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Call Now! (FS, CV, OV, Absorption)
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A/N: Another story I say!

Call Now!

“…For just $19.99 you too can own your own PRED compression clothes. Going to a wedding, a date, meeting the in-laws, or just conscious of being in public with your belly showing? Then these clothes are just what you need—
Malik turned off the TV in his dorm room. “Can you believe that nonsense? How does it even work? Cloaking technology? Shrinking technology? It’s a sham. And As if any pred would buy that. Heck, most of them just love showing off their stomachs.”
His boyfriend Chad sat right next to him on the couch. Chad was the all-American jock, 6’2 blond hair, blue eyes, and pred. Malik, a pred himself, was 6’1 with flawless black skin and dark brown eyes and a dazzling white smile that many had fallen victim too.
“Well, I have a—” Chad began saying before there was a knock at the door.  Malik got up and opened the door and his roommate Dugan shot in.
“Forgot my keys,” was all Dugan said before he was shoving books into his bookbag. He was going on absent mindedly until he realized Malik had a guest. He looked up to see Chad Stucker in his classic white and blue letterman jacket and blue jeans, sitting on the couch. Dugan knew it was time to start praying.
Chad was the captain of the football team and one hell of a pred. Malik was one too, but his appetite was always more reserved. Dugan wanted to kill Malik. If he was hanging out with Chad, how long would it be before Rictor showed up?
Malik trying to diffuse any tension before it grew said, “So remember the boy I was telling you about, it’s Chad.”
Dugan was shocked. Was Chad the guy Malik said people on campus had all wrong? There was no way! Everyone knew the stories about Chad and the other top preds on campus. At last year’s Sigma Delta Nu party, he downed five guys in one night, clogged all their toilets, took one of the frat brothers with his cock, and then knocked some girl up with the remains.
Essentially, Chad was an Alpha pred. Those are the kind you do not absolutely mess with ever. They stand above even regular preds.
Chad waved completely innocently with a wide smile.  Then as if he had read Dugan’s mind said, “Whatever story you’ve heard, I’m sure it’s been blown way out of portion.”
Dugan didn’t move. He was too terrified.
“Hey, being an Alpha doesn’t mean I’m evil!” He snapped his fingers at Dugan, bringing the boy back to reality.
Dugan shouted, “I’m sorry,” and ran off to his next class never once looking back.
Chad mouthed, ‘What the hell?’
Malik sighed, “It was the frat story.”
“For fuck sake, it was one toilet, ONE! And why would I get a girl pregnant when I could go pro next year!?! These rumors are the stupidest things ever.” Chad got up off the couch. He knew about most rumors concerning him. He wasn’t surprised by Dugan’s reaction. He’d be scared too.
Malik knew the rumors didn’t need to be true, because even the true versions he learned from Chad’s own mouth were enough to send fear into the hearts of weaker people. The fact was some people were born to be dominated and Alpha preds were born to exploit that.
Chad was drawn to Malik. No one would believe that Malik wasn’t an Alpha pred. He was as fit and as stocky as Chad. Visually worthy of being his boyfriend. Not that it mattered to Chad he cared for Malik beyond looks, but any weak looking partner would become a meal to other preds on campus to get under Chad’s skin.
In truth, while Malik had the genes to be a pred. He was a very lazy one. Hardly ever going to look for meals mostly taking in people who willingly came to him. Chad couldn’t believe how Malik didn’t even seemed bothered by the hunger. He was sure if Malik put a bit more effort into it even, he’d be in danger.
Malik tossed Chad his backpack and they headed out to their next class.
“Do you think I made a bad first impression? Who am I kidding, of course I did!”
“Babe, you’re one of most famous, or infamous seniors here. Your impression was made ages ago,” Malik said shutting his rambling boyfriend up.
The two arrived at their shared English class and sat in the front row on the far right, next to each other. The two talked as the room began to fill up. The two being surrounded by a flux of girls, drawn to both, but mostly Chad. Even his Ex tried to sit near them.
