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The Pledge (FS, CV, OV, absorption)
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A/N: SORRY,  the ending to the story was missing so I reuploaded it and I couldn't modify it. This just goes to show you,no matter how many times you re-read something for errors you can still make obvious mistakes.This story has cum inflation and muscle growth just like the tags say. If that's not your thing you should turn back now! 
The Pledge

Inside the Alpha Nu Beta house everyone was waiting. Waiting for their last brother to join them.
The bedroom door slowly came open. Out stepped a young man, standing only in his boxers rocking a huge gut, His gut contained the remains of the last former pledge of the  house.
The shortest pledge stomach sloshed and rumbled as he stepped out. All the brothers looking upon him cheered.  Half of them were shirtless the other half were down to their underwear. However, their bodies where all the same, beautifully sculpted and stacked with muscle, some more than others.
There was no denying that Alpha Nu Beta house was a place of beautiful young men. They were all frat boys, but there were no beer bellies, only four, six, and the rare eight pack abs to be seen in this house.
Some of the brothers were jocks of course, but what about the others? It was strange. Ask anyone else on campus and they’d talk about the insane training regimen pledges must do to join, but that was not the cause of the transformation.
The real cause came strolling out of the bedroom along with the pledge. The pledges’ legs were wobbly, especially with his oversized gut. He almost fell but was caught by the man that exited with him.
The older brother pulled the pledge’s back against his chest. He placed his hands on the pledges cum-filled belly. There was no doubt after this he wouldn’t be the smallest pledge any more.
4 years ago, it was completely different.
Lamar couldn’t believe his best friend had avoided him all summer. There was just no way. Now that they were going to the same college, Lamar thought it was obvious they’d see each other. But his best friend still hadn’t shared which dorms he was living in.
Lamar and his best friend were only talking through text now. However, it wouldn’t do for tonight. Because tonight was the night, they joined Alpha Nu Beta. It’s all he’d talk about senior year, on purpose just to make sure his friend got the hint. This was something he wanted to do together.

If they weren’t together, then what was the point?

He was walking from class when a person walked up and handed him a letter.  The stranger scurried away, while Lamar cautiously opened the letter. It was an invitation to join the Alpha Nu Beta house for a party.
Lamar was so excited he started jumping. He didn’t care if people wondered why there was a black kid jumping in middle of campus. He texted his best friend about the letter and learned his friend had received the same weird letter. They made plans to meet up at the party.
The day faded away and night came. The frat house was only two blocks from campus. So, Lamar made the journey alone. Upon arriving at the house, he was surprised to not hear any noise or music blaring. In fact, the house seemed vacant if not for all the lights that were on.
He walked up onto the porch and opened the door. He stepped inside and didn’t see anyone, and the house was way to clean for there to have been any party. He’d been played. He turned around to exit, when a bag was place over his head.
“What the –
“Don’t fight it just come with us” a voice said.
Lamar was led around by the voices. He was forced down onto his knees. By the time he got his mask off, he still couldn’t see in the dimly lit room. There were other freshmen beside him on their knees. They were all looking at the blank grey wall in front of them. They had been brought to one of the basement rooms in the house.
  Five people came walking in. Two were dressed normally and the other three in hooded robes. Apparently, the frat was playing into the atmosphere.
Lamar recognized the two men in normal clothes easily. The white, shorter one with the blond hair, green eyes, and baby face was Caleb, president of the fraternity. The taller, middle eastern guy next to Caleb was Issam, the vice president. Issam’s face was youthful, but he didn’t look as innocent as Caleb.
Lamar remembered on his college tour last year, he met these two, mistaking them for freshman. They introduced him to the frat and he had fell in love with the place. They never even corrected him on what year they were. He only learned it in passing a week ago.
“Lamar Simons,” a voice called out. Lamar let his eyes meet Caleb’s.
“Say ‘present’ when called pledge, that goes for all of you,” Issam looked over the other freshman.
Lamar did as he was told and watched as the others do the same. The president and vice president went down the line, waiting for the freshman to respond.
Caleb shouted out another name, “Donovan Stevens-Montez!” Lamar eyes opened wide and he looked down at the line. That was his best friend’s name, but he didn’t see Donovan anywhere. Yet none the less he heard the words “present.”
Lamar’s mouth fell open. The guy who was kneeled on the floor did not look like his friend. His whole body was different and the voice that had come out was too deep.
A few months ago, Donovan had a swimmer’s build, but now he looked no different than the college wrestlers at the university. His short sleeve shirt was tight around his massive arms and his shorts closely hugged his thick thighs. His light brown skin was still a bronze shade.
The only thing that convinced Lamar though, was Donovan’s face. It had become a bit firmer, but his eyes and basic head shape were still the same.
The presidents continued with their ritual. At the end they told the pledges to rest up as the next few weeks would be daunting. Then, they were all dismissed.
Lamar ran outside to catch up with Donovan. He ended up running straight into the young man’s back. Since Donovan was built like a brick house now, it barely fazed him, but Lamar felt the full impact, falling back on his ass.
Donovan turned around and his eyes lit up upon spotting Lamar.
“Hey there man!” Donovan said in a voice that Lamar could just not get use too. Donovan’s voice had never been high, but this new voice had a bass that could make a room shake.
Donovan offered a hand, and Lamar graciously accepted it. Donovan pulled on his arm, helping his friend. Lamar flew up and felt his feet disconnect from the ground for a moment.
“Sorry, guess I don’t know my own strength.”
“Man, what the hell happened to you?”
“What do you mean?
“Well for starters how about you look—
Donovan placed one of his thick hands over Lamar’s mouth.  “Actually, let’s talk about this back in my dorm.”
Lamar walked with Donovan in awkward silence. When they got to his room, he learned Donovan had a single.  Apparently, it was for his “condition.”
“So?” Lamar asked after following Donovan inside, not even taking a moment to survey the room.
Donovan tried to deflect again, but Lamar wasn’t having it. They were close even a few months apart couldn’t change that. Lamar knew what to say and, in the end, got Donovan to talk.
“So, this summer,” Donovan started, diverting his eyes to the ground. “I don’t know what happened, but it was like I hit puberty or something.”
“Uh dude, you already hit puberty? So, try again with another excuse,” Lamar remembered being 16, when they wanted to see who’d end up taller that school year.
“I know, I know. It sounds weird,” Donovan said moving his hands in a calming motion. “My dads were surprised by it too, but right after graduation my body went wild. I had to buy new clothes and shoes.”
“Why didn’t you just tell me?”
“Honestly, I didn’t want anyone to see me. If I came back from college different people would believe it. But I knew I’d have to tell you the truth, since there was always a chance you might see me. That, and I miss talking to you.” Donovan looked back at Lamar.
Lamar didn’t know what to think. His friend had a growth spurt. That was normal, but Lamar felt like there was more to the story. To only communicate through text for three months due to a growth spurt was a bit much.
“I’ll believe you,” Lamar knew something was off. However, he decided to overlook it. He wanted his best friend back. Also, Donovan’s brown puppy dog eyes were starting to kill him.
