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A Jogger for Lunch (soft)
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  It was a cool and crisp day and Jake Abers took the opportunity to enjoy a run through the complex system of nature trails that stretched across the park of his town. He was a recent graduate of the police academy and was in excellent shape.  His dark brown hair heaved up and down with his breath as he aggressively ran the path. He imagined taking pursuit of his first crook and taking them down. Sweat formed at his brow and cascaded down through his shirt tracing his appetizing form.
    Jake had paid no mind to the reports of young men who had disappeared in the very same woods that he was running in. No one knew exactly what happened to them. All that was found was their pile of clothes torn and scattered. Jake was 165 pounds of muscle and as it seems with all rookie cops, had a feeling of invincibility. Too bad for him he was 165 pounds of tender juicy meat.
    Mike sauntered around his small cabin nestled at the border of the park. His stomach was rumbling. It had been quite some time since he had last eaten. A week ago he had found a delicious young Irish foreign exchange student. He sucked on lips imagining that again how he slurped up the tender meat. Boy, did that ass taste delicious he thought. He picked up his binoculars and scanned the forest for a fulfilling meal when he spotted Jake between the trees. “ Mmmmmm.” Mike exclaimed. This one looks very promising he thought to himself. Mike liked his prey young and preferred those with particularly pronounced buttocks. He liked the fatty flavor that could only be found in the backside of a young man’s rump. All that meat is just waiting for me he thought as he quickly shut the door behind him as he made his way to lunch.
    Jake was halfway through his run, unknowingly running right into Mike’s path. Mike hid behind a large  tree that could cover his large nearly 7 foot frame. As Jake went to pass the tree, Mike swung out his arm, landing a huge punch to Jake’s head. Mike watched his meal land into the dirt with an “ ummph” and took with pleasure at how much meat was on Jake’s body, and of course especially on his rear. Jake didn’t know what hit him. Did he hit his head on a low branch? He wondered. He was too dazed to move and his head pounded with pain.
    Not wanting to waste any time as his prey moand on the ground, Mike went straight to work in satisfying his belly. He pulled Jake up and plunged his head into his maw as he gripped him from his armpits. Mike tasted the sweet sweaty flesh and began to salivate. Jake was beginning to come back around and felt a warm tongue caressing his face as he found himself being drawn into Mike’s throat. He realized quite quickly that he was being eaten and felt Mike’ lips drawing down his neck and the beginnings of his shoulders. “ No! No! No!” He screamed. “ Please, please don’t eat me!” Mike found the young man’s cries appetizing. He allowed Jake’s feet to barely touch the earth and with one hand tore his shirt from his body. He gripped Jake’s forearms and guided them into his mouth. Jake’s meaty biceps tasted great and he eagerly made his way down his back, his lips enveloping the pecs as his tongue lapped at his chest. With each slurp Jake moved a few inches further in. His feet wriggled helplessly as saliva dripped all over his body. Mike observed the smooth landscape of Jake’s back form into a sculpted juicy butt that quivered as he struggled. Now that Jake was far enough in, Mike was free to use his hands to have some fun.
    Jake was panting heavily in the soft cavern as he felt himself being drawn further. He couldn’t believe that he was being eaten. That he was just food to this monster. Jake let out a gasp as he felt two large hands plant themselves on his buttocks. Mike squeezed the soft fatty mounds eagerly. He then pulled down Jake’s shorts and removed Jake’s sweaty boxer briefs. Jake felt the cool air hit his exposed butt as Mike continued to squeeze it. I am a cop Jake thought. How could this be happening to me?! At this time, Mike was beginning to reach Jake’s belly. His tongue lapped at the soft flesh and prodded his navel.
    As his lips reached the waist, Mike moved his hands to grip Jake’s thighs. This was his favorite part. He admired the rump before him and thought about how girls must have just loved to stare at Jake’s well formed ass. Some might have had the pleasure to squeeze, and here he is about to consume it and claim it forever. His lips sucked at the tender flesh of the small of Jake’s back as his tongue reached out to taste the flavor of the young cop’s crotch. Jake felt the moist lips sucking at his waist as his head entered the hot cramped stomach. He began to yell from inside Mike as he felt the tongue lapping at his penis before it snugly wrapped around it and began to pull it towards Mike’s mouth. Jake tried to control himself but he couldn’t help as his penis started to throb and become erect from the tongue job. Mike relished the flavor of Jake’s cock. He felt it begin to throb as blood was pumped into it as Jake became more excited. Soon,  Jake’s red meatus pushed into Mike’s lips. Jake was trying desperately to hold back what was coming as pre cum oozed from his slit. No way was he going to reward this monster with his sweet spunk. Mike enjoyed how Jake began to twitch and squirm trying to resist and decided it was time to enjoy Jake’s tender ass. Mike’s hands moved to Jake’s upper thighs under the gluteal fold and began to push the soft large buttocks into his mouth. As the mouth watering ass entered Mike’s mouth, his eyes rolled up in pleasure. The sweet soft meat of Jake’s rear filled up his mouth to near entirety. Jake heard Mike moaning audibly as he felt the mouth squeeze down compressing his fatty mounds, chewing them softly and savoring the flavor. The ass play aroused him even further along with his cock being aggressively stroked by the tongue.  Jake couldn’t hold back basic instinct. He began to buck instinctively, his ass pounding up into the roof of Mike’s mouth rubbing its flavor as the tongue lapped at his groin. “ Oh, god!” Jake shouted as his pelvis spasmed and he shot out a large oozy load of semen. Mike enjoyed the sweet cum and lapped it up eagerly.
    Jake felt spent and moaned from within Mike’s belly. He felt Mike still enjoying his rump and crotch as saliva dripped down his nude body to his legs. He heard the wet grotesque slurping sounds of Mike enjoying the taste of his flesh. Mike thought to himself that this was the best tasting ass that he had in quite some time. His stomach began to rumble, begging to be filled with Jake. Mike began to slowly swallow down Jake’s well developed thighs that had been lubricated with sweat and saliva. Jake’s calves swayed in front of him. Jake felt himself losing consciousness and a tingling feeling ate at his body. He felt the lips of the monster gently fold over the soles of his feet followed by the sound of lips being licked. Mike stood in satisfaction on the trail and listened to the birds. His belly prodded outward from his meal. “ Delicious. Absolutely, delicious!” He exclaimed. And with that he slowly sauntered home, leaving behind a pile of clothes that once belonged to a tasty young man named Jake Abers.
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Re: A Jogger for Lunch
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Fun story!  Hopefully more men will jog on that trail :)

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Re: A Jogger for Lunch (soft)
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This is a fun story I like it
Feel free to PM me anytime if you want to rp I love being in your belly's or balls

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Re: A Jogger for Lunch (soft)
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One of the best stories I've read so far. Good Job 👍