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Half Cocked: A Slosh Pit Story
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     I'm a pred, but I like to think I'm an ethical pred. I never take anybody that doesn't want to be taken, although that's not exactly easy to do when my scent and cum are both addictive.  I try to “vore” ethically, because I value a clear conscience over a bigger cock or a larger body.  I'm also not what you'd call a traditional pred either. Through some genetic quirk, how I consume prey has a lot to do with how our body chemistry interacts.  Some guys I can take fairly quickly, maybe in two or three loads.  Some take longer, like six or seven.
     I'm getting ahead of myself though, I think I forgot to mention, I'm a ‘CTF’ type pred, you know, cock transformation.  Every time I fuck a guy they change a little bit, but it all still boils down to body chemistry.  When I fuck a guy most of the time they start to change as soon as I cum inside them.  I'll absorb some of their total body mass through my dick, which makes me a little bit bigger. My cum, meanwhile, starts to change them on a genetic level so that they'll start fusing and becoming my new cock.  It's a very pleasurable experience. Every time I meet someone for sex, I always make sure that they know exactly what they are getting into. 
     I had one guy, and this was the first and only time this has ever happened, I cocked him with my very first load up his ass.  Thankfully we had already established that him adding to my body was how the night was going to end.  I was surprised as hell, and I'm sure he was too, because we both thought he'd at least get to ride me for a couple hours before the transformation took him.
     Whatever gains I get from a guy don't really last either. A week or two without any prey and I'm pretty much back to my normal size. I mean, it's easier than going to the gym every day, that's for sure, but I wish I could keep a little of what I get. Still, I can't complain.  If I was keeping all my gains, then eventually I'd be too big to fuck anybody and that would really suck.  No, it's a good thing I have such a high pred metabolism, because it means I get as much action as I can handle.
     I had another guy, he had told me beforehand that he just wanted to take a couple loads and then leave.  He was a former college football star, just over 6 feet tall, well muscled and proportioned, clearly still working to maintain his body.  I had met him at the gym (I know, I said I don't have to go, but it's a great hunting ground) and we had hit it off.  Looking back, it's obvious to me that he maybe got too strong of a dose of my musk in the sauna.  He was addicted to my musk and my cum and even with us taking breaks from fucking, he still wanted to continue.  I fucked him for most of an afternoon, and when I got tired, I let him ride me.  What finally broke him out of it, I think, was when I asked if he was going to let me cock him. I told him that he had to be getting close because he couldn't be too much taller than 3’ and feeling how tight he was had me ready to blow again.
     He scrambled off my dick so fast that I ended up shooting my last load all over my chest. He had already gotten dressed as best as he could and ran out of my apartment before I could offer him some clothes that might fit. I keep some extra clothes I pick up from the thrift shop on hand just in case.  Anyway, I ran into him again on the street about a year later and he had recovered almost all his lost mass.  He told me, a little sheepishly, that he had decided to avoid me so he wouldn't end up falling under my musk again.  I told him I completely understood and wished him well, that I was glad he had managed to restore his height and muscles.
     Not everyone recovers after an encounter with me though.  There have been guys who started out as 6 foot tall jocks and now, no matter how much they eat or work out, seem to be stuck at 5 feet tall and scrawny.  Again, it has everything to do with body chemistry and I have no idea how someone's going to respond to my cum until I'm blowing a load in them.
     In addition to the gym, I also like hunting at my local Slosh Pit.  It's a club that caters to vore and the pred/prey scene.  It feels more honest to hunt there because guys actually know that getting eaten is a possibility. I've been wanting to join the club's alpha preds for cock vore night, but they keep insisting that I don't meet the requirements.  If I could consistently transform the guys I fuck into cum and then jizz all over the crowd, they'd hire me as club staff in a heartbeat. Unfortunately, that particular transformation has only ever happened to a handful of guys. I cocked them, and instead of their remaining mass distributing all over my body, it concentrated in my balls.  It is an absolute pain to have to clean up almost a whole guy's worth of cum out of your bedsheets and carpet.  You think you've found it all, and then you accidentally step in a cold and congealed half-gallon of the stuff.
     You though, you have to be my favorite prey that I've ever come across. I had seen you in The Slosh Pit several times. You were always right in the middle of the action, always close to a pred so you could witness prey being digested, turned into more jizz to help fuel the party. In fact, the first few times I saw you I actually thought you were staff.  You were on the balcony with the preds, helping them churn their latest prey down by massaging their wriggling sacks. It wasn't until later that I learned you paid a little extra for that particular VIP perk. 
