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Barry's Old Job Part 1 (FS, OV, AV, CV, Public, Prequel)
« on: May 13, 2019, 06:03:37 PM »
**WARNING** May Contain:
Big and Nasty Manly Men, Huge Bellies and Beer Guts, Potbellies, Weight and Muscle Gain, Muscle and Fat Worship, M/M Sex, Big Manly Feet, *Footplay, Body and Facial Hair, Musk and Sweat, Grime and Filth, Belching, Digestion, Full-trip, Mpreg, Flatulence, *Scat, *Watersports, Leather Play, Masochism, *Abuse and Rape, Violence, Incest/Daddy&Son Play, Age Play, Testosterone Poisoning, Hyper/Growth, Transformation, Consensual, Non-Consensual, Mass Vore, Multi-Vore, Oral Vore, Anal Vore, Cock Vore, Navel Vore, Pec Vore, Nip Vore

Bears & Cubs, Bulls, Brutes, Daddies of all Ages, Blue-collar Workmen, Construction Workers, Truckers, Rednecks/Hicks/Whitetrash, Lumberjacks, Soldiers/Marines/Sailors, Cops & Sheriffs, Bikers, Criminals & Convicts, Jocks and Frat-boys, Wrestlers, Pit-fighters, Football & Rugby Players, Power-lifters, Bodybuilders, Coaches, Chubs, Super-chubs and anything else my depraved little brain can think of.

If simply reading this turned you on, then this is a story for you!
With every throbbing clench, that thick ring of flesh puckered and tightened. Throbbed powerfully, before rippling as it released. All came together in a barrage of slimy and greasy squelches, repeated over and over. Folds of wrinkled flesh glistening and dripping with heady, musky sweat. Lazily flexing around the man’s grizzled face – almost like it was chewing. Leaving him drenched and dripping. Slicking him up, even as he continued to be engulfed into that bottomless pit of a manhole.

He’d been taken feet first, and now only his head remained unclaimed.

Fat donut of wrinkled muscle greedily closed up around his strong and solid jaw. Quivered at the prickle of all that thick and rough stubble blanketing his face. At the same time, the man’s forehead and teary eyes were covered up by the meaty anus. Continuing – utterly unstoppable – to rush up past his handsome cheeks, and then force his wide-open mouth shut. Cutting the man off mid cry, forcing him to bite down on his own howl of release. Turning it into a muffled whimper as he finally disappeared.

The fat, fleshy anus seemed almost to mull over its catch. Quiver and throb with lazy effort, even as it held an entire 6’ and 280-pound man’s beefy bulk inside. His broad and stubbled face still rested against it, making the plump donut bulge outward.

A final slow clench removed that pressure. The studly man swallowed away with that last possessive pull. His already faint whimpers rapidly faded away, pulled an inch deeper into those cavernous bowels with every clench. Eventually, allowed that huge, fat anus to relax and part open once more.

Like the bud of a flower, it gaped wide, but only slimy rectal walls lay within. More than wide and deep enough for yet another man’s head to fit inside….

Clamping shut into an immense and wrinkled fist of a pucker. Tensed up, even as a pair of colossal ass-cheeks rolled back into place. Smothering that ravenous manhole away again. Back in the deep, grimy insides of a cavernous gorge of ass-crack. Surmounted on either side by a pair of deliciously wide, smooth and juicily huge, fat buttocks. So thick and so plump, that not so much as a moan could escape from between them. The older stud being completely engulfed within that huge ass and the great tract of bowels it guarded. Both great mounds of fat bouncing and quivering in delight at devouring such a hearty and very lively meal. Each shift of immense weight and lazy movement of that magnificent ass’ owner making all that fat wobble deliciously.

All this time, a once doughy and sagging fat belly had been growing bigger and wider. Groaned and gurgled lazily, even as its girth steadily expanded in almost every direction. As that whole meaty man was stuffed within, that already jutting belly became an even heavier and actively wiggling vore-gut. Making the buttons of a concealing dress-shirt strain more and more to cover its growing mass. The supple and hairy flesh more than pliable enough for lumps and bumps of that lone studly occupant to be seen. To jiggle and move as the grizzled and muscular man squirmed about inside.

