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Married Man Midnight Snack FS, Oral, soft
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    I had always had a thing for married guys. Something about them being off the menu in general made them to me all that more appetizing. My next door neighbor Nathan was just one that I always dreamed of swallowing. He was a big guy standing at six foot and had short brown wavy hair and a body that was smooth as a baby’s bottom. Speaking of bottom, his ass was as plump and juicy as they come. Two round hams waiting to be gobbled up. I had always fantasized about screwing that ass, but after he got married to whatever her name is, I realized the only way I could get it would be to eat it whole. There was one thing I could thank that wife of his for, is how her home cooking was starting to show on him. The already delicious body of his became slightly plumper, his belly pushed out slightly, and those thighs and butt just became more tender filling out his pants. He was a great hunk of meat that begged to be eaten. Sometimes, he would have a cookout and invite me over where I would watch him grill steaks shirtless, the sweat caused by the heat of the grill rolling down his back over the two steak patties I was after. “ Like what you see Alex? Premium grade meat.” Nathan said to me, not realizing that he was what I drooling at. 
“ Oh, I always like what I see for dinner over here. Always Nathan.” I said as my mouth watered and belly ached for the meat doing the cooking.
  One night, I heard him and his wife arguing. Something about her mother coming to stay with them for awhile. Pretty soon, the wifey stormed out of the house, yelling all the way to her car at Nathan. I found it funny how she sped down their driveway like a bat out of hell only to abruptly stop at the end of it and carefully looking both ways, turning on her blinker, and heading down the road at a safe 20 mph. “ No one wants to get in trouble with the H.O.A..” I muttered.
    About 40 minutes later I hear the sound of a sliding glass door opening. Knowing that it was only Nathan next door, I peaked my head over the fence. Nathan was stumbling a bit, shirtless, wearing a pair of grey sweatpants. My stomach rumbled as I saw his exposed flesh. “ So much meat.” I muttered to myself. I began to fantasize of eating him then and there as he passed out mumbling to himself on one of the lounge chairs in his backyard. “This is your chance.” I said to myself. “ When are you going to get the opportunity to eat a meal like this again?” I had eaten many guys before, but this was a feast that would overstuff my belly to the point of bursting. I stood peering over the fence watching him begin to drool. Nathan looked so thick and juicy, so helpless. I didn’t know when I would get the chance again.
    Hunger won. I snuck around into his backyard and examined the thick feast before me. I could smell the liquor before I even got to him. He had quite a few drinks and was obviously pretty inebriated. “ Mmmm, liquor filled treat.” I said out loud.
   “ Whaa….whaaat? Whooossse therrre?” Nathan murmured. His voice was slurry.
   “ Just me, your next door neighbor coming to check up on you.”
   “ Ohhhh. Hi Alex.” He murmurred. “ Sorrrry, I am...not presentable.”
“ Actually, I think you very presentable.” I said while looking over his large ass and thick thighs. I was going to have a hard time eating all this meat. I was starving and Nathan was going to be stuffed down into my stomach no matter what. I began to try and jostle him but he was at that point drunk asleep. Perfect. I started to peel the grey sweatpants off along with his underwear. It was hard since his weight was firmly pressed against the lounge chair. Inch by inch I pulled them down his ass and down his legs. For a big man, he was so helpless and exposed….So delicious. I began to squeeze at his calves and his thighs. They alone would be a fulfilling meal. His large plump married man ass was perfectly sculpted and the jiggly hams were soft from being well nourished. I traced my hand from his ass crack up his back to neck where I felt his stubble.
    I was already drooling when I positioned myself at the back of the lounge chair next to his head. Nathan’s body had been waiting for 37 years to be eaten by me. The night was dead quiet and all I could hear was the sound of the crickets in the bushes and Nathan’s breathing. I picked up his arms and guided them towards my mouth. With one lick, my senses went into overdrive at the taste of his flesh. I stuffed his hands into my mouth, my tongue wrapping around them and dragging them into my throat. I heard him begin to murmur and moan at the sensation of being drawn into my soft moist throat. I swallowed greedily, slurping up his arms until I was at his head.
      “ It’s been nice knowing you Nathan.” I said with my mouth filled with both his arms. I placed my hands below his armpits, pressing into his soft flesh. At that moment Nathan drunkenly looked up at me, at his arms stuffed in my mouths, at my shit eating grin. I saw his eyes widen and he tried to pull out his arms.
