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The Governor's Party (FS, O, Unwilling)
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It's been awhile since my last post here. This is my first time to write a story. Please ignore if i have wrong grammars, english is not my mother tongue 😆. I like it guys. Enjoy 🙂👍


Pass nine o' clock in the evening, Kirk Newman is walking slowly in a Sophisticated hallway of a Clemens Atrium armed with 9mm Pistol. He is following 3 men, the governor and his two body guards. They're heading to the west area of the Clemens Atrium.
 Kirk has been spying the Governor of Newport City for days. Governor Bob Gallan is a suspect for disappearance of several men including one of Kirk's colleagues in the agency.
 Kirk disguised as a guest on a Democratic party hosted by the Governor. He's wearing black tuxedo with bowtie paired with black formal shoes. A typical spy outfit.
 His surveillance brought him to that Event after days of monitoring his activities. The governor has been suspect for numerous crimes involving drugs and illegal trading of firearms. The disappearances leads the suspect to those crimes but no one can prove the allegations so the CIA step up to investigate. They sent Kirk to that mission since he is more experienced on High Class missions.
 The party started at eight in the evening, Kirk arrived at the Hall like a regular guest. Most of guests are politicians and businessmen.
 Kirk keep his eyes on the subject.
 He follows every movements of the Governor from his vantage point. He tried to get closer as possible.
 His professionalism covers his identity well.
 Kirk has been a spy for seven years. At the age of twenty nine, he already succeeded numerous cases and rewarded many times for his achievements.
 He is Caucasian, born and raised in the US. An Attractive good-looking Bachelor standing at six feet tall. A mesomorph body type, naturally muscular body with well defined muscles. He is every woman's dream man.
 His attire suits to him very well. He is eye-catching at the party. Most of the ladies cant stop staring at him. Perfect cover up for his spying as no one can suspected him as an agent.
 A surveillance van is waiting at the back gate of Clemens Atrium. Agent Gavin Malambri is Kirk's partner to this case. He is a spy agent under I.T. division. He is the key puncher, expert on Hacking surveillance cameras and wiretapping. The two are partners for two years and accomplished several cases together.
 Gavin is twenty seven year old Canadian. He is an IT expert and has been working with CIA for five years. Same as Kirk, he is also Caucasian. A strikingly handsome man but not as elegant looking as Kirk. He prefers to maintain his bad boy image with his short balbo beard. He is wearing a brown leader jacket, white undershirt, blue jeans and brown boots.
 The two are working out on the same gym so they have almost similar body built. He is five eleven.
 The van is field with monitors and computer gadgets.
 Gavin is busy on hacking the Security cameras of the building when Kirk called him through invisible spy earpiece.
 "Hey Gav, how's the CCTV's?" Kirk spotted a perfect place on the corner to call his partner without losing sight on the subject.
 "This is tough man, I only got access on the main hall and the entrance area. I can't make it to the hallways. They put high security firewalls there. Anyway i can see you from your vantage point. I'll call you whenever i already killed this thing off. "
 "Copy that!. I think the governor will going to start his speech now.
 As the emcee introduced the speaker, The governor step up to the stage and started thanking all the guests for coming.
 All eyes are on the stage as the governor delivering his speech talking about political plans and critics.
 Kirk is still on the right corner of the hall waiting for signals from Gavin who still accessing the connection of the surveillance cameras.
 The guests gave their final applause after the governor finished his speech. He step down and went backstage leading to the hallway on the west area of Clemens Atrium. He was accompanied by two body guards.
 Kirk follows them discreetly. He used the fire exit and find his way to the other side of the hallway as fast as he can. He called his partner for update.
 "Gav, the governor is heading somewhere on the west part. do you already have access on the cameras on that area?"
 "Not yet man, the firewall is solid. I can't break their fucking code" Gavin replied.
 Just in time when Kirk arrived at the door on the other side of fire exit, he saw the 3 men turned right at the end of the hallway.
 "Alright. i think i know where they're heading. I’ll call you back for update.
 "Copy that, just be careful man." Gavin continue cracking the code.
