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The Initiation ( FS, CV, OV, absorption)
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A/N: Do you have what it takes to join? Sequel to The Pledge.

The Initiation

It was 6:00 in the morning when I heard the door to the 3rd floor’s bedroom creak open and shut. I happened to be on my way down stairs to grab some breakfast.
I really wanted to know who had been so bold enough to go up there. I guess technically, it’s not like it wasn’t allowed, but I wasn’t jumping at the chance.
“What’s up, Nico?” The guy coming down the step whispered. He only had his boxers on.
“Hank!” I whispered in shock. His belly was massive, and currently in the process of digestion. I knew exactly what was in there and I bet all the other brothers would too.
Hank had one hand on the banister, and the other wrapped around his belly.
“You couldn’t wait!” I said moving to help support him.
“Nah, I knew I wanted to be part of this since the beginning. Dropping out was never an option to me.” Hank said letting some of his weight shift to me.
I helped him make his way down to the kitchen. He looked full, but still asked for cereal when I poured some.
As I ate, I couldn’t help but sneak glances at my pal’s constantly glurping gut. Hank caught me and spread his legs inviting me to feel it. I reached across the table and let my hand rest on it. It was warm and getting warmer. I dragged my hands all along Hank’s gut. Just where had all his muscles gone? I had seen this before, but to see it happen to my best friend. It was like another wake up call.
 I continued to rub.
I remembered when we first came to this college a lot of boys wanted to enter this frat. After all, the Alpha Nu Beta is full of hot guys and the girls love them. I mean of course there could be 3 or 4 hot guys but, for all of them to be this attractive was ridiculous.
Hank had wanted to join too. He was attractive but wanted to be even better looking something about college girls, blah blah blah.
He had stuck with that mentality. Here he was, haven taken the initiation process preemptively. I wouldn’t do that. I think it’d be better to just wait my turn. 
Hank’s stomach shrunk, as he continued to eat more bowls of cereal. A strengthened six-pack took its place while his arms got wider and he entered a growth spurt. By the time he was done eating his last bowl, gone was my high school best friend. In his place was a handsome young man, wearing boxers that were way to tight, and a hard cock sticking out through the hole.
Hank finishing his cereal, took a deep breath, running his hands through his hair. Even his dark brown hair and gained more of a sheen to it.
“Fuck,” he said smiling, resting his head back. His voice was heavier than before. He put his left hand over his abs, placing it on top of mine. He dragged both our hands across his body.
I couldn’t take my eyes off that dick though. It was big. I don’t know what size his original cock was, but no doubt it’d be dwarfed in comparison now.
“How about you review the whole thing for me?” Hank stood up. He began to flex showing me all his gains. He turned to his back and his muscles displayed nicely. When he tried to flex his legs from the back, his boxer’s ripped and his ass popped out.
“Shit,” he threw his hands back to cover his ass, turning around.
I busted out laughing. Most of the older brothers walked around shirtless, or in their underwear already. But for freshman like us, that’d take a while. Okay, maybe a week for Hank.
“Looking good!” A voice came from behind Hank.
It was a Senior brother. In fact, it was the senior brother responsible for Hank’s transformation and the whole frats’ transformation.
The college senior walked up and felt Hanks arms who flexed it in response. The senior let his hands travel all over Hank.
I noticed Hank was turning red. He was grinning more and more as the senior complimented him. He was fucking ecstatic and blushing.
“Thanks, Donovan.” Hank mustered out.
“Donovan patted him on the back, “Thank you for the great time,” Then went to pour his own cereal.
Hank stood there in the middle of the kitchen, cock and ass out, staring at him. He came and sat by me. I looked over to Donovan.
I didn’t get Donovan Stevens-Montez. He was a mystery. There was no doubt he was attractive, and he seemed nice enough. But other than being a member of the wrestling team. I didn’t know anything about him, and even that seemed like a lie.
He claimed he had never wrestled before coming here, but his sophomore year he tried out and just happened to be great. I don’t know about anyone else, but that sounds fake.
However, to say that would be blasphemy. He’s like the god of this frat, a god of studs. And like a god he’s aloof.  When you have a magic cock though it must be something that draws people in, but my conclusion about him:
Donovan finished making his cereal. “Don’t forget to come get your clothes later,” he said winking to Hank.
Once I knew Donovan was out of ear shot, I teased Hank “So, are you gay now?”
“Huh? No, it’s not like that” Hank said blushing again.
I don’t know what Donovan had given him, but I was quite sure I didn’t want it.
Later that day, all the new brothers had a meeting with the president and vice president to discuss the rest of our initiations. Only half of the pledges had been turned so far into studs.
It was weird looking around and not seeing the fresh face kid you knew, but a more masculine guy in his place.
