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Steamroom Seating Arrangement (Absorption)
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Jarod was glad for his day off. His new job had kept him from his exercise routine and he preferred the physical stress of hard work to all the mental stress at the office
He'd worked up quite a sweet from some treadmill, biking leg reps. He prefered to do weights but it was rest day for his arms and upper body. he'd only gotten an hour in yesterday after work so he did as heavy as he cook and his arms were like noodles and the soarness made it worse.
He usually went right home but decided to relax in the steam room and enjoy the time off planning to rinse off in the shower after (and maybe ooze one off while he was at it). There werent many others there in the gym and most were getting ready to go so he decided to fully relax and leave off the towel. Most men ignored each other in there so while it wasnt common no one complained if someone went in the buff. every Patron saw each other (or avoided seeing each other) in the shower at some point.
The steamroom had 3 'steps' like auditorium bleechers around the room to sit. Jarod prefered the top most one, giving almost no chance for someone to get behind him, and letting him lean back and relax.

As he relaxed and focused on his breathing to to get comfortable enough to take in the moisture filled air without gagging or panicing, he barely noticed the door open, or the fact that when it did almost no light came in.
He didnt notice that it was the newest patron of the gym, a young 30+ year old blimp of a man. Standing over 6'5 (compared to Jarod's 5'6) the young white guy's dirty blond hair was cut short but wavey, curls cut shore. His scruffy beard was grown out like many young men like him do to hide whats left of their baby face.
the large young man was very chubby, probably had a perfect build for football in highschool but was definately the type who only played cus as a big guy he had an advantage, let himself go in college and gained an extra 100 lbs of belly arm and thigh fat over the years.
because of the white tile and the big man's bare feet the size of him didnt register to Jarod's senses either, and while he didnt notice the big lug, the lug didnt notice him either. Squinting eyes who obviously needed glasses (yet would fog up in the steamer) squinted at a smart phone in a ziploc bag. Obviously the young man didnt care for the boredom of working out and needed mental stimulation. He backed out of his web page, past his facebook (Chad Ganter) and back to Reddit.
still ready whatever he was on he absent mindedly meandered to the back of the room, not noticing someone was already there. He dropped the towl and positioned all 500 lbs of himself to sit.
Jarod finally noted the small amount of light from the window in the door getting blocked off, and opened his eyes to see an avalanche of flesh descend upon him
as a majority of Chad's naked weight landed on Jarod's thighs his lower legs sprang out reflexively...and banged into the back of the bleacher like seats that were in the storeroom. The first sign of the accident (a man's legs sticking out from under you) was prevented by Jarod's penchant for pinning his legs under the lower seat so he could sit back and let leverage keep him from falling over.
the pain of smacking his legs and being crushed resulted in a yell from the small man, that was immediately smothered by Chad's fleshy back. When a man gets as big as Chad alot of that chub builds on your shoulderblades, and as the young man leaned back the chub returned to wear it was, surrounding Jarod's head on both sides like the Devil's Motorboat.
the pain someone descipated into a crushing pressure as Chad leaned back, the weight of much of his torso on the wall behind them.
As painful as smacking his legs were, as much as it hurt to be crushed and as awkward as it was to have ones face pressed into the meaty back of another man, Jarod didnt panic, Surely the lumox would notice soon?
But he didnt know that being almost 7 feet , 4 people wide and the size of multiple men that Chad was used to sitting on things. Most chairs had arm wrests , or curved seats, TV remotes, uncomfortable decorations near couches and chairs , Chad had had to get used to being touched by multiple things as he brushed past them, of getting wedgies from airm rests, and fishing tv remotes from between his thight.
Nope, the might sized and ignorant chad barely registered the lumpy bleechers, and simple shimmied his ass left and right to settle the obstruction between his bare ass cheeks to get more comfortable
Jarod sat for several minutes there helpless, thinking. he had at the last moment pushed his head forward pushing some of chad's fat in, leaving a divit allowing air to flow between the wall, the wall of flesh and Jarod's neck. He tried to say something but the gym radio was to loud and he could barely move his jaw. He tried to move his legs but they'd gone numb from the pressure. His arms to his side barely had any leverage. He might have been able to push with enough force for Chad to notice but his arms were still weak and sore from yesterday
His only hope was for the big lug to finish up soon and get up on his own. It became more of a struggle to breath as the giant man was sweating profusely now. Jarod had to use his teeth and tongue to filter the air he breathed as most of it was liquid and based on the last a majority was Chad's sweat. He didnt think about how his thighs and legs were crammed between Chad's ass cheeks like a tiny sausage between hotdog buns. He didnt think about how he didnt even know where his arms were, warm and wet and stuck between a roll of fat each.  He didnt think about how his upper body was pressed halfway into another man, his flesh halfwrapped around him, his entire body covered in the liquid cast off of this man. How just by sitting down and relaxing as Jarod had been doing Chad was unwittingly forcing him to breath in and drink the sweat of his body.He didnt think of all that because all he could think of was breathing, of counting the seconds till chad got up. Jarod's entire world was the immense pressure of this man whos body had smothered him and forced itself down his throat with its liquid leavings.
But it would still be awhile before he left. For Chad had decided as the last one there that he should do what all men do when alone. After looking at several web pages that left his long cock, big enough to still be impressive even if much of it was hidden by chub, hard and bouncing on top of Jarod's knees. He finally found something he couldnt resist. Chad lifted part of his bulging belly, and reached under his chub and brasped his cock, not realizing as he lifted the chub his hand was a few mere inches from discovering his helpless prey. His sweat had already lubbed him up pretty well and he stroked his cock as he looked at the porn on his phone. Realizing he was in public egged him on and he imagined shoving his body's juices down another persons throat not realizing he was doing so with his sweat on accident.
as he thrust his veiny cock between his fingers like a make shift orifice he clenched his ass in anticipation, he subconciously leaned back, and with his legs tensed against the ground his back pressed even harder into Jarod's helpless form. His flesh molded around Jarod even more. Jarod wasnt even aware of the world anymore. ALl that existed for him was chad's body and all the air smelt of him and filled his mouth with his sweat, and covered his body in it.
Chad got closer, feeling that tingling in his prostate that lets a man know if he keeps going he will release, he pressed harder on the floor lifting himself up slightly. and thats when his form gave way and instead of pressing against accepted him into it. The flesh on his back fully wrapped around Jarod's head and torso. His arms fused with Chad's muffin top. his waste melded into Chad's asshole and salad. and his legs were slurped up like noodles.
Not realizing what was happening Chad felt this great release as if his body was hindered by something but it all let go. Thinking it an orgasm, it was like the feeling of penetration but all over his backside and then it finally stopped, the release of the pressure caused his prostate to spasm and the biggest load he ever had shot several feet from him. Feeling invigorated, like he just gained so much energy Chad couldnt help but to keep pushing his dick which continued to shoot more cum and more till he probably released 3 loads worth.
As chad sagged from the release, feeling the pleasure course through him he barely registered that the bench wasnt so uncomfortable now. He felt his cum covered dick start to go soft and absentmindedly rubbed his belly. He was covered in his own sweet and cum and would never relalize that through is body's oozes and his cheer strength and mass, that he had absorbed a whole man with is flesh, and as he started to consider getting up and leaving, the last of Jarod's conciousness would begin to fade, not much of a mercy for he'd spent the last hour with his entire world being Chad's flesh and oozes. And didnt even notice the difference as he became one with the nerdy awkward beast whos body accepted him into it.
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Hot story man

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Woof! hot story my man!

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This was great

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God absorption can be so hot! Wonder if Chads big belly can do that too...