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Breakfast in Bed
« on: August 04, 2019, 03:46:36 PM »
Breakfast in Bed
It was an unusual plan, perhaps even a stupid plan but come on, what was the risk? David had left the door unlocked and had lured me in and I had only to accept the invitation that the unlocked door embodied. I closed it behind me, the cold of the steel handle only exciting me further. My skin warmed at the arousal that flooded through me. The house was empty save for me and David, still, I felt the need to be quiet as though what I was doing some form of depraved immoral act. As though there still remained a chance of being caught.
I slid out of my shoes, and socks, leaving them at the front door. Following the removal of my trousers, underwear and t-shirt. Completely exposed I felt the cool air of the house greet me, my rigid cock standing at attention in the dark. Slinking out of the hall I padded up the stairs, each step bringing me closer, building anticipation. His heart pounded in my chest, crashing against my ribs, my sweaty hand found my rigid cock and toyed with it as I drew closer. Walking on my toes, slowly pushing the door open and padding into the small room, finding him nude upon the bed. The moonlight bathed him, his unmarked flesh shining. Every perfect inch of him on display, on top of the bed. The words ran through my head, David’s offer fresh in my mind.
“Here’s an idea for you. I need to go to sleep soon but I’ll leave my door unlocked for you. You come over, tire yourself out and by then I’ll be ready for breakfast. How does that sound?”
I’d jumped at the idea but then he’d clarified.
“Now, keep in mind, if you’re still here come morning. You’re mine. I’ll be eating you for breakfast, all of you, every last bite.”
Like, he wouldn’t actually?! Would he? A part of me warned me not to test it but he was lying face down, his round, firm ass was just calling to me. Begging and my cock felt drawn, drawn to those luscious hips.
“No...must be a kink or something...besides I can’t resist those cheeks.”
I stroked off, harder than ever as I lifted myself onto his bed, climbing over his legs, I felt my balls slide over the heel of his barefoot, the other moved, sliding along my leg as I straddled him. David moaned under his breath. I thought nothing of it, I slid my cock betwixt those cheeks and gasped to feel such relief, I thrust and felt my shaft slide between them, my balls up against them and I moaned softly to myself. I stopped, looking down at him, making sure he wasn’t waking up. The other half of his warning still fresh in my mind.
“Right, I really need to get some sleep. Try not to wake me while you’re having your fun because if you do, breakfast is served right there and then.”
I didn’t know what to make of it but as with the other threat, I figured it best not to test it. I slowed my pace, thrusting between his cheeks and touching his thighs, at the same time, I felt his feet against my calves, running up and down the length, caressing me as I thrust between his cheeks. It tingled oddly, like electric shocks as it happened. I was too lost in the moment to consider it any further. I felt the heat building in my loins, waiting moments between thrusts so as to be sure not to wake him up, not to end the fun prematurely. Even if it lasted all night it would be worth it. David slept soundly, a wide grin on his face as I fucked him. His skin was so smooth and his cheeks were so tight, the flesh hugged my cock and it leaked with pre-cum. I steadied myself by holding his hips, straightening my back and hastening my pace. Fucking him hard, taking breaks to lube myself and him up and getting back to business. I readied myself to climb back onto the bed, he stirred! I froze! Watching him, as he rolled, curling up and straightening back out. He seemed to relax after that...seemed to. His feet wouldn’t sit still. Moving from side to side of the bed and even lifting up off of it as though his legs were restless. Almost like they were looking for him. Looking for those legs they were playing with. Finally, after a few minutes, they too fell still. I breathed a sigh of relief and leaned on the bed frame to pull myself up when suddenly his foot shot up! I leaned back, it hung in the air, inches from my face, the toes wiggling. A strange compulsion came over me.
I moved closer to the bed as the foot fell, slowly returning to the mattress but as it came down I let it brush past my cock. The feeling was so intense! The sole was just as smooth as the ass, the moment it touched my cock they seemed to come alive. Both feet shot out and seemed to almost latch onto my belly, they found me and David moaned under his breath again, I wondered what he could be dreaming about if he was somehow subconsciously aware of what I was doing. I felt those soles playing with my belly, running up and down my chest, my arms, my neck, my face, I felt them land on my cock, one toying with the head with its toes while the other ran the arch of the sole under my balls. Slowly, but surely, in his sleep, David’s feet were getting me off. The foot beneath my balls spread its toes, stimulating my perenium as it did. I slowly thrust against them, moaning as I did. Every touch from them was an erotic dream come true. It was unlike anything I’d ever felt before! I didn’t even question how he could be doing that in his sleep, it felt too good to question, to deny, to even think about rejecting!