Nick still letting out hefty, lecherous grunts. His big, portly body did its voracious work, and he enjoyed every second of it. His grunting only deepened, as he tried to cover his fat ass back up. Making all of his fat rolls and quivering insides roil with those added struggles.

Tossed both his heavy belly and the man inside like a toy. Which just made Nick pant with pent-up need as he felt – with both his hands and insides – every quiver of his pudge and the live meal within it.

Pulling his dress slacks back up over his wide and plump ass was never an easy feat at any time. Trying to stuff his huge ass back into his trousers always proved difficult. The act just seemed to make those hefty mounds of ass-cheeks jiggle with a mind all their own. All that thick, doughy ass-fat just refusing to be packed away. Entire folds, rolls and bulges managing to escape back out into the open air all on their own.

Even without giving his ass a workout by slurping up an entire beefy man between his cheeks, Nick was already facing a daunting challenge. Gigantic rear-end always stuck far enough to make its own shelf. Where it always caught the eye, and even most corners or loose objects… but the men, especially.

Pretty much how Nick had caught the lustful eye of that desperate and horny old jock.

A muscular, tanned and excruciatingly handsome ol’ stud of a manly man. Despite all his age and the many past conquests over it, the old hunk had fallen instantly in love with Nick’s mountainous ass. Popped an instant leaking boner just at the mere sight. Fat horse-cock creating an immense tent at the older man’s groin. Desperately trying to push free from the confines of his tight shorts. Leaking a small trail of pre across the ground as he approached, the studly fella had quickly swaggered up behind Nick.

Without any word, he’d gotten real handsy with the larger, chubbier young man. Had pressed himself bodily up against Nick’s pudgy backside with little more than an undulating moan of need. Practically subsumed his hard, muscular frame into Nick’s soft fat. Only stepping back to free his throbbing erection from its prison. Instantly, the entire foot-long cock had swung up to smack against the old stud’s hard abs. Nearly reaching the crevice of his big, beefy pecs.

Eagerly sliding that long, long and girthy cock shaft up through that cavernously wide and deep crevice of plump ass.

Hadn’t even shoved his slab of meat into Nick’s pucker, and in fact, hadn’t been able to even find it. Already that cock had nearly gone and disappeared almost entirely between the taller chub’s voluptuous cheeks. Unable to find his mark, the man had resorted to begging. Utterly desperate to shove every inch of his throbbing horse-meat on into those depths.

Perhaps it wasn’t that surprising. Even given how well-hung and beefy as he’d been, the old jock’s head had just barely reached Nick’s sagging chest. The soft slope of the tall chub’s thick neck and heavy shoulders had been even more well-above the preening old stud.

But Nick had happily complied with his prey’s demand. Casually bumped the older man off him. The lazy hip-check had sprawled the old jock out, as Nick’s almost 400-pound bulk was put to good use. Pulled down his dress pants, squatted down over the floored man’s big, meaty feet…

And not even five minutes later, the hung old jock was now busily jacking-off deep within Nick’s huge, fat belly. Imprisoned and being bodily squeezed through another man’s entire intestinal tract. Alive, while moaning and bucking like a wild stallion.

In for a long, slimy, hot and dark ride. Nick loved keeping men trapped within his ass and belly all day. Always, taking the time to play with them.

He let loose a blast of hot, stinking air out of his ass. Making the old jock squirm and spasm as his whole cramped world shook. With Nick just sighing blissfully at the release of gas and tension from within his expansive bowels. The tall chub patted over the man-filled swell of his big gut. Less to calm its lone occupant, and more to tell his belly another job well done.

Ending with a hard, juicy gut-smack. A very thorough signal for ‘em to get to work.

“That’s it, ya tasty ol’ morsel. Keep squirmin’ for me, while I go find you a playmate… heck, who am I kiddin’, I’ll find ya three more ‘fore ya kick it!” Nick chuckled throatily at his own foreboding words.

“Oh, good! You’re finally done! Does that mean you can go back to work now?”

Nick turned to look down at his shorter workmate. Bearded face still red and with just a sheen of sweat on his brow. Still huffing lowly, as he tried to collect himself.

Barry currently leaning over the surface of his clerk’s counter. Looking the long way up at Nick. A decidedly unimpressed glint in his eyes.