        “ Wha-wha- what the fuck! Let me go!” He yelled. Of course not I thought. Dinner is served. I looked at that cute face for a split second more before widening my mouth over his face, my lips rubbing across that handsome face as he screamed from within my mouth. His body began to squirm, but I held him on the lounge chair. I began to swallow in his shoulders, my hands gripping his flesh as my stomach begged to be filled. Drool mixed with his sweat that acted as a lubricant that made his body slide into my mouth easier as my large slurping of his sweet flesh echoed across the night. My lips were descending his torso now and I felt my throat stretching to capacity as he began to slide down it, his hands just entering my stomach. My tongue relished the flavors of his smooth chest before reaching that soft tender belly that had almost a pork like flavor to it. I tell you, there is nothing more satisfying than a delicious and tender man. I felt my stomach already filling up as I swallowed to his lower back, drool slipping from my mouth down his tender body.
       I pulled his remaining half off of the lounge chair, feeling the true weight of the meat I was eating as it was left unsupported. I then planted my hands onto his plump rump. Each hand began to manipulate the soft tender fatty mounds. Nothing like a meal with a nice ass. I love the nutrition and protein found in the meat of a man, but nothing like sweet combination of muscle and fat in a thirty something year old male buttocks. Nathan seemed to renew his struggle at this lusty violation, causing his ass to jiggle enticingly. I always liked to play with my food to show them who's in control and I was showing him who his ass belonged to now. Eager to taste his cheeks, my mouth opened wide consuming the curvaceous feast and slurping up his crotch. The double flavor of his ass with the taste of his musky groin almost brought me to cream in my pants as I fell back into a lounge chair which snapped under my combined weight with Nathans. I suckled on his sweet cheeks, the sensation of realizing I was tasting his rear probably causing his heart to race in humiliation and fear, but I planned on doing much more to him than that. His legs which were attached to those meaty thighs kicked fervently and for a brief second stopped when I touched his cock with my tongue before squirming more violently than before. I wrapped around his member, pulling it enticingly every which way. It began to heat up as blood rushed to it, swelling it into a thick tasty piece of meat. From within my stomach, I heard him moan and scream practically at the same time as I toyed with his feelings which were somewhere between fear and pleasure. Of course, I only felt pleasure at my mouth that was filled the soft ass which rubbed against the roof of my mouth while Nathan’s dick oozed with pre cum from all the attention. I didn’t know how long it had been since his wife screwed him or he had even touched himself, but as I felt the full sack in my mouth, I figured I could fix the problem. I gripped his thighs as I began to compress my mouth, the roof squeezing down on his cheeks while my tongue assaulted his erection. I suckled his body pulling it back out slightly every time I swallowed it further down, causing his cock to furiously rub against my tongue which I licked fervorously. I felt his body tense, his ass tighten, his moaning growing within me as his toes curled up and he obviously struggled to hold back from release. Suddenly, a heavy load of semen poured from his hot dick onto my tongue, combining with my saliva to form a hot sticky sauce that he became coated in. It was like icing on his ass cakes and I wanted him to fill me. I already felt full, but at the same time starved to finish. After his orgasm, he was spent of energy and began to gulp him down once more, his flaccid oozing member entered my throat along with his ass. I felt the soft padding glide down the back of my throat as I swallowed it down.
    My belly was distended painfully, as it expanded to capacity for Nathan’s meat. I began to slowly slurp down his thighs and by this time, I was truly becoming full with a feeling I was going to burst at any second. I raised my head, letting gravity sink those calves and feet into my gullet before making my final swallow. I was practically unable to move and exclaimed “ Oh my god, my...god. That was delicious.” practically out of breath. I felt Nathan, who was once just a married man going about life, now just a thick juicy steak of digesting meat. “ That ass.” I murmured to myself. “ Scrumptious.” I felt him beginning to slow down, his meat starting to begin to be processed into nutrition. Suddenly, I felt a little woozy and remembered that I had eaten a liquor filled treat. I tried to move, but it was a struggle with the 200 hundred pounds of married man I had consumed along with the alcohol content. I needed to make it back to my house, but I could hardly move. I began to move slowly before being shocked by a noise. I looked down at the cell phone on the ground. It must have fallen from Nathan’s pocket when I had stripped him. It was a text message from a cute young guy based on the picture. I opened up the phone and read the message curious about this potential meal. It read “ Hey Dad, see you soon. I’ll be there tomorrow.” That’s right, I thought. Nathan had gotten some girl pregnant sometime in high school. He had told me about it at one of his barbecues. The kid had to be only 18 and….delicious. If he has an ass like his Dad I wondered I guess I’ll have something to eat tomorrow too. My mouth watered again like I hadn’t eaten a thing all day as I slowly waddled in the dead of night back to my side of the fence, my stomach filled yet hungry all over again.

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Re: Married Man Midnight Snack FS, Oral, soft
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This is beautifully written, like all your stories. Looking forward to the next one!