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Smokey and Ronald By Strega
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This required some moderate to heavy editing. Original story link is at the bottom.

Contains Rape, NC Anal vore and a lot of sex between two large beefy bear men.

Smokey and Ronald
By Strega
"Hi! You must be Ranger Rick. I'm Conner." The plump middle-aged man smiled from the door of him RV, where he'd appeared as Rick went by on his campground rounds.
"Nice to meet you, Conner." Rick glanced at the campsite tag to make sure today's fee was paid. By the time he looked up the RV man was completely won over. Bright blue eyes, demute curvy figure. Weaponized cuteness, Smokey called it.
"I'm here by myself trying out my new camper," Conner said. "I have a bottle of wine if you'd like a glass."
"I guess one glass wouldn't violate regulations," Rick said with a smile, and climbed up this steps to join him.
There was a time not long ago that this would have led to a gently rocking RV and a broad smile on Rick's face as he continued his campground rounds. This time it got the RV man eaten. Not due to malice, for Ranger Rick was the nicest cute little  man you could hope to meet (other than the occasionally-eating-people part) but because previous events made him cautious when invited into someone's camp.
So instead of showing the very willing man his asshole right there in the RV, he invited him back to his cabin and he politely refused. He was in his camper long enough to get a good sniff of the place, though. Rick's nose wasn't as good as Smokey's but it was far better than most men and one sniff was all he needed.
So it was that Conner stepped out of his RV later than evening only for a huge hand to take him firmly by the shoulder.
"What's going on?" he said, but Rick just shook his head as Smokey marched him to the ranger cabin, where they had recently constructed a stout little cell for people just like him. There wasn't much to the ranger station but an office with a counter for greeting tourists, a storeroom, a bathroom and a little back porch which faced the two cabins where Smokey and Rick lived. There was just room in the corner of the storeroom for the little cell and that's where they left him while they searched his RV.
"Well, no cameras," said Rick, who had recently and involuntarily become something of a minor Internet celebrity when footage of him bending a nice little old man over in his RV showed up on a porn site. The nice little old man's porn site, in fact. That's why he and Smokey kept their private activities to their cabins these days. "That's the good news."
The bad lay in front of them in the form of half a dozen types of drugs in considerable quantities. Pot they'd overlook, though it was still illegal in the state, and they'd let it slide if they found a few pills. There was a lot of genuinely dangerous stuff here, though.
"Too much for personal use," growled Smokey, and that was an understatement. There was enough meth alone to supply a street full of junkies for a year and enough of other drugs to OD a hundred or more people. This much stock could only mean the seemingly harmless prisoner was a professional drug dealer, and the last one of those they caught existed now only as some residual fat on Rick's trim body.
"Well, you know what this means," Rick said sadly, for he'd seemed nice. When you came to this campground and caused trouble, though, it only ended one way.
"Do you want him?"
Rick hesitated, then shook his head. "That other drug dealer man was all I could handle. This one's half again as heavy as I am at least, I don't know if I could get my jaws over him."
"They can't all be skinny men," Smokey said with a smile.
Rick shuddered.
That was the extent of Rick's predatory experience, 2 men.
Standing at 6’3 with a moderate belly, it wasn't often he had a crook large enough for a man much more than five foot tall. He was always watching his back, though. Someone was going to get him one of these days.
“Smokey” on the other hand was over seven feet tall and five times Rick's weight. The mans namesake obvious; being mighty bear of a man he had quickly earned the nickname among his co-workers in the Forestry Dept.
He's given upwards of thirty people a tour of his digestive system by now. He too was a friendly sort and as popular with the boys as Rick, but get on his bad side and you ended up in his insides. He was occasionally a bit hasty in his feeding which led to a couple of unfortunate "shoe stuck in intestinal tract" type incidents, but the point remained that he could swallow the drug dealer man with no real effort. his trip to the campground was going to end in a belch, it was just a question of who'd do the belching. It looked like Smokey was the only contender and Rick said as much.
"Actually," Smokey growled, "I have an idea about that."
"You're going to eat me, aren't you," said Conner a little later. "One of you is, anyway."
Rick shrugged. "Not me." He neglected to mention that had he been a couple of inches shorter and fifty pounds lighter he would have ended wrapped tight in the confines of his stomach awhile ago.
"Not planning to," rumbled Smokey, who unlocked the cell and fished his out with one thick arm.
"Then what?" Conner said, for he steered him down a path into the woods. Rick watched from the cabin, sighed, and put on his ranger hat to do a circuit of the campground. A ranger has his duties, though it hadn't escaped him how the two college boys camped at space 17 watched him and whispered whenever he went by. Stop by, introduce himself,  ask if they wanted to see his cabin...
Meanwhile Conner found himself deeper and deeper in the woods. It was dark and cool and when they came upon a small cabin. A very large man stood ominously on the porch.