The president, Milo, talked to us about what to expect after our transformations. It was a pretty tame meeting. However, nothing could beat our first official meeting. Where Milo had Donovan fuck a current brother fight in front of us. The brother had a fast metabolism, so he absorbed all the cum in him quickly. He became more attractive in the blink of an eye.
It was the frat’s way to convince people and dissuade others who couldn’t handle it. I remember Hank being put off when he learned he had to have sex with a guy, but after seeing the brother grow his eyes lit up.
Here and now though, most were pretty much committed. Every pledges’ last chance to drop out would be when their time came. It was alphabetical, so I was fortunately last. Other’s like Hank though could just commit and ask Donovan to fuck them.
Heck, Lee, another freshman, was even more gung-ho than Hank. He worked up courage during one of our first parties and ended up getting fucked in the closet by a drunk and horny Donovan.
Tuning back into the conversation I heard Milo say, “Condom guys, condoms! And if not at least ask if she’s on birth control or has Plan B because your girl will get pregnant. There’s no if, ands, or butt these bodies are made to reproduce and will succeed, be aware.”
Milo was gauging our reaction to his last statement. I didn’t think any guy here was dumb enough to challenge that.
“Last thing, I invited another brother here to talk to you guys about another aspect of this.”
Lamar, another senior walked to the front of the room, while Milo and the vice president took a step back. He was a tall muscular black man, when he spoke his voice demanded attention.
“Some of you guys may notice that you keep getting hungrier. No matter what you eat it doesn’t go away. If you notice this happening, just come talk to me I’ll help you.” 
He continued, “DO. NOT. MENTION.THIS. TO. DONOVAN.” Lamar stressed each word. His voice was clear and concise. This was not a request, it was an order.
“What?” All necks turned to look at Wilson a freshman who had already undergone transformation. “So not only did I have to take a cock up my ass, but now you’re saying there’s side effects!”
Lamar spoke calmly, “Yes we should have said this sooner, but in 3 years, I’m the only one that this has happened to. So, it’s unlikely that this will happen.”
“Not good enough,” Wilson said standing. “And if it’s Donovan’s fault why can’t he know?”
Milo snapped his fingers. “He’s got enough on his plate having to sleep with you guys. Let us handle the small stuff.”
Wilson was irate. “If that dude messes up my life. I’m going to let him know.” He got up in Lamar’s face, but I could see Lamar didn’t think much of his presence.
“You can tell that fa—
Wilson didn’t get to finish that statement. Lamar had knocked him on his ass. I saw the quick change in Lamar’s demeanor when that word started to leave Wilson’s lips.
I wanted to do something I just didn’t know what.
Lamar sat on Wilson’s chest and held back his arms. Looking out to the rest of us Lamar started speaking again, barely using any effort to hold down Wilson.
“I’ll say this once. You guys don’t have to like Donovan. Hell, after your initiation you don’t even have to sleep, or interact with him again. The one thing I don’t tolerate as his best friend though is people spouting homophobic bullshit, about him.”
Lamar looked down at the struggling Wilson. “You do realize we all know you’ve taken his cock up your ass. We all have or will. It’s why it shouldn’t matter that he’s gay.”
Wilson shouted profanities at him, and Lamar shook his head. “Two years ago, we had a homophobic pledge. Let me show you what we did.”
I wanted to scream watching Lamar’s mouth engulf Wilson’s head. Inch by inch Wilson’s body disappeared into the black hunk. It didn’t matter how strong or powerful Wilson had become, Lamar handled it all and swallowed him down.
Lamar’s body gave way to a bulging gut. The miraculously he stood up still carrying Wilson’s weight. Wilson made Lamar’s belly quake with every fit and struggle against his fleshy prison.
I looked over to the president and vice president. Weren’t they going to do something? The vice president seemed indifferent while, Milo looked like he expected it.
“Stop fighting,” Lamar slapped his belly hard. It shook violently once, then only moved slowly. Lamar rubbed his belly for us all. “I’m really annoyed you made me do this. You grew a lot, so Donovan probably liked you. But don’t worry I’ll put your growth to good use. Just give me everything you got.”
Lamar asked if anyone wanted to feel him. I didn’t. I really didn’t. So why had my feet moved to the point I was caressing Wilson? I placed an ear against Lamar’s stomach and listened. I heard cries muffled under the sounds of stomach noises.
Was no one going to stop this? 
Other freshman’s hands joined me, even Hank. I placed a kiss on the dark belly.
“Fuck,” Lamar stepped back, making us all lose contact with his body.
“What’s wrong?” Milo asked.
“Wilson’s digesting way faster than I thought,” Lamar placed both hand on his rotund gut. The frat house was overcome by the loud sounds of Lamar’s borborygmi. Wilson didn’t make Lamar taller, but he had packed on the muscle.