They’d been in the middle of some serious workplace talk, when that grizzled old jock had come up and interrupted them. Nick, instantly distracted, had eagerly set to shoving the entire hornily babbling old stud up his ass. Using Barry’s little clerk desk as cover for his voracious little bit of ass-feeding.

As the shorter cub could attest, it was a fairly common occurrence these days. His clerk station was one of the most common places for such vorish fiascos.

God knows, he had enough stains on the carpet to prove it.

The desk was fairly large. Having originally been meant for three or four clerks at a time, and thus good for hiding behind. But Barry imagined that it was more due to the nearness of the mall entrance.

Wasn’t even the store’s main entrance, but that didn’t stop people from making use of it. Of course, they never came through in groups larger than five. Enabled a hungry man to peruse all the potential meals that came in. Either walking, strutting, waddling or lumbering, there was a perfect choice of prey for even the most picky of men. And like most hungry predators, they couldn’t help but grab the best-looking prey right then and there.

Employees throughout the store loved to catch and eat their meals at Barry’s little counter. Nick was obviously the guiltiest and most frequent culprit. Sometimes, he would even drag men across the entire store. Leading them on, just a little juicy ass waggle for incentive, to make use of the surprisingnly large and spacious cover.

Nick was also the most frequent, given his long friendship with Barry.

Back then, maybe a year ago now, Nick had been a much shier and a more reserved boy. That hefty and portly build had always kept him shy, while his tall height had made hiding in any crowd impossible. Nick had grown-up big and fat, always at the unwanted center of attention wherever he went. All the while, he never really learned to properly cope with his hefty size, with the resulting clumsiness not doing his nerves any favors.

That, and everyone had assumed he’d eat them as so much as look at them. Leaving the tall chub with a rather lonely childhood, barring Barry and a few other such strange outcasts.

After wandering aimlessly for a year after high school, the two had enrolled in college and gotten their respective jobs at G.H. Harrington eventually. The two young men had pretty much started worked together this entire time.

Then, due to a sudden mass vacancy, Nick had been forced to join the store’s sports department. Despite his concerns and issues with past bullies, Nick had proven very popular with the men who frequented it. Men of all ages took a shine to him, but especially the older sorts. Various former jocks, who had grown into dedicated sportsman, fishers, hunters and gun-enthusiasts, came by for the sporting goods… but had always ended up staying for, and eventually inside, a certain big fat chub’s ass.

Either over the course of many visits, or just at first sight, many of them had fallen in love with that magnificently juicy and huge rump of Nick’s. So much, that they had wanted nothin’ more than to thoroughly enjoy and explore its immense twin girths and singular, abyssal depth. Either with the full girth of their hard, leaking cocks while they rutted themselves silly, or through a sound tongue licking and tasting that’d make most men blush.

Always, they’d end up desperately beggin’ Nick to sit his massive, juicy ass-buns down on their eager faces. All the better to be sealed in with and enjoy that fine rump.

Despite all Nick’s warnings or escape attempts back then, those over-eager and horny men had refused to backdown. Always, tracked Nick to the stores farthest corners. They’d thought themselves just that strong, or perhaps burly enough that they could resist its ravenous grasp. Nick had even resorted to pleading with those men, but so few had ever been in the mind to stop and listen.

As he’d more than known it would, his ass had done the rest.

One after another, completely willing or not, man after man had been consumed by that insatiable rump. Having once been a very infrequent predator, Nick’s expansive stretch of bowels had been pushed to their limits in those days. Sometimes, he’d spend weeks coming to work with a huge, overhanging gut. One already packed full of men, with many still alive and moving. All leftovers from his other days at works. Stomach bloated massively and tight as a drum, larger than a party-sized beach ball. Hanging down past his knees while jutting well over 4-feet out. Pushed to the limit to contain all that thrashing and moaning man-beef within its pudgy depths.

Until now, hardly a year later, that gluttonous diet had finally done its damage. Eventually, his stomach and ass had accommodated, as well as his appetite. Now, Nick was a ravenous, man-devouring predator. No longer blushing shyly and gasping cutely anymore. Now, entire muscly jocks or brutish hunters were an expected and common meal to be slurped up his ass.

