Author Topic: There's More Than One Way to Vore a Jock (FS, AV, CV, OV, Merging, Absorption)  (Read 1838 times)

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A/N: So here's a light-hearted story. Another story on reformation/non-fatal, featuring a bit of pec vore.

There's More Than One Way to Vore a Jock

Neville didn’t even know how it happened. It was an accident in all honesty. He came out of the gym shower, trying to get a strand of black hair out of his eyes, and ran into the rugby team captain, Clint. It was more so, the captain, who tripped onto him. Neville didn’t see him, and Clint also had his mind preoccupied.
Neville heard Clint lose his footing, he tried move to catch him, but Clint landed right on Neville’s chest. It wasn’t much of a chest, Neville was slim. That why he went to the gym, to start changing. However today would be the beginning of that change.
Neville thought Clint would stand back up, but the captain didn’t move. Neville looked down only to find Clint’s head and light brown hair was gone, sunken into Neville’s chest. Clint’s thick neck protruded strangely from Neville’s small body.
Neville could feel Clint’s head somewhere deep inside him. Neville let out a moan and with Clint’s neck was pulled in further. Neville thought it would end when his body got to Clint’s shoulders but that too disappear into the abyss.
Neville’s small chest kept drawing in the strong body. It looked like an impossible scene. Yet it was very real and taking place in the public locker room. The rugby star disappeared, abs, waist, meaty thighs and all into the void.
Once Clint was gone Neville felt an intense rush of energy throughout his body, He felt strong. He felt powerful, like he could pull car. His body started to grow adding Clint’s own mass to its own.  Clint’s memories flowed into Neville’s mind smoother than water running down a stream. Neville once a scrawny kid by himself stood merged with Clint.
The new young man looked at his body, He had two set of memories of what just had occurred, but he was only looking through one pair of eyes. He awkwardly walked over to the bathroom mirrors, listening to each foot step hit the ground with force behind it.
He got to the mirrors and wanted to scream. He had no idea who he was looking at. His hair was medium brown. guy was way to handsome to be Neville. His body had taken Clint’s muscles, strong jaw bones, light body hair, and given it to Neville. With Clint’s memories he knew exactly what his naked form looked like.
The biggest surprised was the towel Neville had wrapped around his waist. It was barely enough to cover this new body’s privates. The fusion was sure he could see the beginning of his nuts hanging under the cloth.  Worst of all this body sported a boner that was ready to fire off. Sometime between merging both Neville’s and Clint’s libidos agreed in the mutual pleasure they were experience, resulting in a cock pitching a tent under his towel.
Upon seeing himself in the mirror the combined man, started leaking precum. He felt it some of it get absorbed by the towel while the rest rolled down his shaft.  He knew he had to get out of there.
He ran to the lockers there had to be something he could wear, He started for Neville’s, but there was no way anything Neville had could support anything he was equipped with. Going for Clint’s locker he decided to throw on his pull-over hoodie and go commando with the sweats. The man collected both guys’ bags and marched out of the gym.
The newly formed man was tortured. Neville’s room was closest, but the gym was still a block away from campus. His hard cock hanged in front of him, and his weighty nuts slapped against his thighs.  He tried to adjust himself using the waist band, but his cock would just fall back down. There was a growing spot of preforming through his sweats. Clint was going to be so mad. Is mad?  Well regardless the man thought, it didn’t stop him from being horny because his dick just pulsed more.
The man stormed into Neville’s dorm apartment and threw down the bags. Neville’s roommate was nowhere to be spotted. Thank god!
Locking the door to his bedroom, the fused college student hopped on to Neville’s bed. His feet slightly hung off the edge. He was too big for this young man’s bed, but he didn’t care. He pushed down Clint’s sweats to his ankles, not even bothering to kick them off. He needed to cum now.
He worked his cock, thicker than Neville’s, and longer than Clint’s. He knew exactly what to do to make this dick sing. He switched, letting his cock ram his right and left hands. Then, stroking with two hands for the beast he gave ten powerful thrust. He let his hands squeeze hard when he slid them back up the shaft. He knew he needed to be milked.
He released Neville and Clint’s combined load in thick stringy webs. It landed all over his face and Clint’s hoodie and Neville’s bed.  The man knew he made a mess, but he was so happy he just didn’t care.
He fell asleep peacefully with a cum soaked face and hoodie.
A few hours later, Neville groggily woke up. He started to stretch but felt his hand touch someone. Neville’s eyes shut open, greeted with the sight of Clint peaceful snoring. The two were extremely close in the bed, chests pressing against each other. They had to be, or else they wouldn’t have fit.
Neville slowly got off the bed, as to not disturb the guy.  He young jock in his bed was fully nude except for the sweatpants around his ankles.  Neville realized he himself was wearing a grey hoodie, but there were a few white streaks on it.
Then a flash of images came to him. He remembered everything. Neville started panicking. What the hell had happened? Why did his body do that? Did his roommate walk in and see them? Or worse what if his roommate saw that mixed version of them?