I should have been afraid. Hadn’t I just watched someone die? Why was my cock so hard?
A week later, my head still wouldn’t be clear. A lot of the brothers and I were sitting watching a basketball game, even Donovan had joined us.
I couldn’t pry my eyes away from his crotch. Whatever lurked beneath those pants could change my life forever?
One team scored a basket and A few brother’s and Donovan jumped up. I saw Donovan was getting a hard on. I looked around to see if anyone would make a joke about it, but everyone’s eyes were glued on the tent forming.
Hank explained to me recently, once you transform, Donovan is like the king and his nuts let’s everyone know it. The trouble is when he's horny. It makes even the straightest of our brother get thirsty enough to consider getting his cock again.
Luckily, no one had to be tested as Lamar called Donovan over.  But I just knew their mouths had to be watering.
The two disappeared upstairs and the brothers were eventually able to turn their attention back towards the screen. I wasn’t interested in the game, however.
I quietly slipped away and went up the stairs. No one was on the second floor, but I could hear grunting. I walked up the third-floor steps, laying low so not to be spotted.
There in the middle of the small hallway, Donovan was fucking Lamar. Their clothes were laying on the other side. I couldn’t believe they hadn’t even made it into Donovan’s room. I watched Lamar’s huge cock smack up against his abs after every thrust.
Did I walk in on two wild animals mating?  Was this a rut? That couldn’t have been it, because Lamar was soon releasing his creamy rich man cream. His dick was covered in a layer of it. And only a handsome man born of Donovan’s cock could cum like it.
Donovan’s hips didn’t stop, however. They continued to piston fuck Lamar, and his darks globes bounced in response.
I should have run away. But I wanted to be like that. Fucking someone with such raw power. I was enraptured by their bodies.
Flipping Lamar over Donovan pulled his cock out and came. Donovan shot gallons and gallons. He could have been arrested for drowning the black stallion. In the end Lamar was okay.
But holy hell he looked like a glazed chocolate donut.
Donovan let himself crumple onto the big guy.
“Are you going to fuck me now?” was the last thing I heard.
I made my way down the steps unnoticed. I had a date with my left and right hand.
A Month later, my time was getting close. Why had I joined this frat with Hank? I could have enjoyed normal college life.
I wanted to talk to some of the older brothers about my worries, but they were dealing with a prank Delta Sigma Nu pulled. It had put one of our brothers in the hospital and Milo was not happy. I knew they’d plan payback, but they wouldn’t tell any freshman.
I was being pestered by Hank currently, to spot the difference between two girls on his phone.
“I don’t know,” I said. “I guess one’s thicker, bigger breast. They could past for twins, Wait, are they twins?”
Hank smiled “No even better. It’s the same girl.”
I looked again and realized he was right not an attribute, or feature was out of place just slightly modified “Holy shit, I guess that’s the power of a well-balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.”
Hank laughed, “Yeah if that healthy lifestyle and diet are my dick.”
“This girl, Delilah, said she hasn’t changed a thing since we started going out, but yet she’s gotten more in shape.”
It suddenly hit me, “Just like you after Donovan fucked you.
“I think our cum can do what Donovan’s does. Just not as powerful”
I felt my cock twitch in my pants. I could do what Donovan did.
“You need to fuck a lot though,” Hank said cutting off my day dream.
“Why is that?”
“Well we’ve been fucking without a condom for about a month and, we I just noticed it”
“Wait, you did it without a condom? Did you not remember the warning? Do you really want your uber sperm to knock her up!”
“Don’t worry she’s taking birth control. Also, we fuck like rabbits, so she would have been pregnant by now.” Hank answered in a matter of fact tone.
“Who’s that?” Donovan said having appeared behind us. We both screamed, and Hank almost dropped his phone.
“It’s my girlfriend,” Hank handed his phone to Donovan. “We were thinking all the guys here probably can do a fraction of what you do.”
“Yeah like 1/8th,” I joked. Don’t get me wrong the idea turned me on, but if you have to fuck a lot for the change did it even matter? Only someone as horny as Hank could have realized this.
Donovan pondered it and handed the phone back, “Makes sense. I’ve only been with guys. So, I couldn’t really tell you the effect my cum has on women.”
But this guy was aware of what his cock did to men. I knew, even now. Hank’s mind was probably split between Donovan’s cock and his girl. Did I really want to end up like him?
I got my answer that Sunday.
I had waited till the last possible moment and still had not run away. Just what did I want? I now stood on the third floor about to knock on Donovan’s door.
Donovan welcomed me in. His room was nice and super organized. I expected him to have a somewhat messy room since he only brought guys up here to fuck.
