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Lol, This might be bad, I've been kinda busy and have been also building this story in my head. It has a reference to another story of mine. Think it might be kinda cool to have a series. The anal vore portion is definitely bad and rushed, so sorry.
He was defiantly an older man, but somehow, he emitted an essence of sexiness. He would always lay me in his bed softly and lick me over and chuckle something about him eating me. Today was no different. I moaned softly as he sucked on my hard member, I felt him go to stick his tongue up my hole. I relaxed my body, but suddenly I felt something strange.
                A pleasure full pain ran through me, It only expanded as time went on. I heard muffled cries and a slurping sound. I looked down, “What’s the problem?” I asked, only to realize that this hookup was halfway up my ass. I panicked, sending him farther in. Soon my belly started to expand with the occupant’s form filling it. Screams and struggles were visible from my point of view. I felt the last of him enter my gut and I was finished. I could barely hear him, but it sounded like, “Hey, where am I, let me out?!” My gut wouldn’t stop swaying with the man’s struggles.
                “Don’t worry, dude, I’ll let you out.” I put a hand on my gut, rubbing it over as I felt him slowly move up my throat. A nasty taste filled my mouth as the man flopped out onto the bed. “What the fuck just happened?!” He was obviously still in shock. “I have no clue, but you were inside of me.” I explained in my confusion. His hand, still soaked in stomach juices, rubbed over my belly then moved over to his own. “I always joked about putting you in here, but now I feel like you deserve it.” He said with an evil grin.
                I backed away in shock. “W-what do you mean?” I became afraid. He smiled, “Don’t worry, it’ll be fine.” He grabbed my waist. “I’ve always wanted to try this.”
That didn’t calm me. “You can’t eat me, that’s impossible.” I said thinking I could get it out of his head. “So is going up someone’s ass, but I did that.” He chuckled, “I have always wanted to digest you like food.”
I laughed nervously, I knew that there was no way out. Whether or not he had gone up my ass, I was going to become his food. “Think of it this way, kid, you’ll be adding to this body that you love so much.”
My heart skipped a beat. “Ok, lets do it.” I said in my excitement. He laughed at my joy, “I love your willingness, you won’t be so happy when I start to digest you, but I’ll make it less torturous for you.” His mouth opened wide, I watched his tongue move rapidly as if to welcome me in. I crawl toward him, placing my hands in his mouth. Suddenly an aggressive pull drags my whole form toward his mouth, in the sudden movement my hands were forced in the fleshy tube. I giggled as more of me became coated in saliva.
His gulps pulled my head into his throat and I had lost all sight of the light around me. I was helplessly forced down the throat of this older man that I barely knew. A few more gulps and I was pulled up to my waist into his body. My legs were kicking on the outside of him as my head had entered the stomach. His tongue played with my cock awaiting my cum, not too much longer later my cock shot out the biggest load ever. Satisfied with the special sauce I had given him, he tilted his head back allowing gravity to aid one last loud gulp.
                I slump down in the stomach of this man that I didn’t know. Muscles contracted around me, allowing acid to soak my skin. A hand patted the outside of my fleshy prison, I heard a chuckle followed by his voice, but I couldn’t make out a word. I started to be filled with growing fear. I realized the severity of my situation. Unlike him, I would not be let out, I would just be food digested and shit out in the morning. My skin began to burn as the stomach walls churned around me. I cried out, “Please, this isn’t fun, let me out.” I struggled and fought against the surroundings. My skin boiled and began to become raw. My air escaped the gut, followed by a quick-loud “UUUURRPP” Yet I had not passed out. I cried out as the acids began to really work on me, and the muscles started to massage me painfully.
                I let out one final struggle along with, “Please, don’t let me die in here.” I passed out. My body was broken down and added to his body. In the morning he dumped the last indigestible parts of me. The man picked up his phone, dialed the number that he had been thinking of all night.
                “Hey, I did it, your husband is all gone now.”
                “Thank you, I should be mad that you were helping him cheat on me, but you didn’t know.” The voice on the phone said. The older man patted his much bigger gut, “Yeah, maybe you could come and see what he became.” He laughed.
                “No, I kinda want to just spend some time along, I’ll see you at work on Monday, Mr. Thomas.”
To be continued…
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Wonder how part 2 will go ;)