The sole beneath my balls continued working while the other began running down my side and pushing, as though pulling me closer to the bed. I leaned closer, trying my best not to fall onto it lest I wake David but the closer I came the more vivacious they became, bringing me closer and closer and closer and closer and it must have been late. I felt the energy rapidly leaving my body, despite my arousal I was growing tired. The climax was coming, it was coming so fast. I grabbed the bed to steady myself as the foot returned to my pulsing cock head and took the load while the other toyed with my balls, drawing me closer and closer to the edge, milking me with every thrust as the foot came away it came away clean. I glared at it, confused, I knew I’d cum, I’d felt the warmth but it merely hung there, untouched and the bed hadn’t caught it either.
“That’s...whoa” I felt the energy rapidly fading! David’s feet shot up to catch me, my dead weight being lifted onto the bed effortlessly by their almost supernatural strength. The last thing I saw as I lay back first against the bed frame was David’s foot coming back to rest against my head, as the other took its place atop my abdomen. The dark consumed me and I felt sleep take me over, in my confusion I heard a voice in the fading night.
“Now you’re all mine.”

Morning came with a start! I woke up with David’s foot still in my face, my cock still hard and fortunately he seemed to still be asleep. I tried to get up, slowly. No give. I felt like a tonne weight was lain atop my side. I tried to lift David’s foot but it stayed as if glued down to me. It softly nuzzled into my flesh, like a leech burrowing deeper. It didn’t make sense, nothing I did would budge it, it suddenly had unrealistic strength that it never had before and I was trapped! I tried to slide out from under it but David’s other foot pressed harder on my face and I couldn’t get past it, it was like like trying to force my head into a gap between two concrete slabs. He was lying on his side now and kept moaning as the feet pressed into me, it was becoming a tad too bizarre. I didn’t want to wake him but I also didn’t know what was going on. His words echoed in my mind.
Now, keep in mind, if you’re still here come morning. You’re mine. I’ll be eating you for breakfast, all of you, every last bite.
“Dammit, this can’t be real but there’s no way he should be this strong either.”
I wriggled and writhed under the soles but it only served to please him more, I started cursing under my breath till my blood ran cold.
“You know, I didn’t actually think you’d be dumb enough to take me up on this.” he mused, as his toes tapped rhythmically upon my head.
“’re awake...uhhh hi?” I said, coyly, through the foot pressed against my face.
“Hello there, you remember what I said don’t you? I see you had your fun last night, now it’s morning. Now it’s breakfast time.”
“Uhhh I don’t understand...I was trying to get out of here but I just like passed out and woke up like this and your feet are so strong, I can’t get out from under them! Could you like, let me up?”
David sat up, resting on his elbow.
“Oh but they like you like this, helpless, sweaty, fatigued, it makes you taste so much better!”
“Taste!? Look, I really need to get home for work, I’d love to stay and play but I ne-”“Your needs don’t matter here. Besides, they won’t miss you and you won’t have to worry about them much longer.”
“W-why’s that!?”
“Because, I already told you, if I catch you here come morning, you’re breakfast. I’ve been waiting all night for you to be ready and now that I’ve sapped your strength completely through my feet you can’t possibly summon enough to fight back.”
“Y-your feet?!”
“Yes, they’ve been draining you dry all night. Your climax was the last straw, a full transference of all of your bodily energy, they drank the rest while you slept.” The feet ran up and down my face, my chest, my tummy, my arms. “ Drinking you, savouring you, tasting you. Making sure you were ready in time for breakfast.”
“That’s not possible, that’s insane! You can’t eat me, y-you...I..I”
“What’s that? I can’t eat you? Who’s going to stop me? Nobody knows you’re here, nobody knows you’re even missing. You can’t stop me, you couldn’t stop a moth right now. Accept it, this is where it all ends.” David patted his belly “Gobbled all up, eaten alive, digested and forgotten. You’re going to be a part of me like all the other boys before you.”
“I...I don’t...I don’t believe you!”
David smiled, darkly, sitting up he pulled his feet away and crossed his legs, allowing me to witness both soles at once. This proved firstly that it wasn’t his feet holding me back it was my body, it was paralysed nearly, too weak to offer any resistance whatsoever. As though my muscles had atrophied though my body shape hadn’t changed. Then a stranger change occurred.
“The boys who came before you all said the same thing before I ate them up.”
I watched his sole contort, faces pressed against the flesh, twisted in agony, then up to his legs, more and more. With every inch of his body more howling, tormented faces appeared! It was was all true. He opened his mouth and even upon his tongue they screamed and they pleaded with me to run, to get help. I could do neither. Even the words I spoke came out as harsh whispers now.
“I wonder, how should I eat you? Do you wanna go head first or feet first? I mean, I could just let my feet have you. Drink you dry, one drop at a time till you’re a withered husk.” He flexed his toes at me as he said it. “Sssssslurp up your soul with my soles. Like a noodle. Or I could feed you to my cock, churn you into boy batter, spray you against a wall, or even swallow the load. That might be an idea, just gulp you down. Shove you headfirst into my mouth and just…mmmm yeah I like that idea. Wonder how long it’ll take me to digest you?”
