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Edinburgh (FS, O, weight gain, romance, digestion)
« on: January 13, 2019, 05:50:33 PM »

Welp, another year has gone by and I figured it was time to add a new entry into my semi-autobiographical “inspired-by-true-events” series. If you haven't read the others, do yourself a favor and catch up here:

Part 1: "Montana"
Part 2: "New York City"
Part 3: "Albany"
Part 4: “Germany”
Part 5: "Paris"
Part 6: "Calgary"

Decided to play with some new themes here. Thanks to Harry for the inspiration :)


Edinburgh (FS, O, weight gain, romance, digestion)

My belly grumbled audibly.

“Sounds like he’s hungry.”

It was an innocent comment from an innocent bystander.

“Yeah, haven’t eaten a proper meal in weeks,” I responded, slyly slapping my gut.

The man laughed politely, took his tray and walked away.

McDonald’s. No matter where you go in the world, you can always be sure there’s a passable, luke-warm meal waiting for you. This particular Mcdonald’s was located on a beautiful stretch of Princes Street in Edinburgh, Scotland. The building itself had to be at least 300 years old. Hard to imagine anything being so permanent.


I looked up and saw my food was ready. I took my tray and eyed a spot to sit. Sure enough there was a table directly across from the friendly man from earlier. I sat down and started to dig in. I could feel his eyes on me. Honestly who wouldn’t be able to watch? Not every day you get to see a nearly-500 pound man dig into 30 burgers. Well maybe not for you, anyway.

For me, it all felt a bit pathetic. The man-eating monster reduced to Big Macs. But the last few months had been strange to say the least.

After my double feature in Calgary I found myself at a crossroads. I was a free man, but truly only by luck. I had two choices: Continue on as before and bide my time until my good fortune ran out; or change.

It was Harry who helped me decide.

A young-ish British guy with a deep love for being eaten, I first stumbled across Harry’s writings a few years prior by accident. I’d actually never seen anyone talk about vore the way he did. It was almost romantic. It was almost… sweet.

His stories featured people who deeply loved each other--men who fought their most natural urges despite every fiber of their beings demanding that one be consumed whole. They were just stories, I thought. A nice fantasy, but nothing resembling the cold-hard reality that preds eat prey, even the prey they care for.

But part of me was curious. I didn’t want to run out the clock--I wanted to see if I could change.

So I booked a one-way ticket to Edinburgh.

Thirty Big Macs later and my stomach was sated for the time being. It was time to get back to my Airbnb. Harry was coming.

I noticed the man from earlier, who couldn’t take his eyes off my noticeably distended gut.

“Next time I should just have you,” I said as I pounded my belly. He laughed, nervously, probably realizing how close to reality the comment really was.

Still playing with my food, I guess. Some things never change.

I didn’t know what to expect when I opened the door of my Airbnb. The only picture of Harry I’d seen was grainy and small. So I was pleasantly surprised to see an attractive young man with a slight, thin frame standing in front of me. He had a light scruffy beard that helped to age him a bit--without it, I’d imagine he wouldn’t look older than 21. He smiled, a wide expansive grin as he took me in. I could tell he was taken aback.

“H-hello. I’m H-Harry,” he stammered as he leaned in for a hug.

“It’s great to meet you, Harry,” I replied as I swept him up in a big bear hug, lifting him off the ground slightly with my massive gut. He put his hands on the sides of my belly to steady himself.

We held the hug for a moment before I put him down.


I couldn’t blame him for being sparse with his words. After all the guys I’d eaten, my massive frame was a lot to take in.

“Come in,” I offered with a smile. “Let me grab your bag”.

I took his duffel and ushered him into the apartment. Aside from the slight stutter, he didn’t give off the vibe of someone who was terrified. On the contrary, he seemed almost elated. Like a kid who just got every present he ever wanted for Christmas.

Harry made some tea and we went to the living room and sat down. We both silently sipped our drinks. My belly grumbled, breaking the silence.

“So, I can see where all those boys have gone…” he offered, smirking.

“Yeah, I’ve had a pretty greedy year…” I said jokingly, patting my belly for emphasis. I really had. The men of Canada really made an impression on my waistline.

“And you’re not going to eat me, right?”

He looked at me with his puppy dog eyes. So earnest. So sweet. I’d made a promise and I was already starting to regret it.

“At least not until I’m ready?”

