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Fleshy Commute
« on: February 23, 2019, 12:56:32 AM »
Bill usually slept through his long morning commute on the train. Usually drifted off to some calming morning radio from his earbuds. Sometimes rested his head on the window. Having to hide his rock hard boner was a first.
But who could blame him?
Opposite his seat sat the beefiest behemoth he'd ever laid his eyes on. The guy's muscles looked just about ready to burst through his thin cotton shirt. His massive ass cheeks took a whole seat each. The tight bulge on his crotch was only just barely being held in place by the tiny blue speedo. His tan skin was shining with sweat and musk radiated from him like a heater. The guy was grunting and flexing in his seat, and Bill watched, transfixed, as he tightened his ass and flexed his various muscles. It looked like some sort of makeshift morning aerobic routine, Bill guessed. 
Thankfully, Bill and this beefcake were alone in this area, and Bill only had this adonis to hide his boner from.
There was a stop, and a lanky teen entered and took a seat behind Bill, music blaring from his earbuds. Bill heard a loud rumble from opposite him. The big guy's stomach. Bill hugged his suitcase against his crotch to hide his throbbing dick. Precum leaked from his tip and stained his khakis. The train started up again. Over the groans of the train, Bill heard a loud, guttural belch erupt from the beefcake, and the musk grew even stronger. Bill's pits were soaked. Bill checked behind himself, and saw that the lanky teen completely oblivious. Bill turned back and stole glances at the giant, who looked to be in some kind of distress.
The giant was sweating profusely, and gritting his teeth. His ass clenched as he flexed his thighs and stomach. Bill caught a glance at the forest of hair in the crack of his ass.
Abruptly, the giant stood up, gasping for air as he clenched his hands onto the railing above him. Bill gasped when he saw the guy shake his ass outward and push. A pair of massive hairy legs shot out that massive ass, pulling aside the forest of hair to either side of the hole. A sharp and pungent scent of testosterone filled the air, and Bill heard a cry of disgust from behind him.
"Aw, fuck man!" The kid plugged his nose.
The giant, with the hairy legs protruding from his ass, turned around and shot the kid a glare. A predatory, hungry glare. The kid was too disgusted with his eyes squinted shut to notice the hulking mass walking towards him. The foot protruding the the giant's ass grazed Bill's shoulder, sending a shudder down Bill's spine. Now Bill watched as the giant gave the kid a big old bear hug before engulfing him down his gullet. The poor kid didn't even realize what was happening. Muffled pop music was soon silenced behind layers of muscle. The kid was effortlessly swallowed in less than a minute. The giant belched, and some slick and sticky earbuds flew out and hit Bill on the cheek.
"S-Sorry." The giant grunted clumsily. "If you'll excuse me." The giant took his position back at his seat, his hands clenching the railing above, and grunted once more as he pushed. Bill saw that the giant's stomach was relatively calm despite having a whole teenage boy stuffed into it. There were minor bulges that poked here and there, but nothing to suggest a living being.
But on the other end, Bill saw massive thighs following the hairy legs, and soon a plump ass. A muscled potbelly, and hands and shoulders. Here, the giant took a breather, as the newly birthed man had his feet grounded and was attempting, with a hand on each of his captor's cheeks, to pull his head out that massive ass. He wasn't successful, and wasn't freed until the giant gave a final pained grunt, and released the bearded hairy man from his body.
"Whew, okay. I'll stick to prey I can digest from now on, Hank." The giant was out of breath and was on the floor leaning against the side of the train, patting his stomach. "Thankfully, this kid here is perfect." He let out a contented belch.
Hank, the newly birthed bear, was sour with slime and completely naked. He took some steps toward the giant, knelt and kissed him, rubbing the giant's gurgling belly. They were locked in their embrace for a while. When the kiss was broken, Hank looked deep into his lovers eyes before punching him on the nose.
"That's what you get for swallowing me in my sleep!" he said, before he leaned in for a hug.
"Aw, gross!" the giant laughed. The two fooled around and eventually just started fucking each other, a teenager in a stomach, and Bill watching sheepishly with a massive boner.
There was so much going on that Bill didn't even realize he'd missed his stop. At each stop, a majority of passengers got on only to get off immediately in search of cleaner commute. Of course, there were others like Bill who enjoyed the show. The stamina of the lovemaking couple was astonishing. Hot white cum spewed into the seats and floor and roof. It wasn't until they all reached the final stop that they were all forced to leave their sticky seats stained with cum and sweat.

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Re: Fleshy Commute
« Reply #1 on: February 25, 2019, 01:07:41 PM »
Very, very nice !
Love the story and your writing skill & language very much.
Hope to see a sequel of these two muscle behemoth.
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Re: Fleshy Commute
« Reply #2 on: February 25, 2019, 01:54:49 PM »
Made me laugh. I hope the teen get's digested at least..
gurgle, glorp, crack, churn...i like thin nerdy, or muscular prey. I like big muscular preds. Chest hair and hairy legs and forearms are always a plus, pred or prey.
     I can do very HOT RPs, but like a drug, the time one is usually the best , ar least for awhile, till I cum up with new material.