 Before losing his mind completely, Neville decided to take a breath. If his roommate had been here, when they were combined campus security, or the police would have been called. Secondly, even if he was in bed with Clint, that’d just look like they hooked up. Not ideal, but way easier than the truth.
Neville took more deep breaths. He was good, he could handle this.
Clint woke up. Jerking his upper body into the air as if he had a nightmare. Sleepily he looked around the room. His face grew more confused. It certainly wasn’t his dorm room. His eyes landed on pants less Neville, wearing the gray hoodie.
“What are you doing,” Clint said with sleep in his voice and eyes refusing to remain open.
 “Hi, I’m Neville. You may remember me, psychology last semester.” Neville fiddled with his fingers, then rubbed the back of his head, “Do you remember what happened today?”
Clint looked at Neville as if the boy was speaking another language. He stared for a few mins before his eyebrows started to tense and realization hit him.
“What the fuck?!” He saw his balls and dick sitting in the open. He pulled his pants up and jumped out of Neville’s bed. He ran to the front door of the apartment, grabbed his gym bag and left.
Neville was left standing in the dark of his apartment.
He heard a loud knock on the door. He went to it and found Clint. Clint snapped his fingers pointed at the hoodie.
Neville took off the hoodie and Clint snatched it from his hands walking off into the night. Neville closed his door.
He was now standing naked in his dark apartment. Neville sighed and went to put on some clothes.
The next morning was much better. No freaky situations occurred. Life was back to normal. Neville hung out with his roommate, Ron for lunch. He was doing well in his classes as always. He planned to go see a movie with friends in the upcoming weeks.
In the evening, there was gentle knock on Neville’s apartment door. Neville was trying to nap and cursed that Ron had so many late classes. Upon opening the door, he was greeted by the familiar face of Clint.
“Can I talk to you?” Clint asked.
Neville didn’t see the point in turning him away, Clint could easily keep the door open. Neville let him in and the two began to talk about yesterday.
“Sorry, about the way I acted. It’s just having all those gay thoughts especially about me, was overwhelming,” Clint tried to explain. “I swear I’m not homophobic, I just didn’t need to know you wanted my dick that badly.” Clint was now tripping over his words and running his hands through his short hair.
Neville’s face was a deep shade of red. “What are you talking about?” He said trying to play it off. There was no way Clint knew that.
“When we were together,” Clint interlocked his fingers. “I was you, so I knew everything you felt.”
“Wait, you read my mind?”
“Yeah, didn’t you read mine?” Clint asked earnestly.
Neville wanted to scream into a pillow, but instead he went for the truth. “I was too taken by the pleasure to be honest.”  Sure, Neville had gotten the memories, but not Clint’s internal monologue. He couldn’t believe Clint had somehow multitasked when fused.
“Well, I won’t purposefully read your mind next time, but when you’re the same person it flows into you, ya know” Clint smiled letting his whole top row of teeth show. Neville breathed out every single tooth was just perfect.
Then, Neville thought back on what Clint had just said. “Wait, next time?”
“Sure, if you’re up for it. I mean I jacked off the moment I got home last night.” Clint admitted.
Neville didn’t need a minute to think he viscously nodded. Minutes later they were standing in Neville’s bedroom in their boxers.
Clint approached Neville and bent over so his head as on the smaller boy’s chest. They stood in silence for a min.
Nothing happened.
“Um, abra kadabra,” Neville said.
Neville couldn’t believe it. This was his chance with a hot guy, not in the way he envisioned, but the universe decided now to have a sense of comedy.
Clint tried pressing his face harder and tweaking Neville’s nipples. 
Clint put a hand on Neville’s chest and pushed own his head away. “I guess it was a once in a lifeti—
Clint’s arm was being tugged into Neville.  Clint smiled and happily buried his face in which soon repeated the same process as before as before. Neville’s chest gladly took in the meaty boy. Neville was kind enough to pull down Clint’s boxers before they got sucked in. Also, it allowed him to fully witness Clint’s fat cock disappear into his chest. When Clint’s mighty feet disappeared, Neville felt a familiar warmth spreading through his body.
He started to grow. His hair lightened. His body grew stronger. His thighs, ass and cock also united with Clint’s traits, ripping straight through Neville’s own under wear.
“Shit!” The guy forming in the room said.
When the guy stood completely united his cock was leaking precum once again. “I’m going to have to control that.” He wanted to cum so bad. Instead he looked for Clint’s underwear, he didn’t want to be naked anymore. He tried to get it over his ass and cock, but not with out a laugh. His cock by far exceed the light blue boxer briefs when hard. It was truly a mass of swollen cock surrounded by thin fabric.
Throwing all caution to the wind. He decided to masturbate on Neville’s. This time he would clean it up.
The days went on with Clint coming after practice to merge with Neville when Ron wasn’t around. They didn’t really know what else to do so they stayed confined to Neville’s Room. Clint wanted to do more and asked Neville to think about it. That’s when Neville messed up.