“Are we still on for our date tonight?” Malik whispered.
“Sure, but I have quite the appetite,” Chad laughed.
“Don’t worry I’ll make sure it fills you up.” He reached over and pinched Chad’s abs under his shirt, causing some of the girls to snicker.
The teacher came in greeting everyone and began the lesson. 10 minutes later another student walked in. He sat in the back corner on the far left surrounded by no one.
It was Rictor. He had a messy black bed head hair. The pull over hoodie and sweatpants were barely hanging on to his body.
The teacher asked, “Where have you been?” but only as a formality. It still earned him a deadly look by Rictor. Ignoring it, the teacher continued with the lesson.
At this college there was a food chain and Rictor was at the top. Out of all the other Alpha Preds he stood on top and not just because he was 6ft’7. He was like their king. Not officially. They all hated his guts. Some for wanting his positions, other’s wanting to be him, a select few for hating his methods.
He didn’t just make a meal out of people, he assimilated them. Taking every best feature about their body and adding it to his own. To think it’d all started 4 years ago with a typical alpha pred picked on a quiet and meek kid. That kid wasn’t so powerless. He downed the alpha pred in seconds. That’s when the true Rictor was born, No longer afraid to show his appetite. The boy who had once been a nerd was now the resident bad boy on campus.
He ate the best of the best, regular people, preds, other alpha preds. Each meal making him more and more distant from other Alphas. Even a few of the preds and alpha pred faculty had fallen victim to his gut.
Class proceeded without a hitch and ended peacefully. Rictor had decided to overlook the English teacher’s transgression. While leaving a freshman happened to bump into the senior. Without even thinking Rictor grabbed the kid by the scuff of his neck and lifted him up. He opened his mouth wide and dropped the kid in. The kid’s screams never even came out before he was a bulge ushered into Rictor’s gut.
Chad, Malik, and a few of the girls watched as Rictor’s well-toned body grew to accommodate its new guest. Once the freshman had settled in, Rictor seized his stomach and let out a massive belch. The poor kid never stood a chance. He had the strength of all the former men Rictor had taken, pressing down on him. Soon Rictor’s meal went slack completely devoid of air. It was just another hunk of nutritious meat. Rictor looked over to his audience and winked, then walked out.
Malik shuddered. Looking at Rictor directly always unnerved him. The alpha pred had eyes that were always changing. He had taken so many men his eyes couldn’t decide on how to look. He had conflicting “dominant DNA” within him.
Later that day, Chad found himself walking back to his dorm room alone, He had got out of his only night class and wanted to get back to his dorm before heading over to Malik’s place for their date.
He heard some rumbling coming from one from behind one of the buildings. He rushed to see what the commotion was. Arriving at the scene he saw a familiar boy’s face slip into Rictor’s cock. A hand that was reaching for anything soon joined the same fate as the rest of the boy.
Rictor had cleaned himself up from earlier this morning. He was wearing his traditional look: A black leather jacket with a white undershirt and black jeans. It was a classic 1950’s rebel look.
Chad watched as the monster cock jostled with its meal and added it to the growing girth of a ball sack. Chad was breathless he had never seen a cock take someone so effortlessly. It wasn’t in Chad’s nature to interfere with another alpha pred, but he also couldn’t leave this situation. He had just remembered who the boy that got swallowed was.
“Hey, you have to spit that guy out,” Chad said stepping out from the shadows.
“Why should I?” Rictor asked pretending to give Chad the time of day.
“That was the school’s president’s son.”   Chad figured if the president learned a pred took his son, all the preds on campus lives would be made worse.
“Should have watched where he was going.”
Chad hated himself for what he said next. “Bring him back out, or I’ll make you.” Growing up around other preds. Chad had picked up a few techniques to make them spit out his friends. Most involved kicking or punching a pred in the right spot.
Rictor got an annoyed looked on his face, then held up a finger as if to say wait a min. Chad couldn’t believe it, he had talked down Rictor.
