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Another story from tumblr.

Story Contains: Unwilling and Willing Oral Vore, Digestion, Mass Vore, Weight Gain, Sex Scene

Seth’s belly grumbled loudly as he got dressed. He slid on an old gray tee shirt that was slightly too small, it tightly gripping his chest and showing off about an inch of his large round belly at the bottom. He smiled, knowing that showing a bit of belly drove others wild. Seth was a large guy, easily having a presence in a room. He stood around 6 feet tall and weighed over 250 pounds. He had a large beard and wore a pair of thick framed glasses, which made him look nerdy and helpless, a trait which helped him with his many conquests. He was 28 years old, and had been swallowing guys for years. He patted his large belly, knowing that it would be filled soon. He pulled on a pair of shorts and grabbed his keys, ready to go out for the evening.   

He walked out of his room and into the living room of his two-bedroom apartment, where he found his roommate with his friends watching TV. His roommate, Doug, was two years younger than him and yet the two were often mistaken for brothers and sometimes twins, since they looked so similar. Doug had thinner framed glasses and a goatee as opposed to a full beard like Seth. The two had been roommates for just over a year, Doug having moved in just after Seth’s old roommate moved to a cheaper, more permanent place nearby. Doug was chunky just like his roommate, but was smaller in almost every way, except for his height, where he had just over two inches on him. His two friends were Ricky and Aaron, coworkers from his job down at the mall. Their smell told others that they were stoners, usually having the lingering odor stained into their clothes. Seth didn’t mind, and sometimes partook, but usually not as much as Doug.
“Hey Seth. Going out?” Doug asked.
“Yup. Going to the bar for something to eat. Don’t wait up.” Seth joked as he put a hoodie and his shoes on.
“Ok. Don’t eat too much again.”
“No such thing.” Seth winked at his roommate as he closed the door behind him. Doug was aware of his roommate’s voracious appetite. Doug would usually stay up until Seth got home from wherever he got his meal, whether it was from the bar, a hookup, or the occasional back alley quickie. His gut would always be bulging with a guy or two, either desperately trying to escape or enjoying themselves, yet for the two years that Doug knew him, none had ever escaped from Seth’s gut. Doug would rub Seth’s squirming belly, helping to relieve some of the pressure and help the large belly digest faster. Seth was all for it, loving the belly worship that he got from his buddy, as well as the occasional blowjob.
Seth made his way down the sidewalk from his apartment building to the bar. The warm summer air made for a nice evening. The sun had just gone down and the signs from various businesses began to light the streets. He hoped the bar would be crowded so he could have a nice selection to choose from. As he made his way around the corner, he could see the entrance to Ed’s Bar just a few blocks down. There were a multitude of different bikes parked outside along with a few pickups, which mean Seth had a lot to pick from tonight.
When he got closer, he could see the bar’s bouncer Marcus standing outside, looking through the window on the door.
“Hey Marcus. How’s it look in there?” Seth asked.
Marcus was a large beefy black guy, probably about 10 years older than Seth. He was wearing a pair of ripped jean shorts that held tightly to his thick frame. He wasn’t wearing a shirt, only sporting a large leather harness that went across his massive chest with the words “BOUNCER” embroidered into the chest piece. His large smooth belly jutted out a good three feet from his chest at all times, whether he had either one guy inside or several.
“Seth! You’re just in time.” Marcus had a large grin on his face as he turned back to the window.
“For what?” Seth asked.
“Look inside, man. This guy is an absolute machine.” Marcus laughed, his gut wobbling deeply with struggles of at least one guy in his belly.