Lamar walked over to Donovan and pulled him into a hug. Donovan put his head between Lamar’s neck and shoulder. Lamar rubbed his hands up and down Donovan’s broad back. He could barely connect his hands now. Although Donovan and he were the same age with similar body types Donovan’s softer personality often made people view him as younger. 
Lamar also felt that Donovan’s energetic side was like a dog.  It’s why he couldn’t resist Donovan’s sad face. Today, he was learning someone had traded in his puppy for a Great Dane.
Lamar felt the warmth of their two bodies mix. He ran his hands through Donovan’s dark auburn curls. Letting each of his finger plat with a lock of hair. Donovan smelt like breeze from the ocean.
Lamar felt something warm and hard growing increasingly down the length of his leg. It wasn’t coming from his pants, but the person hugging him.
Lamar continued to use one hand to rub Donovan’s back while the other had found its way to his ass. The young man had even started grinding into Donovan. It took a few minutes before Lamar came back to reality. When he did, he immediately pulled his hands back and stepped away.
Donovan was wearing a shit-eating grin. “It was that good, huh?”
Lamar started to apologize profusely.
“Don’t be sorry.” Donovan said hushing him with his deep voice, “We haven’t done anything since graduation, I understand.”
Lamar realized that if Donovan didn’t want to be grinded on, he could have easily pushed Lamar away.
“It’s actually my fault. I think it’s only right I be the one to correct it,” Donovan smirked.
He went over to Lamar, who was rendered speechless, and pulled down his pants. Lamar’s cock sprung out in anticipation, slapping Donovan in the face.
Donovan took the cock in his hand and swallowed. For the second time today, Lamar’s jaw dropped. Donovan had just swallowed all his 7.5 inched as if it was nothing.
Lamar was so turned on by how sexy Donovan looked with a cock in his mouth, he didn’t notice he was already cumming down the larger boy’s throat.
Lamar was stunned by how quickly he came. Never had Donovan had the skill to do that, let alone swallow his dick on the first try.
Donovan stood up smiling proud of himself. Lamar placed his hands around Donovan’s waist and guided him to the bed.
It was time to reciprocate. The boys had started experimenting in high school. Although it became clear Lamar interest had shifted more towards women. He had a special place in his heart for Donovan, even if he didn’t love him in a romantic way.
“Wait, you don’t have to,” Donovan protested, but Lamar had already pulled down his shorts and underwear.
Like clockwork, Lamar’s mouth fell open. Donovan’s massive thighs now housed a meaty cock resting on two great orbs. Donovan’s cock had clearly grown a lot fatter over the summer break.
Donovan facepalmed, “You see that’s why I didn’t want you to look. Now you think this is even worse.”
Lamar smiled and placed a hand around Donovan’s cock. “Man, what have you been feeding this thing? Your dick needs to go on a diet.” Lamar leaned forward and planted a kiss on the tip of Donovan’s dick.  No one would have been able to tell, but Donovan was blushing. He was already starting to harden in Lamar’s hand, releasing a shining glob of precum.
Next, Lamar opened his mouth wide and sucked the tip of the dick. He licked and enticed Donovan’s thick cock head until precum was leaking out.
“Oh my god,” Donovan was losing himself. Lamar had always been better than him at blow jobs. Even with his bigger dick, Lamar still knew how to handle Donovan’s cock.
Lamar watched an expression of pure ecstasy cross Donovan’s face. He pushed the larger young man back onto the bed, so he was laying down.
Then Lamar dove  his mouth straight on the dick. He still couldn’t take all of I, but no one could say he wasn’t trying. He teased the cock head and the shaft repeatedly, coating his own face in saliva.
Lamar used his tongue to lick the underside of Donovan’s glistening cockhead, watching the boy respond to his most sensitive spot. Donovan received a wave of electricity through his body, closing his eyes.
Lamar was still going at it. He thought his mouth would have started to hurt, but it never did. As Lamar continued to suck, he became wilder, trying to swallow more of the cock. Donovan started to move his hips, allowing the thick cock to disappear into Lamar’s mouth. The fat cock slid right over Lamar’s tongue and into his throat, releasing a multitude of tastes. Donovan released another dollop of precum into Lamar’s desperate mouth.
Donovan felt as if his precum was pouring nonstop into Lamar and shook as Lamar slurped it up. “Dude when did you learn this?”
Lamar wasn’t sure. He wasn’t sure of anything, except Donovan’s precum had been so good he needed more and would do anything to get it.
Donovan produced another batch of precum that was passionately swallowed. Lamar felt his own dick growing hard again. He pulled down his pants and let his cock swing out in the open, dripping with his own precum.
Donovan was happy. He hadn’t gotten off since he became a musclebound stud. When Lamar started to slow down Donovan lifted himself off the bed a bit to see the problem.  Immediately he pulled his cock our of Lamar’s mouth with a wet pop. The cock he had been ramming into Lamar’s mouth had grown to 10 inches. It was still as thick as ever. It was a miracle Lamar had even gotten the cockhead past his lips.
Donovan looked back at Lamar who seemed to be eyeing his cock. The thought of Lamar going back on this big dick again got him excited.  His cock throbbed, and he watched as his dickhead grew further from his pelvis and more precum leaked out.
Lamar went for Donovan’s cock again. The tip should have been enough for Lamar to handle but he was determined to milk this cock. Every time Lamar swallowed precum he felt his throat open more to accept its huge invader. Soon Donavan found himself feeding his dick to Lamar again. He would slowly slide his dick out to the head, then ram it back into Lamar’s mouth.
Lamar deep throated Donovan and the young man went wild. It felt as though his cock was going down Lamar’s throat. Donovan felt himself on the verge of releasing, He grabbed the back of Lamar’s head and began face fucking him, letting his whole dick disappear pass the luscious lips. He didn’t give Lamar any time to catch his breath.
Lamar was confused. He had been in a lustful haze, but being unable to breathe helped bring him back a bit. Donovan had never been this aggressive before. However, Lamar couldn’t completely deny some part of him wanted this.
Donovan finally gave one final push on the back of Lamar’s head. planting his cock fully inside Lamar. He curled his toes, pulled his legs up. Lamar felt Donovan’s dick grow even larger, shoving itself down his throat more. Then, both young men felt opposite ends of a powerful release. Donovan emptied himself into Lamar.  Lamar wanted to pull off, but Donovan’s hand was too strong. Lamar didn’t get a chance to taste any off the cum, unfortunately. It would have been an exquisite taste. The cock was so far in him that the cum was poured directly down his throat to his awaiting stomach.
Lamar finally felt the pressure on the back of his head slowly release. He removed more of the dick from his mouth as the pressure let up. For a moment Lamar was afraid for it seemed the dick would never end. How he ever put the whole thing in his mouth was a mystery. He separated from the cock.
Lamar caught sight of his stomach, which looked huge. He watched it jiggle with cum as he stood. He looked at Donovan’s cock, which had gone soft. It was still fat and thick, and glossy from the spit, but it clearly must have shrunk after being released from Lamar’s mouth.
