawled around and came up to me. He looked a mess, with puffy tear stained eyes, messy hair and red marks all over his ass where I’d been slapping him. I started to get hard again looking at my handywork.

“Is think going to be enough room to fuck in there?” he asked.
“I have no idea. Probably not, my guts are pretty tight”. I responded.
“I want to try it anyway. Head first.”
“It’s all the same to me, you’ll be shit by tomorrow either way.”

That last flippant comment seemed finally break Jason, after all my abuse, and he almost literally dove, head first, into my asshole. My ring gave way pretty easily. This also seemed to let in some more air, because Ben’s squirms, which had until this point had become pretty weak, started up again.

“Unnnnnngh.” I groaned at the dual stimulation.

Jason then pushed in both of his hands and started to jostle around. What the fuck is he doing, I thought. Eventually I felt Ben’s body shift and understood – he’d been manoeuvring Ben’s feet to be behind his head. He wanted to slide in and be in front of Ben.

“I get it. Someone wants to be little spoon in my guts. Alright, let’s get you further in there.”

This position, with Jason’s arms above his head, was honestly a little easier to manage than the one I’d tried with Ben before, even if it did provide less of that pleasurable stretch. Basically, all I had to do here was slide back over his body, and it would be easy going the whole way. I grabbed his elbows and pushed them towards his head, twisting and turning until he was in up to his armpits and his arms were straight. Then, like before, I sat back, letting Jason’s lithe body slide into me like a massive dildo.

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmph.” I sustained a low grunt as I slid all the way down to his ass.

I gave that nice cock and balls a good tug, then pushed them inside. I looked back at Jason’s lanky legs sticking out of my ass and prepared for a them to be inside. I sat down forcefully and pressed his feet hard against the floor.

“AAAAARGH!” I yelled, feeling the rapid expansion in my gus, and looked down to see a new, Jason shaped bulge press up against my belly wall in what looked to be a highly uncomfortable position. Once again though, what did I care, he was about to be my shit.

I relaxed, pressed down on what was left of his legs, and felt his feet slide in. I rolled back on the floor staring at my huge gut. Two in one day. I even impressed myself sometimes.
Ben had made less of a noticeable lump than one would think a whole grown man would make, but with two in there was no mistaking the size and shape of the massive bulge in my gut. I could barely move anymore but summoned up the strength to get to my bedroom. Thank god we were only in a single story flat. As I lay on my back, I felt the two bodies inside begin to move around sharply.

“Aaaaaaargh.” I could only groan in protest.

I watched as my occupants rearranged themselves and managed somehow to get into a nested fetal position, with the shorter Ben bulge in the back and the taller Jason bulge in the front. I started to feel the tell-tale rocking rhythm of fucking. Hot, I thought. Jason actually managed to get that fuck he wanted from Ben.
I drifted in and out of sleep, kept awake by their rocking motions. I couldn’t reach my dick past my bulge anymore, so I couldn’t join in, though the feeling of my son and nephew’s fucking in my gut getting slower as they ran out of air almost made me cum without touching myself. The rocking continued to slow until eventually, it stopped. Without anything to keep me awake anymore, I passed out.
I didn’t wake up until late afternoon the next day. The previously distinct shape of two bodies had been replaced with a featureless, round bulge. I slapped my gut, grinning.

“Fuck, you boys were hot, but you might just be even sexier now. You both had to have been destined to be inside me, and the toilet soon after.”

It took the rest of Saturday and all of Sunday morning until they had digested enough for me to reach my dick. No prizes for guessing what I did for the rest of Sunday. Looking down at that gut, or now at the pictures I took of it, knowing it used to be my son and nephew, still gets me hard every time.
My boys finished digesting by Monday morning, and were ready to come out.

“Final stop on the journey with me boys. Next stop for you guys is the sewers. I hope you enjoyed the ride, because I fucking well did.”

I had barely sat down on the toilet before they came rushing out – massive logs, needing multiple flushes. It took a good hour before I felt empty.
As the last of my colossal dump came out, a thought crossed my mind. “Fuck.” I said out loud. What the hell was I going to tell Jeff about his son?
Oh well, I thought. He was a pred too, he’d understand. Anyway, if he didn’t, I knew where to put him…

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Re: Birthday surprises (AV, incest)
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God yes more like this

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Re: Birthday surprises (AV, incest)
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Loved this

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Re: Birthday surprises (AV, incest)
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Nicely written

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Re: Birthday surprises (AV, incest)
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This is why I keep coming back.  This is exactly the story I love to read, lots of sex, hot vore.  Love when it's a little rough.

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Re: Birthday surprises (AV, incest)
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really good story

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Re: Birthday surprises (AV, incest)
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Loved it!! Excellent job! I look forward to more!

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Re: Birthday surprises (AV, incest)
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Wow, I come back to Voreplay after an extended hiatus and stumble across this gem? Lucky me! Such great daddycest, and a hot nephew for dessert to boot!

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Re: Birthday surprises (AV, incest)
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Oh man these are amazing!

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Re: Birthday surprises (AV, incest)
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God I love this! Got me so turned on!