“You did what?” Clint yelled.
“I told her. I had a friend, cousin really, that wanted to meet her.” Neville said surprised at Clint’s outburst. “Didn’t you say we should get out more?”
“This is a date!” Clint was perplexed. “I just meant like going to the grocery store!”
“I was going to the movies with them anyways. It seemed like a good idea.”
“But you’re gay!” Clint responded.
Neville laughed “It’s just a movie, we’re not obligated to kiss them. Even if we were that’s not the worst thing in the world.”
“You’re okay with this?”
Neville just shrugged.
Clint sighed. He gave up.
When the day at the movies came. Neville and Clint made sure to buy clothes just to wear for the special occasion. And sure, enough they looked like any young college teen. Upon meeting Neville’s’ friend, the guy was berated with questions. None more so pressing than…
“What’s your name?”  The beautiful black girl with afro asked.
“My name?” The guy was stuck. What was his name. Neville and Clint had been so stressed pulling this night off they over looked something so basic.  He grabbed at straws looking for a name. “Um…Cli—ville?”
“It’s Clive,” Clive smiled.
The girl seemed unconvinced but didn’t press further. That date seemed to go fine, but later Neville would learn his friend thought Clive was too shy around others. However, for Clive this outing was a success it meant he could be around other people.
Clint and Neville started getting bolder as Clive. They were walking around campus, going down town and buying clothes. They even let Ron walk in on them while they were still fused. Clive said he was Neville’s cousin waiting for the boy to come back. 
The moment Ron left. Clive pulled his cock out right in the living room and busted a nut all over the couch.
That Saturday, Clint had another great idea to test things further. Neville however was the one who wasn’t on board. They had gone to Clint’s room to avoid Ron. Neville spotted twenty different types of workout gear between the dorm’s main room and bedroom.
“You want me to eat you?” Neville realized Clint had finally lost his mind.
“Yes, but you just swallow me whole.” Clint said as if it was the most natural thing in the world.
“Are you sick?” Neville stood on his tippy-toes to feel Clint’s forehead.
Clint removed his hands.  “I’m not sick it’ll be just like we usually do, only a bit different.”
Neville didn’t really get how different, but Clint really wanted this. Who was he to deny a hot guy? He just didn’t want Clint to wake up to the harsh reality: humans can’t swallow other humans whole.  Sure, his chest thing was weird, but through his mouth? Ridiculous.
Neville laid on his bed in his underwear while, Clint undressed himself, Clint crawled up between Neville’s legs. Neville’s hard-on slid across Clint’s abs.
“Man, you really want me bad.”
The smaller young man was just about to answer you have no idea, when Clint stuck his head in Neville’s mouth.
Neville wanted to gasp in shock but is mouth was currently occupied. Clint pressed his neck into the saliva coated cavern. The slim boys neck began to expand with Clint’s head entering. The mouth went wider pulling in Clint’s burly shoulders and torso. Clint’s arms were pinned down at his side. The rugby player, however, was tall enough that he could keep pushing himself into Neville from off the bed. Neville ran his tongue against the great white pecs felling the patch of chest hair. He licked over each ab delicately. Then he felt the full weight of Clint’s cock on his tongue. Clint’s ass rested on the roof of his mouth. God, how he wanted to feel that against his tongue too.
Clint tried to push himself in further but battled against Neville, enjoying having Clint’s cock in his mouth. Neville didn’t really care Clint’s underwear were getting soaked he was just to turned on, The natural friction between the two battling bodies. Caused Clint to get a hard on. As one would expect Neville couldn’t overpower Clint for long, and Clint’s inflating cock disappeared into the back of his throat. Lastly, Neville swallowed the muscular thighs and legs that came with it. Clint wiggled his toes as they slid across Neville’s tongue and down to the stomach.
Neville looked down at himself. He couldn’t believe it. His stomach was huge! It was in the shape of Clint with hard lumps— no doubt Clint’s muscles.
“You okay?” Neville asked.
“I’m fine,” Clint shifted around in Neville’s gut. It was warmer than he expected. “You?”
“I’m so full. I’m so full of you!”  Neville rested his head back on Clint’s bed.
Neville relaxed, while Clint continued to shift around, kicking and punching against the stomach wall. Neville didn’t feel anything but small bouts of pleasure. However, when 5 minutes passed, and nothing happened Neville got scared.
“This isn’t working I’m going to try and throw up.” Neville sat up on the edge of Clint’s bed when he heard a rumble from his gut, He quickly laid back down.  He felt massive cramps on his stomach, as it his stomach began to work on Clint. The sounds of digestion with loud glurps and long gurgles played throughout Clint’s dorm room. The Clint-shaped bulge was now moving around rapidly, making Neville’s belly quake. The hard lumps soon became more and more round.