I quickly noticed we were not alone. Milo was standing in the corner with another guy who was tied up and naked.
“Hey, I’m not going to stay. I’m only here to fill you in.” Milo tapped the guys shoulder he was standing next to. The guy was the same height, but not nearly as beefy as Milo was.
“Our good friends from Delta Sigma Nu decided it would be in their best interest to offer up their new brothers/ former pledges as a sign of apology for that prank they did.”
Milo pushed the guy forward. “This guy just happens to be the last one and he’s the biggest. We saved him just for you.” Milo put the guy down on his knees.
“Sorry about this.” Donovan looking as awkward as I felt about the whole situation. He pushed down his pants and his cock and balls fucking spilt out. It didn’t spring out, no it was much too large for that. It hit the ground with a thud.
What the hell did I walk into? The cock grew harder and bigger, towering over all 4 of us.
As if acting independently the cock slurped in the crying freshman. The young man weighed down the under side of the cock. It became heavier touching the ground as it took more in. I couldn’t look away as the cock traded the man’s feet with a puddle of precum on the floor.
The cock had now fully trapped the guy in its shaft massaging his form. The cock stiffened lifting more vertical until it swallowed its gigantic meal down. Donovan let out a gasp. Milo approached and rubbed his right nut.
“Come on, Nico feel it,” Milo said to me.
I approached the gigantic testicles, holding the form of a living creature struggling to get out. All I could hear for the next few minutes was cum churning and frothing in those gigantic balls. I could finally imagine what all the brothers heard every day. The distance between the roof and the tip grew ever smaller as it absorbed parts of its meals’ height. When the balls became less active, Milo walked out the room.
It was just me and Donovan, and his great dick. Maybe I was wrong. Perhaps, Donovan was a god. That freshman had just been his sacrifice. His cock sure enjoyed being worshiped. I couldn’t help myself though. I had to lick it. The taste was salty, from the shaft down to the balls.
“Okay it’s time,” Donovan said panting looking down at me.
I studied the cock over, trembling.
Donovan laughed, “Not with this, it’d kill you. Give me a min.”  Donovan flexed his cock and his balls got smaller and smaller until they resembled their previous shape. I heard the cum shifting in his nuts get compressed and turn them into two orange size balls housed between his legs.
He turned back to me a said through gritted teeth “Get over here.” He couldn’t hold that compressed load for forever. I took off my clothes. I was finally ready.
Donovan tossed me on the bed, spread my legs opened and lined his cock up to my ass. His cock was coated in precum. The moment I felt it touch my hole, it released more right on it. Donovan tried to press in, but my ass didn’t give way.
I mean I was straight and every girl I was with knew my ass was a no zone. However, none of that mattered to Donovan’s dick. It’s precum lubed up my hole and he shoved his cock right in. For one split second there was pain, then eternal bliss. My vision went white as Donovan pounded away. I don’t know how long it went on for, or how many times I nutted.
Donovan grabbed me tightly and gave three powerful thrust before the end came. Those balls emptied inside of me. The remains of the last Delta Sigma Nu Pledge coated my intestines forcing its way to my stomach.
My stomach started to expand. Donovan was filling me up. My stomach started to make a lot of space between us, but Donovan didn’t let up.
I couldn’t do it anymore it was starting to hurt. I cried for Donovan to get off me. He just held me tight and whispered, “You can take it, you can take it.” I thought I would burst. When I thought I saw the end coming Donovan thrusted one last time and the last wave of cum entered me.
Donovan released me from his tight grasp. He looked down at me brightly and smiled “How was it?”
“Fuckin hell,” was all I could muster.
When I exited the room all the brothers were standing around me. I would have darted back inside if not for Donovan coming out behind me.
I was so embarrassed I even almost tripped in front of everyone. Good thing Donovan had cat-like reflexes.
Milo lead the brothers in a cheer. He said, “The frat was united when the last brother joined them all.”
I didn’t want anyone to see me sporting another guy’s cum like this. But I guess if everyone has done it, I shouldn’t be too embarrassed.

 Thankfully, the celebration didn’t last too long. I was back in my room laying on the bed cradling my belly. I poked and watched it jiggle.
Being stuffed like this was embarrassing, but it was also kind of hot. Knowing that tall the handsome guys here had been stuffed like this made it even hotter. I used one hand to rub my belly while the other made its way to my cock.
My stomach grumbled. Digestion would be starting soon.
I thought about the freshman that was turned into a cock snack and poured into me. I sighed as my stomach grumbles got louder.
“Digested twice, that has to suck.” I began stroking my cock.

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Man that was good, a nice and fresh story written by one of our best!

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That was the hottest story. Makes me want to reread your previous one