Now, Nick actively craved them. No longer strained or worried over either the number or girth of the men he had roiling about in his guts. Instead of pain and embarrassment, Nick took immense pleasure and pride in waddling around for an entire week with a bellyful of men.

Besides the growth of his gut and rump, the result of all that rampant feasting had done wonders for Nick’s confidence. Just the way the tall fatboy now carried himself alone had changed. No longer hunched over, like he was impossible trying to make himself smaller, or comically hide behind an inevitably shorter crowd. His dress had changed as well. Gone were the baggy hand-me down clothes that hid his pudgy physique. Only fitted dress-shirts and slacks were worn at work now, all the better to show off his plump belly and plumper ass. He now sported a tight crew-cut most days, while even Nick’s beard had grown fuller and more thickly. Made his jaw seem both larger and stronger already. Within a few more months, it’d likely be a full and handsomely manly affair.

Beyond what he’d gained in his big ass, Nick hadn’t really put on much more muscle. He’d never been much for working out to begin with. Yet, beefy and well-hung men constantly assaulting one’s ass did wonders for the glutes. While afterwards, feeding all those meat-head jocks and manly outdoors-men on in did the rest.

Nick had steadily gained weight from such hearty prey, and as his great mound of flabby gut and huge, sagging man-tits could attest, he’d long since left merely chubby behind.

Nick was fat, and frankly speaking, the young chub was quite proud of that.

While Barry had stayed the same average-sized and merely chubby cub. Modestly thick built, he was naturally heavy-set with a wide ass and belly but had yet to truly fill out his frame fully. Barry was quite doughy, with soft and jiggling moobs surmounting his chest, with equally soft arms and legs. Only made thick because of his soft pudge, which was really denoted by a modest hint of a belly on his waist. Most of Barry’s mass had seemed to settle in his thighs, ass and love-handles. Which, given the somewhat baggy dress clothes he wore, was mostly out of sight anyway. Barry’s hair was left long enough to comb into style, while his own facial hair was still quite scraggly. Leaving him an utterly cute and soft cub of a man, and much less threatening looking than a taller man like Nick.

What Barry had always lacked in height or bulk, he’d always managed to make up for in attitude. Never one to let himself or close friends get pushed around or eaten off-hand. He’d honestly been so successful at avoiding or driving off potential predators simply by the levels of scathing sarcasm he could unleash on them.

Course, this also meant most potential prey got driven off, too.

The cub didn’t quite enjoy the same gluttonous and beefy diet because of it.

Both Barry and Nick’s eyes going down as they heard a muffled grunt of release. The tall chub’s fat ball of belly bounced and spasmed as the horny old jock within finally climaxed. Slowly settled down… only to start squirming all over again. That whole flabby mound of gut swaying and bouncing once more. Its occupant right back to feverously masturbating again.

No doubt, he’d still be happily at a week from now.

Nick already biting his lip in pleasure. Standing all the straighter and tenser as his tasty belly-boy drove lances of hot, voluptuous delight through his broad waistline. The chub pressing himself forward against the clerk’s counter to hide the vast bulge of his own swelling loins. A stumpy but no less fat and log-thick, meaty cock, with a bowling-ball sized nut-sac snuggly tucked in below.

Quickly making an already blatant bulge turn into obvious curves of cock and balls. A wet, oozing black-stain growing at Nick’s heavily packed crotch. A vast, doming bulge to press up against the larger, livelier wiggling one above.

“Damnit, Nick, it’s not even lunchtime!” Barry complained. “Couldn’t you just take him to the men’s room? The changing rooms?”

That got a rise outta Nick. The bigger man choking back a curse.

Both he and Barry lookin’ around the department store in sudden worry. Not quite sure who they were more afraid of upsetting.

One of their managers, or some little old lady wandering on through.

“Because I prefer to be the one doing the eating!” Nick shot back knowingly. “Have you seen those places? Just mobbed by bored old husbands, lookin’ to get their rocks off and fill their guts! I’d be daddy-fat before the end of the hour – if I was lucky! Or they’d just take turns ridin’ muh fat ass until I couldn’t even walk again!”

Barry just turned away with a huff. Flabby arms crossed over his own smaller and modest belly. Decidedly unimpressed with Nick’s complaint. Honestly, they’d both done pretty well at avoiding such an unfortunate fate.

