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A Bar Tender for Supper (pt. 1)(Hard Vore) (blood/gore)
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Matt lay sleeping in his bed. His muscular tattooed body illuminated by the moonlight that peeked through the blinds of  his bedroom window. He wore nothing but a pair of boxer briefs which the tattoos that went along his back dipped into, covering the upper part of his butt. His scruffy black hair was smooshed against the pillow. He dreamed of being at work at the brewery down the street from his small home that he lived in. His legs and face began to twitch as he imagined himself running around the bar and communicating with customers. It was one of those customers that night who was more interested in Matt than the beer that was on tap.
                                                                (Earlier that night)
    Michael snapped his fingers to attract Matt’s attention. “ What will it be tonight, man?” Matt asked him. “ One scotch please.” Michael replied. As Matt turned around, Michael began to evaluate his body. Thick in all the right places. Matt’s nicely sculpted arms were covered in a combination of celtic designs and dragon imagery. His torso was well build, yet slightly plump. As Matt poured Michael his scotch, he admired the plump ass that made his mouth water. For the rest of the night, Michael nursed his scotch as he watched his next meal saunter from customer to customer at the bar. He was lucky enough to catch a glimpse of Matt as he scratched his back, revealing to him the beautiful intricate work of tattoos that slipped below his waistline. Michael’s mouth began to salivate as he imagined the tattoo artist’s hands resting on Matt’s meaty ass as they impressed the ink into his flesh. He wondered how much of that ass was inked and thought, only one way to find out.
     The door was unlocked which surprised Michael. Usually, he would have to pick it to gain entry into a meal’s dwelling. As he stepped quietly into the house, he licked his lips as he began to grow into his meal eating from as hunger took over. His height increased from 6 foot to 8 feet and his teeth began to enlarge in order to remove tender meat from the bone. He stopped in the hall as he passed some family pictures. Some were of Matt’s youth. Of him playing at a state park with some of his peers in his teenage years. One showed him with what appeared to be an older brother who looked quite delicious. Michael removed the picture quietly from the frame and tucked it into his pants pocket thinking that it might be a worthwhile hunt. The last image he passed was that of his parents. He whispered “ sorry guys, can’t say no to a meal this good.” as he approached what he assumed to be Matt’s bedroom.
    Michael’s large hand clasped the cold brass knob of the door. With a quiet “click” it opened and he gazed inside to see Matt sleeping. He entered quietly considering his large frame and inspected Matt as he slept. He wondered how the tattoos that covered his body would compliment the taste of  Matt’s sweetbody. It was then that he noticed that Matt was in the throes of a wet dream. His large cock pressed against his tight boxer briefs. Michael reached down with his forefinger and thumb and lightly squeezed the meaty meatus. Matt took a deep breath in pleasure in his slumber. Michael smiled coily and traced his finger down the shaft before slipping in his massive hand gently below the stretchy band of his underwear. He slowly grasped the warm penis in his hand and began to stroke it. Matt was obviously a sound sleeper and his mouth opened up to let out a moan as the nerve endings in his cock communicated pleasure to his brain. His whole body began to twitch and tighten and Michael peeled back Matt’s underwear with his free hand to allow the hard member to stand fully erect in the moonlight. Matt’s hands clenched into the bedsheet as Michael stroked his cock. His pelvis began to thrust forward and Michael anticipated the slurry of sweet cream. While still jacking him off, Michael pulled the underwear off and slid it down Matt’s legs. He sniffed it, before taking the under garment in his mouth, soaking it with his saliva. He tasted hints of the tasty crotch and the veal like quality of the ass cheeks.
     Matt began to nocturnally moan loader which began to turn Michael on as he vigorously pumped the swollen veiny member. Just before he figured that Matt would cum, Michael swiftly placed his hands along Matt’s backside and brought them down to his buttocks. The large hands pressed against the soft tattooed flesh and squeezed the mounds of fat. He plunged Matt’s crotch into his mouth, his tongue relished the fine flavor of sweat and pre cum as his fingers dug into and squeezed the fat rump. Matt awoke in terror as his eyes darted fervently around the room. He felt his body suspended except for an intense pressure on his butt. His crotch was warm and he felt his hard member being covering in saliva. “ What, the fuck, uhh, uhhhh!” He screamed as his body produced a powerful orgasm, shooting a splatter of cum into Michael’s maw. The tongue lapped eagerly at the young man’s reproductive milk and Matt yelled out a half moan half scream as he couldn’t hold back the pleasure or fear he was experiencing.