“Yeah. I’ll try-- I am trying. I’m trying to stay in control,” I said, swallowing the last word more clumsily than if I’d been swallowing Harry.

“In control of me?”

“No. Of my appetite.”

Harry put down his tea and approached me. He slowly straddled my belly, placing his hands on its rounded curvature.

“Do you think it’s something you CAN control?”

Why the fuck do you think I’m here? I thought. But those eyes. They peered at me so lovingly.

“I hope so,” I stammered. “Your stories they-- they showed me that something else might be possible.”

“Do you know how many times you’ve eyed me up and down since I got here?”

Probably like ten, I thought. I nodded my head no and took another sip of tea.

“Eleven,” he offered.

Hey, I was close.

“Eleven times in the past five minutes you’ve eyed me up and down like a walking steak. Be honest, when you see me, do you see… food?”

Fuck. This kid was being awfully bold. He was rubbing my belly now and I could feel my stomach contracting at the thought of him being food. My mouth filling with saliva.

“I’ll take that as a yes. What else do you see me as?”

“I-- I don’t know what you mean”.

“Do you see me as anything besides food?”

“I mean you’re a person, obviously.”

“Nothing obvious about it. You were able to overlook that fact every time you gobbled up another guy, weren’t you?”

He pushed into my massive gut to underscore his point. Almost in response, it rumbled. This was skirting dangerously close to foreplay.

“I suppose I was.”

“You were able to ignore their humanity and focus on the fact that they were simply food. It didn’t matter if they had a life ahead of them. If they had jobs and friends and hobbies. They were just, what? Meat? Future bellyfat? It didn’t matter if they didn’t want to be eaten?”

Fuck. If he didn’t stop talking, I was gonna pounce on him right then and there. My stomach was already releasing juices in anticipation of the 150 pounds of meat about to enter it. My dick was hardening as fast as my resolve was softening. Then the record scratch of the century:

“I trust you.” He smiled plainly and looked into my eyes as the words settled. Those eyes. Those gentle, innocent eyes.

How could he? How could anyone? He knew my past. He knew what I was capable of. Now it was my turn to be disarmed.

“I-- I don’t--,” I stammered incoherently.

“I said I trust you. I believe you when you say you want to change and I’m putting my trust in you.”

Was this guy THAT naive? Even I don’t trust me. And I’m me.

“I want you to come with me,” he said, standing and holding out his hand.

He took my hand and led me to the bedroom. I watched as he took off his pants, carefully and folded them. Then his shirt. Then his socks. Finally he was standing in front of me in his underwear. His slim, tender body looked absolutely delicious, particularly his gloriously rounded butt.

“You too,” he said, gesturing.

I obliged and took off my pants and shirt, carelessly tossing them into the corner.

Harry climbed into bed and offered me a spot next to him. I laid down, my massive belly pressed against his tiny frame. At any other point this year, he’d have already been halfway down my throat, but I was fighting it. He trusted me. Me. The greedy monster.

“Its okay to want to eat me. It’s only natural,” he said. “I would love nothing more than to be eaten by you.”

Well then what are we waiting for! I thought. Let’s get your delectably pert little body in my belly!

“But I’m not ready. Not just yet. I want to be more than just a meal for you.”

He placed his hands on my belly, rubbing it gently as he spoke. I was entranced.

“I want to be a meal you’ll never forget. I want you to be a changed person when you finish me, not just in the extra inches of fat on your waist--” He made a point to squeeze the soft underbelly where he must’ve assumed he’d wind up once I was done digesting him. “--but also in who you are. I want to help you learn patience, compassion and--” He paused, looking deeply into my eyes. His sincerity was so pure, it was hard not to hang on his every word. “--love”.

Love. The word ricocheted around my brain. It wasn’t a term I’d ever associated with my… predilection. Hunger. Lust. Greed. Those we were things I’d felt a million times. But not love. Love was for normal people, the kind of people they make romantic comedies about. Harry met Sally, he didn’t eat her.

“Of course, I’m not just here to be your vore Deepak Chopra. I DO want to contribute to this waistline.” He squeezed my fat belly again for emphasis. “So while we work on you, we’re gonna work on me too. I want you to fatten me up as much as possible. Every pound I gain will be more delectable boy meat for you to eat when I’m ready. I want to be the perfect, plump meal for you.”

All I could do was stare back. This was new ground for me, but something inside me felt like this was what I needed. I needed to recapture some of my lost humanity--and if this boy was willing to be fattened for my dinner, well, hey, that was just gravy on top.