The whole thing felt like and out of body experience to Lamar. No way any of this could have happened. Dicks can’t grow large, and no one cums enough to fill someone’s stomach. Lamar chuckled as he laid on the bed and cozied up to Donovan.
Donovan was still catching his breath with his eyes clothes when Lamar laid beside him. The orgasm had been so intense. He didn’t know what happened. He knew he needed to apologize for choking his best friend. That’s when he felt something squishy press into his elbow and the tip of his dick. He opened his eyes to see Lamar resting his huge dark gut between their bodies.
The last thing Lamar saw was an exhausted and worried expression on Donovan’s face, before he passed out.
Saturday morning’s sunlight found its way into Donovan’s bedroom, managing to sneak a few beams pass the curtains. It landed on two young men sharing a bed.
The two had contorted themselves so that they were lying in each other’s arms. A default position after many years of fooling around with one another.
Donovan had always been muscular. Even now with muscles like a hard-working college wrestler his body was well proportioned. He rested on his side, facing toward Lamar and the windows. One arm was placed around Lamar’s head, while his right leg was draped over Lamar’s lower body. The light from the window finally aggravated Donovan as he grunted a bit. Half asleep he buried his head between Lamar’s neck and chest, obscuring the light from his view, and went back to sleep.
Facing away from the window, Lamar was shielded from the light. He had been resting head to head with Donovan until the other boy shifted. He had his arm across Donovan’s back, but when Donovan nuzzled into him, Lamar let his hand wander down to cup Donovan’s huge ass. Old habits die hard. He had his beautiful thighs resting between Donovan’s legs. Lamar’s knee was positioned so, through the underwear, Donovan’s balls and cock were resting right on it. The tip of this right foot extended a bit past the bed along with Donovan’s feet.
They remained in this position for about 30 more minutes until Lamar woke up with a pressing need to go to the bathroom. He had a morning hard on and his underwear felt super tight. He gently and carefully untangled himself from Donovan. He positioned himself to sitting on the bed. He was still a bit sleepy. He slowly got up onto his feet. Then he has a sudden feeling of vertigo, trying to take a step he fumbled. Luckily, he caught himself on Donovan’s desk.  He turned around and saw Donovan was still sleepy peaceful. the boy was still a heavy sleeper after all. 
Lamar was a bit more awake now he picked himself off the floor. He hadn’t noticed how the ground felt further away, when he first woke up, but now it was off putting.
He finally noticed his stomach. The young man still had a small beer gut from the all the cum he’d ingested last night.
Lamar looked over at the beautiful brown boy asleep on the bed.
“oh man,” was all he muttered as his stomach started churning. 

Milo hated they were called in on a Saturday. This was college he was supposed to be having the time of his life, but instead all the freshman that wanted to pledge to Alpha Nu Beta.
Now the president had them sitting in the frat’s house living room.  Too bad it was way too hot to have twenty sweaty guys stuck in the living room. Milo was zoned out while the president was talking. he had grabbed a spot on the brown couch while the other boys were on the floor or standing around. Apparently, they wouldn’t let the pledges sit in the perfectly fine single chairs.
Milo realized Caleb was getting to the important bit and decided to tune back in.
“You see, a hot Saturday when you could be having fun, but have to be here is torture. So that’s the theme of this next week is; Torture.”
A few gasps and whispers started up the room. Milo was calculating how quickly he could get to the exit. He was not in the mood for dying by some dumb frat boys’ hands.
Quickly Caleb and Issam got control of the situation. “Woah, woah we’re not talking hazing or anything that is dangerous on your lives.” Caleb shouted.
“We just made some activities for you guys to do around the campus.” Issam held up a hat full of mini scraps of paper.
Caleb gave a devilish grin. “Of course, some of the task are super easy, some are hard, and some are just plain nonsensical. Don’t worry though, each of you will have a partner.”
Milo couldn’t believe it; the president was just like a mischievous little kid. Mother nature obviously have given him that baby face for a reason.
Caleb continued to talk. There was a loud gurgle that echoed throughout the room cutting his speech. It came from someone’s stomach. Most of the people had to turn around to see the source of the commotion.
Milo saw it was a tall black guy leaning against a doorframe, standing with another group of freshmen. Milo was pretty sure the guy’s name was Lamar. But hadn’t he been shorter last night? Even his arms looked bigger. Milo realized must not have payed attention that well.
“Sorry,” Lamar spoke his voice was lively and energetic. He was wearing a peach colored shirt that contrasted beautifully off is dark skin and a fade style haircut. “I’m still digesting something I ate last night …apparently.”
Milo looked down at Lamar’s stomach and noticed it was slightly sticking out. There was no way Milo would have missed that. There were only 3 black guys at this meeting and one of them was already in the frat.
The guy standing next to Lamar, Milo also recognized. He was a very muscular light-brown skin guy, perhaps an athlete. The guy seemed to be hiding his face after Lamar’s comment. Clearly, they were friends. However, the guy must have been embarrassed by Lamar because his body language shouted, “get me out of here!”
Milo didn’t really get why the guy was so embarrassed by his friend. Stomachs growl, it’s what they do sometimes. It’s not like it was the athlete’s fault Lamar’s stomach growled at that moment.
That’s when it hit Milo. Last night, Lamar was shorter than the athlete, but now he must have had least an inch or two over him. What the hell was going on?
Caleb spoke up again catching everyone’s attention. “Let’s ignore that little out burst and draw everyone’s attention to what matters.” 
Issam held out the hat, “Come on boys pick your poison.”
An hour later, Milo was not happy. Not happy at all. He was back in the same ugly room they had first brought all the pledges. Out of all the slips, out of all the ones, he could have drawn. He got stuck with being tied to a chair for three hours.
His arms and legs were bound by rope. They weren’t tight knots, but he wasn’t going anywhere.
On the bright side at least, he didn’t have to do it alone. Across from him sat his partner Donovan. The guy looked absolutely bored out of his mind. His eyes kept wandering around the room.  He looked as if he could simply burst out of the ropes if he wanted.
The frat brothers however, were frequently coming in to make sure they hadn’t maneuvered out of their restraints.
“So, do you want to talk?” Donovan asked.
Milo sighed, “Not really, can’t sit just sit in silence and let the time tick away.”
Donovan started fidgeting, as much as one can when strapped to a chair.  He opened and closed his legs repeatedly. His jeans did nothing to hide the powerful legs under them. He tapped his fingers on the chair, which made his arms flex slightly.
“Okay, Fine. We can talk! What are you five?”
“Sorry, I know you don’t want to be here with me.”
“Understatement of the year.” Milo thought.
“However, my best friend only has to pick up trash on the main campus for an hour. So, it’s not like I want to be here either.”
“Fair enough, look… Donovan it’s not you. I’ve been unsure about joining a frat this whole time. It’ not really MY thing. I feel like me and this frat are on two different wavelengths.”
Milo sucked his teeth. How could this guy ever understand? he was beautiful. Milo was sure Donovan would fit in perfectly with those jock frat boys. Meanwhile Milo felt like his unruly dark brown hair and slim figure would not put him on the top of popularity with the current frat brothers. Not to mention his introverted nature would make it harder to bond with the other pledges.
