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Anonymous (FS, O)
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   The chirping of crickets reverberated through my empty house.  My navy blue blanket constricting me in a gossamer hug.  My pillows conformed, bathing my head in it's soft, feathery clutches.  My eyelids grew heavy, the moon casting a spell on me.  The chirping crickets slowly stopped chirping, and I closed my eyes in a final salute to drowsiness.  I fell into the soft world of sleep, and I hoped to never leave.  *Bang*  I opened one eye.  I convinced myself it was just my cat dropping a plate or something.  Nothing that I should be worried about.  I curled up in my gossamer blanket, and I jumped into the river of sleep I had left.  *Bang*  I opened another eye and grunted in annoyance.  I contemplated getting up to stop my cat from dropping dishes, but my lethargy got the best of me. If I hear another bang, I'll get up and clean up the mess Bobbi made.  I rationalized in my head.  *Bang*  God damn that cat.  I love her to death but she is so rowdy.  I swept away my torpidity and put on foot on the ground.  The carpet tickled my sleepy soles.  I put another foot on the ground, and slowly got up.  I rose up from my bed, and walked over to my door.  It creaked open.  I opened my eyes, only to see darkness.  I started to walk down the hall, each step causing the floor to creak.  I got to the steps and heard something... peculiar.

      What was that noise?  I asked myself.  Oh, it's Bobbi hissing.  She probably just got bit by a lizard or something.  Damn cat.  I walked down the flight of stairs, each step making an eerie creaking noise.  This house must be hella old.  I thought to myself.  I finally got down the stairs, and flipped the light switch.  The lights to the kitchen turned on.  There was Bobbi, my American Bobtail Kitten, hissing.  She was hissing at...  an intruder.  The intruder had a ski-mask on, but no shirt.  He had on a bright red speedo, covering his manhood.  I stepped back.  My eyes opened wide.  I covered my mouth in horror and awe.  The hunky intruder was just staring down at Bobbi, who was scared out of her mind.  The front door was behind him, wide open.  Oh shit, that was the banging noise.  Oh no, oh no no no.  Thoughts raced through my head as I stood there.  I was frozen in fear.  The intruder looked up, straight at me.  My 5'9 stature paled in comparison to his 6'3 stature.  I opened my mouth to scream, but nothing came out.  My cellphone was upstairs, the home phone was in the living room.  THE LANDLINE.  I screamed in my head.  The landline was right in front of me.  The anonymous intruder just stood there, his perfect abs reflecting the light from above.  A rush of adrenaline coursed through my veins.  My torpor was shed, and a state of hysteria and trepidation was born.  I swiftly ran to the landline.  The stranger ran right at me.  I was tackled to the ground by my unknown assailant.  I struggled under those valiant muscles.  I looked up at his face.  The ski-mask showed his cold blue eyes.  The were dead inside.  The cold eyes gave off the essence of nihilism, and.... hunger.  An extreme hunger.  He smiled.  His white teeth nearly blinding me.  His form exuded an extreme sense of virility, and a great desire for something. 

     The crickets resumed their chirping outside.  My anonymous invader dragged me across the floor by my collar.  I struggled all I could.  I used my measly, thin arms to try and force him to let go.  I heard a great growl come from my raider.  He opened the bathroom door and dragged me inside.  Once I was inside my bathroom, he slammed the door shut, and locked it.  I laid on the cold, tile floors, closing my eyes.  I hoped this is just a bad nightmare, and I am still laying in my soft, warm bed.  I opened my eyes.  I pinched myself.  There was a soft pain where I pinched myself, meaning only one thing.  This was no dream.  He glared down at me.  He pulled his ski-mask up, exposing his tan chin, his manly jawline.  His perfect teeth.  He bent over and picked me up.  His strong hands clamped my arms together.  I was done, tired.  The Adonis could do anything to me.  I wasn't hypnotize.  I was just tired.  Sluggishness hit me like a train.  I knew whatever was going to happen to me would happen to me.  I sighed.  I was pulled face level to my hot intruder.  I still have a chance to fight back.  Stop being a lazy asshole and get the hell out of here!  I told myself.  I tried to push out, but his grasp only got harder.  I kicked his abs, hoping it would do something.  I tried to kick the giant bulge in his speedo, but before I could I was thrust into a world of darkness.