     Matt’s underwear was still floundering around in Michael’s maw, soaked with saliva and Matt’s own cum. Michael delfly removed himself from Matt’s crotch and dropped  his terrified dinner onto the bed. His hands quickly gripped at Matt’s biceps, pinning him down. “ Hello, gorgeous.” He whispered. “ A tender meal you will be.”
“ Get off of me!” Matt screamed, flailing violently. Michael looked into Matt’s terrified green eyes and moved in for a kiss. Matt’s soft lips were full of flavor. Michael pushed Matt’s saliva and semen soaked underwear into Matt’s mouth with his tongue to gag him. A particular trick that came from years of experience. Matt tried to yell but couldn’t. His eyes expressed the fear that filled him. Matt gazed upon the young bartender’s body how it heaved up and down, the intricate tattoos of celtic knots, dragons, and Japanese “floating world” imagery. It was a shame to have to eat a piece of art like this but hunger comes first! Matt’s bicep was covered in interwoven knots which formed into a cross which looked like a good place to start. Michael opened his maw revealing the elongated teeth and bit into the muscular mound. Matt shook in pain as Michael sank his teeth in deep. Matt’s warm meat tasted delicious. Michael pulled at the chunk of meat, separating it from the bone. The tendons snapped as he pulled them away. He watched as he stretched out the imagery on Matt’s flesh before the skin was torn apart by his strong teeth. He moved down Matt’s arm like a chicken wing, slurping and eagerly chomping to the bone. A river of blood began to soak the mattress. Matt’s hand began to twitch as the tendons that once connected to it were gobbled eagerly. Michael licked the soft hand before taking it off with one swift crunch. The sound of bones being chewed on and the slurping of meat was audible to poor Matt as he wondered why he deserved such a horrible end to be eaten like this.
     With the taste of Matt in his mouth intensifying his hunger, Michael grew to 8 and a half feet tall. He stood off of the bed and picked up Matt with his hands. His hands squeezed at the the soft flesh as he held him. Michael’s sharp teeth bit into the other shoulder and tore at the meat until he was down the bone before ripping the whole arm off. It twitched fervently as Michael began to slurp the whole arm down. Matt’s muffled screams he paid no mind to as he enjoyed slurping at the warm tendons that still hung from where Matt’s arms use to hang.
     Michael than flipped Matt over and moved his hands to Matt’s thighs before laying back down on the bed. Matt’s body rested on Michaels as he began to work on the squirming feet. He gripped onto the calves and slowly pushed the legs towards his mouth. Matt’s armless torso began to convulse in vain to try and escape, causing his butt to jiggle which furthered Michael’s hunger. Michael began chomping up the calves, slurping the meat practically from the bone, all while sucking on the sweet marrow. With adrenaline pumping through what remained of his body, Matt couldn’t feel the pain as much as he felt fear as he heard his body being devoured by this monster. He thought of his family and all that he was going to lose just so some horrid thing could be satisfied on his meat which took over 20 years to become who he was presently. He struggled to breath through his underwear that he was trying to spit out from his mouth to scream for help but it was firmly wedged. It was than that he felt Michael picking up the pace, vigorously gulping past his knees. As Michael approached the thighs, he saw the plump tattooed ass awaiting him. It jiggled enticingly with Matt’s struggle. Michael moved his large hands up past the thighs and set his fingers firmly into the cheeks while his thumbs pushed into the soft belly. The thick thighs Michael chomped into, enjoying the hearty meat. His teeth tore into the fulfilling tendons and as he pulled them away, the sinew stretched out. As he vigorously gulped down the large chunks he slurped up the sinew which guided him back to his feast. His lips sucked on the meaty fibers teasingly. Matt’s muffled screams became more intense as his fingers squeezed deep into his butt. He tried to kick with the stumps that once were his legs but Michael alway found his mark and swallowed another chunk down. Michael was up to right below Matt’s gluteal fold. He moved his hands to Matt’s waist and studied the bountiful plump feast before him. He looked at how the intertwining Japanese styled flowers that he had noticed at the bar dipped below the waistline and spread out across both cheeks. Michael’s tongue began to caress Matt’s right cheek enticingly, tracing the petals as he tasted the soft flesh. Matt quivered and cried out through the gag knowing that this monster was teasing him and was about to indulge on his well formed ass. Michael went in for his first bite on the apex of the right cheek where there was a tattooed flower. The soft mound gave way as his jaws pushed down on the gelatinous cheek and tore away a large chunk that was accompanied with Matt’s muffled screams and useless shaking of his stumps as he tried to get away.