“I kinda get what you mean. I didn’t want to join a frat either, but Lamar really wanted me to do this with him.”
“So, you just did?”
“Well, I’m not strongly against it either. I guess I’m with it as long as it’s fun.”
Milo contemplated to himself after that. What did he want to get out of this frat?  Lamar and Donovan wanted fun? If he tried to enjoy himself how would this experience turn out?
Thirty more mins passed as the two sat in silence. Donovan had his legs spread opened. Milo only looked at him when he heard Donovan grunting.
“What’s wrong?” Milo asked, but Donovan didn’t reply. Instead Donovan just kept grunting.
Milo just happened to look in between Donovan’s legs and see the problem. Donovan was starting to get a hard on. A tent was growing aimed right at Milo. Milo had to stifle his laughter, Donovan must have been trying to will it away, but to no avail. It must have been a problem because Donovan was certainly blessed down there.
Deciding not to let Donovan die of embarrassment Milo spoke up, “It’s okay if you have a boner dude. I’m not going to judge you.” However, he would make a mental note to remember this situation for bondage jokes later.
“Yeah, but this feels different,” Donovan said panting.
Milo wondered how it was different, but his question was soon answered. Donovan bucked his hips and moaned. His cock jutted out two more inches. Milo realized he was wrong before Donovan was very blessed.
With a powerful thrust from the hips the cock grew again. The denim in the fabric of Donovan’s jeans was at its limit. Milo was speechless. There was no one in the world who could be that well hung.
One last buck of the hips allowed Donovan’s cock to grow. All Milo could do was listen and stare as the jeans ripped and tore to let the cock out.
Donovan’s cock was eager to be released from its tight prison, but it was still confined by the elasticity in his underwear.
Donovan was breathing heavy. Hic cock breaking free tired the big guy out. His cock wasn’t done yet though. There was still work to do.
Milo was forced to watch the cock grow ever so closer to him. The distance between Donovan’s pelvis and the tip of his dick kept getting larger. Every inch of growth, the cock slid up Donovan’s black boxer briefs until it sprung right up surpassing the waist band. Soon Donovan’s nuts, which were having their own growth, spilled right out, to great to be contained.
The huge nuts rumbled when they grew large enough to hit the floor.
“What the FUCK?” Milo cranked his neck to try and see Donovan’s face past the dick. The poor guy looked beat.
“Milo, I think it’s hungry. No, I know it, I feel it. You gotta get outta here.” Donovan’s eyes pleaded with Milo.
After hearing the word Milo realized the cock head was certainly fixated on him in some way. It petrified him, the way the huge cock was looming over him.
Milo lost it he started to scream trying to back up. He got a few small hops in before the chair fell over.
“What the hell pledges!” one of the brothers watching them stormed in. “Holy shit!” He fell back on his ass upon seeing the huge dick. He ran out of the room shouting for his other brother.
Less than a minute later, he returned with other frat brother on duty.
“Help me,” Milo shouted.
Both brothers’ attention was turned to the boy on the ground. The first brother, sported buzz cut and clear blue eyes, entered the room. He was able to sit Milo up and pull him away from Donovan. The second brother who was thicker and used way too many hair care products walked over to Donovan.
The brother began to inspect Donovan’s dick.
“What are you doing? untie me,” Donovan begged. However, the brother placed a hand on the shaft. The warm palm against his skin caused Donovan’s cock to throb and hips to buck, eliciting another growth.
“Van, you gotta look at this majestic beast,” The guy said.
The brother with the buzz cut, slowly shook his head hiding behind Milo. After it grew again Van didn’t want to move again, so Milo was still tied to the chair. Milo was happy he was further way from the dick at least.
“Oliver, don’t mess with it,” Van said shaking. Milo agreed. Did Oliver not see this was something out of a horror movie?
“Oh, come on,” Oliver wrapped the huge dick in a hug and buried his face in the shaft. With that body warmth another growth ensued. He turned back at Van not letting the dick out of the hug. “Don’t you see if our pledge has a dick like this.” He patted the hefty member, “All the frats on campus are going to be envious.”
“Are you psycho?” Donovan said, but he was so out of breath no one understood.
Oliver sighed, “Look it’s just a dick. A little impractical for use, but great for display.”  Oliver keeping the dick in a tight hug maneuvered it, so it was more horizontal. “Come on just pat it’s head. Then I’ll stop.”
It was clear Van did not want to go near that dick. Milo could see that. They both looked at each other and were in silent agreement. Oliver would not let them leave until Van cooperated. So, the quicker he did the quicker it would end.
Van walked over to the cock head and placed a hand on it. “Okay I did it let’s let these pledges go.”
Oliver was unamused “I said pat it, don’t be a wimp.”
 “I wouldn’t,” Donovan said. Van agreed, but what choice did they have?
Van patted the dick running his hand over the cock head.  Van turned around to Milo and was smiling, “This really isn’t so bad.”
That’s when all for young men heard a loud slurp. Van looked back and saw his hand was lodged into Donovan’s cock head. He tried to pull it out. but felt suction pulling against him. Then Van was pulled up to his elbow.
Oliver expression changed as he ran up behind Van and wrapped his arms around Van’s body to pull with him.
Pleasure engulfed Donovan. His cock became even more needy, with the bulge of Van’s arm in his shaft. Donovan moaned loudly. No one, but the four young men in the room would hear it. The frat house was completely empty. The other brothers were either with pledges, or busy with their own matters. Oliver and Van yanked back, but Donavan’s cock fought harder. The cock bobbed, as more of the muscular arm was dragged in. Milo could see all the veins on Donovan’s cock start to pulse and become more prominent.  The ravenous cock devoured, Van’s bicep with ease, allowing itself to swell with the new weight.
Milo could do nothing but watch.
Donovan’s nuts began expanding on the floor. There was no way even Donovan’s powerful leg could support them now. The dick soon got Van’s shoulder. Van tried to use his other arm to push off. A fatal mistake, as it was drawn into the cock’s hungry slit.
The cock beast wasted no time, taking in Van’s head. It wolfed down Van’s chest and torso, it pulsed harder and fiercer with every part of Van disappearing into it’s overwhelming length. Donovan unconsciously bucked his hips allowing his dick to swallow a greater portion of Van. Donovan’s dick excreted an obscene amount of precum by the time Van’s ass was at its entrance. Oliver was still fighting holding on to Van’s left leg. It was too late though, and Van’s feet were soon the last bit of him that entered the cock with a wet slurp.
The last tug caused Oliver to fall on his back. Him and Milo were forced to look up at the dick standing vertical with a bulge of Van filling it’s shaft.  There were muffled sounds of moaning and pleasure from within the fleshy walls. Van’s form moved slowly from the cock into the balls, filling them greatly. Van’s form writhed and twisted in his balls.
Milo watched as the dick grew again, after adding the frat brother to its ball sac.
Oliver didn’t have much of a chance to react before the dick head swung back down, landing right on his head. Donovan’s cock did not care for any of the cries Oliver made. The cockhead opened even wider to descend on Oliver’s shoulders. The walls moved and massage Oliver on is way into the cock. Oliver stomach, legs and feet offered no resistance to the dick. Oliver’s form was soon added to the nut sack.