The process had taken a lot out of Neville. Good thing he was already in bed because he felt seconds away from sleep. Suddenly his belly began to deflate, faster than a balloon popped with a needle, Neville metabolism reduced Clint into a thick soup.
Neville’s stomach rumbled and began to shrink. The nutrient rich soup evaporated from his midriff. In return, his body began to grow. He felt his entire structure being reworking hear his own bones lengthen and crack to carry the new weight of muscle. His hands and feet got thicker to support everything he was becoming.
Digestion finally ended.
Neville felt amazing. Strangely enough he felt mostly the same. He got off Clint’s bed which creaked with relief from the weight and walked to the body length mirror.
Neville looked handsome. He looked exactly like himself just more muscular. He ran a hand over his newly formed abs. There was no trace of Clint ever being in there. He looked down at his underwear. His ass looked great, but his cock had not gotten the memo. It was roughly the same as before.
Placing a hand on his right pec the young man asked, “Are you in there Clint?” His pec flexed responsively. He jumped back frightened, but then realized he had flexed his pec. It was weird suddenly being able to do that.
He continued to study himself in the mirror, no longer cock, no different hair, no memories, just muscle, Neville had converted Clint in to muscle, Pure muscle.  Was this what Clint wanted?
Getting an idea Neville, grabbed a dumbbell off the floor and began to do curls. He stared at himself in the mirror watching his arm muscles flex as he did.
“You like this Clint?” He asked seductively to no one.
Regardless, of whether Clint liked it Neville was getting hard watching himself. Neville knew Clint wouldn’t be happy with what he was about to do. But who cared, Clint was just muscle for now any way.
Neville began jerking off while working out. He let his glorious load out over some of Clint’s work out equipment.
Neville laid his muscular body on Clint’s bed, letting his huge arm and legs hang off the ends. He flexed his muscles one more time before he went to sleep.
Squeaking and the sounds of cleaner being sprayed woke Neville up. He was back to his slime self. Turning his head, he saw Clint in underwear bent down cleaning his workout equipment.
“Sorry,” Neville said, causing Clint’s head to turn. He had a stern face wiping the material, but it softened upon seeing Neville.
“Don’t be.” Clint walked over to the boy, his naked body displaying all the strength and power Neville had lost.
Clint sat on the side of the bed. “I was your muscle. You can do whatever you want with me. Use me however you like.” Clint poked Neville’s right pec, “But flex me more next time.”
“Okay!” Neville said with a goofy grin.
The following week, Neville walked around in their downtown area with Clint as his muscles. They couldn’t risk doing it at college then being questioned. Neville wore Clint’s clothes and just did mundane things: Shopping, eating, walking. The only difference from normal was he looked great doing it.
Neville thought they had finally found their rhythm, but then Clint got a girlfriend. It didn’t really affect their time together, but Clint started asking to do wilder stuff. Clint wanted Neville’s cock to eat him them deposit him in a condom to reform. Neville didn’t even try t talk about the absurdity. What they had been doing already defied all logic.
It wasn’t long before Clint’s huge body was consumed by a giant dock which left Neville speechless. He witnessed the burly young man get wolfed down by the cock. Clint came when he fully entered Neville’s shaft. He could taste every inch of Clint as the cock ushered him into the ball sack. The moment his nuts expanded with Clint, Neville could tell the rugby player was using his strong hands to work out another load inside Neville.
Clint exploded one last time before his body gave out and he rounded out Neville’s sack. Neville wanted to cum, but he knew not just yet. Him and Clint were testing their limits. Neville focused and let his cock and nuts shrink down carrying Clint as cum inside, condensing it to a less frightening size.

 Neville put on a condom Clint had gave him and went to class. He had to 45 min classes. However, his dick stayed hard wanting to release Clint.  Neville struggled all the way through the first class, By the time his second one started Neville knew he was in trouble.
Neville sat in the back of the class. Cum was crashing and churning in his balls.  Neville didn’t know what Clint was doing, but his balls were active. It didn’t help that Neville’s Media teacher, Mr. Barric, had the best ass in dress pant Neville had ever seen. Neville could watch that ass sway for hour, but today it was torture.
35 mins passed. Neville was so happy he’d come so far.
Mr. Barric dropped a piece of chalk and bent over to pick it up, ass on full display. It was less than a split second, but it felt like an eternity.
Neville gripped the edge of his desk and began unloading Clint into the condom.  Neville felt so exposed cumming in front of everyone like that. However, he was doing his best to be a quiet cummer, so no one could tell he was pumping load after load of Clint into his pants. Even after class ended, Neville took a long time to pack his bags. Half of his cock was already flooded with Clint-cum, but he gave a few more thrust to get the last bits out.
Neville took the walk of shame to Clint’s room and placed the condom under Clint’s sheets, so his roommate wouldn’t throw it away.
The next morning was Saturday and Clint was back at Neville’s room. They were relaxing watching a movie.
Neville held Clint’s arm in his hand. Clint didn’t pull away. Neville ran his hands over Clint’s muscles.
