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A lovely evening (FS, O)
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Hey, this is my 1st vore story I ever wrote while I was bored and sitting in my class, hope you like it! ^.^

It was Friday evening. Quite chilly and windy outside. I came home from school, tired and bored, getting ready for some proper sleep after the long, almost never ending week. I threw my things down, stripped just into my underwear and jumped onto my sofa. I was wearing a pair of tight, blue boxers that showcased my bubble butt and bulge really well. I wasn't very big, just something around 70kg with height of 176cm. I did not work out, so my build was absolutely normal, just with a little chubbiness when i sat down. I have a short brown hair with brown eyes that match my brown hair.
 I turned on the TV and browsed channels, hoping to find something worthwhile to watch for the evening. My phone dinged and i picked it up. It was a message from my good friend, Alex. He said he has a lot of spare time now and if I wanted to hang out. My eyes slightly flared up and I replied with a lovely 'Yes!'. He said he is on his way to my place and we can watch some movies or play games.
 I knew him for quite some time and we are very good friends. He is of a high, muscular and manly build, with blue eyes and black short hair, looking much more adult than he really is. He was taller than me, standing at around 2 meters and weighing like 120kg. He was slightly hairy from the front, but his ass has never seen a razor! When I saw him in briefs or boxers, you could always see a little hair poking out here and there.

 He is very lovely, cute and funny. We both enjoyed hanging out together and having fun, whether while lounging around or doing some activities.
 I put on sweatpants and a t-shirt so he feels more comfortable. I doubt he is gay, he is acting super straight all the time, but i love him nonetheless.

 The door rang and i went to open. There he was standing, smiling, with a pack of beers for us to drink. We greeted each other, hugged and went inside. He took off his jacket, boots and went into the living room, sitting on the couch and jokingly patting a place next to him, so i sit there. I laughed and sat down, grabbed a beer and took a few sips. On the other hand, he opened one as well, but instead chugged the whole thing down within 10 seconds and burped loudly into my face. We both laughed at it and turned towards the TV.
 We talked a little about school, how we used to be little and some more nostalgic things. All of a sudden, his stomach let out a quite loud rumble.

 He both laughed at it and I sprung onto my feet, going to the kitchen to bring some snacks at least.
 "What would you like? I have some chips, sweets and popcorn..." I yelled from the kitchen. "You can bring it all, at least we wont have to go there again."

 I grabbed all the things and somehow managed to bring them back, almost dropping it all. When i returned, i saw his bare feet, socks off, and sprawled across the couch. I put the things down next to him and started thinking about where to sit now... The only conclusion I came to was lifting his feet, sitting down and placing them onto my lap.
 And so I did that. He looked over at what I was doing, but just shrugged, picked up a pack of chips and started munching on them while watching the TV. I put my legs onto the table in front of me and tried to relax, with his feet on my lap.
 After a while, I heard a little rumble and all of a sudden he farted. He laughed and sent it towards me. I held my breath as I knew what he was capable of! He loved to to troll people by going to sauna and once exiting, he would fart inside and laugh evilly while quickly running off.

 After half a minute I took a deep breath and showed my fist to him as a threat. He chuckled and faced the TV again. But what he didn't know was that I had a very strong weapon. In fact, his feet were so vulnerable and tempting that I could not resist! I started tickling them and he went crazy, laughing like a donkey and struggling.
 "You don't mess with this guy!" I said while pointing to me, still tickling him. "Just stHAHA alHAready HAHA" he managed to say with tears in his eyes. I continued for a little longer and then stopped, patting his feet with a devilish smile while he was trying to catch his breath. I re positioned so his feet were facing my face for better view.
 I started massaging his feet, quite  hypnotized by them. They were big and sooo lovable.
 I noticed he was enjoying it quite a lot. Probably had to walk around and stand a lot lately. My fingers traced between his toes, sending shivers through his spine.
 "Oh god dang! Keep going, this feels suuuper good!" he said with eyes closed. I did not expect him to like it so much, but I am gonna seize this moment!
 I massaged him for a while and he kept moaning, slightly wiggling in his spot. I picked his feet up and brought them to my mouth. He looked over and i nibbled his toes a little. "Oof, I don't know why, but this feels so good...!" he said with a deep, almost purring like voice. I kept nibbling on his surprisingly clean, manly feet, his toes like little piglets. Then I tried to take it a step further. I took his big toe and licked it. I looked over at him and he grabbed his bulge through his jeans. Was he...? All of a sudden, he pushed his feet onto my face "Bro, lick them whole!" I did not hesitate and started licking his whole feet, kissing them and massaging at the same time. His big feet right in front of my face, just for me. He still had his hand on his bulge and stroked it a little from time to time.
 "Fuuuuck, I never thought I would like something like this... mmmm... you are so good at it." he said with eyes closed. "Alex... I really like you in another level, you know...?" I managed to say from under his feet, hoping for... Anything...
 "And I like you too Dan, mmmm." my heart stopped for a moment. "I was kinda just waiting for you to say it loudly." he replied with a chuckle.

