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War and Impatience
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                                  War and Impatience


   Staring at the blinking light, Supreme Commander Juliax waited for the Porter beam to initiate. Having been in the military of  the RoMar Empire all of his adult life he showed a few scars physically, but the worst were the ones you couldn't see. Years of war had left him emotionally bereft of feelings and he was mostly amoral.


   The Empire he was a part of was modeled after that of the militaristic Romans and their Patron God Mars, their God of War. Thus the Imperial Empire of RoMar was named. This was to be the fourteenth time he had to visit planet side and was more than a little annoyed at having had to leave the comfort of his ship for this.


   The crackle of the Porter Beam atomized his hulking frame, which stood much the as that of a tall Brown Bear. He and his second in command Lt. Stryx, were soon reassembled at the front line command center.


   “What is the meaning of all this? Why has the forward movement through the sector stopped?”, Commander Juliax barked at the young squad commander. Squad Commander Marcus winced and stood nervous while standing in front of the imposing man before him. Marcus squeaked out, “I – I don't know Sir! The men say that the enemy is too strong and that there are too numerous. We have battled for days and we have not gained an inch. We have run out of ammo and are fighting hand to hand!”.


   “Well I don't have time for this Squad Commander!”, replied Supreme Commander Juliax.


   Supreme Commander Juliax admitted to himself that he was impressed by the young Squad Commander's youth and good looks. SC Marcus was from a prominent family back on the home world of The Empire. Good genes gave the SC a tall muscular body, brains and a smile that led his squaddies into battle. However good looks was NOT going to win this battle. What Commander Juliax was about to do would have some repercussions, but he didn't care, his superiors wanted results. The Commander had little time to settle this quagmire and needed to move on quickly!


   “Well Squad Commander Marcus, gather your remaining command in front of me NOW!, said Commander Juliax. As SC Marcus assembled his remaining ten men not already involved in the battle, Commander Juliax surveyed them one and all. He wanted to see their faces. He wanted to memorize the way they looked. A smile crept across the bearded face of Commander Juliax. Turning to look at his second in command, Lt. Stryx, he said, “I want all these men to join the battle now, including Squad Commander Marcus!

   Lt. Stryx said, “You heard the Supreme Commander, NOW!”. SC Marcus turned to his men and tried to smile but couldn't, “Let's go men, to the front!”. The eleven young soldiers turned and marched out the Command Center's doors, their battle hardened muscles flexing under their uniforms as they strode out. Lt. Stryx's cock started to stretch within his tight uniform sensing what was about to come.


   Commander Juliax says next, “ Stryx! Open the display table and focus it on the front line battle before us!”. Standing over the display table, Lt. Stryx pushed a few buttons and waved his hand over some sensors. The battle field came into view showing each of the combatants location, health and the fact they lacked firing armaments. At this stage of the stalemate, most soldiers were out of crucial ammo, had poor health, except the eleven he just sent into battle. They were mostly using hand to hand combat, rifle butts and knives.


   Supreme Commander Juliax intended to show his Lt. how to end stalemates, just as he had done the six demonstrations before. “Encircle the combatants with the S-P coordinates”, said Commander Juliax.


   “Aye Sir!”, said Lt. Stryx. Looking down at the screen, Commander Juliax saw the Lt. use his hands to grab the edges of the circle projected on the green hued screen. Lt. Stryx stopped when the greatest cluster of men were encircled by the blue radius superimposed on the green.


   “Lt. , Have all of Squad Commander Marcus's men joined in the battle along with Squad Commander Marcus himself?”


   “Aye Sir!”, said the Lt., “ Sir, his disappearance will raise eyebrows within his Great House”.
   “Good”, said in a way that showed contempt by Commander Juliax.


   Commander Juliax now says, “Widen the circle a little further to encompass more of the front lines!'.


   Lt Styrx says, “ But Sir, we have all the men needed already in the circle, widening the circle will only ensnare some support troops.


   “I don't care! I do not want any of the enemy left behind! Besides the more the merrier!”, Commander Juliax says.


   Lt. Stryx complies with a head shake and a wry smile, using both hands to manipulate the target size even larger. Coming closer to the table between the two of them, Commander Juliax has a stirring in his groin. He is savoring with anticipation his next act command to Lt. Stryx.


   “Deploy the Shrink-Porter device to those precise coordinates NOW!” says Juliax.


   Lt. Stryx has to gain authorization, so he punches in the personal Command Code of Commander Juliax which he knew by heart. Now moving his hands in a downward movement, sweeping his right hand past one last sensor, like it was a sword about to come down upon all those poor soldiers. The S-P device was launched from space by the Imperial Cruiser above.


   Waiting the last few seconds for the round to hit it's chosen targets, Lt. Stryx sees the blueish circle around the soldiers change into a purple, signifying the tearing apart of all the soldier's individual atoms, the enemy's soldiers and their own. For this weapon was one of undiscriminating power. Anyone in its radius would be affected significantly and in a life changing way.


   Commander Juliax realizing it's time, holds his right hand outward, placing it between himself and Stryx. A ring on Juliax's thumb, golden and ringed with the pattern of a Greek Key, glows ever so softly that it is almost time.

   Glittering sparkles, like they were from the heart of a Sun, start to appear on the Supreme Commander's palm. Having found the corresponding companion ring, the S-P Mortar sent all the soldiers there. Tiny combatants, disarmed by the weapon's ability to remove dangerous items. They all looked bewildered, they all stood closely packed on the wide open plain that was Juliax's sweaty hand. Looking down closely at the mites, Commander Juliax surmised that there had to be a tight grouping of more than two hundred pathetic soldiers wearing both colors of battle. All standing there looking up at his massive bearded smile with his white shiny teeth fifty feet high. The Commander's palm was so large it might have been mistaken by the shrunken for a football field.


   Juliax said down at Squad Commander Marcus and his men, “This is how I show you there are things greater than war, and it's ME!”. The Supreme Commander's smile widened, his strong bearded jaw lowered and his lips parted and surrounded all the men. Now Commander Juliax's lips met his palm sealing the men in and the light out. With the Commanders' open palm pressed firmly to his open gaping mouth, he lifted his head and hand. All of the soldiers went into that moist dark hungry cave. Most of the shrunken soldiers fell onto his tongue and but some were thrown straight back into his bottomless throat.


   Pushing his big puffy bearded lips back together, he felt some tiny boots running around on the uneven and slick surface of his muscular tongue. Looking back up at the face of Lt. Stryx, he tasted the rubber soles of the army boots. He straightened his throat out and GULPEDloudly!


   The Lt. was enthralled by the showing of masculinity, sheer power and domination by the Supreme Commander. The ruthless efficiency he saw in the Commander eliminating the “bottle neck”, sent shivers down his spine. The Supreme Commander walked up to Lt. Stryx and grabbed the Lt.'s hardening cock. Familiarity with his obedient subordinate allowed him this luxury. Leaning into the Lt.'s neck, the Supreme Commander said, “ Follow!”.


Just as he has done dutifully in past, the Lt. knew he was expected to kneel before Commander Juliax's cock later and provide worship to the Commander as the unfortunate shrunken soldiers digest and are absorbed. The Lt. smiled and licked his lips thinking about the Commander's dripping cock. The Commander turned and strode out of the empty command center while rubbing his furry belly containing all the men.