Milo couldn’t believe it. Donovan’s cock had just consumed two juniors. His plump balls were misshapen and lumpy with the forms of Oliver and Van.
There was a loud gurgling sound coming from inside Donovan’s balls.  Donovan’s balls constricted and tightened over the two forms. Finally, his nuts pulled up taunt. Then slammed back done full of nothing but cum weight.
Milo watched as two young men became round smooth orbs. Right across from him. Cum churned and frothed. The essence of the two young men was added to Donovan’s manhood, enriching his family jewels.
Donovan moaned, and his cock spat up a chunk of cum that landed right on Milo. Milo’s mouth had been opened and some had managed to get to his stomach.
Coated in cum, Milo looked over to Donovan. His hair was matted down with sweat and his face was flushed. The young man looked like he couldn’t take anymore, but he was still fighting to resist cumming completely. If he did both him and Milo would drown.
They sat there for an hour. Over the time they waited Donovan’s dick shrunk back down to a more believable size.  At 8 inches who would believe it ate two frat brothers. As it shrunk, Milo and Donovan, had to listen to the cock condense all the cum in Donovan’s balls. They still looked full when done but not absurdly so.
As Milo sat, all cum on him dried up, but the amount that got into his stomach had its own purpose. It was Donovan’s naturally testosterone enriched seed, combined with Oliver and Van. So even a small dose had a powerful effect. Milo felt his clothes and the rope grow tighter as the mins wore on. He even heard his pants rip.
Donovan got a front row seat watching Milo transform. He really couldn’t look directly at the guy he came on, but every now he would steal glances and notice Milo looked different. Soon he realized Milo’s shirt had become a few sizes two small.
The two watched as Donovan’s cock softened and disappeared back into his underwear.
Footsteps came charging down the stairs, “Oliver, Van I’m going to play Madden want –
He stopped talking seeing the two pledges in the room. “Where’s—
“We don’t know. They left us down here saying they’d be back,” Milo answered. There was no way anyone would believe what just happened here. So, Milo came up with a lie. He looked over to Donovan, who was confused but quickly caught on.
“Yeah they dressed us up like this and we’ve just been sitting here.”
“Oh man, we’re going to be in so much trouble for hazing.” The brother groaned. “Are you two okay at least?”
“We’re fine and we didn’t really plan on telling anyone else.” The brother came over and untied them.
“Sorry about this, I promise you the frat is still amazing. Now if you guys could leave, I want the basement to myself before all the others get back.”
The whole weekend had been weird. Lamar had swallowed a surplus of his load and it had given him a belly. Inch by inch Lamar’s cum belly receded. when they saw each other again but the belly had disappeared, but Lamar was hunkier than before, and his skin was super clear.
Then there was Milo. He only blew a bit of nut on the poor guy, but now Milo had to buy new clothes.
Donovan didn’t have time to be concerned however, there was a more pressing matter on his mind. He needed to cum. His cock had stored those two frat boys, but it was aching for release.
He all but ran too his room slamming the door behind him. He jumped on his bed and began stroking his cock. He needed those two boys out of him, now!
Donovan’s ball sac shook as his seed was prepared to spring out. He grabbed his dick and only jerked it a few times. Then his orgasm came. His cum flew out in long and thick ropes.  It cannoned out coating anything it touch in a hot white batter. It clung to his hair and landed over his sheets. Donovan let go of his cock, but he couldn’t stop what was coming. His cock quaked releasing his cream. He wished Lamar was there to lick it up. But he didn’t want to do anything to his friend again. Without knowing the repercussions. His cock jerked giving the last heavy spurts. All that remained of Van and Oliver had been completely drained from his balls. In their place a musky sent waffled through Donovan’s room.
Donovan looked around his bed and nearby he had made a mess of things. He saw the cum on his chest and got an idea. He took a few fingers, wiped it off his chest, and licked it. He ate a sizable amount, it was good, but nothing happened. He waited a few mins, but his stomach didn’t gurgle or anything. Perhaps he wasn’t the cause of what happened to Milo and Lamar.
But that would be ridiculous he had to be.
The next week, at another ritual Donovan was hanging out with Lamar and Milo. Milo and Lamar seemed to get along fine. But Donovan found it funny Lamar had packed 4 sandwiches to eat. Donovan made a comment on it and Lamar simply dismissed him.
Caleb came in and said it was time to announce the brothers that made it. Those that did would be assigned a brother currently in the frat. 
Donovan cursed himself when he got Caleb. Not because he disliked him on the contrary, he thought Caleb was a great president. But being the little brother of the president probably came with a lot of expectations.  Donovan felt Milo and Lamar were way luckier with their brothers.
The pledges were told that they’d have to start sleeping over at the house just to get use to it. However, the school wouldn’t allow them to move until spring semester.
Donovan had been running from his dorm to the house with a sleeping bag under his arm when he ran into someone.
The guy started yelling at him in Spanish, But Donovan tried his best to calm down the guy in Spanish. He was glad his dad taught him that. It helped when his abuela was angry. Nothing Donovan said to the guy worked though.
Donovan got more stressed out. He had somewhere to be. He couldn’t waste time with this guy he tried to leave, but the guy stood in front of him. That’s when Donovan grabbed the back of the guys head and shoved it into his mouth. His body just told him to do it.
Bit by bit Donovan packed away the guy’s chest, arms and abs. His belly jutted out containing its new guest. The guy came in his pants when, Donovan grabbed his ass to shove it inside him. A few more loud gulps and the guy was completely tucked away inside Donovan. The guy kicked and prodded from inside the walls, but Donovan had an iron gut.
Donovan looked down in horror, his belly was shaking something fierce, he thought his cock was ridiculous now his stomach was too. Donovan took off running toward the frat house someone there had to know what to do.  It almost looked comedic; The sight Donovan trying to run with the full weight of another man inside him. The handsome stud however underestimated his metabolism. The gurgles and glorping from his digestion rang through the empty night streets. He felt something rising inside him. When he was less than 20ft away from the Frat house he hunched over. Donovan unleashed and powerful belch, reducing his huge belly.
Donovan looked down at his stomach, the guy was gone completely, not even a trace or a dent left of him in Donovan.  Donovan threw down his stuff in defeat. Then after a moment of sulking begrudgingly picked his stuff up and stormed to the house. As he came up the walk way, he was thinking about stomping on each step. When he took that first step though he felt it.
He needed to cum. Right this moment! He ran in the house a threw open the door. No one was downstairs. But Donovan knew he wasn’t going to make It to the bathroom.
He saw some plants by the door. He unfastened his pants, aimed at the soil of the plants, cursed himself, and fired.
Heavy spurts fell on to the soil and quickly disappeared.
Donovan panted, fastening his pants backup. Caleb came galloping down the stairs. “Dude, what are you doing? Come on, you sleep in my room tonight.” Caleb walked over to Donovan, throwing his arm around the pledge’s wide back.