"Hello, Smokey," said the man in a growly contralto, and Conner was somehow sure he was a dominating ‘Leather Bear/Daddy’ type. "I haven't met your friend."
"he's not a friend," Smokey growled, and his grip tightened on Conner's collar. "When we were talking last week, you said you wanted to try something, right? Have you had a chance to?"
Ronald's eyes brightened, and the drug dealer didn't like the sly expression that spread across his  face. "No, I haven't come across a volunteer yet."
"Well, you have one now," growled Smokey, and his fingers, each as thick as the man's wrist, clamped tight on Conner's neck. he could only stand paralyzed as the man turned where he stood, spread his cheeks and exposed his pink pulsating sphincter.
Which suddenly got much closer as Smokey shoved him toward it. "No!" he shrieked, and then with a sickening splat his face sank into hot, slippery folds of man anus.
The man let out a vibrating growl as Conner's face squelched deeper and thrust himself back against Smokey's hand, which kept Conner from trying to pull out despite fingers dug desperately into the Ronald's. Smokey shoved and the Ronald pushed back against the obstruction of Conner's face and the drug dealer went wide-eyed in horror as the wet folds of man asshole stretched wider.
His entire head slipped into the slimy tunnel inside the Ronald's asshole, his neck followed soon after. Smokey shifted his grip to the loose folds of his shirt before his hand got in too deep and kept shoving as the Ronald's asshole, in a series of expansions, stretched wide enough to let his shoulders slip in. Still the Ronald pushed back against him and though the slick folds of sphincter stretched tight around Conner's upper body there was no sign of a stop to his inward slide. he was being swallowed not by a mouth, but by the mans asshole, and wet folds of anus clenched down on him as heavyset man grew even more aroused. The first tremor of pleasure passed through the wet flesh and Conner let out a muffled squeak of terror as a muscular contraction passed through the surrounding muscle, not pushing him out but instead gripping his upper body and pulling him deeper.
As he kicked and struggled, trapped between two five-hundred-pound men, things somehow got even worse. With the sucking grip of the Ronald's anus holding his arms to his sides there was less need for Smokey to grip him, and with a slip of his pocket knife, he ripped away his pants. Watching him being swallowed whole by a anus aroused the powerful hairy man.
Smokey's powerful hands settled on conners hips, holding him as an altogether too thick man asshole forced its way into his own ass.
Conner screamed into the clinging inner folds of the mans asshole as Smokey spitted him like a roast. Maybe it would have been enjoyable if he were wet and ready and the man was slow and careful, but his first thrust slammed his hips against his ass and drove as much of his asshole as would comfortably fit into him, and rather more besides. Smokey soon fell into a rhythm, pumping his hips against his over and over, and each slam pushed another inch of him into the carnivorous anus.
Not that the Ronald needed the help. An excited pulse thrummed through the tightly stretched sphincter around Conner and every few seconds another contraction sucked him deeper. he was to the waist in man hole already and his face popped free into a sweltering chamber that must be the man's anal cavity. There was no sign of it stopping and even without Smokey's enthusiastic help the Ronald was just too big and strong to resist. Conner slipped deeper, sodden shirt stuck tight to his chest as he was swallowed alive an inch at a time. he squirmed and kicked but that only seemed to arouse his tormentors further.
He was stretched like a condom around a too-large cock that pumped in and out as the man took advantage of the situation. Conner had heard Smokey was happy to fuck any man who asked but he'd never heard of him raping anyone. Maybe it was because he only did it in situations like this. No one was going to hear it from him because he was being swallowed alive by a Ronald's anus, and if he was pushed back out there was sure to be an open maw waiting when his head reappeared.
When he had sunk in to the hips and only Smokey's grip kept his ass from disappearing Smokey dug his powerful hands into him and set to thrusting harder and faster. With a shuddering howl Conner heard even through the thick body of the Ronald Smokey came, filling him with hot spurting man cum before reluctantly letting go. The instant he did the Ronald shuddered as well and Conner whimpered as the man's orgasm clenched the anus tight around him. Once again the contractions ran in the wrong direction and with a wet slurp his ass was sucked in.
Conner's legs kicked in the cool night air, but only briefly. A long shivering climax ran through the man 's body and the tunnel of asshole squeezed down, sucking him inward with a series of rolling contractions. With his clothing long since slicked down and soaked by anal fluids there was nothing to slow his passage into the impassioned man. First his thighs, then his knees, then his calves were sucked in. he heard the Ronald groan as the anus closed around his feet and with a last wet gulp Conner was swallowed whole, sweater, jeans, shoes and all.
