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A Cold Dish - Part Two - FS, O
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A Cold Dish - Part 2
[/size]Written by Bobbobson

     Chris placed a hand on Vesuvio's gut, rubbing it. Vesuvio's stomach wobbled, the remains of Scott sloshing around inside, gurgles indicating his gradual shift into Vesuvio's lower bowels.

     "Shit. You really did it," Chris said, "That's fucking hot."

     "Nothing hotter than making a man your fat, Chris. URP! Speaking of, who's the next guy you want me to get rid of?" Vesuvio asked.

     "Liam Day. Here's his address," Chris handed him a piece of paper.

     "So what'd this one do to you that you want him turned to mush?"

     "He's..." Chris paused, " ex, of a sort. We never officially dated, really. But he was unkind. Cruel. Abusive. And I don't want him to be able to hurt anyone else the way he hurt me."

     "Jesus. I'm sorry that happened to you, kid," Vesuvio said before smiling, "But it's very noble of you to let me turn this bastard into shit."

     Liam parked his Mercedes-Benz in his driveway, and walked up to the door of his remodeled Victorian estate. He strolled up to his front door, fiddling with his keys briefly before finding the right one to unlock it. He entered, and walked straight to his bedroom. He looked at himself in his mirror, patting his gut. His gut jerked, and the buttons of his shirt flew off one by one, his hefty stomach bursting out.

     "Oh, now you decide to squirm for me, huh? Not when I asked nicely? You really are a shitty inter-" He stopped speaking and belched. HRRRRP! The struggles in his gut stopped, the man inside now unconscious. " were a shitty intern. Now you're just gonna be shit. At least you were decent enough to fuck."

     Liam took off his ruined shirt and threw it in the trash. He took off the rest of his clothes and tossed them in a heap on the floor. He walked over, naked, to his closet to grab a robe to lounge and digest in. He opened the closet door, and before he could scream, Vesuvio had his head fully in his mouth.

      He pinned Liam onto the bed, and rammed his dick into his asshole. Liam gasped from inside Vesuvio's throat, and began to struggle. Oh, you don't like it so much when you're the one getting raped, do you? Sick fuck, Vesuvio thought, thrusting harder into Liam. He gulped Liam further down into his waiting gullet. He had so much more meat on him that Scott had. Nice and juicy. He sucked on his flabby pecs briefly, before attempting to tackle his massive stomach. It was tough to fit into his mouth, but as soon as it was in, flavor burst in his mouth. It was sweaty and greasy, he must not have showered for a few days. He nibbled on Liam's soft fat, enjoying the feeling of it in his maw.

     He decided it was time to move on and gulped. Liam's head poked into Vesuvio's stomach and he began to scream and squirm even more in reaction to the sweltering heat of his churning gut. Vesuvio's cock was quivering and throbbing as it slid out of Liam's ass. His dick wanted to burst so badly. But you're not worth the cum, He thought. He gulped again, and got a surprise: Liam's cock was rock hard and dripping with pre. He worked it around in his mouth, shoving his tongue into Liam's asshole as well. Despite himself, Liam moaned from within Vesuvio, and his cock filled Vesuvio's mouth with warm, salty, cum.

     Vesuvio smiled, as much as he could with a man half in his mouth. He loved the extra flavoring and additional lubricant. He tilted his head far back, and swallowed hard as he could, Liam's toes vanishing with a small slurp down his throat. Liam thrashed around in the stomach, trying to adjust himself.

     "Let me out! Right now!" Liam shouted.

     "Oh, I'll let you out. It'll just be from the other end." Vesuvio chuckled smugly, causing Liam to squirm more, furthering the throbbing of Vesuvio's cock. "Until then, pal, I'm gonna have a little more fun with you." BURRRRRRP!

     Vesuvio crawled onto the bed on all fours. He began to hump his stomach, dick leaving a trail of pre along his stretched gut. Liam was tossed around inside from the rough motion.

    "You know, Liam." Vesuvio said, pausing to let out a small Urp and swallowing down more air, "I try to be reasonable with my prey. I only eat people who deserve it, and I try not to cause them unnecessary suffering." He moaned with pleasure as Liam tried to escape yet again. " But you are the worst person I've met. Taking advantage of men younger than you, to use them as you want and then digest them without their permission. So I think you deserve some suffering."

     Liam stopped struggling, and started muttering. "No. No. NO! Please, just let me out. At least burp out my air!" Vesuvio complied briefly with a loud rrrrrrRRRRRRRRPP! Liam began to lose consciousness, but Vesuvio sucked in more air at the last second.

     "You're not getting off that easily, you creep." Vesuvio laughed. The acids in his stomach began churning even harder. Liam's skin began to burn, and he began to scream. Vesuvio continued to hump his gut, getting his stomach to work faster on Liam's fat body. Liam could feel his fat beginning to melt off, and he cried out again. Vesuvio thrusted into gut again, and he could hear one of Liam's bones snap under the pressure. Liam let out a yell that pierced the wall of fat and muscle surrounding him.

     "Oh you didn't like that one bit, did you?" Vesuvio got off his hands and legs and let all of his weight press his stomach against the bed. More of Liam's bones shattered in succession. The pain for Liam was almost unbearable, and the pleasure for Vesuvio was just as immense. The stomach acids, fortunately for Liam, filed up Vesuvio's gut completely, and loud churning and sloshing sounds began from inside. He let out a earth-shaking BURAHHHHHHHHHP! The feeling was too much for Vesuvio, and he grunted as strands of cum coated the underside of his belly and the bed.

     He flopped down onto his roiling stomach. He decided he would sleep off some of this massive meal before he cleared the place of evidence, and closed his eyes.

     "You're so much bigger than before!" Chris said excitedly, not even trying to hide his erection from seeing this beast of a man with the gut full of slush.

     "Yeah, he was a big boy. Which is just what I was needing." Vesuvio smiled at Chris. "Now. There's only one more person you wanted me to take care of? And who might he be?"

     "Well, sir. He um..." Chris stuttered and stopped.

     "Spit it out already boy, I'm starting to get hungry."

     "The next person I want you to digest... is me."


Again, please let me know what you thought in the comments, criticism accepted as long as it's not just being an asshole. I enjoy writing for you all!

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Super fan of this mini series thing 😅 hoping an ending is coming out. No rush or anything, but I'd be glad to edit/grammar check if you needed time saved