After all, even if they were let go, their quivering asses and aching backs would take weeks to recover. Not to mention getting rid of the musky, overwhelming dad smell.

“Eating jocks behind my clerk’s counter – literally, smack-dab at the entrance of our store – is not a decent alternative!” Barry countered smugly. “You should know better.”

The cub promptly going back to his little terminal. Typing away and blatantly ignoring his larger coworker.

Though he wanted to fight back, Nick just rolled his eyes and huffed to himself. Sullenly crossed his large arms over his big, wiggling gut. Frankly, he rather not get another lecture from Barry about the department’s predation policy. Settled to glare out into the store’s depths… only to grin.

Nick had spotted something, or better put, someone who’d take Barry’s mind off his own predations.

Quite handily, given this hungry bastard.

So, we’ve kinda gone back in time for this story. Back to when Barry had a much different attitude about Vore.

Also, he worked retail! D:

There’re a few other details I’m sure I’m missing… but I imagine they’ll pop-up eventually.

Anyway, Nick kinda took over this part. He was meant to be a one-off, but I took a liking to him… for obvious reasons, I’d think. I’m sure this won’t be his last cameo.

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Re: Barry's Old Job Part 1 (FS, OV, AV, CV, Public, Prequel)
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Mmmmm manly and hot as always! The idea of nick, a man who can make short work of the most athletic men, could be instantly and casually turned into a meal and belly fat for another daddy us so hot to me. Honestly, i feel that the greatest strengths of your writing is the world building through sexy descriptions alone, giving us a hot world.