The next morning Issam groggily walked down the steps. In front of the house he saw brothers gather at around usual site.
“What’s going on?” Something had all the brother attention, but the human wall made it impossible to see over.
Caleb came up beside him and said. “You’re not going to believe this, but our plants fucking grew overnight.” Issam in disbelief pushed his way threw the crowd. In center, were two plants blooming and their small tree that had grown.
“Okay, this looks like it could be a prank from one of the other frats,” Issam said, finally awake enough to apply logic.
“Delta -Sig?” someone said.
“Maybe,” Caleb nodded. “But there’s no proof”
“And I can understand the flowers, but the tree too?” A brother spoke up.
“Caleb clasped his hands together “Okay, look we must get our pledges up soon, so let’s get this situation under control. I want someone to prune this tree and some guy to prune these flowers.”
The brother looked at him and Caleb sighed, “I know half of you guys have helped your moms and dads with gardens so let’s get to work.” He clapped his hands, it was tome to get to work.
An hour later Issam was preparing to go to the gym with his pledge, Milo. He was in the kitchen preparing a protein shake while Milo and Donovan were eating cereal.
Issam didn’t get why Milo looked so unhappy. The boy clearly worked out, so it couldn’t have been a body issue. Then Issam figured anyone could be insecure about their body. It’s not like Milo had a choice in the matter. The purpose of this was just to run the pledges around, and for bonding, but mostly the former.
Issam had finished mixing his protein shake and sat it down on the table with Donovan and Milo.
“Okay, I’m going to run to the bathroom then we can go.”  Issam said before running off.
Milo sadly ate his cereal. That’s when an idea popped in his head and he looked at Donovan.   
“Want to play a prank?”
Before Donovan could answer Milo grabbed Issam’s protein drink and poured a quarter of it out.
“Think you can fill this back up?”’
Later at the gym, Issam was lifting weights and Milo was spotting him.
Issam kept asking for Milo to put on more weights, the young pledge was getting worried. Issam went faster as he did his reps. However, the bar became less of a challenge every time he lifted it back up. Issam grew more determined as he lifted the weight. Sweat began to pour down his body.
 Every time he lifted his muscles grew. His arms gained mass, his legs became thick as tree trunks. His ass became firmer, pushing off he seat, while his legs and feet followed. His shirt ripped during the growth, but he didn’t care. The crevices between his pecs and abs grew even deeper. Even his shorts were getting to small. Then, hair started to grow on the young man. It started out as thin and barely visible, but as he pumped away his chest Milo could see a patch form. It grew out into a treasure trail then expanded to a rug. His arms and leg hair quickly followed suit covering his skin.
“Issam?” Milo whispered, but it went unanswered.
Issam’s shorts shrunk until they could no longer contain its contents. The package hidden by his underwear was huge and still growing. Milo knew they didn’t have a lot of time. He quickly ran out the room.
Issam did not stop lifting his weight. His body still needed to grow, to evolve more. With one final push Issam roared as he set the weight back.
Milo came running back into the weight room with a towel in hand. Issam stood spotting Milo coming back in.
Even after setting the weight down, Issam’s muscles pulsated aggressively. Milo knew however Issam’s body probably never needed the weight. However, that last batch of cum in Issam’s stomach had just been digested, as Issam shot up a few more inches. Then his underwear finally ripped unleashing his cock, also experiencing extra growth from the cum. It was hard as a rock and clearly ready to blow.
Milo did not want to imagine the trouble they’d get in they got cum over the work out equipment. Acting quickly, he put Issam’s cock in his mouth and threw the towel around Issam’s waist to cover them. Soon Issam unloaded into Milo, unleashing everything. Milo noted it tasted good, not as good as Donovan’s, but just a bit like it.
Later, back out the house Issam stormed in with Milo, running up behind him. Sitting in the living room were Lamar and Donovan.
Lamar had his head propped up by his left arm resting on the back of the couch. “So, do you like Caleb?”
“He has a girlfriend.” Donovan sighed.
“That doesn’t mean he doesn’t like boys I’ve heard …some stories.”
“Well I don’t plan on ruining someone’s relation—
That was all the conversation Issam heard before he grabbed Donovan by his shirt, “What the fuck, did you do to me?”
All Donovan had to do was shift his weight to throw Issam off balance. All the other brothers were too shocked by Issam, who looked like a stranger, to do anything. Issam’s new form demanded submission and the brothers were succumbing to it.  Lamar and Donovan, on the other hand were ready to fight.
Before anyone could throw the first punch Milo came onto the scene. He was able to get the other three muscular men into another room, away from everyone else. Lamar and Donovan’s eyes went wide upon learning the hulking figure was Issam. The conversation and argument that followed went on for a long time.
“Look at us we’re freaks!” Issam yelled.
“How can you not see how awesome this is?” Lamar stated.
“Awesome? Unlike you I look old enough to be someone’s dad!” Issam spat out.
“Shave your beard! Your belly clearly didn’t waist time digesting that cum so it’s not like it’s going to grow rapidly again.” Lamar just brushed his complaint off.
Issam took a step closer, to Lamar, but Milo came in between them. “Look I think both of you have valid points, but let’s keep it quiet.” The whole frat charging in was a situation they all wanted to avoid.
Donovan was leaning against a wall listening to all this back and forth. He didn’t mean for this to happen, but it was too late. Three young men had blossomed into total studs after being filled with his seed. He could feel his dick harden at the thought of that.
“And you,” Issam pointed a meaty finger at Donovan. “Keep your cock to yourself. Leave Caleb alone.”
Donovan dragged his hand across his face, groaning. Not that he was upset, he knew Issam was right. Donovan also liked Caleb the way he was, an athletic guy with a baby face. Donovan thought he was perfect already.
“Okay.” Donovan said before walking out the room.
Issam, Lamar, and Milo all stayed in the room, listening to Donovan’s footsteps fade.
“Does he know?” Issam asked his voice now no longer sharp.
Lamar and Milo only gave him quizzical looks.
“I could hear them; His nuts. Producing more cum, the whole time we were here.  It’s not like it was overpowering, but a small part of me wouldn’t have minded if I had drained his balls right in front of you two.”
Milo and Lamar exchanged a knowing glance.
“Don’t worry it doesn’t get any worse,” Lamar admitted,
Milo spoke up, “We think it just makes us hyper-sensitive to Donovan’s balls. If you don’t want it, it won’t make you. It’s more like it advertising it’s there.”
“Just keep him away from Caleb.” Issam said before storming off.
“Does that sound good? Come on dude, give me something to work with.” Caleb was in the kitchen passing ideas back and forth with Lamar, one of the new brothers. It was concerning a surprise for new brothers. Lamar was gorging himself on a ton of food in the kitchen.
Normally, Caleb would have asked his Donovan for help, but he got the feeling he was being avoided. It bummed him out because he thought they were getting along great.
The week before Thanksgiving break the frat was hosting a celebration for the new brothers. A big party to congratulate the freshman on being almost done with the 1st semester. However, Caleb was having trouble deciding what he should plan.
Caleb’s alarm went off and he started cursing he was late for class. He frantically packed up his bag while Lamar looked on.
