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Hookup(Full size, Oral, unwilling)
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I'd like to thank and credit Jivanman for his great story Eaten, and the creation of the Hungr app. This is a story using the Hungr app and I hope it lives up to the others.


Barry sat in his apartment alone one afternoon. He was scrolling through his phone and scratching his ample belly. He had a hard on and was scrolling through hungr looking at his profile.

Username: Tolvinar

Name: Barry

Age: 23

Gender: Male

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 230 lbs

Body Type: Heavy

Body Hair: Some

Sexual Orientation: Gay

Hair Color: Dark Brown

Eye Color: Dark Brown

Pred or Prey: Prey

Dominant or Submissive: Submissive

Seeking: Pred

Preferred Gender: Male

Preferred Gender's Sexual Orientation: Don't care

On-Menu/Off Menu: Off Menu

He wondered about the on menu off menu bit all the time. He loved chatting with preds about possibly being eaten but he never found anyone appealing enough to go on menu for. He saw other prey come and go all the time. Even made friends with some, but quickly stopped doing that when he couldn't take losing them shortly after to some hungry man. So now he just kept to himself and ogled the preds that showed up in his area. Wondering if someday he would find one worth feeding himself to.

He tapped back to the radar and found a new pred in the area that he hadn't seen around. The guy had a cute face but practically no profile set up all the information that was there was the guy's height of 5' 8" and that he was dominant. He looked pretty young for the average pred using the app, mid twenties probably. Barry leaked a littl bit of pre thinking about what the guy was like. He let out a loud sigh and closed the app. He was just horny now and needed a way to let out the stress.

Barry swiped over and opened up Grindr, deciding that he would just find some guy in the area to fuck him and get it out of his system. He swiped down and suddenly a that same face is there smiling at him. Barry clicked on the profile wondering if there would be anymore info. The title of the profile was "Ftm or bottoms? 26" he raised an eyebrow at the age, got the range right. He kept reading, "Looking to pound out some ass and pussy no talking just straight fucking send pics only before you message me not looking for friends no offense just here for fun". If possible Barry was even harder than before.

"No, I can't get fucked by a pred. That's too risky" he said aloud to himself.

His cock disagreed. Just as he was about to tap back the chat icon lit up in the bottom corner, "Ftm or bottoms?" had messaged him. He tapped open the instant messenger.



He actually responded. Barry hadn't even thought before texting back. "uh-oh" he thought. This was dangerous.

The next message was a picture. the shot was of his cock, very nicely hung, shaved, but what caught Barry's attention was the belly that was showing from the slightly lifted shirt and the strong looking arm holding it up. it wasn't a big belly but it was certainly there. Barry starting sweating a little and leaked more pre at the sight in front of him.


You travel?

I can. I can also host.

What the fuck was he doing? Was he actually thinking of going to get fucked by this gorgeous pred?

I wanna see you bent over when I come out the shower

Barry froze. His thumb was hovering over his phone screen. Slowly his thumb started moving.

I can do that

"WHAT?!" Barry thought and tossed his phone onto the chair between his legs. "I can't possibly be seriously thinking of going and getting that... gorgeous cock... and hot body... to fuck me."

An address popped up on the screen. Barry looked down at it. He could only imagine that the pred was hopping in the shower right then. He clicked the link and his GPS opened. He was fifteen minutes away. Without thinking he jumped up and ran to the bathroom, brushed his teeth, sprayed a bit of cologne and headed out. His dick was straining in his pants and he didn't even let thoughts of this guy being a pred enter his mind. He knew he had to get fucked by him.

He flew down the road and wound up at a hotel. he'd actually been here for a hookup before. he went inside and went to the room listed next to the address. The door was unlocked. Barry's heart thudded in his chest as he stood there holding the door handle. He could hear the shower running behind the door. "It's just a hookup" he whispered to himself before going inside. He saw the bathroom door was closed and the bed was across the room. Quickly remembering what he was told in the message he stripped and a bent over the bed, as in the air facing the bathroom. He shivered in anticipation as the shower water turned off and he heard somebody shuffling around in the bathroom. After a couple minutes the door opened and the person took a couple steps out before stopping. There was a grunt of what sounded like approval as a towel hit the floor. Barry heard the footsteps approaching from behind but couldn't bring himself to look back.

Barry gripped the sheets hard and gasped as he felt two warm, strong hands grip his waist and and squeeze. There was another grunt as a hot hard cock pressed against Barry's hole. one of the hands slapped his ass hard and he gasped a little. The cock shoved all the way to the hilt in one go. Barry let out a small yelp as he was filled with a cock bigger than he had thought it would be. A hand gripped the back of his neck tightly and he heard a gruff "No noise" as the cock was pulled back until just the head was inside and then it plunged back in. a slow rhythm was started and a dull slap filled the air as the guy started to fuck Barry.