Seth walked up to the window, a large plastic square on the door, dirty around the edges from years of neglect.  He peered through the window and dropped his jaw. Inside the bar, there were several pieces of clothes on the floor, as well as a couple of overturned chairs. A large older man was standing by the bar with his head back and his mouth stretched wide open around the lower half of a large man. His hands were currently busy pushing the large, dawned in leather, backside of his meal further into his mouth. He opened his mouth wider and took in the man’s waist completely, sucking his meals kicking legs between his lips. His gut was ginormous, at least the size of a wrecking ball, resting on the floor over 6 feet in front of him, bulging and moving around wildly.
“This dude showed up, took me aside and paid me two grand to lock the door from out here. Told me he was extra hungry. Said he’s got another three grand for me if I don’t let anyone out.” Marcus chucked as he flashed a roll of cash at Seth. They watched from the window as more of the kicking legs vanished further and further down the man’s throat.
“Holy shit. His gut is huge.” Seth gasped.
“His gut stopped growin about 5 minutes ago. The squirmin slowed down too. Ever since he tossed back Russel, his gut has barely grown a foot.”
Seth turned to Markus. “What? He ate Russel?” he asked, dumbfounded.
“Oh yeah, and Bub and Bert and Quin and practically everyone else. Probably a few stragglers in the back room somewhere. Hell, even Ed is in there somewhere. He’s gulpin down the last of Tucker right now.” Markus grinned as Seth turned back to see the last of Tucker’s leather boots slipping between the guys hairy lips.
The guy wasted no time and quickly gulped the last of him down, the large bulge quickly traveling down his chest and vanished into his belly. He grunted loudly and readjusted his gut, lifting it just ever so slightly off the ground. His belly began to wobble slightly as he made his way to the back of the bar. He used his massive gut to push the doors to the back room open, stomping into the back room and out of their sight.
“Fuck man.” Seth said.
“Right? Guy is incredible. He’s some redneck trucker who’s in town for the night. Calls himself Jimmy. He just went in and started grabbin’ guys left and right, shoving em down his gullet faster than I’ve ever seen.” Markus chuckled.
“Can’t believe he ate Russel. He was huge.” Seth shook his head.
“Hehe. When Russel saw Jimmy eating everyone, he started grabbing guys too. Bub and Quin joined in soon after. Was chaos for a minute or two before Jimmy grabbed Bub and Quin and swallowed em down at the same time.”
“What? No fuckin way.” Seth scoffed.
“No lie bud. Watched it myself. Both of em fought hard the whole way down, but this guy didn’t even care. He was grabbin’ guys with each hand while he was tossin’ em both back. Wish I could eat like that.”
Seth sneered. “I don’t believe that. Those guys were over 400 pounds each. There’s no way-“
“700 at least. Each. Bub managed to eat this fat trucker and biker before Jimmy got his mitts on him and Quin was in the middle of gulpin Horace when Jimmy shoved him in his maw with Bub.”
“…fuck.” Seth was astonished. Horace was twice the size of Quin, but he knew that Preds came in all sizes and ate guys that were big or small.
A large bang came from inside the bar. They both looked inside to see a large belly coming from the backroom doors. Soon, Jimmy appeared, currently working no less that four men down his throat at once.
“Told you man, this guy is something else.” Markus laughed.
Jimmy tossed his head back, swallowing all four of his meal’s waists. Their legs jutting out of the redneck’s massively stretched maw, each in various stages of undress, kicking wildly. With another jerk of head and a loud slurp, Jimmy sucked his meal’s legs in to their knees.
“That’s probably the last of them.” Markus said nonchalantly.
“Probably?” Seth turned to the bouncer, mouth agape.
“Eh. I lost count after 34. I counted 51 patrons who came in and didn’t leave before Jimmy arrived.”
Seth shook his head again, turning back to see Jimmy close his mouth, sealing his prey inside. With a loud gulp, Jimmy swallowed them whole. He grinned and gave his belly a pat. He picked up an open beer off a nearby table and turned to the door, staring right at Markus and Seth. He gave a toothy grin and held the beer up before chugging it back.

