Author Topic: Unforgiving Night Part 3  (Read 474 times)

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Unforgiving Night Part 3
« on: April 17, 2019, 02:46:07 PM »
It was another day of studies and lectures for the students of the College, Kaito was sat at his table in the photography classroom, the rays of the evening sun lighting up the room; it was quit apart from the sounds of chirping birds from outside, everyone working on their own thing and Mr Lewis was just sat at his table at the front of the room on his laptop, all the while Kaito listened to Crosses by Jose Gonzalez through his ear phones, as he did so he looked to his left at the unoccupied table beside him...Matteusz's table...

He wondered where Matt had ended up because no one has seen him or heard from him in almost a week, ever since that night out at the club and Kaito himself was getting increasingly stressed over the whereabouts of his best friend.

Kaito looked back down at his photo album, he chose to remain focused on his work at this point as his portfolio is due in a few days and he has not even done anything because he is so stressed but thankfully for him class was almost over and he could head home. Suddenly though a member of staff interrupted the silence of the class, requesting Kaito to come to reception as Matt's parents arrived so he put his album in his back, turned off his phone and music and went with the man. It was a short walk to the front of the College and there they were, Matt's mother and father, who were waiting for him, they both headed his way upon noticing him and they all exchanged smiles. "...Hey Nikki,hi David..."

"Hi Kai, ooh it's so good to see you" Nikki, Matt's mum, went for a hug which Kaito happily accepted. "Listen buddy, we haven't been back from Spain long, we started getting ready after the College phoned us that Matt hasn't been in, do you know if he's okay, Kai?" David enquired. Kaito's expressions was not positive "No i am sorry, i haven't seen him since last Friday, we went to a nightclub and he left but i didn't see but's just..."
"Go on honey it's okay"

Kaito felt very anxious, for some reason he feels responsible yet he had no way of knowing what would happen.

"I found his clothes and his phone, but they were left there at the toilets"

Nikki's face dropped "Well someone had to of seen him...what if he has been kidnapped or..or, he might have been raped...god damn it David we should of just sent Matteusz to conversion therapy! Who knows what some homosexual has done to my boy!"

David gave his wife a hug as she was quickly becoming distraught and fearful for her son's safety "Honey we have talked about this, let him be who he wants okay..."

"Hey, Nikki, i am planning on going back to the club next Friday when it is open again with my friend Katie to keep an eye out for the guy he was seen with, i did look and someone told me they saw him go in the restrooms with a blonde guy so i am going to keep an eye out for him and see if he knows, okay?"

Nikki, still feeling distraught and paranoid over her son, didn't respond

David however thanked Kaito "Thanks for being a great pal for our son" to which Kaito responded with a slight smile. "Right we'll be off Kai, we're going to contact the police and start printing missing person posters for our son, it pains me to be do this but it just isn't like Matt to not turn up to College, sure he hasn't been home for days in the past when he started getting out in the world but as i said, he never once would miss a day at College..." "Hey David, we will find him, i am sure of it" Kaito responded.

With that Matt's parents left and Kaito headed home, after all his mother needed him with the progression of her Cancer.

Kaito enjoyed listening to the birds chirping, he was always a lover of nature, not the cities like London which were just concrete jungles full of pollution, he continued walking through the woods at the edge of the fields behind the College, it was the quickest way home for him and it was pleasant, feeling the warmth of the setting sun, the refreshing scents of Spring and the calm breeze, he felt so free in this peaceful bright corner of the world, he reached the treeline which he would go through to then climb over the fence at the back of his garden, way quicker getting home this way that going around in a square using the road, and on top of that all the traffic as a result of rush hour.

"I'm back mum!"

Kaito's mother came out of the kitchen on her wheelchair, very happy as well as relieved to see her son safe at home

"I'm so glad to see your home, i was on the phone with Matteusz's parents just now, i am so glad your helping them through this, you know your such a good young man, i am proud of the way your turning out, selflessly helping others, but i think you should be a bit more careful because there are rumours going around that someone else has went missing, thankfully not here but out over in the village Somerset"

"Really, someone has went missing?"