      “Mmmmm. Delicious.” Michael enthusiastically said, his mouth filled with three quarters of Matt’s right cheek. The soft squishy fat combined with the underlying meaty glutes was sweet and he greedily gobbled it down his throat. Matt started to cry as he heard this human like monster compliment him on the taste of his rump  accompanied by the wet slurping and squishing sounds of his ass being chewed. Michael’s sharp teeth dug into the thick gluteal fold and voraciously ate the remainder of the cheek before moving onto the left. With fat and meat dripping from the corners of his mouth, he watched as every time he bit into the mound how he would stretch it’s soft form before it could not hold and it would separate and boing back into its shape. With his mouth filled with the bartender’s sweet ass, he savored the flavor as he gulped the remainder of the once plump buttocks down.
    Matt was fading from the amount of blood he had lost and accepted that this was it. He was nothing more then dinner. He faintly felt the fingers that dug into his waist. He was drifting off when Michael began to playfully suck on his cock. Michael enveloped his groin with his lips, drawing the musky male flavor. He bit into the pubic region as a whole, chewing on Matt’s large dick and balls. The warm testacles popped with flavor along with the penis that he had greedily milked earlier.
     Michael was bothered that Matt wasn’t struggling anymore and had grown quiet but seemed to be alive still. He had grown full too and decided he should hurry it up before daybreak. Matt felt a tug on his waist as the large mouth moved up his torso, the tongue licking at his belly. Michael watched as the tattooed back was enveloped by his lips and he swore the ink gave a special flavor. As he reached the chest, he licked at the pectorals before swallowing up to Matt’s neck. Michael then pulled the gag out of Matt’s mouth knowing that there would be no reason for him to scream at this point. He heard Matt take a shallow breath. It was then that Michael stood up off the bed. His large belly distended and satisfied. He stood in front of the dresser mirror so Matt could see his reflection. Matt’s heart pumped furiously as he saw how his head stuck out of Michael’s lips which were tight around his neck. He saw the full belly that was filled with himself; his arms, his legs, his ass. Michael moved the black scruffy hair from Matt’s eyes so he could get a good view before saying a few things to his finished meal. “ My Mother always told me to never talk with my mouth full, but I must tell you that you were delicious and I hope that your brother tastes as equally delicious.” Michael then swallowed Matt’s head and he joined the rest of himself that had already began to digest. Michael then sat on the bed and rubbed his full belly before taking out the photo he snatched from the frame in the hallway. He looked at Matt’s brother and licked his lips before exclaiming to himself, “ Hard to imagine, but I’ll think you’ll taste even better.”
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Re: A Bar Tender for Supper (pt. 1)
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Great story

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Re: A Bar Tender for Supper (pt. 1)
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I love your writing and can't wait to see more of your work in the future. Very descriptive and vivid world building. That being said, do you think you could put hard vore (biting, tearing, Gore) in the title in the future? It's all great writing, but some people might be caught off guard a little. Thank you for sharing though

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Re: A Bar Tender for Supper (pt. 1)(Hard Vore)
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 Hello, thank you for the positive feedback! I am new to the site and thought that my tag warning would appear more prominently then it did. I have adjusted the title in order to let readers know what to expect. Thank you for letting me know! :)

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Re: A Bar Tender for Supper (pt. 1)(Hard Vore)
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Hello and welcome to the site,

It is always great to have new people contribute stories to the site. Keep up the good work, looking forward to seeing more of your stories.