“Dude, you were such a fucking huge load.”  Neville said softly, Clint flexed his muscles. “I’m serious I’ve never came that much before on my own” Neville continued.
He looked up and saw the muscular man blushing like crazy. “You shouldn’t say things like that I have a girlfriend, you know. She night get jealous.” Clint responded jokingly.
 “Then why are you here and not with her,” Neville asked, playing with Clint’s thick fingers.
“Well, I can’t really do the things with her I can do with you.”
“Ah, you want to do THAT.”  Neville let go of Clint’s arm and took off his shirt.
Clint quickly got the hint and took his own clothes off.  Neville let himself relax on the couch as Clint strolled over to him. Soon Clint had removed booth boy’s underwear. He began stroking Neville’s cock until it was hard as a rock. Next Clint hovered his ass over Neville’s cock. Neville made sure to record this in his memories for later use. 10 mins later Clint had situated himself on Neville’s cock.
“So, fucking tight,” Neville said through clenched teeth.
“You better not cum!” Clint said just as strained.
Neville thought Clint must have had selective amnesia. Sure, they were good friends now and Neville didn’t have any romantic feelings, but he always felt Clint was hot as hell. Now Clint was asking him to do the impossible.
That’s when Neville realize he felt his cock disappear in Clint.  He looked down and realized that Clint’s ass had fused to his crotch. He watched as Clint’s abs started to smoothen. The transformation worked its way up Clint’s entire body. Clint’s own dick hardened when he began transforming, but it sank into Neville’s expanding shaft like quick sand. Clint’s legs were folded into Neville’s growing balls and his arms were pulled inward beefing up the shaft more. Clint’s short hair disappeared leaving only a massive helmet shaped cock head.
Neville touched the cock. He didn’t know if Clint could hear him. The skin where both their bodies had met displayed the difference between Clint’s tanned skin and Neville’s pale one. If someone saw it the would have accused Neville of taking someone else’s cock.
Ron walked into the apartment. He was greeted by the site of Neville sitting stark naked and a mammoth cock.
“What the heck—
Ron slowly walked over to Neville. The cock decided to lunge at Ron. Neville couldn’t believe it, he was only semi hard. The cock head expanded over Ron. It was gulping the poor boy down. No cries of pleas could sedate the monster. With every force of Ron into its shaft the dick grew harder. Neville felt Ron’s toes slip pass the cock lips and the dick fully hardened. Neville could do nothing as the cock swallowed sending Ron into his nuts.
With Clint as a cock. Neville’s balls and metabolism were much stronger. The lumps under the sack only prodded a few times against the skin before they died away. Neville felt his balls rumble he wanted to cum.
Unable to control it he felt the cum boil right up his shaft. He cum didn’t shoot out.  It fucking poured out from the cock head like a drooling dog. Some of it landed on Neville’s inner thigh. It felt magma hot against his skin. The thick white pudding continued, rolling down the shaft carrying various articles of Ron’s clothing.
 Neville whimpered, as his cock released Ron’s socks and underwear with another batch of cum. His face was flushed, and he was sweating.  Neville wanted to bask in the afterglow, but he couldn’t waste time. The cock started deflating and Neville began to gather up the cum formerly known as Ron.
Over the minutes he collected Ron, his cock’s massive size began to empty out into his body. Neville was taking the cock’s mass. His frame grew larger once again. But the real prize was that his cock was more well hung than any time before.
After he sat the compiled load on Ron’s bed, he crossed his fingers and said a few quick prayers before leaving to head to Clint’s room.
Clint was back in a matter of moments forming from the dick.
“What the hell was that!” Neville was furious. If he wasn’t afraid of breaking his hand, he would have decked Clint across the face.
“I’m sorry, I didn’t know it’d be like that.” Clint said with complete sincerity in his voice. “I was just your cock. Then, I was hungry, and Ron was right there.”
Neville started to pace around the room.
“He’s going to be fine. You gathered him all up.” Clint stated not really convincing either of them.
The two young men decided to brace themselves and headed back to Neville’s room. After, they turned the knob they both took a sigh of relief hearing Ron’s snoring before stepping in.
It took a week for Neville to let Clint be his cock again. They had been able to play off the Ron situation as a dream, but they had gotten lucky. Neville didn’t want to take any chances, but Clint was persistent. It wasn’t long before Neville was trying to handle his 10.5-inch monster in his media class.
Neville learned Clint as a cock was so much worse than Clint as cum. Neville had a boner throughout all of media class which wasn’t new, but his cock had never been this big before. He could no longer bury it under his waist band, less it would leak on his abs. And boy, was Clint a leaky cock!
Neville couldn’t tell if Clint did it on purpose, but he was always producing so much cum. Neville felt his balls would be on the verge of bursting if his cock wasn’t always dripping pre. Even as Clint watched Mr. Barric, he felt his cock inch toward his knee leaving a trail of pre along the way. 