"Unfortunately yes, i read it online yesterday, this man in his early twenties went missing two days ago from the village, so i just want you to be careful okay son, but i have some positive news for a change!"

Kaito's face lit up. "Is it your treatment?"

A big smile appeared on his mother's lips "Yes! Yes it is, a charity got in contact and has offered to cover the rest of the money to have the tumours removed in my legs, i thought i'd accept it since i dare not go for Chemotherapy again as it made it worse so i may only be in this wheelchair for another year or so!" Kaito hugged his mother, overcome with relief

"Awww mum, i am so happy, relieved if anything, this was stressing me out so much and then for you to just come out with this news, it's amazing!"

Kaito and his mother continued to hug each other, both overcome with joy.


Meanwhile, in Somerset, that same young guy who had killed Matteusz was having fun with his new toy...

"Someone HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!" The poor shrunken man was up against the side of a wall, looking up at the giant young man. The giant reached down to grab his victim, closing his fist softly around the poor guy, he brought him up to his face and gave him a giant wet kiss all over his body

"Y...Your insane! P..please put me down..."

"Nah mate, don't you want to see my lovely slim body, i know your into this so c'mon, it'll be fun! The little guy anxiously nodded in agreement, Leon then placed the little man on a table and took his shirt off, revealing his slim body and lovely abs, he noted the little man's changed expression, he then reached down for him and picked him, then lowered him to his abs. "Say man, how would you feel about ending up in there?"

"As in...your stomach?"

"Yeah, want to end up inside me?"
"Umm, no....."

Leon giggled "Well, too bad coz that's where your gonna end up, heh heh, but first we're gonna have some fun.

Leon then opened his hand and set the guy free on his palm, but freedom would soon end as he began to angle his hand up at the base of his mouth, then his lips slowly opened, the poor little man tried to stop himself from sliding down but before long he found himself inside of Leon's mouth...

Leon then jumped on his bed, pulled down his jeans and boxers and began to masturbate, all the while the poor little man was stuck in a mess of sticky and bubbly saliva...


Leon, with his other hand, traced his snack down his throat with his finger and then down his chest, between his pink nipples and ending at his ab covered stomach, he then let out a disgusting burp,

The experience was hell for the poor shrunken man, he was squeezed through Leon's sphincter before he landed with a giant splash into Leon's almost full stomach, he grabbed hold of something squelchy to stop himself from sinking, he began to sob and wimper in pain from the strong acids that were breaking down Leon's dinner, his stomach was so full that the poor little man could reach for the sphincter, with all of his strength he tried to pry it open with his hands but to no avail, after a few failed attempts he struggled over to the stomach wall and began to fight with what little strength he had, the disgusting smells and gurgles causing him to become weak.

Leon could feel a light tapping coming from the middle of his belly and he rubbed his belly in pleasure and amusement, the thought of this little man digesting alive inside of his stomach really turned him on, the fact that he was going to meet the same fate as poor Matt caused him to cum all over...

After ejaculating, Leon then began to drift of to sleep.

Meanwhile, inside his stomach, the little man had given up struggling and instead tried to pry open the sphincter again, and to his surprise he managed to wriggle his hand through, then with his other hand, with all of his strength, grabbed the side of the sphincter and forced his way through, all of a sudden though the inside of the stomach began to shift sideways from Leon laying down, luckily for this little man he managed to force his way through and the sphincter closed behind him, he was now trapped at the bottom of Leon's throat and it was extremely difficult to breathe.

"My god...i...i made it out of there...." he whispered to himself. He had to keep his arms and legs tense up against the sides of Leon's throat or it may force him back inside his stomach.

He was still finding it extremely hard to gasp for air and he had few options, he knew he could stay there and suffocate or allow himself to be forced back into Leon's stomach to breathe the disgusting, rancid air of his belly and most likely drown, and even if he didn't drown he would eventually be digested, which he imagined would be painful, so he decided to try and force his way through Leon's throat and hopefully get out of his mouth, perhaps if he lays over on his side and front he will be able to get out but while laying on his back there was the possibility of falling down into his windpipe but that meant air at least...

(to be continued in part 4)