     We got to talking one night at the club before the show started.  I found out that you were a “career prey,” someone dedicated to the prey lifestyle but unable to commit to the final act of giving in to your own lusts and a pred's appetite. I could tell you were intrigued by me, by how I transformed guys and added them to my body, and to my dick. We started hanging out together at the club, totally unplanned, and our impromptu dates finally culminated in me pounding your ass in a lust-fueled frenzy under a rain of cum. 
     We went out for real after the show to one of those 24 hour diners that always serves breakfast.  You had lost a few inches to me in the club, your clothes fitting a little looser than before.  You kept telling me how hungry you were and the waitress eyed you a little uncertainly when you ordered the lumberjack special, but you insisted.  Imagine how amazed I was to watch you begin to grow as you wolfed down the food in front of you. The waitress, incredulous at first, and then disturbed, retreating back into the kitchen as you continued your onslaught of the platter in front of you.  You didn't stop until there wasn't any food left in front of you.  My own plate with a more modest couple of eggs and side of hashbrowns was relatively untouched as I had been engrossed in watching you eat and grow.  You finished my plate too, in the end, before you declared yourself full. Her hand was shaking when the waitress handed us the bill. I don't believe that she had ever seen someone visibly get bigger from eating the lumberjack special, though to be fair it was a lot of food. I don't think it actually registered that you had lost and regained part of your mass over the last couple hours.  At any rate, you didn't mention it. We exchanged numbers that night, agreeing to meet up later in the week to fuck.
     We managed to meet up a few days later when we both had the day off. I was nervous and excited while I waited for you to come over. I made sure to stock up my fridge at the local deli after we confirmed we were meeting. I was curious to see if after taking your size you'd be able to grow back again like you had before. I couldn't just rely on that one experience to know if that's how your body would react to mine, mostly because of all the extra hormones and pheromones we would have had pumping through us from The Slosh Pit.
     You arrived and I pulled you back into the bedroom where I started undressing you.  I laughed when I saw the cute little briefs you had on, a print of an alligator wrapped around from your crotch to your ass, the words ‘hungry bottom’ emblazoned over the butt. I threw you down on the bed, quickly stripping down myself.  I could tell you wanted this almost as bad as I did.  I lined my cock up with your hole as you moaned, a few quick thrusts teasing your ring causing me to start leaking pre before I plunged all the way into your ass.  I wanted to last longer, but your ass was so smooth and warm and tight. I came and I felt you get smaller under me. It was all I could do to get off of you and go get us some bottles of water.  Like I said, I give my prey plenty of breaks so they can have a chance to decide if this is what they really want.
     I fucked you and came in you two more times before pausing for another break. I estimated you had lost around a foot in height so far. When I asked if you wanted to keep going, you pushed me back on the bed and started riding me. Every time I blew my load between your firm cheeks, I could feel you getting tighter and lighter, your hands covering less of my chest. You could feel me swelling underneath you, your mass adding to my muscles, my cock swelling and stretching your ass as it reached spots deeper inside you.  We were so sweaty and my cum persisted in leaking out of you, but it felt so good. I realized my musk and cum were probably too strong for you to resist, so I placed my hands on your thighs to keep you from bouncing on my dick any more.  Sitting up, I pulled out of you and you whined low in your throat, begging for more.
     I picked you up off the bed and carried you to the bathroom; you couldn't have been much more than 4 feet tall. As much as I wanted to keep fucking you, I knew you still probably weren't ready to give in to a pred yet. I also wanted to see if you would regain your size back after eating just like you had at the diner. I brought you into the shower and set you down, and you immediately started trying to suck my dick. Reaching over your head, I turned the cold water on, the spray washing over both of us. It didn't deter you in the slightest. Sighing, I reached for the small bottle of Pheroblock I keep for these occasions. Dripping a few drops into the shower spray did the trick. As the pungent smell of wintergreen filled the stall you were finally able to pull yourself away from my cock.
     As soon as you had pulled away, I heard your stomach growl, and I knew that you were going to be back to normal even before you told me you were hungry. I laughed, rinsing us both off before grabbing a towel and heading towards the kitchen. You followed behind me, kind of bashful, as I think you had finally realized the size difference between us. I started you off with an antipasto board meant to feed four while I heated up a baked ziti. I wasn't sure if you needed a balanced diet to recover or if you just needed protein, or even if it mattered at all. I thought I had erred on the side of caution when buying groceries, but you didn't slow down until you had gotten through the second roast chicken. You only made it halfway through the fruit and nuts before you stopped. You looked pretty much exactly as you did when came into my apartment, if a little messy from stuffing your face.