Right then gelatinous forms of cum shot from Rictor’s dick all over the area. The Pearly white cum fell onto the sidewalk and the side of the building. Chad’s smile faded. He didn’t even notice the young man turn into cum.
“Ah…there you go,” Rictor gave a few more tugs to his now shrinking dick.
Chad was angry. He had never been this angry before. He charged at Rictor forgetting his place on the food chain. Chad started wailing on Rictor, who was thrown off guard.

 Rictor tried to get his cock to grow again, but before he could Chad’s mouth descended on him.
Chad didn’t have any time to spare he quickly took in Rictor’s head and worked to the shoulders. Both shoulders were massive, having absorbed so many men, but Chad couldn’t turn back now. He pressed onward managing to add the shoulders into his mouth. Chad’s jaw hurt, being stretched to his limit. There he was, a rattle snake trying to swallow a god.
 Chad wanted to revel in tasting Rictor’s well develop chest and back, not to mention his sculpted arms, but one wrong move and Rictor could easily overpower him. Chad worked Rictor’s upper body in his mouth. Rictor was soon to be another meal, albeit much more attractive and protein packed than Chad had ever before.
The lower half would be the real challenge. Rictor’s cock was still growing to take a meal it would never have. It had grown to Rictor knees at this point and Rictor’s balls were starting to join in the growth.  Chad had to work fast.
Chad got a strong whiff of Rictor’s crotch and almost passed out from overwhelming masculine scent. Rictor’s own smell had mixed in with that of all his former prey. It flew into Chad’s nose, but Chad would not give up.
Rictor had already started entering Chad’s stomach, causing the jock to start ballooning out. Rictor’s thrashing never ceased, only showing themselves as rippling lumps under Chad’s skin.
Rictor’s well-toned ass was not a problem and the twin cheeks gladly slid into Chad.  It was the growing twin baby making workshops that Rictor called his balls that presented the challenge.  Chad used both his hands to support each nut and shoved them in with Rictor’s upper thighs, He could feel Rictor’s nuts pulsating and still slowly growing.
The base of Rictor’s cock had disappeared into the saliva coated cavern. Chad took in the rest of the gifted thighs as Rictor’s cock stretched out more. Chad knew he didn’t have time to waste. Rictor’s cock had only lengthened it hadn’t gotten thicker, but if it started to Chad would choke on Rictor’s cock and legs.
Chad started going faster to beat out the cock. He worked past the knees, down to the ankles, by the time the cock started to grow past the feet, Chad took a took a huge gulp and dragged the rest of the cock and legs into him.
Just as he closed his mouth, he felt the cock let out a pulse of growth, it’s head threating to break through his lips, but Chad held firm. He made one last swallow and sent the cock that had struck fear into the hearts of many to it’s final resting place.
Malik was happy. His date was going to go off without a hitch. He had cooked a ton, kicked Dugan out for the night, and cleaned the dorm.
He rushed to the door when he heard a knock and opened it.
There stood Chad in a dark gray suit and white dress shirt. The dress shirt’s top two buttons were undone showing of the top of Chads pecs. He looked stunning. Not a thing out of place.
“Is there a job interview you went to and I just forgot?” Malik said looking down at his own clothes; A gray t-shirt and jeans. He was expecting this to be more of a casual thing. If he knew Chad was going to be this serious Malik would have thrown up some decorations and lit a few candles.
“No, I just wanted to look nice since you were going to the trouble of making dinner,” Chad said walking in.
Malik couldn’t help himself. He wanted to get Chad out of the suit. He reached to unbutton Chad’s suit’s jacket when Chad stepped away saying, “Where’s the food?”
Malik revealed the huge spread he had made, knowing it would be to Chad’s liking. However, once Chad gave an underwhelmed response Malik knew something was up. If there was one thing Chad liked as much as football and Malik, it was eating. It didn’t have to be other people. Food in general was the jock’s weakness. 
Malik’s suspicions were confirmed when Chad started the meal off with the salad. That was always Chad’s close to a meal.