Squeezed into the Ronald's anal cavity Conner pushed at the slippery walls, but thick man flesh and muscle pressed in from all sides, forcing him into a tight fetal bundle and making it almost impossible to move. Conner searched for that way out, though he knew there'd probably be a vacant maw waiting outside, but the slick folds resisted his fingers. It was suffocatingly hot and wet inside the man and if he didn't get out soon it would all be over.
Conner grunted as the Ronald stretched and squeeeezed, forcing the air out of his anal cavity. Even this far from the Ronald's sphincter Conner heard it fart and to his horror he realized that the thick droplets of anal-juice trickling down the walls onto him were clinging to his skin and stinging like acid.
Well, that made sense. Why bother swallowing someone with your anus if you couldn't digest them in there too? It wasn't natural, but neither was swallowing a man while in the first place.
If I hadn't invited Rick in this wouldn't have happened, Conner thought. Stupid cute.
Conner was constricted into helplessness by inward-pressing anal cavity and lying in a slowly rising pool of digestive juices. Still he struggled, but there would be no escape. he was going to be fat on the Ronalds gut, and there wasn't a thing he could do to stop it. Maybe his clothes would survive the acids but if they did eventually reappear from the man's anus it would be without him, just a wad of wet cloth spat out minus their now-digested owner. The last thing he felt was a new pressure from above and a rhythmic motion as the two men, somehow still not satisfied, continued their coupling, now without him in the way. The larger mans weight forced the last of the air out and there was nothing but the dark, the acid, the Ronald's pulse and the squelching sound of man asshole as the slow gurgle of digestion began to consume him.
"Well," Smokey growled as he watched the bulge in Ronald's abdomen kick and twitch, "I guess that explains why you never had any Little Smokeys after our visits.
"It wasn't for lack of trying," Ronald laughed heartily, and rolled over onto his back to show off the bulge.
"If I hadn't seen Patrick, and now you, do this I wouldn't have believed it," Smokey growled, and stroked the flesh around the Ronald's anus. It had returned to its usual size and if he hadn't seen it suck in an entire human he'd have thought the bulge in him was from someone swallowed the usual way. "I wonder why you can do it."
"N-no idea," Ronald said, shifting to press himself against the stroking hand. "My father can't, or else I wouldn't be here. he'd just have digested any seed that ended up in him, the way I and my brother do. And I wasn't sure I could eat someone like that until just now. Even Patrick only found out last month."
"It just amazes me that it shrinks back down again," growled Smokey. He hadn't missed how he enjoyed his touch and is trailed a finger gently around the lip of his asshole, smiling as he shivered. "It looks as tight as it was before you ate him."
He blinked as Ronald reached out a foot and rubbed his balls with his  toes. his other heel hooked over his hip and urged him closer. "Maybe it is," the Ronald growled. "Why don't you find out."
It didn't take much to make Smokey go stiff again, and he glanced down as he began to harden. "Well, you're going to digest some of my semen anyway. More won't hurt."
He flipped Ronalds leg over his shoulders so he could fuck him properly face to face, his gut lightly pressing Ronalds. The bulge in his abdomen was still twitching as he positioned himself to enter him. Each growled as something like thirteen inches of “man-bear” cock slid in. Thick as a coke can, the TV announcer had said after that college boy snapped some pictures of sleeping but very much erect Smokey. He was much too large for most men and had to be very gentle and very careful. Many times he just used his long, strong tongue and accepted a blowjob or hand job in return. Other times he did fit, but even then only half his length could go in before he hit bottom. Other than the one time a porn actor showed up and took his whole lubed-up length up his ass he never quite fit and always had to be careful.
He didn't with Ronald. Smokey let out a feral growl as he slammed into him to the balls, and he reached up to paw at him playfully as he began to thrust. he really was tight, his anus clenched back down after eating a man whole. Tight and wet and warm and squeezing him. Ronald's anus was trying, in its mindless way, to swallow him. He was far too big and strong to pull in that way but much more of that and he'd give it something to swallow all right.
"If he were smaller he'd be in Rick's stomach now," Smokey growled. "I'm glad he isn't."
Ronald smiled and pulled him down atop him. One was larger than the other, but they fit together where it counted. His weight squeezed the bulge in his abdomen and somewhere inside his the drug dealer man kicked his last. "Shut up and give me something more to digest in there," he growled
And he did. The first load he'd given him he'd get to digest only after his anal cavity worked on Conner for a while. The three he gave him later, two in his anus and one down his throat, were easier to get at.
When he finally got back to camp, sated and sleepy but feeling a bit guilty that he'd gotten fun out of Rick's work, the scents he picked up walking past the 's cabin soothed his worries. Camp space 17 was missing the two college boys and Smokey knew exactly where they were. Rick might not have gotten a meal or a sexy Ronald to fuck but at least he hadn't spent the night alone.

If I missed anything in editing please let me know.
Original story;

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