We spent that night cuddling in the bed. My belly grumbled repeatedly, as if to protest this new exercise in restraint, but I could feel my mind shifting. Maybe this kid wasn’t wrong to trust me.

The next morning I woke up alone in the bed. There was the faint sound of dishes scraping in the kitchen so I slowly made my way up and across the hall.

There in the kitchen, Harry was busily at work.

“Ah there’s my sleepy big guy! Just in time too. I made us breakfast!”

On the table was a massive pile of pancakes, easily two feet tall. They looked incredible.

“But first, I’m gonna need mine.” Harry pulled an enormous jug out of the fridge. “There’s three gallons of heavy cream in this jug. It’s exactly what a growing boy like me needs to fatten up in the most delicious way,” he said as he procured a tube from a bag on the counter.

I stood with my mouth agape. I’d never had a meal talk about himself in this way and it was turning me on like crazy.

Harry sat at the table and positioned himself under the feeding tube. Now it was my turn to take charge. I tipped the jug so that cream immediately filled the tube, on its way to Harry’s small stomach. He winced as the cream entered his mouth. Too cold, he would later tell me.

I watched in awe as this small-framed boy gulped and guzzled. All this heavy cream was traveling down his throat and by the time the first gallon was gone, his belly was starting to bloat out.

He looked like a cream-filled snack, and it took every fiber of my newfound control to stop myself from stuffing him in my mouth right then. I paused after the first gallon. He removed the tube, looking at me tenderly. I expected him to say he’d had enough, but he only said one thing:


I obliged, pouring a second gallon of heavy cream into the already bloated boy. I watched with delight and hunger as his adorable belly filled even more, expanding to make room for the rich, fattening cream. It would have been an incredible feat for anyone , but at Harry’s small size, it was miraculous. He pulled out the tube again.

“That’s incredible bud, I’ve never seen a small guy pack away so much so quickly!” I said, gently poking his distended belly. “We can stop if you want.”

Harry looked at me like I was insane. He put his hands on his now protruding belly and jiggled it.

“All of this, this is for you. To feed you. I’m never going to be the ripe meal you need if I don’t push myself. I want to finish this… for you.”

My eyes traversed his body. Fuck. He looked so bloated and delicious. The small British boy, swollen with cream. He looked like a human cream puff. He would’ve made an incredible meal right then, but I knew I had to hold off.

Harry put the tube back in and looked up toward me innocently. His doe eyes said it all: He wanted more.

I tipped the jug and watched as Harry desperately gulped a third gallon of heavy whipping cream into already engorged belly, stretching it even further.

As the final few pours went down, some cream dribbled down his cheek, landing on his chest and streaming across his now rounded belly. Without missing a beat, I leaned down and licked the line of cream, starting at his belly and working my way up his chest. My licks started to turn to nibbles. I was tasting Harry.

Then I felt it. His cock twitched. Harry liked being tasted. 

The cream kept flowing as I finished licking up the last of the stream up to his cheek. As the final gulp of cream went down, I whispered into his ear:

“Such a good boy you are. Do you have any idea how delicious you are? A beautiful cream-filled snack.”

Harry’s cock was now gently thrusting into my underbelly.

“We’re going to turn you into the perfect overfed meal,” whispered, before feeling a warm stream of cum shoot across my underbelly.

Harry moaned in pleasure, the last of the cream now down his throat. He was now filled with three gallons of heavy cream, being tasted and teased by the man he desperately wanted to be eaten by. And all he could feel was bliss.

“Yes, please, I want to be your meal, sir!” he shouted as the last of the cum left his cock.

I smiled and licked his neck. There was nothing more vulnerable than a boy who wanted to be eaten the moment after he’s cum. An exposed and exhausted meal.

“I live to satisfy you,” Harry whispered. “I can’t wait to be ripe enough to be your food.”

“I think you might be already.”

I started to nibble on his neck again, tasting this delectable young, cream-filled boy before Harry pushed me back.

“No. Not yet.”

He pulled the plate of pancakes over and placed them in front of me.

“Someday, I will be your meal, but today, this is your meal,” he said, pushing the first couple pancakes into my greedy mouth.

It felt like a poor substitute, but somehow I wasn’t mad that I couldn’t eat Harry just yet. Sure he was delicious and also just so happened to be bloated and defenseless in front of me, but my typical urge to devour him was replaced by something else. Perhaps it was an urge to care for him?