“You know you should take it easy on the food.” Caleb said gathering up books on the floor, never once slowing down.
“I just keep getting hungrier, you know,” Lamar said, before Caleb disappeared out the door.
Later that day Caleb came walking out of Philosophy in a bad mood. Why didn’t he take it freshman year when he had the chance?
Fortunately, he had managed to get into a study group. Most of them were girls and he was sure they found him cute.  It was probably wise not to tell them he had a girlfriend, even if it was an open relationship. What could he do? His baby face was a dangerous weapon after all.  Except, when he was trying to get into clubs and every bouncer became a comedian with a joke about a 15-year-old.
Caleb walked into the frat house and went all the way up, the third floor, His floor. There was only one door, that lead into that one room and it was solely for the president. He threw his bag down and sat at his desk. It was time to plan the party, it was going to be the best party ever.
It wasn’t the best party ever.
Although that was a matter of opinion. Someone had spiked the punch. Now all the students attending were getting wilder. Even Caleb stumbled around. He knew his alcohol, but he barely tasted anything, then he was drunk.
In the back of his mind he knew this was bad. Getting a bunch of freshman drunk was going to have the university furious with them. At least, if they found out.  Caleb did his best to keep his frat respectable, but all the other frats indulged every now and again. Caleb decided that this night he would let slide, if no one got hurt. Whoever spiked the punch would be living in hell, if that happened. Caleb would make sure of it.
Caleb walked into the living room to find Donovan sitting on the couch with a bunch of girls around him. He chuckled to himself and approached the small circle.
“Ladies, Ladies you have to give the guy some room tonight he’s mine.” Caleb threw and arm around the strong back, causing Donovan to blush, but Caleb didn’t notice.
“Dude what was that” Caleb asked.
“I’m tired, but they wanted to talk.”
“Then you got to get some sleep.”
“I can’t walk back to my dorm like this.”
Caleb mulled it over and said, “Fine, go sleep in my room”
Donovan didn’t argue back and just started up the stairs. Caleb watched him, but the young man was having trouble tackling the stairs. Caleb went over to Donovan and started walking him up the stairs. They still stumbled most of the way but were able to balance themselves out more.
They laughed when they reached the top of the 3rd floor stairs.
“You know, this was fun.” Caleb said looking into Donovan’s eyes “I missed having fun with you.”
He barely got the sentence out before Donovan’s lips were upon his.  A flame was lit and soon the two were running their hands all over each other trying to get into Caleb’s room.
Donovan’s shirt was of by the time they hit the bed. Caleb practically fell onto it walking backwards. Here on the third floor away from the party, they found the perfect place to fuck.
Caleb looked stunning.  His unblemished face was like glass. His chest moved with every breath. His abs were shown I their full glory once Donovan pulled the shirt off.
Caleb patted the front of his crotch, “You want this?” 
Donovan was salivating, “Yeah!”
“Then you have to work for it,” Caleb teased.
Donovan dove in on Caleb’s body kissing every part.  Caleb’s nose, ears, shoulders, pecs, abs. no part was left untouched. Running his fingers through Caleb’s beautiful blonde hair.
Next Donovan grabbed the waist band of Caleb’s pants and dragged them down easily.
Caleb was finally displaying his cock for Donovan. A good hunk of meat hidden under boxers. Donovan buried in face in Caleb’s crotch an got a good whiff. The scent was clean and piney.
Donovan reached to take his own pants off, but somewhere in the commotion his cock had torn through his pants. It knew what was coming.
Donovan place a finger at Caleb’s hole and began prodding it. Caleb’s bulge began to grow even bigger. Eventually, He let his dick through the hole in his boxers with a glob of precum, that Donovan happily hunched over and licked up.
Then Donovan showed his strength effortlessly lifting Caleb’s toned legs, putting them up to his ears.
“You know usually I top with guys.” Caleb laughed.
Donovan froze, but only for a split moment. He looked conflicted. Various expressions played across his face.  With that Caleb could guess Donovan wanted to get fuck in this bed many ways by him.
Donovan looked down at his cock, which bobbed in response. Caleb conceded. Donovan would just have to wait to be held in his arms,
“It’s fine. I already told my girl I was hoping to get lucky tonight anyway.” Caleb laughed.
There was no going back now. Caleb had given Donovan full permission. Donovan greedily lapped against Caleb’s ass.
Caleb moaned, and Donovan dug his face in deeper.  Donovan picked up Caleb’s fine ass and continued eating.
“Dude, I-- I always thought you were a virgin. Jesus Ch-- where did you learn this?” Caleb asked through moans but got no response. 
Donavan sat Caleb’s ass back on the bed, “Did you say something?”  Donovan’s dark brown curls were a mess now. He took his finger and began inserting it back in Caleb’s ass. He added another, finger and another until all four enter Caleb.
Caleb never got a word in before Donovan delivered pleasure.
“You said usually you top, but have you ever bottomed, because you are tight.”
“Hey just because I haven’t done it a lot, doesn’t make me a liar” Caleb said panting. “Dude, don’t worry just fuck me.”
Donovan repositioned Caleb on the bed and got on top of him.
Caleb lined his dick up with Donovan’s cock. Caleb finally saw what he was asking to take. He was still to drunk to care. He just chuckled to himself. No way that dick was going anywhere.
“Okay,” Donovan said in a husky voice. Donovan’s oversized cock head began to push at Caleb’s ass.
Donovan’s precum had accumulated on his dick, Running down his shaft on to Caleb’s sheet’s. However, the bit that remained started to work on Caleb’s ass much like Lamar’s throat.
Donovan tried to go as slow although Caleb’s ass refused entry. Eventually though the hole would open up allowing the tip of Donovan’s cock to sneak in.
Donovan’s cock flexed and released precum into Caleb’s unsuspecting ass. Caleb was taken aback he knew Donovan hadn’t cum, but the boy sure precame a lot. Donovan slid his dick in more forcefully, and soon his cock disappeared into Caleb’s expanding hole. Donovan cried in pleasure feeling his cock get surrounded by the warmth of Cale’s ass. He kept going until his balls were right against the firm cheeks.
“That’s everything!” Donovan shouted in excitement. Caleb looked up at the boy, who looked like an overjoyed puppy.
Donovan’s cock released another involuntary spurt of precum. Caleb’s ass soaked it right up beginning to massage the dick. Donovan tried to pull back out to the head. but Caleb didn’t want the dick to go.  Caleb felt so empty with out the dick. He shut his eyes and in an instant his ass clamped around Donovan’s dick and pulled it back in.
Donovan was surprised at the sudden suction, but apparently Caleb was now fucking himself on the huge dick. Donovan decided to play along and met each suction with a powerful thrust.
Caleb was glad he wasn’t standing because he certainly would have fallen. It was too good. His own cock bounced like a fat salami against his body, sending precum everywhere. Donovan steadied the cock with his own hand then sealed it heavy flow with his mouth.
With each spurt of precum down his throat, Donovan’s thrust got more powerful.