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Re: Barry's Old Job Part 1 (FS, OV, AV, CV, Public, Prequel)
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Well done! Another impressive and hot story! I really like Nick and can't wait to see more of this glutton!
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Re: Barry's Old Job Part 1 (FS, OV, AV, CV, Public, Prequel)
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Nick lazy reached one long arm over to smack Barry’s shoulder. Easily get the smaller cub’s attention, while remaining out of range. Ignoring a quick and vitric rebuttal, the taller chub just subtly nodded his head. Bearded chin pointing out into the store. Through the lines of clothing, Barry couldn’t spot what had caught Nick’s eye.
Instead, a brawny bear of a handsome, studly man distracted him.
Already being a big and beefy musclebear was more than enough to catch Barry’s eye. With an expansive breadth of powerful shoulders, immense chest surmounted with mountainous, beefy pecs and gigantic, powerful arms swinging at his sides. Yet, it was the bear’s sense of style that ensured the young cub’s favorable attention. An obvious gentleman of a rugged manly man, who was approvingly fastidious about his appearance and garments. The brawny bear being dressed in a lovely and absolutely pristine business-suit.
A rich dark blue G.H. Harrington winter-line. One of their most classy pieces of custom ware, even without the added platinum buttons and filigree thread. Fresh from the tailors, and most likely, tailored and bought this very day. Giving the already handsome bear a stately and professional look of wealth. One that would turn any man or women’s head, while making both their hearts and wallets hurt.
Likewise, the specialized fabric the suit was made of could stretch and expand with their owner’s appetite. Keep modest even the biggest gut or set of loins around, within reason. And though the bear was of a modest, but quite solid-looking belly-girth, his groin was… quite healthily well-filled. Enough to jut out a good half-foot more than even his barreled muscle-gut. The heavy mound of manhood being lazily bounced between those two powerful trunks of thighs.
While the Punk walking towards the bear could hardly even be described as dressed!
Clothes all tattered and filthy, ancient rags. His rock band shirt was relatively intact, if grimy and encrusted with old grease and obviously dried cum. Practically a tank-top on him as well, with a hugely fat and sagging potbelly stuck almost three-feet from his waist. While his jeans seemed more scraps than an actual pair of pants.
Barry getting particularly offended once he saw the state of the Punk’s crotch. It was completely torn open! Right from the top of his back and back under through the seat. Allowing an entire set of immense loins to hang out in the open air. Shoved through the gaping hole, both fat balls bounced from thigh to thigh while his cock was semi-hard and dripping. Thick, uncut head swaying down below the punk’s knees.
He obviously didn’t care about the public setting, or the store’s dress policies, for that matter.
One couldn’t blame Barry for initially fixating on the two men’s current dress. Clothes were his job, after all. But as the hungry predator neared, the prey either unaware or uncaring… the maneater made his move… well, Barry immediately became aware of the situation.
Every nearby man and woman did, too.
Once close enough, the tall and burly bear was grabbed by that scrawny, filthy punk. Despite the great difference of height, weight, age and brawny bulk, the larger man was completely unable to resist his devourer. Even if he hadn’t been ambushed, it was more than obvious who was the stronger. Bearded head yanked down with enough force to put the big bear on his hands and knees with a resounding thump.
Even Barry felt the ground shake, and he was some twenty-feet away.
One savage groin thrust later, and the burly man was done for. Already forced halfway down the punk’s swollen column of cock-shaft within seconds. The sheer act of which causrd enough pressure to blast a streak of slimy punk jizz across both the floor, and the bear. Slathering and greasing the poor brute up as it soaked him from head to toe. Despite that massive cock’s own girth and that manly bear’s bulk, a single throbbing flex raised them both into the air. Swinging that whole burly man up to be kept at a tilted, 45-degree angle. Just far enough away from the ground to deny him any potential leverage. Immense and strong legs left to kick and fail in the air uselessly.
And with that, the bearish prey was soundly captured. With only a faint grin, rubbing mockingly at the bulge of the roaring bear’s head, the Punk then bodily carried his cock-meal off. Heading back towards the nearby aisle of men’s underwear that he’d ultimately emerged from. Stripping away the bear’s lovely new suit as he went. Carelessly tossing the scraps onto the floor. The rich cloth torn-up like old food wrappings and made soppy with thick, slimy cum. Quickly leaving the hairy and muscular bulk of the manly bear naked.
Only the Punk’s thick slurry of cum left to drip off in fat globs and thick strings.
Wide shoulders, powerful chest and bulging muscle-gut already completely engulfed by that veined mass of hungry, feasting manhood. Stretched tightly and pulsing with effort around all that hoary bulk of real man. Constricting the burly musclebear until every curve of solid muscle was outlined by its supple flesh. Broad shoulders and big arms the most obvious. The solid and rounded keg of the bear’s muscle-gut made the most distinctive and largest bulge inside that voracious cock.
The bear would be completely crammed inside his destination within minutes. A pair of already fatly bloated and loud, busily churning balls dangling heavily below. Easily sagging down to the knees with their gallons of thick spunk contained within. Already gorged on long liquidated prey. There were obvious hard along the hairy scrotum’s underside, that upon closer examination, were obvious bones. Big, solid bones at that. Femurs, pelvises, ribs and even a skull were all obvious and had yet to digest. The beefy flesh of at least five men now just thick, thick cum bloatin’ those swollen tankers. Without much doubt at all, they were a couple more equally big and bearish men – just like the scrawny punk’s current beefy cock-meal.