 It felt a little gross, but also hot.
“Uhh,” a small moan escaped his lips, causing the whole class’s attention to go on him. “I just got a kink out of my neck” Neville stated quickly.
Class proceeded as usual. When it was over, Neville thought he had got off easy, until Mr. Barric called him over.
He was starting to get chastised when his cock jumped in his jeans.
“Um,” Mr. Barric said having only caught a glimpse from his peripheral vison. He leaned in a bit closer, “Neville what is in your pants”
Neville’s dick jumped again this time touching Mr. Barric’s face. The professor recoiled so hard he fell out of his seat.
Neville, a deep shade of red, ran out the room yelling, “Sorry.”
Neville closed the door to his apartment and sat down. He kicked his shows off and took off his pants and underwear. He focused and grunted, allowing his muscles and size to drain back into his cock. His cock expanded and grew taking up a huge amount of space in the room.
Neville got to a point where he had smaller muscles, and most of his mass had been given back to his cock. He tried to give more to the cock, but it just flexed in response.
Neville couldn’t believe it.
Clint was fighting him from turning back.
Neville strained, his cock jerked even more wildly. In the end though, a cock is just a cock, and Neville was able to get his Clint-cock back to its proper humongous size. Clint’s body started forming on top of the smaller Neville.
Eventually a muscle-heavy boy collapsed right on top of Neville.  It knocked the air out of him. It wasn’t all bad though. Neville wanted to breathe a sigh of relief. It felt as if he had dropped weights, he was carrying.
Clint was breathing heavy on top of Neville, “You didn’t even let me cum,” Clint said through long breaths.
Neville wanted to say something smart, but he felt bad. Not because Clint wanted to cum, but because Neville had cum.

Turning someone into a cock and turning them back is quite an arousing experience. It would have been easier though if Clint hadn’t fought it. Also, all that surplus cum he made a cock had to go somewhere. Unfortunately, that place was Clint’s ass.
Neville was already on the verge when Clint started gaining his feature’s back. So, he ended up pouring Clint’s hard work into the young man. Neville laid on the ground with Clint on top of him two hard naked bodies pressing together. Neville placed both of his hands-on Clint’s ass cheeks. He was ready to spread those slightly hairy, muscular globes and pull his cock out.  He was a little wary of a torrent of cum pouring out Clint’s ass. Clint would probably hate that after all, he was straight. Neville winced, Clint could probably snap Neville’s dick with those ass cheeks.
He laid there for a little while longer. Now there was no way Clint didn’t know there was cum up his ass. However, he must not have minded because he was sporting a hard on. In between their two bodies Neville could feel the intense heat coming from Clint’s cock. It was so hot it almost felt like it was burning his stomach.
Neville rolled Clint off of him and got up and went to retrieve his pants.
Clint watched the pant less boy get up and walk across the room. An idea popped into his head.
Neville bent over and began to step into his underwear. Neville heard the footsteps charging behind him, but he wasn’t quick enough to look back.
“Ahhhh,” Neville let out a cry in pleasure. Bracing himself, Neville turned his neck ever so slightly.
Clint had rammed his entire head up Neville’s ass. His face was pressing out against the lower half of Neville’s torso.
Neville wanted to say something, but he couldn’t. His cock was immediately hard again, dripping pre. His ass was swallowing up Clint’s thick neck. Neville’s legs wobbled, and he collapsed to his knees. Instinctively, he spread his legs, so his ass could take more.
Clint on his own knees, already had plans for how he wanted this to go. The headless body hoisted Neville in the air.
Neville felt the world shift when he was lifted. With gravity’s help his ass took Clint’s neck. Clint’s shoulders should have been more of a challenge, but it seemed those were no match. Neville wondered if his ass was broken now, those wide shoulders must have destroyed it.
Clint had to fight the urge to push himself deeper, he wanted Neville to do this all by himself. Clint pressed his hard cock against’ his body.
Neville fell more while his stomach grew. It was one thing to go through the esophagus to the stomach, but to go through the intestines was a weird invasion for Neville. Neville felt his ass take in Clint’s elbows, then he felt the hardness of Clint’s cock get forced in. After that Clint disappeared so fast Neville’s ass hit the ground.
Neville forced himself to stand up as a wave of growth hit him again. He trudged over to the mirror. He looked the same as before but when his eyes got to his ass they almost jumped out of their sockets.
His ass was gorgeous. Perfectly round and meaty. Neville slapped the cheeks. his ass was fine! Neville kept mindlessly rubbing his ass. He couldn’t believe Clint just boldly went in.
Physically, Neville felt amazing, but he also felt used. Just what did Clint think of him? Was it that fun being eaten? Neville decided he would have to find out for himself.
His chance came later in the week. Him and Clint went to the gym to workout together. Clint had an away game Saturday, but apparently had overdone his workout. Having walked out of the showers the two boys began to get dressed.
“I’m going to be so sore,” Clint massaged his neck.