 Pass nine in the evening, Kirk step out of the fire exit and slowly walks into the the hallway of Clemens Atrium. He loaded his 9mm pistol and prepare for strike.
 Oblivion to the danger, Kirk unaware of a man hiding behind the door on the last room of the hallway. The man is lurking from the doorhole of the room waiting for the perfect time to strike.
 Kirk reached the end of the hallway and was about to turn right when the man opened the door and surprised him with a tight bearhugged. He grabs Kirk from behind and took his gun from his hand. The man lifted him up and covered his mouth to prevent him from making any noise. Kirk struggled frantically. He tried to kick his way out of the grip but to no vail. The man is unbelievably huge and strong.
 He carried kirk effortlessly inside the room. Kirk tried to hook his right foot on the door but it didn't help him to stop the man from dragging him inside.
 Kirk shriek in pain as the man squeezed him very tight while taking off the spy earpiece out of his right ear. The man break the communicating device on his hand and banged the door closed living the hallway empty.
 At the surveillance van, Gavin heard a loud feedback noise from his earpiece.
 "Shit what was that?" Gavin quickly took off the device and check for any problem. When the noise stopped, he put it back to his ear to contact his partner.
 "Hey man, are you alright? What happened there?"
 But no one answered on the other line..
 "Hey Kirk. Do you hear me? Kirk?"
 The room is very dark and humid. The man loosen his grip to kirk and dropped him on the floor.
 Despite the total darkness, Kirk stand up immediately and tried to find other way out of the room by groping. Kirk is well trained of martial arts but he knows that he has no match to the man specially if he can't see him
 The man just standing in front of the door, blocking the only way out.
 Kirk blindly look for anything that he can use for self defense but the room seems empty and very small.
 The light suddenly opened.
 Kirk's still adjusting his eyes on the light but he quickly recognize the appearance of the room. As expected, it is very small at around ten square feet.
 There's nothing in the room but the two of them
 The corners of the room are made of soundproof walls except for the wall behind Kirk which is made of glass.
 Kirk finally saw the man who captured him. He knew that he is very tall and huge but he never expected that he is horrendous and monstrous looking.
 He is totally naked.
 The man looks like a Latin American. His head is bigger compare to a normal human head. The fat almost covered his entire neck. His face is grotesque. His big round eyes are looking straight to Kirk like a hungry animal. His mouth is unbelievably huge.
 The big bellied man is standing more than seven feet tall. He looks obese but his arms are very muscular.
 The man's evil grin gives creep to Kirk. He knows that he's in great danger.
 Kirk pretends not worrying about the situation.
 "What is this all about? Who the fuck are you?"
 The man responded with an eerie smile. "I'm here for the main course Mr. Newman."
 Kirk noticed a knife placed in a shelf beside the door which he plans to use for his escape.
 He strives to stand firm despite his position. He is leaning against the glass wall behind him.
 His only concern now is to recover his gun from the man or take the knife from the shelf.
 The big man looks very hungry. He is drooling uncontrollably while patting his big belly.
 "What do you want?" Kirk is keeping his posture.
 "I already told you Mr. Newman, im hear to take my dinner.
 Kirk is trying to stay calm.
 "So. do you want me to join you on your feasting Mr. ??? ?? Big Guy? "
 The big man laugh out loud.
 "Haha. you don't understand me Mr. Newman. You are my dinner. I'm here to eat you. just like what i did to the former agent they sent.
 The big man is talking about Kirk's colleague in the CIA who still missing.
 Kirk suddenly frightened.
 There's no way this man have an ability to swallow a person whole. He thought to himself.
 "And do you want me to believe that huh? " Kirk gave him a fake smile.
 "You don't have to believe me. I'll just gobble you up." The big man replied. His stomach rumble and made a loud groul.
 Kirk saw the hunger on his eyes. he thought that the big man might be serious on what he said. He is very huge and strong. He was terrified but still keeping his posture. He suddenly thought to plan the escape again. There's no other way but to fight the man and recover his gun.
 "Don't worry, i don't bite. I'm just going to swallow you very slow so i can savor every inch of your body. " The big man continue the teasing. "I want you to give your best struggles of your life because that is going to be your last. hahaha."