The young men kept rutting on Caleb’s bed and minutes quickly passed by. The party outside the bedroom’s door raged on. Donovan’s cock would not stop invading Caleb’s tight hole. Caleb kept filling Donovan’s mouth with precum, which quickly descended to his stomach and digested. Donovan’s cock filled more space in Caleb’s ass.
“Dude, I’m gonna!”
Caleb couldn’t take any more and unloaded into Donovan’s mouth. The young man gladly gulped down Caleb’s delicious nectar.
Donovan’s cock and balls just exploded with growth. His balls demanded more space between his thighs as they grew heavy. Donovan was so enraptured by the growth Caleb’s cum had given him, He released the president’s legs, letting them fall on the bed.
 Donovan looked down at Caleb. The poor guy was sweating. His blond hair was a mess going in all directions. Caleb couldn’t even begin to guess how big Donovan’s cock was now. Caleb finally understood the meaning of the word dickmatized.
Looking at his crush laying under him, gave Donovan a moment of sobriety. He remembered his promise to Issam. He positioned himself vertical to Caleb. He looked down where his cock was.
Caleb was STUFFED on his dick. There was no more space for the cock to grow, becoming too girthy to pull out.
Caleb heard a sound. It wasn’t the muffled music from the party down stairs. It was like a rumble. He was so drained he couldn’t move his body, but the sound was coming from Donovan.
What he didn’t know was that Donovan’s balls, where still growing. Still churning and producing, powered by Caleb’s cum. Donovan’s two balls rested on the bed as two powerful cum factories, having forced his thighs even more apart.
Donovan tried his hardest to dislodge his cock, but it wouldn’t budge. When he finally got less than an inch out, he felt Caleb’s ass pull it right back in. The little tug of war played on for a few minutes. Donovan didn’t realize the stimulation he was creating for his dick.
“I’m gonna cum!” Donovan shouted.
Donovan let his powerful body fall on top of Caleb’s, wrapping his arms around his crush. Caleb in response wrapped his arms and legs around Donovan. The poor frat president never knew what was coming.
The first shot of come was released in a powerful blast. Then it became a continuous stream of dumping thick &creamy rich baby batter into Caleb’s ass. Caleb thought the first few shows were a lot, but when Donovan didn’t stop Caleb felt his mind give way to the pleasure of being filled. The cum raced through Caleb’s bowels straight to his stomach stretching the young man out. His hard-earned six pack faded away, becoming a rounder and softer sack. Caleb let the euphoria show on his face.
In that instant, Donovan drew Caleb close and hugged tight as he released the last shots of his cum, the volume of which did not diminish at all.
At the end of his onslaught, Donovan laid Caleb back on the bed, removing his steadily shrinking cock. There was a loud pop when it was released, not that any of the party goers down stairs would have noticed. Cum still dripped from his slit, unlike Caleb’s ass which tightly closed, keeping all its contents in.
Donovan panted, his heavy cock, back to 8 inches, laying in front of him. He finally took a good look at Caleb.
There his crush laid. The handsomest young man in the whole frat, with his amazing abdominals replaced by a gut full of cum.
“Oh man do you see?” this Caleb said, still drunk. He shook his stomach giggling, the cum sloshed around. He slapped his belly and watch the cum filled sac send ripples through the stretched skin.

Caleb’s belly was so swollen. Donovan wanted to feel ashamed for its size. But he didn’t. He felt extremely pleased with himself. He liked Caleb so much, he just couldn’t stop cumming. Donovan was curious, so he placed his head against the giant gut, He could hear the cum release gurgles and glurps from digestion inside of Caleb’s gut.
Donovan got off the bed and put his pants on. He tried to dress Caleb who joked and giggled the whole time, but trying to put a shirt on him just look comical so, Donovan settled with underwear and pants.
Caleb patted the empty space beside him, and Donovan filled it, cozying up to Caleb and peacefully falling asleep.
Caleb didn’t sleep for long. Someone had to clean the house, even a little bit. Being that he was still fairly intoxicated he didn’t mind the way his belly shook when he got off the bed or had to maneuver down the stairs holding it.
A few of the boys were passed out on the floor and in the living room.  He stepped over them and walked into the kitchen. Red cups were everywhere, food was on the floor and dirty dishes crowded the sink.
Caleb sighed this was going to be a long night.
As the night wore on and Caleb cleaned, he got less drunk, At the same time his stomach started to deflate. At first only a small fraction, a tenth. Then another tenth, and another. Caleb’s abs slowly started to reemerge healthier and stronger than before.
Caleb felt his pants were getting tight but didn’t want to stop his cleaning. Caleb grew, his arms got longer with bigger biceps and larger shoulders. His back widened and was so well defined one could have studied anatomy from it. Caleb’s ass filled out the seat of his pants while his cock enlarged in the front. He started to hear rips in his pants while scrubbing. His legs lengthened, and his calves became the pinnacle of fitness.
Caleb looked down. His pants barely reached his shins. Caleb knew the pants were old just not, that old. He went back to cleaning.
His pants couldn’t keep up the battle and ripped as Caleb ignored it and continued cleaning.
Donovan came down the steps around six. There was a commotion in the doorway leading to the kitchen. Brothers were all gathered around looking in, Donovan remembered the last time he heard this happened and ran over. He didn’t see Lamar, Milo, or Isaam anywhere among the brothers there.
Looking into the kitchen himself he stopped breathing.
An Adonis had leapt out of a magazine and was cleaning their house, in his underwear. Sweeping to be exact. The young man turned around and Donovan realized how wrong he had been. The guy was not an Adonis rather a sun-god.
The sun-god caught sight of Donovan and smiled, “Good morning, gorgeous.”  Donovan wanted to faint even the guy’s voice was perfect. Looking into the emerald eyes confirmed what Donovan already knew. This was Caleb.
From the front view, One could Caleb’s dick. It was too large for the boxer-briefs, but it was doing its best, stretched to the limit. Donovan just knew a thick cock with hefty balls laid underneath.
The biggest change, however, was Caleb’s face. Donovan’s testosterone- potent cream had decimated Caleb’s babyface. No longer stood the face a mischievous kid, but now a naughty young man.
Caleb gave a toothy grin and Donovan stumbled backwards as if he’d been shot in the heart. He was able to back up on a wall to resist falling.
Still facing Donovan and the others, Caleb resumed sweeping, chuckling to himself. Donovan had a hard on the whole time and didn’t even seem to notice. Thinking of that dick again sent blood right to his own.
His dick started to expand and involuntarily jerked. All the brothers around them felt their own dicks start to rise in response.
This was going to be a hell of a year.
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Thank you both, there is a sequel to this story! I didn't want to crowd the forum with my stories, but that and another will be uploaded eventually on here.  The one with the pred coach I do plan on making a sequel.  As for related yeah, this was more of a stealth sequel to Bred for Success. If you didn't know the character's name no one would probably catch it. I don't think anyone would be missing anything if they didn't know, it just adds a bit more.

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Re: The Pledge (FS, CV, OV, absorption)
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Please fear not of posting your content here. Youre the ONLY one who posts about absorption and/or muscle growth these days. I almost enter here daiyly just to see if you posted something new.