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Vore Rideshare (AV, Scat, Digestion)
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                Dave was running late for work, missed his bus, and he was desperate enough to use one of those new rideshare apps that was all the rage these days. Unfortunately, all but one app had service in his part of town at the moment. Something called Slurpr. There was a lengthy legal terms and conditions that he skipped past, and sighed a breath of relief upon seeing that his ride was a mere minute away and that payment was due upon arrival. His driver for the evening was named Adam. He was quite the looker. Tanned and muscular, he was wearing a very tight banana hammock that left nothing to the imagination. There wasn’t any image of the car he’d be looking for though, so Dave was looking at any drivers that passed the lot. There was nobody with that handsome face driving past. Maybe the photo was dated? The app really should have let him know what car, rather that driver, to look for, he thought to himself. Poor design.
                It was then that Adam whizzed past. The beast of a man was just about naked save for the tiny bit of tight spandex bulging from his crotch and disappearing into his giant ass crack. A wave of masculine musk rushed past as Adam ran back for him.
                “You Dave?” Adam asked, still jogging in place. He had earbuds plugged in and his phone was strapped to his beefy arm. His hulking body was shining with sweat.
                “Y-yeah? That’s me. You park your car somewhere?” Dave asked. The parking lot was pretty empty this early in the morning. Adam just laughed, stopped his jogging, and plucked out his earbuds.
                “You’re new to Slurpr, aren’t you?”
                “Well, yeah. Just downloaded it today. Five minutes ago,” Dave replied. He was dubious about this Slurpr app. Was this some exercise bullshit app in disguise? What this dude supposed to be a trainer or something? He didn’t have time for this nonsense. “Look, I need to get to Main Street in a half hour. I’m not looking for a workout, buddy. Unless you have a car or motorcycle or something—
                “I’ve got all the horsepower I need right here, friend!” Adam slapped his thighs, letting loose a spray of sweaty mist over Dave. Dave grew flustered, already feeling his cock responding. If this was some kind of dating app, he’d be in heaven for sure. But he was on the clock, in a fucking suit, and did not have time for this.
                “That’s great. You’re fucking hot, and on any other day, I’d love to fuck, but—
                “Whoa, whoa, whoa. You think I’m some kinda slut? I’m a bona fide Slurpr driver, guaranteed to get you to your destination, or your money back.”
                Dave felt a headache stirring. “Okay, I need to get there in half hour. Thirty minutes. Where the hell is your car?”
                “Right here!” Adam slapped his stomach. “I can assure you it is built for maximum comfort.” Before Dave could respond, Adam grabbed him by his balls, and pulled him in for a sweaty hug. “But first let’s calm you the fuck down, yeah? I hate disagreeable passengers,” he whispered in his ear.
                Dave was entranced. His dick was stiff and his ass was wet and he could not think straight. He leaned into Adam’s chest and breathed in his sweet musk. After the hottest minute of his life, the two pulled apart from their embrace.
                “Get in, bud,” Adam said, thrusting a thumb to his ass.
                Dave blushed as he went around Adam. He pulled on his thong and shoved his head in between those meaty globes. Took a big whiff before pulling out. He hastily tore off his pants, his suit and shirt and was ready to fuck but Adam shouted for him to stop.
                “Hey, I thought I told you I’m no slut. Now get the fuck in or I’m out!”
                Dave just went ahead and thrust his dick deep in that cavernous ass. Adam let out an irritated grunt of pleasure before popping Dave’s dick out and turning around to face his passenger.
                “Guess we have to do this the hard way, huh?” Dave barely had time to blink before Adam grabbed him by the waist and thrust him into his crotch. He felt his head graze against Adam’s giant balls bulging behind his banana hammock. Then he was rudely shoved past the taint and rammed right into the ass. It was hot and slimy and very tight. Outside, he could hear Adam’s pained grunts. Dave felt Adam massaging his stomach and waist, felt him fondle his dick and finger his ass. Adam was using Dave’s pre and cum to lube up the rest of his body. The thong he wore snapped, of course. It was only as he felt more and more of his body disappear that Dave began thrashing. From the outside, it looked like his legs were in the middle of a swimming routine. And finally, there was nothing but feet sticking out, and soon, there was nothing.