I didn’t have too much time to analyze it because as I started to tear into the pancakes, I felt something else. It was under my belly, and it felt amazing. I quickly realized it was Harry, sucking me off. I couldn’t see him, all I could see was my massive, rotund expanse of belly meat, rocking up and down with each movement.

I watched my belly shift up and down with each thrust, bringing me closer and closer to climax, as I shoveled Harry’s pancakes down my insatiable throat.

I continued to polish off the rest of the enormous pancake stack before finally shooting a huge load into Harry--one final serving of cream for the already-stuffed boy. I leaned back and admired the damage. Not as big as if I’d eaten him, but my belly was sufficiently full. I smiled.

We repeated the same thing again that evening--another three gallons of cream for Harry, a dozen savory meat pies for me--before collapsing into bed together. Harry wrapped his body around my belly, curling up to his future home.

As we laid in bed, we started to get to know each other for the first time--not as pred and prey, or feeder and feedee, but as people. We started with the usual small talk--where are you from, what’s your favorite film--but when I asked about whether he’d dated anyone before, he started to get nervous.

“I-- I had a bad experience,” he stammered.

“We don’t have to talk about it if you don’t want to.”

“No, I-- I just don’t want to burden you.”

“That’s crazy, I don’t mind. We’ve all had tough goes of it. You can trust me,” the words left my lips before I had time to think if they were true. Hey, maybe he could?

Harry smiled. It’s just what he wanted to hear.

“I dated a guy once, but he was-- He had a temper.”


“It wasn’t awful, I just got mistreated. I’ve been mistreated by a lot of guys.” I noticed that he was trembling slightly now. Instinctively I pulled him in tighter, his small frame sinking into my belly fat even more.

“That feels really nice,” he said, his trembling lessening noticeably.

“I would never mistreat you…”

“I know. I trust you.”

“Even though I’m going to eat you someday?” It seemed a bit counterintuitive.

Harry smiled. The thought of being eaten wasn’t a scary one for him.

“Because you’re going to eat me someday. People can be really awful. And life can be really hard. But once I’m inside this belly,” he said, squeezing me tighter, “well then I’ll truly be safe. Nobody can hurt me once I’m a part of you.”

I kissed him gently on the forehead and held him tight. This was the most intimate I’d ever been with someone I was going to eat and I didn’t hate it. I tried to push the thought of digesting Harry out of my mind to stay in the moment.

“As long as you’re with me, you’re safe,” I whispered into his ear. “And someday you’ll be safe inside my belly.”

Harry grinned, kissed me on the lips and nuzzled against my chest.

Someday he would just be a meal, for that moment, we were just two men, connecting.

The next couple months were a whirlwind of ecstasy and food.We spent most days feeding Harry as much as possible, and most nights laying in bed talking, Harry curled up around my belly.

Every morning, we’d wake up and measure the damage, first weighing him, then measuring his belly, butt and chest. I watched in real time as this incredible boy blew up before my eyes. Ten pounds turned into 20 pounds, turned into 40 pounds, turned into 60 pounds. He was growing thicker and more mouthwatering all over--his belly rounding nicely, but also his beautiful full butt expanding into two plump hams, his legs growing thicker and softer and his chest growing fuller and heavier.

But spending all this time together had also had another effect--the two of us had growing fonder of each other. I came to enjoy Harry’s company--his delightfully twisted sense of humor, his charming shyness, his affectionate touch. Some nights we’d get stuffed and have sex, but some nights we’d just cuddle, falling asleep to the sound of both of us expanding.

It was a kind of domestic bliss I didn’t think was within reach for me. It felt like the closest I’d ever come to being normal. I still wanted to eat Harry, but I was starting to feel like I might not ever need to. Maybe this was the change I’d been looking for?

Then one morning, it finally happened.

Harry stepped on the scale.

“230. Wow.” I couldn’t believe it.

“I’ve gained 80 pounds in three months,” he said caressing his fat. Every inch of him was now supple and soft, his every angle smoothed into a delectable curve.

I placed my hand on his plump rump almost instinctively, massaging it as I leaned in to kiss him.

“It’s incredible. You’ve grown so wonderfully.” We kissed again. My lips held on to his as if they were immovable tectonic plates. Fitting that only an earthquake could move them apart.