 “Oh shit!” Seth ducked out of the window. “He saw me!”
“Shit yeah. You better get outta here man. Don’t wanna add to his waistline.” Markus said. “Don’t worry, I’ll just tell’em I ate ya if he asks.”
“Alright, thanks man.” Seth said as he looked back inside for a second to see Jimmy sucking a keg behind the bar dry.
“Fuck he doesn’t stop, does he?” Seth said.
“Guess not. See ya around man. Probably at a different bar now haha.” Markus gave a large smile.
“Yeah.” Seth smiled.
Suddenly a loud clang sounded from inside the bar. Markus peered in the window.
“Shit! Get behind the dumpster, he’s coming.” Markus pointed to the dumpster several feet from the door next to the alley.
Seth sprinted and ducked behind the dumpster just as Markus opened the door. Seth watched a crack between the wall and the dumpster as Markus stood back. Jimmy squeezed his gut through the door with relative ease.
“Wa-ell I’ll wager that’s all of em” Jimmy said in a deep southern drawl.
“I think you got em all man.” Markus laughed, a hint of intimidation in his voice.
“What bout that tasty lookin boy yous was talkin to? I could use myself another tasty snack.” Jimmy licked his lips, his large tongue slurping over his goatee which was still dripping with beer.
“Sorry man. I ate him while you were chugging the beer.” Markus said, patting his own squirming belly.
“Hehe too bad. Welp…I thanke yew for your help boy.” Jimmy grinned, tipping his hat. “Now about your re-war-da.”
Jimmy opened a pocket on his vest and pulled out a thick money roll and held it out to the bouncer.
“As promised. 3 big ones.” Jimmy cracked a crooked smile.
Seth watched Markus go to take the money. As soon as he touched the roll, Jimmy grabbed him by his harness with his other hand. Before Markus could react, Jimmy had his mouth wide open.
“NO WAI-MMMMMMMMPH!” Markus shouted as Jimmy hoisted him up by his harness and shoved him into his maw. Jimmy slurped him in like he was a 300-pound noodle. His shoulders and chest quickly were pulled in and swallowed. Jimmy casually put the money roll back in his vest pocket and swallowed deeply again, pulling the huge wiggling black belly into his mouth. Seth could see the bulge of his friend vanish into Jimmy’s massive belly.
Seth couldn’t believe his eyes as Jimmy swallowed his friend. The large man reached up and casually fished around in Markus’ pockets until he pulled out the roll of cash he had given him before. Putting the roll in his vest with the other one, he used his other hand to push Markus’ ass into his mouth. Rearing his head back, he pulled his meal’s kicking legs above his head, letting gravity do the work for him. The redneck then relaxed his jaws and opened his throat wide, letting Markus slowly sink the rest of the way down into his belly.
With one last gulp, Seth watched Jimmy swallow Markus fully, sending him into his gut with the rest of the bar goers. Jimmy patted his belly and grinned.
“Well boys. Y’all were mighty tasty. Hope y’all ‘ave enjoyed ol Jimmy’s belleh.” Jimmy told his belly. He gave his gut a couple pats and shakes. He opened his mouth wide and tilted his head back. His chest expanded as he let out the largest belch Seth had ever heard.
Jimmy expelled the excess air in his belly, his belch lasting a good 40 seconds. Seth’s eyes went wide as he watched Jimmy’s massive belly shrink down before his eyes. His belly soon was now only at his knees, having shrunk down several feet, bearing down over the men inside, none of them being able to move as they were packed so tightly together.
The older man patted his belly. “Hope you boys don’t mind waitin a little longer for your pal Jimmy to digest ya.” He began walking off, his belly tightly hugging to his chest, slight movements could still be seen from inside. “Ah still got two more bars to visit before I truck on home.” He chuckled to himself as he walked off into the evening.
Seth rode the elevator up to his floor by himself, still processing the sight of the redneck Jimmy walking away with the entire bar packed away in his belly. He had been so caught up in it that he had forgotten about his own rumbling belly. He arrived at his floor and walked off the elevator, it creaking at the sudden tension change when the heavy man got off the elevator. His belly grumbling loudly, Seth sighed as he unlocked his door and went inside. The living room was empty with the TV still on but muted. He hung his keys on a hook as he heard the bedroom door to Doug’s room open.
“Hey Seth. You’re home early. Easy catch tonight?” Doug chuckled.
“Ugh no. Didn’t get anyone.” Seth shook his head as he walked into their shared kitchen.
“Well why are you home so soon? Didn’t give up that early, did you?”
“There was this guy…he ate everyone at the bar.” Seth grumbled.
“What? The whole bar?”
“Heh yeah. It was unreal. His gut was the size of a small car. I’m just glad I’m not a part of it.” Seth leaned into the fridge and pulled out a can of beer.
“…Wow. And there wasn’t anyone left?”
“Nope. He even ate Markus.” Seth said as he opened the beer.
“The cute black guy? But he was so nice.” Doug pouted.
“Yup and now I’m starving and there’s no one to eat! And now I have to find a new bar to hang out at because he ate Ed too!” Seth chugged the beer down in a few seconds and tossed it aside angrily.
Doug just stood there stunned for a moment from his roommate’s sudden outburst.
“I’m just gonna go watch some TV and go to bed.” Seth said after calming down for a minute.
“Ok. I’ll be in my room with Ricky and Aaron if you need anything.” Doug said, patting Seth on the shoulder.
“Thanks.” Seth said. He was glad to have Doug in his life.
Forty minutes later, Seth was sitting on the couch, still flipping through channels on the TV. Loud music was coming from Doug’s room, but it was muffled from having his door closed. Seth’s belly was grumbling louder now, demanding food. He finally gave up and decided to order a pizza to sate his hunger. He picked up his phone and began to dial when he heard the music stop in Doug’s room.
“S-Seth! Can you come here for a minute?” He heard Doug call.
“Yeah hold on!” Seth called back. He tossed his phone on the couch and hoisted himself up, his large belly wobbling as he stood.
He made his way down the hall and opened the door to Doug’s room. His eyes went wide as he saw his roommate lying on the bed.

