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Sequel to Bartender for Supper (soft)
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   Aaron opened the door to his apartment. It had been a terribly long and emotional day for him. He had just returned from his brother Matt’s ceremony after he had been presumably eaten under strange circumstances. Aaron still didn’t know what to make of the scene as well as the police. Matt’s bedroom was a bloody mess and the only known theory the police had was that some large animal had snuck in the house and attacked him while he slept and somehow ate every last bit of him. The police could find no evidence however how the creature broke into the house which then suggested that it was a human’s work since animals couldn’t open doors. But what human could eat a person whole? Aaron thought. A sudden image appeared in his mind of some creature suspending Matt’s nude tattooed body and swallowing it down vigorously. Aaron quickly pushed the thought out of his mind. His little brother was dead and he hoped that he could inflict vengeance on whatever was responsible. “ I’ll get you for this!” He screamed into the air. Aaron figured that a shower would do him some good to relax him and calm his nerves. He proceeded to his bedroom down the hall. He had been rather successful working as a financial advisor and the money was good. Sometimes though he wished that he could have a simple job like Matt, who made drastically less but was overall happy. He looked at a picture of himself with his arm wrapped around his little brother that hung in the hallway. “ What happened to you?” He asked himself. It was then that he remembered something odd. After the incident, when he was collecting his brother’s things, he noticed that a picture of the two had been missing from a frame. Aaron shivered at the thought that whatever happened to Matt could befall him. Suddenly he had a vision of his body being swallowed whole by a creature of human form. “ No, this is ridiculous!” he said to himself.
    The steam from the hot water opened up his pores as he felt his tense body relaxing. “ No one is coming after you. You’ll be the one coming after them.” Aaron said to himself. When he emerged from the shower he dried himself off and put on a pair of boxer briefs that outlined his curvaceous rump. Aaron was slightly plumper than his brother but at the same time slightly taller. As he put on his shirt he noticed a letter that was on his bed that wasn’t there when he first entered the apartment. It said simply on it “ Dear Aaron.” Confused he opened it up and began to read it.
      “ Dear Aaron,
  I am wanting to let you know how delicious your brother was. He was a truly fulfilling meal! I have to tell you that his body was so tender, his thighs so thick, and his butt so plump and juicy. With an ass like that who needs dessert?! I wanted to let you know that I was thinking about dessert actually. Something to match on par with my earlier dinner. I’m hoping that you’ll be just as exquisite meal as your brother. I was actually behind you at the ceremony. I don’t know what could have been in that box since I’m certain that I always lick my plate clean if you know what I mean! It took all my muster not to eat you then and there but at least I could salivate over that rump roast you have.
   Aaron’s heart began to pump as he realized that this monster-Michael- was in his apartment and planned to eat him like Matt. He had to get out quickly and made a run for it. Suddenly he felt a quick painful charge throughout his body and he hit the floor.
    Michael was surprised at how effective the stun gun was on Aaron and looked over the groaning feast before him. Aaron it seemed was just a meatier version of Matt and Michael’s stomach grumbled for him. Michael removed Aaron’s shirt and pulled off Aaron’s underwear revealing a salivating rump. Aaron began to come around. His entire body felt sore and his head hurt from when he hit the floor. He quickly remembered what happened and tried to crawl towards the exit. He then felt two large hands wrap themselves under his armpits and lift him into the air. “ Hello gorgeous.”  Michael said as Aaron repeatedly kicked him to no avail. “ You are quite feisty. I am sure quite delicious too.” “ You bastard!” Cried Aaron. “ You killed my brother!” “ Oh, I am sorry but sometimes I just can’t resist a good meal. Speaking of meal I’m famished!”
     Michael propped Aaron’s hands upwards and began to suck on them. He felt the scrumptious fingers wriggle as he ate  Aarons forearms and moved slowly down the biceps. Aaron couldn’t believe he was being eaten alive by this creature. To go down the same cavern that Matt had gone down a week earlier. “ Don’t do this! Please stop!” He begged. His pleas only increased Michael’s appetite. Michael’s lips began to envelop Aarons head, tasting his sweet flesh.
“ You bastard! You bastard!” Aaron screamed before the lips overtook his head completely, relegating his screams to muffles. As his body was sucked into the sticky cavern, Aaron felt helpless at the the obvious fact that he was going to end up digested like his brother, enjoyed by a monster that wanted his meat.
    Michael began to work his way down Aaron’s back and moved his hands to his waist. Aaron tasted delicious and his squirming rubbed his flavor further into the lapping tongue. Aaron grunted as the muscles of Michael’s throat pulled him further. He felt his body being coated with saliva and wondered how it could end this way. He imagined how Matt must have made the same journey down this moist cavern as well. As Michael reached the soft belly he moved his hands to squeeze Aaron’s butt cheeks. The warm fatty mounds were thick and squishy. Aaron’s dangling feet renewed a new set of kicks as he was being molested, remembering how in the letter Michael seemed so inclined to savor his butt.
    Michael’s lips passed over the bottom of the belly and slid down the small of Aaron’s back, stopping at the waist. This was Michael’s favorite part of the meal. To enjoy the tender buttocks and cock of a young man.  He decided to humiliate his food with a little stimulation. With one hand he continued to fondle Aaron’s butt, with the other he began to play with his impressive dick. If he being eaten wasn’t enough, Aaron felt himself being brought to erection. Girls always loved his ass, his balls, his penis, his body, and this monster seemed to love them too. Michael’s tongue lapped at the testicles and the hard dick causing Aaron to moan. His mouth then widened in order to accommodate the large rump. Michael’s lips stretched over and consumed the smooth buttocks. Michael felt the soft rump against the roof of his mouth and enjoyed the tender flavor as he clamped down lightly chewing on the ass cheeks. Aaron felt how Michael was savoring his buttocks as saliva filled his ass crack. The probing tongue relentless continued to tease his member until he couldn’t hold it any longer. His hips began to instinctively buck and he released a large load of sweet cum which Michael greedily lapped down. Michael continued to enjoy the flavors of large sweet male butt in his mouth. The sweet mounds of jiggly fat had been Aaron’s for 32 years collecting sweet flavor, being squeezed by girls as they gave him head and now were being prized for their taste. Aaron groaned as he found himself halfway  into the confines of Michael’s stomach. He felt Michaels mouth still chewing on his butt.  Michael seemed to really enjoy the thick round cheeks of fat as they squished with each chew. Aaron felt violated at how the monster of a man was claiming his body as his own. Michael’s stomach hungered for the ass and he began to swallow, the large soft fat rump squishing against the back of Mike’s mouth followed by Aaron’s thick thighs of meat.
    Aaron yelled from inside Michael’s body as he felt himself sliding down the gullet. The muscled throat pulled his body downwards further into the stomach. “ No, no, no! This can’t be happening!” he screamed. Michael suckled on the frantically kicking legs, pulling them into his mouth. Aaron was just so tasty and Michael considered himself lucky to get ahold of both Matt and him. Pretty soon, only Aaron’s wiggling feet stuck out of the lips and slowly were enveloped. With a final swallow, Aaron was on his way to being digested. From his strong meaty muscles to his plump ass were Michael’s now and were to be broken down for their protein content. Michael leaned onto Aaron’s bed, rubbing his belly that was now fully content as it began to digest the male meat. Aaron’s squirms were growing faint as he slowly began to lose consciousness. The last thought that ran through his head was that at least he was following the same path as his brother Matt and maybe he would see him soon.
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Re: Sequel to Bartender for Supper
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WOOOF!  Love when pred hunts down relatives of prior prey

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Very nice work. Thanks for sharing it