“I’m ready,” Harry whispered, our lips still touching.

“Ready for what?” I replied. More fattening cream, perhaps?

“Ready to be eaten.”

The words shook me. This moment had been looming like a tsunami on the horizon, and now it was finally lapping at the shore.

“B-but it’s only been three months. If we wait longer we can get you even bigger--”

“--It’s time. Look at how wonderfully ripe you’ve made me,” he said, jiggling his love handles. “All of this belongs inside you. All of this meat is for you. Tonight, I want you to have me for dinner.”

I should have been overjoyed, but something in me felt wrong. I mustered a half-smile that Harry had to have noticed.

I spent the rest of that morning alone, contemplating what Harry had said. At any other point in time, I would’ve eaten him gladly, so why was the idea sticking for me now? Could it be that I’d actually grown to love him? Did I love him enough to cure me of this horrific desire?

That afternoon we went on a walk together--his last before becoming belly fat--and cuddled on the couch, but it felt off. The closer we got to Harry’s inevitable consumption, the more twisted my stomach became.

Finally, dinner time arrived. I’d spent all day trying to find a way to put my feelings into words and come up short. Time was of the essence and I still had nothing. How do you tell someone you care for that you’d love nothing more than to eat them, but that you couldn’t bring yourself to do it? Where’s that very special episode of Saved By the Bell?

Harry emerged from the kitchen where he’d been preparing things.

“Dinner is just about ready,” he said with a smirk. Of course he was referring to himself. He was dinner.

I had to say something. I couldn’t just go through with this without saying something. Anything.

“I don’t want to eat you!” I blurted out. “I think I-- I think I love you.” There it was. All my cards on the table.

He looked at me and smiled.

“Aw, I love you too. That’s why I want you to eat me.”

“B-but, you’ve changed me. Before you I needed to do this terrible thing and now, because of you, I’m changed. Wasn’t that what you wanted.”

Harry laughed. How could I have gotten it so wrong.

“No, silly,” he said, stepping closer and placing his arm around me. He was now curled up to my belly. “I wanted to help you become a more compassionate, loving man, not to stop you from being you. You have a beautiful gift. You are able to devour boys and make them a part of you. My whole life I’ve known I was meant to become a part of a bigger man, to be eaten and digested and turned into his belly fat. This is my destiny.” He paused, before adding: “You are my destiny.”

“It doesn’t have to be that way!” I protested, pushing him back. “I’ve never cared about anyone as much as you. If I eat you, you’ll be gone forever!”

“I’ll be here,” he said, poking my belly. “Where I belong.”

No. All I could think was no. This was wrong.

“We’ve spent all this time fixing me and now you want to throw that away? You’ve saved me, Harry. You were the only person who could save me.”

“I’m not some manic pixie dream prey here to help you on your journey.” He stepped closer, laying his head on my chest. “You are who you are. You are a greedy, hungry, monster--and I’m yours entirely.” Then he looked up to my eyes. Those eyes. Those pure, innocent eyes. How could anyone say no to them. “I love you and I want nothing more than to be a part of you. A part of you right here.”

He grabbed my underbelly again--it was the same spot he’d grabbed the night we met. He knew where he was destined to end up. He’d always known.

I breathed in. He smelled amazing. I didn’t want to eat him, but I couldn’t deny that we’d turned him into the most appetizing meal I’d ever been offered. I looked down at Harry, sighed and gave in.

“Okay,” I said, gently kissing his forehead. He smiled and kissed me on the lips.

It was time to eat the first man I’d ever loved.

Harry took my hand and led me into the kitchen. The scene he’d set was amazing. He’d laid out dozens of candles that flickered in the darkness. On the table, he’d placed an enormous platter, decorated with vegetables. Next to it was the enormous jug, filled to the brim with gravy.

“I wanted it to be special. I want to be the most perfect meal you’ve ever eaten.”

“You will be,” I said, still saddened at the thought of digesting this beautiful, kind, appetizing man.

Harry stripped off his clothes and climbed onto the table, laying down on the platter and picking up a single apple. Before placing it in his mouth, he spoke his final words for me.

“I love you. And I can’t wait to be a part of your belly. Forever.”

Harry placed the apple in his mouth, like one of those roast pigs, and gestured to the enormous gravy boat, so I picked it up and gently slathered the love of my life with a rich, brown gravy sauce. Harry shuddered with pleasure, overjoyed that he was being prepared to be eaten, just as he’d always wanted.