 Kirk took that moment while the big man is laughing. He kick the big man's crotch and punch him to his neck.
 The big man screams in agony and dropped the gun on the floor. Kirk quickly grabbed the gun and pointed it to big man's head but before he was able to pull the trigger, the man immediately grabbed his hand to prevent the strike. A loud gun shot was heard inside the room.
 Kirk missed his target.
 The bigman is now holding the right arm of kirk. He quickly recovered from the pain and now making his move to corner Kirk on the wall. Kirk used his left arm to punch the bigman but his hand was quickly grabbed by the other arm.
 The man pinned both arms of Kirk on his side and lifted him up. He banged Kirk hard on the wall, resulted for the gun to dropped on the floor.
 The man pinned Kirk between his huge belly and the wall then gave him another tight bearhug. This time, kirk is facing the hostile.
 "Ahhhhh" Kirk screams in pain
 "Do you really think i will allow you to escape young man"? The bigman tighten his grip to Kirk. "I have waited so long to have a satisfying meal like you. Do you really think you can get out of here.
 Kirk was distressed in pain. He tried not to look on his captor's face.
 The big man seems enjoying the anguish of his victim. He held the back of kirk's head and slowly push it closer to his face. Kirk tried not to get close but his opponent is very strong.
 The big man opened his mouth and pulled out his long tongue. He slid his tongue to taste Kirk's face, from his chin up to his right eye.
 "Mmmm. you really taste good." the big man smile in satisfaction.
 Kirk was terrified. He ignored the foul smell of man's breath and more concerned about the escape. All of his trainings and fighting skill are useless on his situation.
 "Give me your best scream handsome"
 The big man unhinged his jaw and opened his big mouth very wide. Ready to accommodate his meal.
 Kirk was in shock on what he's seeing. The mouth is opening unbelievably wide.
 "Holy shit. what the fuck are you?"
 The big man pushed Kirk's closer to his mouth and begin to engulf Kirk's Crown down to his forehead.
 "Noooo... stop!!!!"
 Kirk Struggles wildly. He kick frantically but to no vail.
 He tried to push back but his arms can't hold anything.
 "Ahhhhh. Noooo!!! "
 The big man seems enjoying the struggles and the screams of his prey. it gave him more pleasure and satisfaction.
 Kirk felt the lips enveloping his eyes and nose. The tongue is sliding all over his face, picking up his flavor.
 "Ahhhh. help! Somebody Help me. Hmmmppp "
 Kirk released his final scream. His whole head is now inside the mouth. The muffled cries can be heard from the inside.
 Kirk put all his strength to struggle. He tried to break is arms free and kick his legs hysterically but the big man just ignored all his scrambles.
 The big man is sucking Kirk's head like a lollipop. His saliva is dripping on his prey's neck. the tongue is exploring his head. tracing every part of his handsome face. leaving no part untasted.
 Kirk was terrified. He can't believe that he is being eaten alive. He thinks that it is impossible for a human to consume another human but it is happening to him right now. All his struggles are useless. He can barely breathe but the air is putrid.
 He just hope that that the man will never pass his broad shoulders.
 The man continue pushing kirk inside. He is now lavishing his neck. The man grab the knife on a shelf beside the door and started tearing Kirk's tuxedo from the back. He cut the bottom part of his suit and tear it slowly up to the colar area.
 Kirk realize that the man is ripping his shirt off but he can't do anything.
 The man took off Kirk's tuxedo easily then started tearing his white polo in the same process.
 Kirk is now half naked. The man suddenly loose the grip on the left arm of kirk when he is putting back the knife on the shelf. Kirk took that opportunity to break his left arm free and blow a strong punch to the man's eye.
 The man screams in pain resulted to eject Kirk's head out of his mouth.
 Kirk blow several punches to break himself free. He was able to free his right arm but the man still not letting him go.
 He squeezed Kirk tight to stop his punches then he grab again his head and tried to push it back to his mouth.
 Both arms of Kirk are now free to stop him. Kirk holds the upper and lower lips of the man to prevent him from eating his head again.
 The man suddenly laughed
 "Haha. I got you boy!"