 After that sentence I couldn't resist. I climbed on top of him, looking straight into his eyes and went for a deep kiss. The moment our lips pressed together, I was in seventh haven. I rubbed his big and meaty pecs while he held my head from behind and thrusted his tongue into my mouth. I could feel him being really aroused as my other hand traced his abs down into his jeans. I did nit realize how much he was packing until I had his bulge in my hand. His dick must have been around 20cm long and thick as a TV remote! His balls were huge too, slightly bugger than golf balls, sweaty from being imprisoned in his tight briefs. We broke the kiss and looked at each other for a while, still processing that moment...

 His gut rumbled again and slightly louder this time. "Still hungry huh? Well, I know about something just for you!" i exclaimed, turning around and placing my ass on his face. He grunted and started licking it through my boxers, massaging my cheeks and grunting slightly.
 In the meantime, I unzipped his jeans and took them off, revealing his huge dick and balls thick, meaty thighs. I stroked his dick and caressed his inner thighs under his balls a little, making him grunt a little louder. You could already see his briefs being soaked with a lot of pre. I grabbed his dick and pulled it out, revealing the thick pulsing meat with a big head. I leaned forward and started sucking on it. He also began to move his hips upwards, aiding me with sucking him off. I took a deep breath and leaned all the way down, taking his whole girth into my throat, feeling it twitch inside. He moaned loudly from behind, my boxers already down a little and him licking my hole.

 All of a sudden I felt a push and fell forward, face down into the couch. He kneeled behind me and I could feel his dick being pressed slightly on my hole. "Get ready bro, this might hurt a little!" he said and thrusted his hips forward, shoving his dick into my hole almost all the way in just one movement. I moaned loudly, feeling how he was stretching me from behind, loving the feeling. He grabbed my ass and started pounding me, grunting with a deep voice while I moaned loudly and enjoyed every single second of it. His balls kept hitting mine, almost four times as big as mine are.

 He started picking up pace, his grunts growing louder and deeper with each thrust.
 "Oh fuuuck, oh fuck am gonna cum!" he yelled and after another Ngghhhh from him, I felt something hot inside of me. He just kept pumping more and more, probably carrying a lot in his balls. At the same I shot as well, much less than him but still a pretty big load. "Bro, that was so fucking great...!" he said, leaning over me, giving my neck a small kiss. "Yeah, shame I didn't come out sooner, huh?" I told him laughing, wiggling my ass with his semi hard dick still inside, blocking all the cum from spilling out. "Yeah, we could have had so much fun already." We looked at each other, smirking. He pulled his dick out slowly, which even flaccid was really big. I managed to clench my ass quickly so I don't release any of his manly seed. We lied next to each other, cuddled a little and kissed, when his stomach released another, but this time super loud rumble. "Still hungry? Maybe we could order some pizza." I thought out loud. "Mmmmm, I would like me some fresh meat though." he said to me, looking into my eyes with hunger. He grabbed my head from behind and pulled me closer for another lovely deep kiss. We began making out, his dick growing slightly hard in his briefs again. I closed my eyes and just kept going and going... His mouth was a little larger than when we kissed last time, but maybe he just didnt give it his all that time.