“You ate already didn’t you,” Malik said calling out his boyfriend. Any other person would have been scared to challenge Chad, but Malik knew how to hold his own.
“What why would you say that?” Chad asked feigning ignorance.
“It’s just…” Malik trailed off his eyes had wander down to Chad’s stomach. His stomach had grown out. His eyes went back to Chad’s face which had become red.
“Okay maybe a little,” Chad admitted. His stomach continued to press out against the suit. A button flew off his jacket as the stomach demanded more space. His jacket popped open. Now his dress shirt was straining to hold onto it shape. His stomach forced the table back.
Malik jumped out of his chair, stunned into silence, watching the whole event transpire.
Chad’s dress shirt lost its battle to the growing belly. Then, Chad’s pants became unfasten buckling under the true weight of Chad’s meal.
The poor young man had gone from properly dressed to barely clothed in the span of 5 mins.
“Didn’t eat huh?” Malik said.
“Sorry I didn’t want to ruin our date. I know you were looking forward to it.” Chad said apologetically. “I bought a suit from those PRED compression clothes when I went to my cousins wedding last year—Don’t ask. The suit’s jacket and pants were supposed to be like extra reinforcement. A lot of good that did.” Chad settle back letting his stomach be on display in all its glory.
Chad let out a moan. “Man, I’ve been wanting to moan all night. Even though you couldn’t see it I still feel everything.”
Malik walked over to examine Chad’s stomach. So much for the abs he thought he’d be kissing tonight. He had no idea who his boyfriend had eaten, but it was clearly a huge meal. He had never seen Chad’s stomach stretched out so much before.
“It’s Rictor,” Chad said not even giving his boyfriend time to guess.
Rictor was packed tight inside of Chad. He had to be. He was the biggest meal Chad had ever taken. The jock’s stomach walls weren’t used to it. Any small movement he could muster only translated into pleasure for Chad.
Worst of all Rictor’s cock hadn’t shrunk down. Once inside the stomach, it had expanded still waiting for a meal. It took even more space away from Rictor. Rictor knew Chad could feel the hard cock inside his stomach. It flexed all on its own against the stomach walls. Suddenly, Rictor’s cock started spasming.
First Chad’s belly started shaking, then Chad, then the room. Chad clutched his stomach and Malik asked him what was going on. It was if a small isolated earthquake was happening. This however could not be measured on a scale no matter how much Rictor lived up to his name.
“I think the dude’s nutttin inside me!” Chad gasped from surprise and pleasure. Malik was confused. Chad hadn’t explained Rictor had gone full cock pred so he would be cumming at least a gallon into Chad’s already humungous belly. Malik watched as the stomach grew even more to hold its new contents.
Rictor couldn’t help himself his cock had created the friction on its own until it worked itself up. He felt his cock head flare up then unleash his load all over his encased body. Since the cock head was right near his face, he got a good batch of it coating him. Rictor’s cum would slowly trickle down and fall into the stomach acid and be absorbed. 
Rictor proved himself a hard meal to digest. It had already been three hours and the only thing wrong with him besides the obvious stomach situation, was his pants were a little wet. Chad’s stomach couldn’t press against him because Rictor’s muscles would beat them out.
Rictor had absorbed so many men his skin was tough and thick. Chad’s stomach was practically trying to digest a tire.
Rictor’s cock, however, never went back to normal and stayed in its huge form, the balls only begging even more for a meal.
30 mins later, struggling to help Malik put the food away, Chad felt his body and then the room get rattled. Rictor was cumming again. With another load in his stomach, Chad’s stomach worked happily digest the only thing it could.
Rictor couldn’t believe it either. His cock had deposited another batch of his mixed/stolen genetic material into Chad’s greedy chamber. The stomach would then quickly rid of it and shrink back down.
After everything was settled Malik made Chad sleep in the living room. Not that it helped. While Chad slept gracefully, Malik was tortured by the rumbles that coincided with Rictor’s generous donations of cum to the football player’s belly.
Chad was surprised to wake up the next morning and find his body still huge. Usually even a good nap was enough to digest anyone.