I stood back and looked at him. This adorable, plump boy, slathered in gravy and gagged with an apple, looking like the most incredible serving of pork there ever was. I started to feel my hunger returning just from looking at him.

For what it’s worth, he looked back at me, sweetly as always, his eyes telegraphing his desire. “Eat me,” they said. “Devour me.” How could I deny him what he wanted most? Wasn’t that in itself an act of love?

I pulled up a chair on the far side of the table, sizing up Harry and his now sizeable body. He lifted his head to get a better view of me.

“Time for dinner, Harry. It’s been a pleasure to know you. I can’t wait to take care of you.”

I couldn’t tell if he smiled, because of the apple in his mouth, but I imagine he was quite proud of his work.

I lowered my head and pulled Harry’s feet into my mouth. Just as I’d suspected this whole time, the boy was delicious. I could barely contain my excitement as I swallowed up his calves up to his now meaty thighs in a single gulp.

I looked up and noticed that Harry was rock hard, his dick, too, covered in gravy. After a lifetime of mistreatment by men, he was finally loved by someone, someone who would take care of him in his greedy belly. It was all Harry ever wanted.

I gulped again, pulling Harry’s thighs into my mouth and reaching his rock hard cock. As I pulled his waist in, I could feel his cock shooting a massive load in my mouth. Extra seasoning, I thought. Harry was being eaten alive and it was driving him wild. For my part, I was in ecstasy being able to finally devour his plump, rounded butt, which had grown so delectable and tender over the last few months.

His love handles and scrumptious belly were next, a double-feature that did not disappoint. Every inch of Harry was bursting in flavour. He was tender and meaty and juicy all at the same time. I’d spent so long trying to forget that Harry was food, it was a pleasant surprise to discover what incredible food he was.

I kept gulping, until I was at Harry’s chest. More of him was now inside me than outside and within a few gulps he’d soon be gone forever. I looked up at Harry who’s eyes were locked on me. I noticed tears streaming down his cheeks and I paused.

Were those tears of joy or sadness? Was this really what he wanted? Was he having second thoughts now? Could I finish him knowing that he might not have wanted it for real?

I stopped and locked eyes with him. Those eyes. How could I hurt this boy with those puppy dog eyes. Harry intuited what I was thinking and without missing a beat, the gagged boy nodded. Yes. He was instructing me to continue.

I didn’t need any more than that. I threw myself into a standing position, the force of the move pulling Harry’s chest and upper arms into my greedy maw. Only his adorable face was left. One gulp more.

We locked eyes again. And then I stopped. I couldn’t. I couldn’t finish swallowing this incredible young man, not looking into those eyes. Those disarming eyes. How could I do this to him? How could I take advantage of those trusting, innocent eyes?

As if reading my mind, Harry again helped. He took a final breath and closed his eyelids tight, as if he were about to jump into a pool. He was ready to go in. There was no question in his mind. This was it.

If I loved Harry, how could I deny him that which he wanted so surely? I couldn’t.

I placed my right hand on his cheek and wiped away the tears from earlier. I took one last look at Harry. This was the last time I’d see him as him and not belly fat on my expanded waistline. I took a final breathe and I gulped.

And like that, Harry was gone.

Not gone-gone. Of course his large form was now sliding down my throat, filling my belly to epic proportions. But the boy I’d come to care so deeply for was no more. He was nothing but food.

“Thank you, Harry,” was all I could say as he settled into a curled up position in my gut. A single large belch erupted from deep inside me, shaking the room.


The sheer force of it blew out all but two of the candles Harry had lit earlier. It also had the added benefit of forcing Harry into a smaller, tighter ball than before, allowing my belly a little relief.

I cradled my now Harry-filled belly--distended absurdly--as I made my way out of the darkened kitchen and into the living room, where I landed on the couch with a thud. I looked down and admired the Harry-shaped ball in front of me--my gargantuan gut, once again distended thanks to a writhing meal of boy meat inside it.

It had been months since my last human meal, and the sensation of Harry stewing in my gut was incredible. I could feel the boy gurgling in my belly, moving gently as my stomach kneaded and massaged him.

“I hope you feel safe in there, bud, because you are. You’re finally safe. I promise to never hurt you, Harry,” I said, as I rubbed my belly. I felt him squirm as if to agree from the inside.