Barry scrunched up some of the sheets and bit down on them, trying to hold back his grunts and whimpers. Before long he was totally lost in the slow pounding he was receiving and he started to really enjoy it, forgetting that this guy was a pred and that he was risking being eaten. The guys small belly was slapping against his ass and he was starting to pick up speed. Barry started to grow impatient as he was on the edge of climax but the guy was going to slow.

"Faster" Barry pleaded.

The hand on his neck squeezed tighter and he remembered the profile "no talking just straight fucking" then he remembered the face and the hungr profile. He blanched as the guy leaned over him, not stopping the steady fucking, and licked the side of his face. "I warned you"

"No wai-!"Barry was cut off as his head was engulfed in darkness as the guy quickly opened up and shoved it into his gaping maw. Barry tried to struggle but found that he was being held too tightly. he tried screaming and the air was squeezed out of him. He gasped and barely managed to pull in enough air to stay conscious. He whimpered as a hard shove placed his face in the back of the man's throat. Suddenly the guy picked up the pace and started pounding Barry's ass hard as he licked over his neck and slurped him in half an inch further. Barry started to tear up as the guy nibbled his shoulders a little and ruthlessly fucked him.

The pred moaned a little as his balls drew up to his body and he slammed into Barry hard and started cumming. Barry was shocked as the cum started to fill him up. His shoulders were drawn into the pred's throat and he felt his stomach start to bloat out as it filled with at least a gallon of cum with no end in sight. He vaguely remembered that preds can store up lots of cum without showing signs. This guy must have been holding it for weeks. As the pred took him in up to his soft chest he felt the cum taper off and could only imagine that he looked pregnant.

Now that he was done the pred slowly pulled himself out of his meal and swallowed and shoved at the same time shoving Barry in fast, lips sliding over the engorged stomach, a small amount of cum spraying from Barry's ass as his gut was compressed into the mouth of the pred. The pred tilted his head back and lifted Barry's legs into the air and started chugging his body down. Cum dripped out of his mouth and ran down his chest as his stomach bloated out with Barry's form. Inside Barry's arms met him in the stomach and he cried out and tried shoving at the walls of the pred's gut. In just a couple more gulps he was completely curled up in the pred's gut and the walls jiggled as a loud belch was let out.

Before Barry could pass out from lack of oxygen the pred swallowed down more air, refreshing the supply in his tank. Barry cried as he struggled to push and move against the walls of the stomach. He couldn't see a thing but could feel the acids running down his body. The cum in his gut made him start to slow and grow more complacent as the pred's seed did it's job and made him accept his fate.

"I told you not to say anything prey." The pred chuckled and watched his belly ripple. "Fuckin' off menu bastard. think you're to good to be eaten? That's right I saw your profile. You little -urp- teases always think you can just chat with preds, never seeing the inside of a real man's tank. Well now I've gotcha so settle down so I can digest you. Fucking chunky bastard, probably gona make me fat." he emphasized his last statement by slapping the side of his gut and watching it rock back and forth violently.

The pred flopped back onto the hotel bed, the frame creaking loudly, and rubbed his hands across his distended gut. Barry curled up and let out a sigh. "This is it" he thought, "I'm going to die. I flew too close to the sun and now I'm going to drown in this guys gut." He rubbed a hand along the slick surface of the gut as he felt the acids start to burn. His air was belched out again and more fresh air was sent in to replace it.

The pred felt sleepy as his gut started to fill with acids and his meal started to soften. He yawned and smiled evily down at his gut. "All you'r worth now is some energy and fat on my waist" with that he closed his eyes and drifted off. Inside Barry's body softened and melted down into soup. His bones floated around until they too digested into nothing but liquid nutrients for the pred. The soup sank lower in the body getting absorbed into the intestines and turning to fat on the pred's body.

The next day the pred stretched and yawned as he sat up and scratched his gut. He looked down and frowned. "Damn that guy was a fat ass, look at how big I've gotten" He said as he gripped the sides of his now large pumpkin sized gut. His hands sank into the fat and what little was left of his hookup sloshed in his intestines. He shook it and felt his gut, his softer chest, and his thicker thighs jiggle violently. He sighed and flopped back against the pillows, deciding he would have to pick it up at the gym now that he was so big. A crass belch escaped his lips and he tasted Barry again. "Guess it was worth it" he shrugged. The pred got out of bed and started his day, Barry hanging off his waist. He'd have to let the admins on Hungr know to erase Barry's account.


Hope you guys enjoyed. it felt good to write again. Bellow are reference images I like for Barry and the Pred.

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Re: Hookup(Full size, Oral, unwilling)
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Im literally obsessed with the Eaten story and the Hungr app.