“You don’t have to be,” Neville said. He had to play his cards right.
“Oh yeah, how’s that?  Clint chuckled.
“You could eat me. Then let me out when your back from the game,” Neville faced Clint. The rugby player looked as if he had just been insulted.
“Dude, I’m not into that.” Clint grabbed his underwear out of the lockers.
“What do you mean?” Neville retorted.
“I don’t want you inside me,” Clint said.
“A little too late for that.”
“That’s not what I mean. It’s just, I’m fine being your muscle, or your dick.” Clint replied trying to back track.
“What?” Neville asked, the dude wasn’t making any since.
“For god sakes! You’re going to make me say it. I get hard thinking of how much bigger I can make you. I jerk off thinking of how massive we get, and how big of a cock I can be.”
Clint’s upper body was red now. He had buried his face in his locker’s door.
Neville didn’t have a response for that.
Clint took a deep breath and eased of the locker. “The truth is,” he ran his hands through his hair, looking at the ground. “I like just being muscle. Knowing that I can make a small guy like you fucking huge and powerful is a turn on.”
Neville didn’t need to confirm anything Clint’s harden cock was getting the message across crystal clear.
“Clearly, you’re not thinking straight,” Neville approached the boy slowly. “This whole thing we’ve been doing must have messed with your mind.”
“Neville that’s not it. You just don’t understand.”
“Then help me understand,” placed a hand on Neville’s arm.
“Okay.” Clint took a deep breath, grabbed the back of Neville’s head then shove it past his lips.
Neville was caught off guard. This wasn’t what he meant at all.
Clint easily devoured all of Neville. His bulging gut stuck out past his strong legs. Clint placed a hand on his stomach. Neville was struggling viciously inside of him. Neville’s screams were drowned out by the sound of Clint’s digestion. The rugby player had a fast metabolism that didn’t hesitate to start breaking down its large meal.
In a matter of minutes Neville was gone, equally distributed throughout Clint’s body. Clint looked at himself in the mirror. Neville’s body hadn’t added a lot to Clint. Clint didn’t mind though his muscles weren’t sore anymore. The handsome jock even felt a wave of energy enter him once his stomach became vacant.
Clint ran his hand all over his body, welcoming Neville. He packed up both of their bags and headed out the gym.
That Saturday, Clint gave and amazing performance throughout the game. Even when both teams started to get tired after it started raining, Clint was still playing at 100%.
At night, Clint was alone in his hotel room. His roommates had gone out. He pulled out his phone and Facetimed his girlfriend. She answered fight away.
“You look good,” she said. Her friends were yelling in Vietnamese in the background.
“Think so?” Clint smirk running a hand over his pecs. Apparently, Neville had given more than Clint thought. Clint put on a show, starring Neville until his roommates returned.
The moment Clint got back to campus he couldn’t get back to his room fast enough. He was ready to drop these extra pounds. Over the course of a few minutes. Neville was shaking naked on the floor.
Clint bent down to help him up, but Neville jerked away.
“You fucking ate me!” Neville screamed.
“I did.” Clint replied flatly. “It wasn’t all that. I can see why you’re not always jumping to make me your muscles”
“What the hell are you talking about!?!  There was nothing great about just being muscles. I’d rather just eat you.”
“Shit, you hated it that much?”  Clint sighed.
Neville’s eyes were unforgiving.
Clint smirked, placing a hand on Neville’s chest. “Then I guess you better punish me by putting me away in here.”
He ran his hand down to Neville’s stomach, “Or here.”
“Better yet,” he grabbed Neville’s cock and started stroking.
Neville slapped Clint’s hand off. “You’re nuts! Also, it’s not a punishment if you enjoy it!”
Neville cooled down a bit. He wanted to punch Clint, but that would just lead to him getting his own ass kicked. After taking few seconds to think and let is thoughts settle, he spoke.
“Clint you shouldn’t offer, to be eaten while I’m mad. What if I did something stupid and kept you forever.”
Clint’s response was quick and flat, “I wouldn’t care.”
Neville snapped his head to look Clint directly in the eyes. There was no hint of joking to be found anywhere.
Before Neville could say anything, Clint spoke.
“I told you already I like just being a part of you.” Clint shook his head like he couldn’t get over what he was about to say. “You’re a small guy and I’m completely owned by you.” Clint slowly walked over to Neville. “Work out with me as your chest, fuck another guy when I’m your dick, turn me into cum and throw me away in a condom. I belong to you.”
Clint was now standing in front of Neville.
Neville laughed. He laughed for a good while. It wasn’t funny. It wasn’t sad. It was the end of his will to fight Clint on this.
Neville spread his legs open. “Okay, come sit on this dick.”
5 minutes, Later Neville was wearing Clint’s oversized clothes and trying to hide his bulging crotch.
Neville didn’t know what to think. Clint sure could be aggressive for someone who loved to be submissive to Neville’s body.