Rictor though, sat perfectly fine in Chad’s stomach. His only setback was being repeatedly assaulted by his own cum. His cock would just not stop, after eating so many men producing cum was easy, but it still demanded a sacrifice. Rictor hated to admit it, but he was exhausted. He had never tried to test the limits of how much he could cum. He felt a sense of dread knowing he could do it many more times. His only relief was soon it would dawn on Chad that Rictor was practically undigestible and needed to come out. No way Chad could live like this forever.
Malik stumbled out of his room he needed coffee, or a good breakfast. Chad tried to say good morning, but Malik’s eyes made him rethink it.
Chad decided to get up and sit with his boyfriend, even if he was too full to eat.
When Chad shifted off the couch, Rictor felt the stomach clench around him. He stretched his arms a bit and felt the stomach loosen a bit and return to its original position. Rictor felt better knowing he was still the king, but there was one thing gnawing in the back of his mind. Had he felt a little resistance?
Chad entered the kitchen and saw the bacon and eggs set out on the table. While Malik searched for pans Chad grabbed the eggs.
“Do you want anything?” Malik asked, knowing the answer already. Malik was surprised to turn back around and see his boyfriend juggling.
“What are you doing?” Malik said stunned.
“Hmm… I don’t know,” Chad said stopping juggling and perfectly catching the eggs.
“Could you always juggle?” Malik already knew the answer was no. He took a step closer to his boyfriend. “And your eyes look a bit more greenish than blue right now.”
Chad and Malik were confused, but inside the fleshy chamber Rictor cursed himself having understood enough. After the little display of force by the stomach it was obvious to him.
Chad’s stomach was taking Rictor’s generous cum deposits and absorbing it. Chad was clearly being affected by the traits of men Rictor had absorbed. The cum was even strengthening Chad’s stomach, proven by the stomach’s walls resistance. Rictor and his monster cock were being milked so Chad could eventually digest Rictor.
Rictor knew he couldn’t do anything. He felt the pressure in his balls rising. His cock seemed adamant to be fed, or get release and since it couldn’t do one, it’d gladly do the other. Rictor’s cum happily mixed into Chad’s stomach acid once again.
Chad spent the entire Saturday at Malik’s dorm. His belly and the room did their familiar dance all day rumbling every 20 to 30 mins, working Rictor’s cock all day. When night came Chad decided that was the best time to sneak back to his own dorm.

 When Chad got to his dorm all he did was collapse onto his bed, his distorted belly facing the ceiling.
Rictor had a plan to escape. He’d only have one chance tomorrow. Humans can only go so long with out water. He’d tried to drink what Chad had, but his own cock had been in the way from getting enough of it.
That’s when Rictor felt his skin tingle a bit.
Rictor’s cum had gained extreme digestive properties after ending so many men. Chad’s stomach graciously gained those properties after digesting so much of it.
The next morning when Chad woke up. His stomach was still huge. Rictor hadn’t gone down in size at all. Chad figured this digestion might just go on forever.
For Rictor however, he knew his end was coming. His skin was finally starting to feel the stinging of the acid. Again, Rictor’s cock began to quake.
By the end the day Rictor would have closed his eyes for the last time.
Over the next week, Chad’s body would enter the process of breaking down Rictor. It was strenuous. A lot of people on campus saw him lugging stomach, a meat sack, to and from class. No one knew who in it. They couldn’t possibly fathom Rictor getting eaten.
The belly wasn’t the only set back. Chad was getting bombarded with different traits Rictor had stolen from others.  Chad wasn’t used to it. It felt weird and wrong.  He could go to bed and wake up with a different hair and eye color from digestion overnight. He never had the ability to take on his meal’s physical qualities before. As a pred the only thing he ever did was turn people into muscle.
And about muscle, Chad’s body bulked out. Rictor was certainly leaving his mark. Chad kept ripping through his clothes. For every pound that disappeared from his stomach it appeared somewhere else, making an area more well defined. Chad loved gaining muscle, but Rictor was becoming an abundance. Chad had to start cutting back. It would be a long a hard process.
