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The Monster of the Night (FS, O)
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I write quite a bit but, this is my first time posting a story to Voreplay. I hope you lot enjoy it, it's got fantasy elements, something I'm a sucker for but, good ol' fashioned gobblin'.


The Monster of the Night
Albion moved down the road with haste, clad in a cloak, pants and pauldrons, his red embroidered clothing contrasting the blending of his dark clothes with the night. He watched his back, the mana in his veins on edge, fingers close to crackling with power at a moment’s notice.
There was no particular reason for his unease; he had no bounty on his head, no enemies to speak of aside from his rivals at the Mystical College, and even then it was a friendly rivalry. To his knowledge there were no interdimensional entities that wanted his head. No, the only reason for being at the ready was that it was night time. The time where those who prowled these very paths between cities came out to play. So Albion, skin dark as night but magic burning bright, summoned a yellow burning glyph above him, a lantern without keeping his hands occupied. It would betray his location but he’d see anything coming at him.
“Not many travel these roads so late, spellweaver…” a voice said behind him.
Albion spun, cloak flowing behind him, his fingertips now burning, screaming for his whisper of a summon. Behind him a man stood, and stood tall. Albion was sure he’d only come up to his chest, but, from his current distance it was hard to tell. He was fair skinned, wearing a vest, worn tunic and pants tucked into boots. His eyes, however, glowed like a nocturnal creature. Albion swallowed. He sensed human mana from this man but… there was something off…
“Not many say that to travelers without dark intentions…” Albion responded. He whispered under his breath, his fingertips glowing a bright blue. An azure ether flowed from them, swirling in front of his palm, before he snatched a blade out of the air, or a construct of one.
“Hrmnph… true…” he man said, stepping closer now. Albion didn’t move, his eyes merely narrowed. “The name’s Brahg, who-”“I didn’t ask your name.” Albion said. “What do you want?”
“So rude!” Brahg laughed. With his large sturdy frame, it was contrasted by the fat bowl of jelly he had for a belly bouncing up and down, riding up his shirt to expose his deep bellybutton. He absently tugged at his shirt. “Well mage, yer gonna be a part of me soon, ya’ may as well know my name!”
His stomach gave a deep guttural growl, louder than that of a dragon, wobbling his middle.
“You’ll try.” Albion said. He didn’t usually attack without being prompted, but, those words were enough. With his other hand he summoned several orbs of light, sending them flying forward at the speed of arrows.
Brahg proved he was no passerby of idle threats though, moving with the speed of a cheetah, even for someone of his bulk such a thing was supernatural. He dodged a few of the orbs, leaping and ducking them not just with a speed but an agility Albion hadn’t expected. He watched as his assailant rushed for him, hunger in his eyes, an idle licking of lips…
Albion whispered again, his free hand casting a rune at the ground. He watched Brahg grow closer now, his trap haphazard, but set nonetheless. He swung his blade at horizontal arc, a wave of blue magic flying for the approaching man’s head. He didn’t have time to jump over it… he slid. He dropped to his knees and slid forward, the wave crashing into the downward slope behind him, exploding into a destructive dome. He dodged the worst…
...or so he thought. Brahg’s knees slid right over the ground that had been enchanted by Albion’s rune.
..A pillar of destructive magic detonated from the spot, and sent Brahg backward, bouncing along the ground. His shoes were obliterated to nothing, his pants now tattered, smoking shorts. To Albion’s surprise his body was unscathed, even for an explosion that was meant to render all bones in his legs shattered.
“By the gods…!” Brahg growled, sitting up and looking down at his legs. “I loved those pants…!”
“Speaks volumes for your expectations.” Albion said with a hint of a grin, a bolt of blue energy flying for Brahg’s chest. It struck the ground, the large man already rolling and moving.
“Well I want YOU, don’t I?” Brahg snickered, dodging another bolt.
Albion frowned, moving back again as Brahg moved to his right side. He was sure he knew why; Albion’s casting came from the hand that held no blade, and with the sword all he had to expect was energy waves. He rushed in now…
...Just as Albion showed off a surprise. The energy blade extended, the tip of the blade firing for Brahg’s face at the speed of a missile. Still, he underestimated the man’s speed, who got low now, the blade narrowly missing him, but missing nonetheless, its extended tip getting stuck in the ground. Albion, was open.
Brahg slammed into the mage’s ribs, tumbling with him, the two rolling along the ground until Brahg put all his weight on the man, his round, soft belly pinning him down while his hands gripped the spellweaver’s wrists.Still, they weren’t the source of his magic, he knew, as Albion began to mutter.
“Oh no ya’ don’t!” Brahg said. He leaned down, shoving his face against Albion’s his lips pressing to his while his tongue invaded the mage’s mouth, cutting off his incantation. He made out with the mage there, passionately kissing him, smacking, and pressing his bulky and portly body against him. It was forward of him, but, it had its own effect…
...As Brahg parted the kiss, Albion tried to speak, to put together a spell, but it was all… jumbled, mixed. His mind, his focus was chaos. Like a storm cloud had moved into his consciousness
“Like that?” Brahg asked, looking into Albion’s confused expression. “That’s MY spell. Not much good at magic but mine don’t need a set o’ words… just one kiss…”
He put his hands on Albion’s shoulders, lifting him now as he stood with a grunt. He dragged the man along his hairy smooth belly, its growls from within demanding his catch, then along his chest, then into a pecking kiss.
“Welp…” Brahg snickered. “Bottom’s up.”
“N...No…!” Albion managed to gather together.