      A warm liquid drenched my hair.  A course object was running along my face.  It was sort of lapping at my face.  What's going on?  The wet cavern I was stuck in smelled like mint toothpaste. Mint toothpaste?  What is-.  My inquiries were cut short when I was pushed further down the cave, and there was a tube beneath me.  My pajamas were ripped off, and soft, cold air blew against it.  I started to sweat as the extreme heat of the cave got to me.  Mint toothpaste, really hot, rigid...  Is he eating me?  I put two and two together and realized I was being eaten.  I started to squirm.  Hopefully I could do a Houdini and slowly squirm my way out of here.  My struggles were met with another swallow.  My shoulders entered the behemoth's mouth.  His tongue lapped at the sweat building on my body, as my head was entering the throat.  His teeth scrapped against my silky skin.  One more swallow and my arms would be stuck against my torso.  He swallowed.  My arms were stuck to my sides, as my whole shoulder entered his mouth.  He used his long arms and grabbed my ankles.  He pushed my ankles towards himself, shoving more and more of my arms and torso into his mouth.  My head had just entered his esophagus, and saliva was rubbing itself all over my chest and back.  He pushed more of me into his mouth, his glorious teeth scraping my skin.  Saliva and sweat mixing on my body and his tongue.  Salty sensations making a storm of pleasure on his tongue.  My  torso and arms were now inside his mouth and throat.  He ripped off my pants, exposing my legs to the frigid air.  My head was above a sphincter, and one more swallow would shove me inside there.  He swallowed again.  An audible gulp could be heard in the bathroom.  My head broke through the sphincter, and the fumes of acid and puke attacked me.  My hips and tighty-whities  entered his mouth, and he licked all around the area.  My penis started to harden.  He licked at my underwear, rubbing his tongue against my cock.  He swallowed.  Did he really just do that to me?  I asked myself.  My head had fully entered the stomach, and more and more of my body was entering the stomach.  My anonymous invader lifted his head up, and let my legs fall into his mouth.  He quickly licked my thighs and knees as my calves started to fall in.  I didn't even struggle.  My feet were the only part of my body left outside of my hunky intruder.  He took his fingers and pushed my feet into his mouth, and with one final gulp, I was sent to my final destination.  My form bulged out his neck and belly.  His stomach was a ball.  His abs were barely definable.  The rest of my body plopped into his stomach, into slimy, gloopy liquids.  The air was stagnant, and sharp.  Every inhale was like breathing in needles.  My prison was cramped, and saliva and sweat was dripping down my body.  Tears forming in my eyes.  Acid was being secreted from the stomach walls, bones were pushing up against my body.  I tried to move, but the muscular walls were having none of it.  The air was smelly, the liquid beneath me burned, it was excruciatingly hot and painful.  This was my deathbed.  I was eaten by someone... anonymous.
*Digestion Ahead*
     The stranger rubbed his giant stomach.  He felt the imprints my struggling made.  My shoulder and knees stretching his skin out.  Inside his stomach was total hell.  More and more acid was building up beneath me, tearing my underwear to shreds.  My boner was released, and it pressed against my burning skin.  Bones from his previous meal were being cracked and torn in two beneath me, the marrow floating to the top of the bubbling acid.  My hair was drenched.  It stuck to my forehead and my temples.  I was in a fetal position.  The acid was rising quickly, and there was nothing I could do about it.  I felt his manly hands rubbing me, churning me.  He was just rubbing the acid into my skin, like one would rub spices into a cut of meat.  On the outside, he pulled his ski-mask down to cover his face.  He used one hand to rub his full belly, while he used the other one to grab the pajamas worn by his prey.  Once he had the pajamas, he opened the lid of the toilet and flushed to clothes down the toilet.  He opened the door to the bathroom and walked out.  He shut the front door to his victim's house, and opened the door to his car.  He sat down in the front seat, and started the car.  His belly pushed against the steering wall, almost crushing the meat inside his stomach.  His stomach groaned and gurgled, as air built up in the chamber.  A large pressure built up inside, and started to rise up his throat.  The man just opened his car window and stuck his head out.  *UURRRRAPPPPPP*  A giant belch raced out of his body, sending saliva and the elastic band of his prey's underwear out of his mouth.  The elastic band landed in the soft grass, covering chirping crickets.  The house-invader drove off, and all was quiet in the neighborhood.  The stomach acids stabbed at the prey's body, softening flesh and meat.  The belch released most of the poisonous air, but not all of it.  The prey was still alive.  Flesh was falling off the lower body.  The liquid was full of skin, bones, and lots and lots of acid.  The prey's meat was soft, and being slowly cooked to tenderness.  The walls undulated, churning the skin, ripping flesh from the body.  *URP*  A small burp finished the prey off, and all the air was gone.  It suffocated.  He parked his car in the driveway of his home.  He opened the door and stepped into the cold night air.  He walked into his home, locking his front door.  He sat down on the couch swiftly, slouching on top of his belly.  His stomach was not a sphere anymore.  The form of his digesting meal could be seen.  The acid inside his stomach was being moved around in waves, splashing on the corpse of his prey.  Skin was drooping, falling off and landing in the concoction of bone, meat, flesh, saliva, sweat, and acid.  He flexed his pecs, crushing the prey inside his stomach.  *CRUNCH*  The prey exploded.  Flesh and meat went everywhere in the stomach.  I landed on the walls and in the acid.  The Tibias and Fibulas of the prey snapped in half.  The whole body collapsed as the acid rose.  The corrosive liquid submerged the bones and muscle.   The acid bubbled as it dissolved the dead body of a poor man.  The form of the food was lost, and now the stomach was a little spherical.  Some bones pushing out on the skin.  The intruder laid back on his couch, and closed his eyes.  He fell into the saccharine meadows of sleep.  His stomach was still working hard.  It sloshed and growled as the food inhabiting the space churned into viscous liquid.  The bones floated around in the nutritious soup as the meat was turned into chime.  The bones were slowly softened, being torn into smaller pieces.  The stomach had finished digesting the food, and sent it on its way. 