It took a moment for Barry to realize it, but the bear was struggling the whole way down. The poor brute was just so overpowered, and pinned so easily, that his struggles were useless. Maddened flailing honestly looking more like he was trying to work his way into those rank depths willingly. Not that it would have mattered much what the bear did. He was already down past the virile heft of his own hung manhood, with both his fat cock and big balls spasming as the bear orgasmed hard. Even as they spasmed and contorted, both meaty, beautifully muscled and bulky buttocks were worked in next. Soon, with just burly legs and wide feet left, yet the big fella was still trying to escape.
Through his own enjoyment of the hairy brute, the Punk noticed Nick and Barry watching him. After a second of shock at being seen, he put on a look of smug guiltiness. Like a school-boy caught stealing a cookie, but only after just crumbs were left.
Not after shoving a near 6’5 and 330-pound bubba bear down his cock, until only the poor brute’s hairy toes were left.
Scuzzy was a common enough sight throughout the entire mall. The scrawny, potbellied punk pretty much considered the whole five-story shopping super-plex as his. A small, but enjoyable corner of vast hunting grounds. Certainly, most of the security guards had learned to steer clear of the ravenous punk.
The few ones still left, anyway. Given the Punk’s past track record, and anti-authoritarian reputation, most of ‘em weren’t long for remaining employed as security in the mall.
if his past gloating was anything to go by, Scuzzy wanted nothing more than to shut the entire mall down. Not for any reason, except that he easily could. Apparently, devouring entire buildings full of men was a family tradition for the Punk’s male relatives. Not caring at all if they caused entire communities to descend into complete, red-zone anarchy.
Just meant that they had more prey to eat.
Ultimately, Scuzzy’s actions didn’t quite line-up with his boasting. He was obviously far too lazy to go about starting any revolutions. That said, despite his scrawny size, Scuzzy could effortlessly pack away an entire football team of big, burly goons.
Had, in fact, devoured plenty of athletic teams. Dozens of times already, and that was just this year.
From said giant and burly football teams, to wrestlers, swimmers and ever track teams, too. Them, and far more had gone down into his slavering gullet and the merciless, bottomless pit he called a stomach below. Turn right around, and shove yet another two teams’ worth of big men into either fat, bloated ball. Then afterwards, he’d still manage to waddle off with his gorged gut and ball sac both dragging on the floor. Right on down to the food-court for yet another round of rampant gorging.
Rarely finding a need to purchase any food, man-cattle or not, given all the perfectly fat and stuffed prey waddling around for him to eat.
However, Scuzzy wasn’t quite the apex predator of the mall as he’d like to be, either.
With the big prey now completely sheathed within his cock shaft, the Punk then sauntered off. Loins engorged with live, thrashing musclebear. Despite the bulky size and weight of that cock meal, his huge cock only bobbed and swayed so heavily from its own feasting spasms. Rarely dipping low enough to thump the ground and smear a small puddle of cum across it. Scuzzy taking the bear deeper into the store’s underwear aisle. Finish off stuffing the big man down his cock in private… but the two clerks weren’t the only ones to have seen Scuzzy feeding.
Yet another tall and burly bear had also been watching with a keen interest. He was even bigger than the musclebear had been, with about another decade or two in age. Not just larger in height and bulk either, cause the silver bear had quite the solid gut on his broad waist too. The huge older man having already popped a massive boner that tented out his dress-slacks hugely. Completely enraptured with watching Scuzzy devour that entire burly bear with his cock. He’d been unknowingly feeling himself up – especially the solid and jutting curve of his own gut and loins. Obviously, deciding that he was more than ready, and that he might have found a true and proper set of balls that could hold his well-aged bulk. Heedlessly swaggering in after Scuzzy with plenty of manly pride added to his heavy, ground-eating gait.
The silver daddy bear knew he was a damn fine and appetizingly hefty catch. Most preds would not just fight over him, but savor every hoary, aged, and musky inch of his manly and powerful body if they got a hold of him. Let alone, had such a beefy old bear decide to just feed himself to them.
In moments, a pair of furry and tree-trunk thick legs were lifted straight up into the air. Both ending with a huge, solid foot the size of a small boat-oar. They flailed in the air uselessly, throwing both those weathered old sandals away. Naked, leathery slabs of feet curling until every crease was seen. Then tensed until every fat and meaty toe was splayed out wide. Brawny and powerful legs shot up straight, as the old silver bear blatantly lost himself in a powerful and body-wracking orgasm. For just a moment, those powerful columns of legs and huge feet just hung there over the aisles. From the slow, almost throbbing rise and fall of them, Scuzzy had only paused his feast to gulp down the no doubt mighty and immense release of old daddy bear cum. Now freely flowing down his gullet, until every drop was drained from that bear’s virile old sac.
Unbeknownst to anyone in the store of course, the silver bear had no sons or brothers of his own. The old man having literally just thrown his entire future bloodline down some scrawny punk’s gullet. Such a fine and manly heritage of virile and powerful men it could have been, too.
With a slow, jerky series of motions, those hefty legs quickly slipped down back out of sight. Hardly a few seconds later, a solid belch echoed out of the underwear aisle.
Barry scowling hard the entire way through the whole vorish fiasco. Obviously, he’d like nothing more than to go and give Scuzzy a piece of his mind… but had escaped the Punk one too many times to ever try that again. After the fifth time, he’d finally learned his lesson.
Meanwhile, Barry could feel Nick looked down at him with a smug grin.
“See? I’m tame by comparison!” The tall chub finally said.
Barry just snorted. “Not by much…”

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damn i was hoping that last bear would put that punk in his place! lol

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HOT DAMN!  Another great chapter!  Love Scuzzy!