 He let go of Kirk's head and quickly grab his right arm and shove it to his mouth up to his forearm.
 "Shit! It's a trap"
 The man then grab Kirk's left arm and shove it also inside his mouth. He used the wall to pin his prey while sucking his arms in.
 Both arms of Kirk are now inside the mouth. The big man continue sucking his arms, tasting every part of his muscles.
 "Ahhhh. you trick me. " Kirk realized that it's all part of the plan. He intentionally let go of his head so he can put his arms first. The big man knows that he cannot accommodate his broad shoulders so he allow his arms to enter his mouth first so he can swallow him whole easily.
 Ahhh... noooo..
 Kirk renewed his struggles but it is more difficult for him to resist since his arms are helpless.
 The big man continue sucking Kirk in while enjoying his sultry taste. He uses his tongue to lavishly pick up the flavors of his skin, tracing every part of his muscled arms.
 The big man is now ready to accommodate Kirk's head. He grab his nape and push it closer to his salivating mouth.
 Ahhhh no no. not again. No please im begging you. Kirk started to cry for mercy. He realized that there is no way to scape once his head enters the mouth.
 The big man ignored Kirk's supplication. He engulfed his head and sucks it in again together with his arms up to his upper torso.
 At the surveillance van, Gavin still trying to contact Agent Kirk on his communicating device but the signal completely lost.
 Worried for his whereabouts, he went back to his computer and tried to access the surveillance camera on the area where Agent Kirk last contacted him.
 After several attempts, he finally got the access of the cameras. He browse all the hallways one by one but there's no trace of his partner.
 "Shit! This is bad. Where the fuck are you Kirk?"
 The echoes of muffled screams and dreadful sucking sounds can be heard inside the room. Saliva dripping from the mouth is overflowing .
 Kirk still fighting for his life. he continues to struggle by wiggling his torso and kicking his legs frantically, but the big man is in control of the situation. His Neck stretches like a rubber while some part of Kirk's body sucks inside him
 The big man continue tasting his prey like a main course meal. After the face, his tongue slides all over his armpit and neck , picking flavors of his skin and sweat.
 Kirk struggles are useless. He can't do anything to stop the big man from swallowing him. He tried to get a grip from inside but it's too slippery.
 The big man grab Kirk's waist by his arms and lifted him up. He used the gravity to push him deeper into his throat.
 Kirk's torso sliding slowly into his mouth while continuing his helpless struggles
 The tongue played his nipples for a moment until his whole upper torso sucked into the mouth. The big man pause for a while to enjoy the taste of his prey's torso. He licks all over his body, tracing every muscles of his chest and abs. His tongue continues lavishing his body, picking every flavor of his muscular torso
 The slurping sound becomes louder and louder as the predator greedily sucking his prey back and forth. It's like blow-jobbing his prey whole. His lips and throat tighten the grip to his body and squeezes his abdominal part beat by beat. The big man seems trying to squeeze out Kirk's internal organs out of his body.
 Kirk shriek and screams in pain inside. He vomited several times inside. His struggles are still useless as the man holding his legs very tight to prevent him from kicking.
 The lips are now pass the waist. His tongue is now tickling Kirk's navel and tracing every hair on his core. the big man unbuttoned his black pants and unzipped his fly in a lustful motion. He pulled down his pants up to his calves followed by his white boxers. Just leave it there to restrain his feet from kicking. The smell of musk from Kirk's manhood give the big man another growing appetite. Kirk renewed his struggles in protest of invading his private part but the bigman seems enjoying it. He quickly shove his crotch and butt inside his mouth and started sucking his semi-hard dick and balls. Kirk struggles frantically. The big man caught him completely off guard. He realized that he is not just being eaten, he is also going to be rape by the big man and he can't do anything to prevent it
 "Fucking Pervert" Kirk Tried to kick hard in protest but his pants and the tight grip of the man restraint him from moving.
 Inside the mouth, the tongue started teasing his cock. He licks every part of his dick and balls, Savoring every flavor of his manhood. the tongue travels in between his legs up to his butthole.
 Kirk scramble in frustration. He tried to twitch and kick his way out but to no vail. This is very humiliating for him. The big man is enjoying his struggles. It gives him more satisfaction and lust.