His muscles weren’t the only things growing.  Chad couldn’t say when he started to absorb Rictor’s cock and balls, but he certainly felt it. He was having a make up dinner with Malik when he felt a twitch in his cock. He thought he was getting hard, but instead his cock was growing to its new flaccid state. Chad’s legs were ridiculously man spread as him and Malik stared at the new bulge. In his underwear Chad’s new cock demanded room and when it grew to eat, it was larger than Rictor’s.
Those were just the things he could absorb. Rictor wasn’t done with Chad yet. No matter how much Chad wanted it to be over, the slow digestion made it impossible. All that meat and Chad found himself on the toilet every day expelling Rictor. Chad was going around school clogging up toilets with Rictor shit-bombs. 
When he wasn’t doing that. He wanted to fuck. Rictor’s excess testosterone would burn out eventually, but it had been turning Chad into a horn-dog. He was fucking Malik and getting fucked by Malik constantly. Malik lasted longer than most, but even he couldn’t keep up with his boyfriend’s needs. So, Chad turned to masturbating. He’d work his dick raw every day, then every night after a little digestion of Rictor, it’d be repaired and flaring to go again.
2 weeks after his initial devouring of Rictor, Chad still wasn’t done. Rictor had not been human shape for a while. He was nothing more than a nutritious DNA and hormone ridden soup. Chad’s belly had shrunk, but still hung over his pants.
Chad and Malik sat in Malik’s dorm in their underwear. Dugan had gone away for the weekend. They were resting on the couch. Malik was laying down with his computer, his feet resting in Chad’s lap. Chad meanwhile was watching TV.
“Hey what are you doing?” Chad asking, looking at his boyfriend.
“Oh, I thought we could tell everyone you’re pregnant, and I’ve got the perfect clothes,” Malik quickly pulled up a webpage of maternity lingerie, laughing.
“Eff you,” Chad said playfully throwing the remote at his boyfriend.
Chad’s stomach shook abruptly. Another part of Rictor had been absorbed. At least that’s how the boys interpreted it. Next thing, Chad grimaced as he spread his legs and his cock began to grow. Malik could feel the growth on his quads. The cock head was now poking out the side of Chad’s briefs.
“Not again.” Chad appreciated the growth, but he’d prefer it all at once.
Malik wasn’t as concerned because eventually Rictor would be fully digested. It was just a matter of time. No matter how ‘alpha’ or ‘dominant’ the genes of the men Rictor ate were, Chad’s own dominant genes seemed to keep winning out. His hair and eyes would always return to their blonde and blue originality.
“Uh-oh,” Chad said sitting up. He felt a familiar build up in his backside. “I think Rictor’s making another come back.”
“Woah, you better go somewhere else! You’re not going to clog my toilet.” Malik said seriously.
“I promise I won’t clog it, So sorry babe.” Chad quickly got up and ran into the bathroom before Malik could stop him.
Chad got rid of another few pounds of Rictor and then flushed the toilet. 
As he stood his stomach gurgled away, Chad felt another wave of growth begin on his body. He saw himself in the mirror. He wanted to take a picture, but he already had hundreds. He had them all saved in a folder titled “Food Baby Rictor.” More than anything he wanted to see his abs again, or at least stop stretching out his clothes. Could he at least post picture online without people congratulating Malik on knocking him up?  Chad sighed going back outside to join his boyfriend back on the couch.
That’s when a familiar commercial on tv started back up.
“Call now and for just $19.99 you too can own your own PRED compression clothes.”

Chad had already stopped paying attention to the words because his fingers were dialing the number.

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Re: Call Now! (FS, CV, OV, Absorption)
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Holy balls that was hot!! just this big football player going around poppin huge boners, destroying plumbing and carrying a huge belly? nice. And rictor just cumming that guys remains like he was just pissing with no hands was so hot too!

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Always love a story with some hot world building!