Doug was laying on his back, his head hanging off the edge, smiling at his roommate. He was completely naked, showing off his large hairy body. His belly was largely distended and moving on its own, the struggles of what Seth assumed where Ricky and Aaron were visible.
“Holy shit.” Seth gasped.
“Hey Seth. Think I look tasty enough?” Doug grinned.
Seth did a double take. “What?!”
“Think I’ll be a decent meal for you? I decided to fatten myself up a bit for you too.” Doug laughed as he patted his bulging belly.
“…You want me to eat you?” Seth asked, dumbfounded.
“Hehe…yeah ever since I met you. I’ve always wanted you to eat me.” Doug said, muffled moans and pleas coming from his belly.
“How come you never told me?”
“Well I—oof.” Doug winced in discomfort as one of his meals kicked extra hard. “I’ve always wanted to, but every time you were hungry, you’d have a meal in no time. I just never got the chance to ask when you were hungry.”
“Man, I’m ALWAYS hungry. I would have saved an entire weekend to eat you.” Seth laughed.
“Aww thanks.” Doug blushed. Suddenly Seth’s gut began grumbling loudly.
“Sounds like you’re hungry.” Doug teased.
“Oh, you have no idea. And my 500-pound roommate just offered himself as a nice dinner.” Seth chuckled, pulling his tee shirt behind his head, letting his smooth belly out of its confines.
“Can I give you a blowjob before I go. I’ve always liked sucking your cock.” Doug asked.
“Dinner and a blowjob? Is this your idea of a date?” Seth laughed.
“Shutup and get over here.” Doug rolled his eyes.
Seth undid his shorts and pulled the front of them down, letting his cock and balls flop out. He walked up to Doug and stood over him, dropping his balls on his face.
“Get to it then.” Seth commanded.
Doug wasted no time taking his roommates cock into his mouth. The large flaccid cock slowly began to grow in his mouth while he sucked on it slowly.
“Mmm just like that.” Seth moaned, his belly gurgling quietly, biding its time.
Seth began thrusting into Doug’s mouth, his cock sliding into his throat with each thrust. The two stayed at it for a while until Seth could feel himself approaching the edge.
“F-fuck I’m close.” He panted. “Where do you want it?”
Doug responded by slapping his belly a few times.
“You got it……URAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGHHH!” Seth moaned as he came, shooting his load right down Doug’s throat, sending it to join Ricky and Aaron in his roommate’s belly.
“Whew. You’re good at that.” Seth said, pulling himself out of his roommate’s mouth and putting his cock back in his pants.
“Heh thanks.” Doug smiled. Suddenly, Seth’s belly let out a high-pitched whine, reminding the two about the elephant in the room.
“Well I think you should get me inside.”
“Me too. Thanks for doing this by the way. You look delicious.” Seth said, getting on his knees in front of Doug’s head.
“Thanks. I’ll be sure to wiggle a bit. Just how you like it.” Doug said.
“You’re the best.” Seth chuckled, removing his meals glasses.
Seth crouched down lower and opened his mouth. Doug looked up, seeing his roommates wide open mouth drenched in drool. He could see Seth’s throat yawn wide open in preparation. Seth slowly slid his mouth over Doug’s head, his lips tightly moving over his meals face. After Seth had his lips wrapped around Doug’s neck, he began licking all over Seth’s head, savoring the musky flavors.
“Taste good big guy?” Doug called out from inside his roommate’s mouth. Although the sound was a bit muffled, Seth could still make it out.
“MMMmhmmm” was all that Seth could do in response.
“Ok big guy. Swallow me! Your bellys waitin!” Doug shouted.
Opening his mouth wider, Seth took hold of his meals shoulders and began pulling them off the bed and into his mouth. With a loud gulp, Seth swallowed his roommate’s head into his throat, marking the beginning of his final decent into his belly. Another deep gulp pulled Doug’s shoulders into his throat, pulling his meals fat chest between his bearded lips. Doug put his arms at his sides, letting his roommate swallow him easier.