Of course that was partly a lie. Hard to imagine anything more hurtful than being digested. But it’s what Harry wanted and he was eaten on his own terms.

The letter. I’d almost forgotten about the letter! I maneuvered my hand down into my pocket and pulled it out. Harry made me promise not to read it until he was in my belly. I tore open the envelope and unfolded it.

“If you’re reading this now, it means I’m safe and warm inside your belly. It also means I can no longer speak to you--not that you could hear me over the gurgles of your stomach.”

My reading was interrupted by a particularly loud gurgle as if to punctuate the point. My belly was already starting the long process of breaking Harry down.

“I wanted to say thank you. Thank you for taking a chance on me. Thank you for taking the time to get to know me. Thank you for loving me. And thank you for eating me. My whole life I’ve known I belonged inside someone’s belly and the second I met you, I knew it was yours.”

I smiled and patted my gut. This was truly a bittersweet meal.

“I don’t want you to feel bad about what’s coming next. I know you love me, but now that I’m in your belly, I’m yours. Don’t be afraid to digest me, it’s what I was meant for. Know that my greatest dream is to become a part of your beautiful belly and that by digesting me, you’re making that possible.”

I was nearing the end of the letter. I wanted more. More letter. More Harry. I wanted to have it all, but that just wasn’t possible. You can’t have your boy and eat him too.

“I can’t wait to go on this next adventure with you, big guy.

Your future belly fat,

Now wasn’t the time to feel guilty. Harry couldn’t have been more clear in what he wanted and I was ready to give it to him. I let out a massive belch that shook the room again.


I could feel Harry curling up more in my belly. The air was likely growing stale in there. I knew that the juices were already flowing, enveloping Harry’s plump body, preparing him to be digested.

“I love you so much, Harry,” I said as I massaged my belly. I had to digest the boy but that didn’t mean I didn’t love him. “You’re going to make the most incredible belly fat. Right here,” I said, slapping my gut where I thought he might wind up.

I could feel Harry twisting and squirming more. He was likely running out of air. It was only natural for a boy to squirm in a belly, to try and survive in an unsurvivable place. But this wasn’t a story where Harry gets a traditional happy ending. This was a story where Harry gets digested alive in a massive, unforgiving stomach. Which as luck would have it, is exactly what Harry would consider a happy ending.

Another belch shook the room.


This was it. There was surely little air left and digestion was setting in. Harry would only be conscious for a few more moments before he’d have to give in and let my belly take care of him. He was food now and my stomach was giving him the required experience. I placed my hand on my distended gut, desperate to feel Harry in his final moments.

“I’m sorry Harry. I’m sorry I couldn’t eat you and keep you here. I’m sorry we couldn’t be like normal people and live a long and happy life together--”

My words trailed off as my belly went still. The faint sounds of gurgles and sloshing pierced the silence. Harry’s movements had stopped. Harry was gone. He was digesting in my greedy belly. He was mine.

I realized that what I’d said wasn’t entirely true. We would in fact have a long and happy life together, just not in the traditional sense. Harry would live on in inside me. Not literally speaking, but he would live on as fat on my waistline. He would be a part of me. In a weird way that was romantic.

Lest I get too sappy, another belch erupted from my greedy maw.


The taste of Harry, the fattened boy I’d just devoured and was now digesting, flooded my lips.

I slapped my belly and thought about Harry, now safely curled up inside there. A live British boy stewing inside my gargantuan gut. He’d fattened up so perfectly and now he was just an incredible serving of mouth watering meat for me. My belly gurgled and sloshed as it digested him.

We’d waited until he was juicy and ripe and I couldn’t have been happier. If I’d eaten him the night we met, he would have just been another meal. But by slowly swelling him up, feeding him and growing him, he was now nourishing me like no meal before.

Without warning, I shot a load across my under belly. The gentle movements of Harry gurgling away and the thought of his sacrifice was enough for me to cum, my biggest load ever. The sweet boy who had fattened himself just for me was finally where he belonged.

Harry was now a part of me. Forever.

And I would be forever changed.
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Wow, it’s good to have you back. And it’s even better Harry isn’t.

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Hot story! Thanks for the addition to your story.

On a separate note, will we see you post any more videos as well?

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Great, now I'm late for work and have sticky underpants.

Great job, as usual!

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Awesome stuff Jed!  love your writing style, and this story is just amazing :)
A nice change from the others in the series, really enjoyed it :)
Thanks for sharing