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Male Sweets Inc. (Shrunk, OV, reformation)
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Authors Note: This is in the same world as my previous story Bottled Up, taking a different viewpoint of the world. Let me know if ya'll think.


      I’ve been looking for a job for months; I was starting to get really desperate. I found a listing for ’Candy Filler’. Thinking it was just a fun name for a machine operator I eagerly applied. Within an hour later I got a call, they wanted me to come in as soon as possible! They didn’t care what I had on; they just wanted me to get to the plant as soon as possible. I couldn’t believe my luck. I grabbed my keys and quickly drove across town to the plant. They greeted me warmly, dressed in dark pantsuits and cream-colored button up shirt and emerald green ties, obviously a uniform of sorts. I felt very underdressed in my cutoff sweat shorts and tee. They didn’t seem displeased at all about my appearance.
In the back room they asked if I was comfortable in the dark and tight areas. I responded that I was, growing concern about what I’d be doing in such a situation. They hand me a contract and I sign eagerly, not even bothering to read it. They said that was excellent and said they would step out for a moment. As the door closed there was a faint hiss, and soon I was unconscious.
When I woke up, first thing that I realized was I was completely naked, and thoroughly clean, looking around I was on some kind of conveyer belt, other men were on the belt. Everything seemed huge, the conveyer belts, the machines around me, until we passed a measuring tape on the wall and I couldn’t believe it, I was only an inch tall! I started to panic, what had I gotten myself into? Following my nose I looked down and saw I was on a giant disk of chocolate, although it must have only been about 2 inches wide. A giant shadow fell over me; I looked up just in time to see a giant bell shape of chocolate come down trapping me inside. I felt a slight warming; I realize they were melting the two halves together. I was completely trapped! I started banging on the walls, hoping to get out, or break out of the center, but nothing worked.
It felt like hours, there were some tossing and turning and lots of movements, I had no idea what was happening. Getting tired I fell asleep there in the dark, inside my chocolate prison, my body heat slowly melting the disk, getting myself covered in the mess.
I wake up to the sound of a party, people talking in thunderous voices, only slightly muffled by my prison. I feel my chocolaty enclosure being picked up, I yelp loudly as I am shook slightly. I hear a loud crack as two white teeth break my chocolaty enclosure. I yelp again as light painfully floods into my dark-adjusted eyes. After a moment I look up to see a giant male face with black hair, blond stubble, and piercing green eyes, I am brought closer and in horror I see the mouth open, chocolate mixed in with the saliva. Another bite is taken; I scramble to the back to avoid being bitten. I hear the crunch of the hollow chocolate, knowing that there was nowhere to run. The mouth opens again and I am forced inside with the rest of the chocolate, I waited for the bite.
The bite never happened; instead all the chocolate started liquidizing all around me, mixing with the warm saliva. The tongue finds me and starts working more chocolate around me, lapping me around the mouth. I try to scream, but chocolate and saliva fill my mouth stifling my cries. I start to sob this isn’t what I wanted. The tongue moves me to the back of the mouth; I knew what was about to happen. With a large gulp I am sent down the gaping hole, the only thing I hear is a thunderous heartbeat as I pass the chest cavity. With only a short stop I am unceremoniously dropped into my destination. I see the remains of other parts of the meal; rice, fish, and the swirling of some dark red liquid, probably wine I think darkly to myself. I hear a thunderous burp as all the remaining air is forced out. ‘Candy Filler’, I think to myself, what a job title as I pass out among the remains of the meal.
I awake with a start from a message on my phone ‘Thank you for your shift as a Candy Filler, your payment has been deposited in your account as per your contract, please report to the plant at 2pm sharp for your next shift.” I stared dumbly at my phone, ‘this can’t be real’ I tell myself. I check my account; there was a deposit on my account, from Male Sweets Inc. I look at the clock, looks like I’d better get ready for my next shift.

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Re: Male Sweets Inc. (Shrunk, OV, reformation)
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I wish had that job. It could pay 20$ a shift I'd still do it.