     I was amazed, but you were, I think, embarrassed. You had come over expecting sex and to give me a little bit of your size. What you hadn't expected was to get musk-addled, lose a couple of feet, and then mindlessly devour most of the contents of my fridge. I patted your arm reassuringly, told you I had a lot of fun, and that I'd like to meet up again if you were willing. I could visibly see you relax and I went on to tell you how unique you were, how I had never met anyone who could regain their mass like you could, not after giving so much to me. We planned another hookup for the following weekend.
     Things seemed to go pretty fast after that. I'd stock up on food and you'd bring extra with you and we would spend our weekends fucking like animals.  I'd sap your size until you were 4 feet or even 3 feet tall and then feed you until you were ready for another round. I think you really got off on the size difference. The mass I got from you was never a one-to-one ratio.  It never was for any prey that I had taken. There were several weekends where you made me swell up to over 7 feet tall, the lean muscle packed on like I lived at the gym, my cock thick as a soda can and as long as a ruler. Those weekends really seemed to drive you wild. Another unexpected bonus was that you seemed to become stretchy as you shrank, you had to be in order to make a cock a third of your height disappear inside of you.
     We experimented over the course of a few months just to see how much mass I could take from you. Every sex session I would keep a tally of how many times I came into your pert ass, and every session I'd add another load and another mark more than the last time. I got you down to 2 feet tall one time, my dick visible and pulsing as you contracted around it. It was like you were vacuum-sealed to my cock, but I finally managed to slide you off with an unbelievably loud pop. As excited as you were sexually, I think it kind of disturbed you too, how small you were. You didn't say anything though, and it wasn't as if the trip to the kitchen didn't restore you again.
     I remember one night when we decided to go out to The Slosh Pit again. I'll admit I had a special surprise planned. I got us the upgraded VIP passes, the one that let us join the preds on balcony level whenever we wanted. As soon as the light changed and the fog descended, I had you stripped and was fucking you like an absolute beast. All through the first and second club-wide cum shots, I continued to unload into your ass, steadily stealing your size and bringing you down to about 3 feet tall. The reload for the third wave had started and I took you up onto the balcony, both of us happily massaging the pred's balls as he churned his prey into a fresh batch of ball batter. The pred gave me the signal that he was about to jizz so I grabbed your head and jammed it straight into his gaping slit.
     His massive cock began to throb as it unloaded gallons of jizz straight down your throat. I watched as your belly bulged outward with every blast, the cum swelling you up until I thought you'd pop. Your stomach grew so heavy that the pred's cock sank with you down to the floor. Your arms and legs were moving frantically, trying to dislodge your head. I was worried that I had made a mistake until I watched the rest of your body begin to grow. Your stomach still bulged out with every shot of cum the pred fired into you, but your body was digesting it just as fast as you were swallowing it. You managed to take the pred's entire man-sized load of jizz. I think he was impressed, both by your cum capacity and how you grew back to your normal size.
     When we left the club that night, I was so excited, fascinated with your body's ability to change.  I was elated, but you were upset. I didn't think about it at the time, but my surprise was terrifying for you. I had bought special VIP passes for us without telling you what they were for, I had stolen so much of your size that you couldn't put up much of a fight. Then I had shoved you head first into the hungry dick of a waiting pred. I could see now why you were angry. You thought I had betrayed you, that I had taken you to The Slosh Pit with the intention of making you into unwilling prey. I was hurt that you would think that of me, but I could see that I should have told you what I had planned beforehand.
     We didn't see each other for a few weeks and I lost all my gains because I was disinterested in meeting up with anyone else.  To be honest, I had started to think of you and I as an us, as boyfriends, and this felt like a breakup. We texted occasionally, but you came across as cold and uninviting. I apologized again and again; I knew I was coming off as desperate, but I just didn't care. Then one day you were suddenly at my door, carryout bags from the deli trailing from your arms. I let you in and followed you into the kitchen as you started to arrange all the food. You very calmly explained that this would be the last time that we would meet.  You had thought long and hard and you had decided that whatever relationship we had probably wasn't healthy for either of us.  As a pred, I shouldn't form an attachment to my food, the cat and mouse game between us had gone on long enough and it was time for me to let you go. Likewise, as a prey, you argued, you shouldn't continually tempt fate when you had no intention of being consumed.
     I was disappointed, I'll admit, but you had brought more food into my apartment than either of us had stockpiled before. I asked you why, if this was our last orgy, you had brought enough food to recover your size twice over. You smiled, looking down at the counter before looking up at me, and said it was because we were going to test your limits and see how much mass you could safely lose. After this, you were going to quit being prey and leave the entire lifestyle behind you.