 He continue sucking and slurping Kirk's crotch until he feels the erection of his prey.
 Despite the protest, Kirk started erecting. His manhood is betraying him. He should never feel that way but he just can't resist the pleasure.
 His dick becomes larger and larger as the pumping continues.
 "That's right handsome, give me your best shot because this is going to be your last. " The big man thought to himself.
 He continues sucking him rhythm by rhythm. his butt can be seen coming in and out of the mouth. The tongue follows the rhythm. it envelopes Kirk's dick and balls in motion while slurping every sweat and fluid.
 "You traitor, you traitor". Kirk felt bad on the betrayal of his boner.
 Gavin decided to investigate. He enters the back door of the Clemens Hall in search for his partner. On his advantage, he's using his mobile phone to check the surveillance cameras. His gun concealed on his belt. He used the fire exit to access the main hallway of the West area.
 He is unaware of the trap planted on the hallway where he is heading.
 After few steps before reaching the end of the hallway, the floor suddenly opened and Gavin fell into the trap. The floor quickly closed afterwards.
 The big man is enjoying his favorite part of his meal. He is jerking Kirk's crotch repeatedly. His hands stroking his butt chicks in excitement. His tongue is now pinning Kirk's huge cock almost ready to explode.
 It doesn't take long before Kirk released his load inside the mouth. the big man enjoyed the taste of his cum, savoring every last bit of it's flavor. He sucked him hard one last time to squeeze out the remaining cum out of his dick.
 The big man looks delighted in satisfaction
 Kirk was exhausted. His struggles suddenly weakens
 The big man decided to continue devouring his prey. He lifted both legs of kirk in a tight grip and allow the gravity to push him deeper into his throat.
 His tongue sliding into his legs picking every flavor of his muscles.
 Kirk still trying to break free but it is more impossible for him to escape now. His arms and head reached the stomach of the big man. He is gasping in a putrid air. His arms tried to hold anything but it's too slippery.
 Nothing can stop him to go further inside.
 The big man locked his lips above the knees of Kirk and started taking off his black shoes and socks one at a time. Slowly and gingerly . Then he took off his pants and boxers out of his legs
 Despite of exhaustion, Kirk tried to tremble his feet in desperation to escape. He is kicking his feet frantically but the force of his movement contributes more to his slipping.
 His knees and calves are now sucked inside the mouth unable him to squirm anymore. Only his feet are sticking out of the mouth. The big man's tongue take a few moment to feel the muscles of his calves and ankles before he continue engulfing his feet. The drool is overflowing out of his mouth
 Only the twitching toes can be seen outside the mouth. His tongue sliding in between toes savoring the last bit of the flavor.
 After tasting every part of his feet, the big man finally swallowed his prey. The traces of his body can be seen traveling down to his gullet.
 "Mmmm. Delicious" The big man smiles in satisfaction. He patted his moving belly, feeling the squirming young man inside.
 Kirk still can't believe what just happened. He is now constricted inside the inescapable stomach of the big man. All his struggles and squirms are useless. The more he scramble and fight the more the room becomes smaller. He feels the stomach walls are squeezing him inside. He is losing oxygen and the stomach acid started covering his body. His muffled screams can barely heard inside the room.
 The big man pick up Kirk's boxers and socks and sniff it one by one to revive the arousal.
 He went to the center of the room facing the glass wall and take a bow. Suddenly the lights behind the glass wall opened and reveal a group of people watching the scene from the dark room. They were all applauding. There room is like a small first-class auditorium theatre with five rows. Each row has six deluxe black leather chairs. The floor covered with sophisticated red carpets. The ceiling is adorned with modern architectural design.
 All thirty chairs are occupied by elite members of a high-class Voraphile community known as The Voreplayers. They were all clapping and cheering for a great show they witnessed.
 The governor is sitting in the center of the front row having a glass of wine.
 "What a great show mr. Gomez, can't wait for the next" he whispered to himself.
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Great story!
I can't wait to see the next either!

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Great story!
I can't wait to see the next either!

Thanks! 🙂 i am working now for the sequel