                Adam was exhausted from the ordeal and rubbed his distended stomach, welcoming his current guest.
                “Okay, so Main Street it is!” And he dashed off. His balls dangling and his ramrod cock drooling cum as he sprinted.
                In his stomach, Dave was tossed about mercilessly, but it was actually really comforting. Could really get used to this kind of thing, he thought. He didn’t mind when water doused him from above. Nor did he notice the bits of pork and beef that rained down on him.
                Adam was sampling the finer selections of a farmer’s market that he happened to pass through on his way to Main Street. He got a lot of stares and saw many a boner pop. All in a day’s work, he thought, as he finished his pit stop and was back on the road. It’d be another ten minutes, he’d say.
                Inside, Dave was feeling kind of hot, kind of humid. There was a sour smell. He felt himself get sleepy as he tasted the faint hint of bacon on his tongue. It was a pleasant was to fall asleep.
                Adam was about a minute or so away and now had another need to get to his stop, he really had to pee. And he made it a point never to go on the job, super unprofessional and all. The last time he did, his passenger had well…gotten out a bit early and had to be stuffed in after the little rest stop.
                But he made it and sat on the bus stop bench.
                “Urp!” He blushed, remembering the taste of the pork he had earlier. “Well, friend, we’re here. I’m gonna need your help to get you out, so…”
                Adam massaged his stomach, rubbed it, poked and prodded it. Let out a long belch.
                Oh shit.
                He sighed. A little out of relief and a little out of frustration. It was the sixth passenger this month that had neglected to read the terms and conditions of service. Anti-digestion pills were easily accessible things that six dummies did not purchase before using Slurpr. It was no trouble for Adam though, it was a lot easier to…get them out this was than it was if they had.
                So Adam made a beeline to the nearest restroom, and was thankful that it was empty. He went in the middle stall and plopped his hard ass on the cold porcelain. Let out a grunt as he always did, as his hole began to bud open. The first bit of Dave was a doozy, and was a pretty dense log. After that initial part, it was smooth sailing. It was a minute of uninterrupted shit flowing from his asshole, and Adam was disgusted to find that he overflowed the toilet. His cheeks were smeared in shit, and he had to waddle his way to the next stall to finish up. It was a disgusting ordeal, and Adam was very much embarrassed.
                After the deed was done, he washed up and left the bathroom, pitying the poor employee who’d have to clean up his mess…he wasn’t able to flush either toilet.
                His phone rang again. Adam let out a quick fart, just to clear out the tubes as he sprinted outside. Hopefully this next passenger won’t be clogging any toilets.

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Re: Vore Rideshare (AV, Scat, Digestion)
« Reply #1 on: January 26, 2019, 08:03:56 AM »
Interesting idea!
Just one line you may want to edit, got very confused...
"Dave barely had time to blink before Adam grabbed him by the waist and thrust him into his crotch" - two him's and a his without clarifying again which was which, took me a couple of reads to get what you meant.

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Re: Vore Rideshare (AV, Scat, Digestion)
« Reply #2 on: January 28, 2019, 05:28:57 AM »
Vore like this is so goooood! The casual manliness! The powerful men who treat it like whatever! Love it!
Kinda wish we got more of a description of adam with the huge belly as he ran and process processed Dave .
This was great!

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Re: Vore Rideshare (AV, Scat, Digestion)
« Reply #3 on: February 07, 2019, 11:08:03 AM »
Great story!
Here's an image I used to reference Adam...;P
the eternal struggle

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Re: Vore Rideshare (AV, Scat, Digestion)
« Reply #4 on: February 12, 2019, 06:56:47 AM »
Dude, I love all of your stories... such hot details about them, i hope to see more from you!