  It seemed like ten minutes went by when I felt something wet on my forehead. I opened my eyes and freezed. His mouth was huge, slowly growing over my face! I tried to pull back but his hands kept me still while his lips traveled across my face, his tongue lasping and licking me. He pulled me closer with his muscular arms and rolled himself on me so I couldnt move too much. My face was already inside of his mouth which was like a cavern, saliva dripping everywhere and his hot, sweet breath hitting me. With another shove, he put my whole head inside of his maw, his lips enveloping my neck tightly. He moaned as I was panicking, still not sure what was happening. He bragged my arms and held them to my sides, taking a big, strong gulp and pulling me further into his throat.
 It was at that moment I started struggling and yelling when I understood he was eating me! Sadly, he was far too strong and had the upper hand, so my struggles were futile.

 He swallowed again, pulling me deeper while his lips started making their way over my shoulders. He took a deep breath, paused for a moment and swallowed heavily, his lips getting over my shoulders as I slid further, his throat muscles massaging me face and his tongue coating me with spit. After a few another successful swallows, he was getting close to my belly button. I was panicking, yelling and crying inside of him. To him it were just muffled sounds and vibrations from inside, boosting his boner. I could feel him grab my thighs and lifting them upwards, helping himself with gravity.  He swallowed again sending me deeper uo to my bulge in just one strong swallow.

 I could feel the top of my head hit something and open it, sliding further. My head entered his stomach which was smelling putrid, filled with chips, sweets and beer from the evening, already partially digested. Outside, he stripped my briefs and played a little with my dick, poking it and licking with his big and wet tongue. I actually got hard from all the sensations again, my cock brushing over his tongue. I shot another load, which he greedily tasted and gulped down, making a silent purring noise. He swallowed once again, his mouth reaching my knees. I started curling up inside of his tight, smelly stomach, trembling, crying and punching the stomach walls, hoping he would throw me up. He didn't. Instead, he started moaning and grunting, his huge dick pressed to his stomach, poking me from bellow. He was sitting on the couch, his legs sprawled on the table with one hand rubbing my form and the other slowly stroking his dick. Saliva was dripping from his mouth right onto his pecs and huge, squirming and rumbling stomach.
 He swallowed once again, with his lips around my ankles. His insides were giving me one hell of a massage, all the velvet walls tightly caressing my body.  I was almost fully inside of him, still trying to accept the reality of what happened...

 He started to masturbate faster, making his stomach slosh and bounce me a little around. He brought his other hand to my feet and slightly pushed them in, my ankles disappearing into his mouth. His tongue started licking my feet and with another push, my feet were inside of him, sealing my whole body inside of his. With cheeks so full, he turned his head upwards and took one last, loud swallow, sending me into his stomach. You could see his throat returning to its original state, a bug bulge moving down, behind his pecs and straight into his gurgling stomach. With that swallow, hr also shot his load, covering his underbelly with thick cum. He leaned back, put his right hand on his stomach, caressing and feeling my body through his skin, while with his left rubbed his pecs and smeared some cum over them and his gut. He looked down at his stomach "Bro, you were the hottest and biggest meal I have ever had." and gave it a strong slap. A loud rumble could be heard coming from within and upwards. BWUOOOOOOORP!!!
 He released a massive, window rattling belch and slapped his stomach once again with a laugh. The walls squeezed me further as most of the additional air was released, my form showing even more now.

 "Don't worry Dan, now we can be together forever." he said with a grin while rubbing his massive, sloshing gut moving in front of him. He felt tired from all the fun and swallowing and after a while of rubbing his stomach, fell asleep to the loud noises of starting digestion.

Sooooooo, that's that, hope u enjoyed it. I originally posted it on FA but let's be honest, not a big chance for furries liking human vore over there... :D (also corrected most of my grammar mistakes)
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Re: A lovely evening (FS, O)
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Great story and units :)

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Re: A lovely evening (FS, O)
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Well done man!

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Re: A lovely evening (FS, O)
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That was an awesome story! Alex is a truly worthy predator. Dan was a lucky guy!
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Re: A lovely evening (FS, O)
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Hehe, thank you very much ^.^ glad u liked it!