But it was far too late. He watched in horror as Brahg’s jaws stretched wide, wider than his own head, his chubby cheeks stretching along, neck widening to the point where he could see the cavern instead of just a normal gullet. Albion was shoved in, face colliding with Brahg’s licking tongue. He winced, tried to mutter something, but his mind was jumping between so many letters of languages he had studied that saying any incantation proved impossible. A thought crossed in a flash, that if he knew less spells he could pull one off, but, it wasn’t to be. His knowledge was a curse now.
What was to be, was the loud, thick swallow that rang in Albion’s ears, that caused his face to swell Brahg’s throat roundly, bulging out as an upside-down imprint.GLUORNK….!
There was a moan of pleasure as Brahg’s tongue lapped at Albion’s neck, his form shifting, squirming, his knees digging into Brahg’s fat belly, sinking in a few inches. It only prompted another languid swallow from Brahg, who took his time now that his throat had a grip. His shoulders were worked in faster than even an anaconda could muster…GLURNRK…!
...and swallowed with ease. Albion’s form slowly vanished down Brahg’s bloated pale neck, chest pronounced,throat jutting forward. One gulp handles his chest, and another takes the mage’s abdomen as the large man’s lips purse about the waist. With one powerful strong “GLUUUUOOOLP!” his meal’s upper body sinks down his gullet entirely…
Albion kicks at this point, with no spells, no weapons, and his concentration on the sword’s maintaining shattered to the wind, he can do only that. Brahg tilted his head up, watching thighs and shins slide down his neck, not swallowing once. His gullet handled most of the work, his erection perking when the sensation of Albion’s head pressing to the underside of his belly is felt. He smirks around the ankles of his meal, his gut stretching like rubber to accommodate his confused dinner. His kicks had turned to wiggles at this point, feet drifting slowly past Brahg’s lips, claiming the last of the mage with a last swallow…
His belly ballooned out a few feet, jutted with the shape of a man, turned sideway as though he rested in a fleshy hammock. Brahg felt his gullet relax, his ribcage deflate, the cage door of a sphincter shut behind his mage meal, before only one thing escaped his stomach, puffing his cheeks.A loud, roaring belch echoed through the night, scaring nocturnal beasts, normal and mystical alike. Brahg gave his big belly a slap as he felt Albion thrash.
“Ya put up a damn good fight on the outside…. Now lesse….OOPH! OOOURPH…!” He belched crassly as a shape of Albion’s boot bulged the side of his hairy gut, pushing out a foot or so. “...that’s the ticket!”
Brahg rubbed his middle, feeling the mage thrash and wriggle, a hand stretching the center of his middle to steady himself.. One hand rubbed and pushed down the bulges of his lunch, the other toyed with his member, stroked and tugged at his meat as he enjoyed his absolute favorite part of a meal, the close second being when they first dunk into his stomach.
Still, it couldn’t last forever. Once that Confusion Kiss wore off, Albion could prepare a spell, and he wasn’t having that. Brahg used one last little trick in his arsenal, his stomach squeezing inward on Albion a few times. Deep groans and glorps were heard with each flex of his stomach, muscles crushed and ground down on the mage to the point where he could hardly move. However with every squeeze, there was… less of Albion. He lost feeling in his extremities…
...while Brahg gained pounds. Each tight hug from his stomach gave him a few inches of bellyfat, there indeed being less of Albion but so much more of him. Brah snickered as the mage’s face bulged his gut one last time, less defined and hidden under a wall of skin and steadily thickening fat, looking as though it was sucking in skin instead of air. He did the honor of shoving the face imprint in with a hand this time, a deep, thick belch permeating the air…
...and one last squeeze finishing the mage off.
Brahg’s belly wobbled, bouncing out to his knees now, his colossal gut sloshing side to side with the newly absorbed grown man. His smacked his gut in glee, smacked his lips, came a bit. He would have liked to play with his food a bit longer, but, there were always mages out there. And thanks to Albion, he had another few weeks worth of mana wobbling on his gut to increase his strength.
He thanked Albion with a smack of his gut. Albion felt it, but didn’t see or hear it. Living as a man’s bellyfat will do that to you.
“Hang on tight, spellweaver…” Brahg snickered, toying with his bellybutton. He tugged down, then let go, causing his belly to bounce and wobble. “A whooole lotta mages are about to join ya’...!”
With that said, Brahg moved down the path, his belly rocking side to side, and his belches echoing into the night…

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Re: The Monster of the Night (FS, O)
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Seems like getting eaten by Brahg is just too good to past up, especially when it gives him a nice, big belly.

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Re: The Monster of the Night (FS, O)
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Awesome story, love the fantasy setting! really fun!

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Re: The Monster of the Night (FS, O)
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I hope you keep writing, this was hot
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Re: The Monster of the Night (FS, O)
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Damn, that was really well written!
Very descriptive without turning into a stephen king novel, if you know what I mean. lol.
Well done
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Re: The Monster of the Night (FS, O)
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Love, love it!

Write more!!

...and come play dnd with me xP

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Re: The Monster of the Night (FS, O)
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This was insanely good! I'd love to see your other stories if they are anything like this one, and absolutely feel free to write more+

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Re: The Monster of the Night (FS, O)
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i'm a fan. Thanks for sharing this story. Can't wait to read more from you 👍

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Re: The Monster of the Night (FS, O)
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Love, love it!

Write more!!

...and come play dnd with me xP

I'm happy everyone enjoyed! (And yes Void I'd be happy to XD)