He walked into his own apartment when Clint’s phone stared going off. He answered not caring anymore,
“Oh, is this Neville,” Clint’s girlfriend asked.
The two had a quick discussion and introduction before she asked about Clint’s where about.
Neville turned bright red, “He’s being… punished.”
“Is he your dick? Let me see.” She said excitedly.
Neville was shocked how did she know. Did Clint tell her everything?
“I’m gay and not an exhibitionist, so I’ll have to refuse.”  Neville went to hang up the phone when he got an idea. This would be the perfect way to get back at Clint.
“Actually, I take that back.” Then he quickly switched the call over to Facetime. He set the phone down and angled it, so she could see.
He undressed himself while Clint’s girlfriend screamed like a rabid fan in excitement. He got around to revealing his Clint cock and she lost it.
“You have to fuck me with that! Or wait, maybe that’s too big?” She pondered for a moment. “I’m not trying to kill myself, but at least let me play with it.”
“Still gay here.” Neville said quickly dismissing her. He sat on the bed and began to strain his muscles, letting his cock grow to its more human size to allow Clint to rejoin the world.
Clint’s girlfriend was completely silent as the whole transformation to place, she was too enraptured.
All of Clint’s features took shape until he was a beefy young man again with his ass buried firmly on Neville’s cock.
Neville smiled to himself. Now Clint’s girlfriend had a clear view of her masculine, strong boyfriend, sitting in the nude on top of another man.
“Hey babe,” Clint smiled to his girl, “I see you met my owner.”
“I did, but why didn’t you tell me how hot you looked between another boy’s legs?” She laughed.
This was not going the way Neville expected. Where was the embarrassment, the arguing, Clint’s reprimand?
Clint moved to the side a bit to see Clint was sporting a huge hard on, that was leaking precum on to the edge of the bed. Clint wasn’t embarrassed, or even angry. He was turned on!
Neville had enough of the chatting going on, He thrust his hips into Clint’s ass causing the larger male to moan.
Clint threw his hand back on Neville’s chest, “Man, stop I’m talking to my girl.”
Neville lost it. Grabbing Clint’s hair and yanking back, he brought Clint’s head close to his. He grabbed Clint’s cock with his free hand. “Don’t you belong to me now? Shouldn’t you just be the good mass of muscle and cock that you are.”  Clint’s cock grew harder.
Neville began slowly thrusting again. He kissed his Clint’s cheeks before moving to his mouth. His hand began to stroke Clint’s cock with a firm grip.
If he couldn’t embarrass Clint the least, he could do was show Clint’s girlfriend how foregone the jock was.
Neville pulled back and looked at Clint. His eyes were consumed by total lust. He still looked gorgeous, bouncing with every thrust of Neville’s hips. Neville licked his lips.
“Now eat him!” The girl from the phone shouted.
Neville then remembered they had an audience …and she wanted her boyfriend to get eaten?
Then Neville realized it.  These two college kids were insane. Neville knew he had probably awakened something in Clint, but what was his girlfriend’s excuse?
Neville was over it. He was just going to cum in Clint’s ass again. As a person who loved being subservient to Neville, Clint might love it, but as a straight guy he’d be slightly annoyed. It was the only trick Neville could think of.
“Come on turn him into muscle, then fuck me!” The girl shouted.
Enough was enough. Neville pulled his dick out of Clint, who whimpered a bit, and grabbed the phone. The girl did not understand the meaning of gay. Also, this wasn’t a free show, before he could hang up Clint wrapped him in a hug from behind.
“Come on Neville. Swallow me, or take me up your ass, it’s going to drive her wild when you grow.”
“Um, gay!” How many times did it bare repeating.
“Right.”  Clint sighed.
Clint didn’t let up on his hug in fact it got tighter. Neville was being pressed up against his chest, yet there was a sinking sensation. Before Neville could realize it, his head was already being fed to Clint’s pecs. His lithe body easily slid in. Clint made sure to grab back his phone before Neville’s hands got sucked in.
Clint’s girlfriend watched in amazement as her boyfriend’s pecs took in the legs and feet. Then the duo of muscle redistributed the mass throughout Clint’s body. Clint’s hair changed, and his voice got even deeper. A massive wave of memories entered his brain.
The newly formed man smiled down at Clint’s girlfriend.
“So, you’re Clive?” She asked
“I am” the guy said, studying himself through the facetime image. “I usually look a bit different, but I’m mostly the same.”
He set the phone down and flexed for the young lady. “You really should see me when Neville does it. We are fucking grow! He showed off his ass.
“Are you coming to get fucked little lady or what?” He gestured over to Neville’s bed. Clint’s girlfriend couldn’t run out her door fast enough.
Clive relaxed in Neville’s bed totally nude.  He couldn’t wait to fuck. Neville couldn’t wait to be out, and Clint couldn’t wait to be punished again. Clint could end up being muscle for a whole month. It was going to be wild.

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I really liked this, and consider it one of the better stories posted in the last few months!