Soon, Seth reached his meals squirming belly. He knew that if he was to gulp down the large squirming gut, he would need gravity to assist. Getting to his feet, he leaned down and grabbed hold of Doug’s large ass. With a tremendous effort, he reared his head back, bringing his meal above his head. Seth opened his mouth wide and took a deep gulp, letting the first bit of his meals squirming belly slip into his mouth. Seth moaned as he opened his mouth wider, his jaws straining to match the width of his meal’s belly. He began squeezing and pushing the belly into his mouth, forcing the men inside together as he swallowed their Pred. Several heavy gulps later, Doug’s belly was completely in Seth’s mouth. His cheeks were blown out to comical proportions as he held his roommate’s fat middle in his mouth.
With one long strenuous swallow, Seth’s throat pulled his meal’s squirming belly downwards, compressing it tightly for the journey into his gut. He could feel his roommate’s head arrive in his gut, letting it slowly expand the accept the rest of him that was following soon after. With another gulp, Seth pulled in his roommate’s waist, letting his ass rest on his tongue. He began poking and prodding around with his tongue, causing his meal to squirm in his throat. After about a minute of licking every sensitive spot he could, he heard a muffled moan come from his belly while his mouth flooded with cum.
Rearing his head back, he quickly swallowed his roommate’s waist and began sucking down his hairy trunk legs. As he pulled his meal’s knees into his mouth, he could feel the squirming belly pass through his sternum and get squeezed into his belly. His gut grew several feet as the free space inside was quickly used up. With another two massive gulps, he pulled his meals calves into his throat and sucked the feet into his mouth. Closing his eyes and tilting his head back, he swallowed once more, sending the last of his roommate down his gullet.
Seth kept his eyes shut until he felt his throat force his belly to find room for the last of Doug. Seth slowly opened his eyes and looked down, smiling as he saw his humongous belly jutting out several feet in front of him.
“Fuck dude! You were delicious! Thanks for letting me eat ya.” Seth said, patting his belly. He waddled out of the room and back to the living room, his gut slowly rocking back and forth as his meal weighed down his pendulously belly. He eased himself back onto the couch and slowly began rubbing his belly with both hands, finally feeling full.
After a few minutes, Doug began lightly struggling, making his belly bulge out in several directions, just as he liked it.

“Oh yeah just like that man!” Seth moaned, closing his eyes. His breaths began short and quick as he quickly entered a sleepy state.
Seth awoke the next morning, still on the couch. He looked down and rubbed his belly, now back to its normal size after digesting its massive meal.
“Damn man you were awesome. Gave me a few extra inches of girth I think.” Seth stood up slowly, his belly wobbling slightly.
“Now I gotta find a new bar and a new roommate.” Seth said to himself as he went to the bathroom to deal with the last of his roommate.

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Re: Quick Bite at the Bar (OV, Willing, Unwilling, Mass Vore, Digestion)
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Ohh man, I remember that. This story always turn me on, I sometimes roleplay and some of my story kinda lend to this type. Man this never gets old. I love your work chubbymenvore.

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This is one of my favorites!

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Can’t wait for the next story you post here

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Your mass vore stories are always awesome and even the vore at the end was great. Would love to see a guy with full belly for longer