     I felt an electric thrill as I entered your ass for the first time in weeks, I think you felt it too. I put three loads in your ass doggy style before spinning you around on my dick into missionary. Four more loads before the angle got awkward and I flipped us over so you could ride me. It felt incredible, your ass milking my dick, every shot of jizz into your hot, little hole making you shrink and making me grow. It felt like you were made for me, like you belonged on my cock. I started thrusting into you as you bounced on my dick, trying to get in deeper. Three more loads and you were already down to 2 feet tall, our current record. Your ass was now continuously leaking cum, making lewd squelching noises with every upward and downward stroke on my dick. I laid back, my arms behind my head, perfectly content as I focused on the pleasure you were giving me. I felt you tense up using your ass to milk me. I didn't think you could do that at your current size. I felt myself go over the edge, fireworks at the edge of my vision as I came for the eleventh time. I looked down and watched you shrink a little more, but it seemed like less than you normally did. You were gasping in pleasure, your body skintight around my dick. I spasmed again inside of you, an aftershock of my orgasm, and I watched as a globule of cum bubbled up your throat and ran out of your mouth.
     I reached down to grab you, my hand easily wrapping around you and my cock. I felt that electric thrill pulse through me again and my dick throbbed inside you. You pushed my hands away, gasping, telling me that you'd climb off my dick yourself. My touch was too much to deal with at your size. I put my arms back behind my head as you planted your feet firmly on either side of my crotch. Straining, you began to stretch your legs, pushing off from me. Half of my cock had reappeared from within your ass before the vacuum-like suction pulled you all the way back down. I gritted my teeth against the intense pleasure as you cursed. Repositioning yourself again, you started to push off more slowly. I was rooting for you, I thought you could do it, was hoping you could do it as I felt inch after delicious inch of your insides caress my cock. I asked if you wanted me to put my hand below you and try to slide you off, like a condom. Just the head of my dick remained inside you now. Before you could answer, your feet slipped in the cum that had been pooling beneath you. In an instant you slammed all the way to the base of my dick and I was unable to keep myself from cumming.
     I watched your eyes go wide in horror before rolling back into your head with pleasure. Powerful waves of musk started flooding my senses as you began to transform. With every shot of cum, I watched your features blur, your arms and legs pulling into your body, your torso smoothing out to become my new shaft. Your ears and nose receded into your head, the blank throbbing flesh of my dick obliterating your familiar features. I felt a rushing sensation as my balls swelled and grew larger, my sack sprouting new hair. I gripped you as the changes turned you into my new cock. Your mouth moved up to the top of your head and suddenly I wasn't shooting into you anymore, but through you. Your eyes focused on me again before my new foreskin rolled up over them. I rolled the foreskin back beneath the head, but you were already gone. As my orgasm waned and the last few shots dribbled over you, I couldn't tell that you had ever been anything more than my cock. My beautiful, happy, horny cock.
     I was starving after our fuck session and I ate everything you had brought to the apartment plus most of what I had on hand. I kinda felt bad about changing you even though I didn't actually mean for it to happen. Like you said, we were tempting fate. You did say that you wanted to leave the prey lifestyle behind and I guess this was one way to do it.
     I waited a few weeks before I met anyone else. It seemed appropriate, like a final goodbye to you. It was strange though, I seemed to be losing my gains a lot slower than I had before. A guy I had given my number to at The Slosh Pit finally decided to take the plunge and let me cock him. I fucked him for a little while and put a couple loads in him, but something didn't feel quite right. It was almost like my dick was hungry. I couldn't think of any other word for it. I told the guy I was going to get us some water and walked to the kitchen. Looking down I noticed my cock was getting bigger. I grabbed it to make sure and I felt the floodgates open as blood rushed into my cock, the sense of hunger growing somewhere beneath my balls.
     I laughed quietly to myself as I went back the bedroom, holding my growing cock tight to my chest. You had given me another gift when I cocked you and I was about to use it. I dropped my heavy cock onto my hookup, his eyes immediately glazing over as my musk saturated the bedroom. He started nursing at the head, my pre smearing and covering his face as you kept growing bigger. It wasn't long before I thrusted forward and you swallowed his head, and soon the rest of him. We made short work of him, churning him down into a huge load of cum in our heavy balls. I carried you into the shower, kissing your salty lips, and let you cum where you wouldn't make too much of a mess. 
     Tonight, we have something that I've been looking forward to for a very long time: an audition at The Slosh Pit.