“D-digest me!?” I whimpered
“Well duh, I am going to eat you after all. I think, a week? Two weeks tops. You aren’t that big. You know you’ll be alive the whole time, right? Like even if your body fails your soul is trapped there till I break it, till I make it part of me? Wonder where I’ll put you? I’m running out of room for pathetic boys like you. Maybe I’ll fully absorb one of my last victims, make you a nice spot right here.” David tapped the centre of his right arch with his toe. “Right where you belong, under my feet.”
“Why...why are you doing this? Why me!?”
“Because, you let my feet taste you. The moment they touched you, you were mine. You don’t matter, there’s no grand reason for this. You’re just convenient. Nobody really cares about you, no big relationships, if you go missing they’ll just think you killed yourself. Nothing will lead back to me. I get all the years you should have lived and you get to spend the rest of eternity on the sole of my foot. Better than you deserve really. I was gonna shove you up my ass, use you like a sex toy till you died and then just absorb you that way. I think this is kinder.” he tapped my nose with his toe. “Don’t you think?”
I could only whimper in response as the clouds parted and the sunlight danced over my sapped boy flesh. I felt his feet run over me as I lay in the sun, tasting me one last time before the other came and rolled me over, manipulating me like a spider would its catch bringing me up till I lay face down on his belly. Then his hands grabbed my arms, pinning them to my sides as he lifted me off the bed. I looked down at a face I found so comforting, twisted with hunger as a long pink tongue slid out of the fleshy cavern, extending, wrapping tight around my throat after it slid across my face.
“Breakfast time, Steven!”
“ no please! I didn’t even get to write my book, I’ve got s-s-so much left to d-do.”
“Don’t worry, I’m going to get your memories, all of your skills, all of your wasted talent. I’m getting it all after I eat you and I’ll put it to much better use anyway. That book’ll happen, just won’t be your name on it. Nobody will remember you, no one’s coming to save you but smile, you’re going to live forever!”
With that, David shoved my protesting head into his mouth and gulped it down, along with my shoulders. His mouth extending around me as his long tongue stretched out and ran over my body, pulling me deeper, deeper, deeper down into the chasm of his throat!“PLEASE! PLEASE DON’T DO THIS! PLEASE FOR FUCK SAKE PLEASE!” “mMMM fuck you should have run when you had the chance!”
David slurped in my tummy, his extended tongue running over my cock and balls before gulping them in too.
“You still taste like sex, GOD it’s delicious!”
My legs couldn’t even kick, they hung limply out of his mouth as he slurped them in like noodles. Letting my twitching feet sit on his lips, teasing them with that tongue before wrapping them and pulling them in, swallowing them with a gulp and letting me finally settle into his tight, warm, moist, ravenous belly. Despite my size, I made no outward bulge in his abdomen, as though he was larger on the inside and David ran his hand over his abs, the abs that now trapped me in my horror. 
“I’ve waited over 8 years to do that, fuck you were worth the wait. Not the best boy I’ve tasted ever but the best I’ve eaten in a while. Now I hope you get comfortable, digestion’s a bitch. By the way, I can’t have any loose ends so I’ll be eating your friends too. You understand right? Can’t have anyone leading people to me. I’ll have Hannah over as soon as I’m done digesting you, her and her little girlfriend. Dinner and dessert. Wonder which Hannah will be? They’ll both die screaming, just like you and it’s all your fault.”
David’s estimates were dead on, I screamed and I hollered and nobody came. Every second of every day of those two weeks was hell on Earth. I don’t exaggerate. EVERY second. If you’ve ever had a deep cut, like that but all over your body, every inch, every nanometer, every second of every day. He laughed, he laughed while I burned. As his body shredded me down and made me part of him. Even when he’d reduced my body to atoms and had taken my soul into himself this is what I felt.
My name was hot for a few weeks, so he tells me, a month at most. He wasn’t paying attention. People looked, people despaired, people moved on. Just like they had for all the others. He did everything I’d wanted to do and made me watch, made me witness the life I should have had. In his darkest moments, his most private times he would make me remember, make me relive the night he ate me alive and the agony that came after. It would get him so hard. I felt that too, in time I began to love my own agony. My tears became my laughter and in the end I too was absorbed into him, completely and totally wiped away to make room for another soul to torture. Erased from existence.
Like I’d never even existed.
There's no greater humiliation than your entire existence being reduced to fat on another man's gut.

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Re: Breakfast in Bed
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Wow! This is a great story. It has all of my favorite themes! Hope to see more from you.

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Re: Breakfast in Bed
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Wow! This is a great story. It has all of my favorite themes! Hope to see more from you.

Thank you so much! Definitely more to come! :D
There's no greater humiliation than your entire existence being reduced to fat on another man's gut.