    The digested food was absorbed by the small intestines and colon, being turned into stinky brown logs that were begging to be let out.  He woke up and smiled.  His ski-mask was still on.  His bright red speedo hiding his large manhood.  He walked outside and into the forest, where he crouched behind a tree.  He grunted, pushing hard.  *FRTT*  A large, disgusting fart blew out of his hole.  The stench was terrible.  He grunted again, and a large snake of shit ran out and curled up in a coil.  The shit was full of hair and fragments of bone.  Another push sent out a giant loaf of shit.  It was packed full of remnants of his large meal.  *FRT*  A small fart snuck its way out.  He pushed hard this time, large logs of brown falling down into the pile of shit below him.  Another push and something started to really stretch his hole.  A large nugget of shit had a piece of the cranium in it.  Two good pushes later, and the last of his meal left his body.  All that was left now was a pile of bone, hair, and shit.  *FRT*  The last fart made it's way out, as his belly was reverted back to it's six-pack.  He walked back home, smiling.  He flashed his white teeth through his ski-mask, so he could stay..... anonymous.

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Re: Anonymous (FS, O)
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Oh my gosh! This is absolutely amazing! I'm sleeping with my front door unlocked from now on :D

I LOVED the detail you poured into the story - lots of gore and grotesque details: my absolute FAVORITE!
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Re: Anonymous (FS, O)
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Wow, this is awesome.
If so, pm me your discord/snapchat/kik.

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Re: Anonymous (FS, O)
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oh man fucking excellent on the digestoin description. good shit.
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