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The Slosh Pit - FS, C
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The death of tumblr and the move to discord has brought me closer to the vore/tf community and also prompted me to start writing again.  I think I've improved a little since the last time I posted.  I hope you enjoy!

The Slosh Pit - FS, C
      You had found a small card pushed under your door a few days ago.  It was black and read, "The Slosh Pit, A New Club Experience for Gay Men," in white on one side and had the address on the reverse.  Small print in the corner of the card said it was a requirement to get in.  You thought the name of the club might be a pun, a combination of getting sloshed and a mosh pit.  It sounded fun.  You had been waiting all week for a night out and now it was Saturday and you were in line at what otherwise just looked like another old warehouse downtown.       You get to the front of the line and are greeted by a small, twinkish sort of guy; cute, but hardly what you'd call a bouncer."Card please," he chirps at you, grinning.You hand him your card and he runs a black light over it, you think he's probably checking for fake invites.     He smiles at you again."Would you be interested in purchasing a VIP pass for this visit?""No thanks," you reply, "this is my first time to the club, maybe next time."     If anything, his smile gets wider, and you're kind of creeped out, you're ready to get into the club and start partying.  "Are you interested in having the full Slosh Pit experience?  To help our patrons really get into the Slosh Pit party spirit we pump a proprietary blend of legal psychoactives throughout the club using a fog machine."       You look back at him unsure and he continues.     "It's no problem if you don't want to participate in that particular club practice.  You can still enjoy the entirety of the club's facilities by using this."     He pulls a small tube of what appears to be chapstick from an alcove in the wall behind him.       "Just apply this around your nostrils before the fog machine starts and it will neutralize the psychoactives."     You pop off the cap and apply a generous layer around your nose.  The sharp smell wintergreen hits you for a few seconds before receding into the background.      "Thanks," you say as you return his smile. He unhooks the velvet rope and you start to walk into the club, but as soon as you walk past him, the twinky bouncer swats you playfully on the butt and laughs as you move a little faster.     You walk down a long black hallway before you get into the club proper, a single large room with an open floor plan and seating around the edges.  A local radio station is playing over the PA as you look around.  One wall has a bar area and you notice a balcony going all the way around the room, but don't see a way to get up there.  You slowly saunter towards the bar to get a drink, taking in all the other club goers as you do.  There's a wide variety of guys in the club already: twinks, otters, bears, jocks, daddies, and more body types you didn't know the names for.  You pull up to the bar and catch the bartender's eye.  The bartender is well built, you can see his muscles rippling under his tight button up shirt and slacks as he makes his way down the bar towards you.  He had a close-cropped beard, rugged, but still clean.     He leans over the bar towards you and growls, "what can I get you?"     The smell of wintergreen washes over you again and then dissipates.       His eyes take you in as you order.     "I'd like an old fashioned, please."     He flashes a smile at you as he turns to make your drink.  In no time at all your cocktail is in your hand.  You make a move to reach for your wallet, but the bartender holds his hand up.     "Drinks are free on your first visit."     "Thanks," you reply, "but how did you know it's my first visit?"     The bartender points up to a row of lights set in a line directly over the bar and the gestures at your hands.     "If you were a return customer, you'd have a stamp."      He points out another patron further down the bar and you can just see a stamp on the back of their hand that reads 'VIP' glowing a faint green under what you now realize is a strip of black lights.      He leans across the bar towards you again and with him comes a brief whiff of wintergreen.     "You've got about 20 minutes to get your drinks in.  All of tonight's guests have arrived and the show will start soon.  We don't allow any glass out on the floor during the show, it can get kind of wild and we don't want anyone getting hurt."     You're about to ask what kind of show it is when you hear a dull thud from behind you and turn to see what caused it.  The twinky bouncer is locking the large rolling door that you walked through to get into the main room of the club.  You turn back to the bartender about to ask about the door, but he's already anticipated your question.     "Another safety measure.  We don't want any club patrons wandering out into the streets while still under the effects of any psychoactives once the show starts."     Before you can ask any other questions, the bartender winks at you and moves away to help another thirsty customer.     You turn away from the bar and face the room at large again.  There's a column at the the center of the room, maybe chest high at the most.  It looks like it has some sort of panels on the sides.  You're wondering what it is when you feel a hand on your shoulder.  You turn around, but your not face-to-face with the guy trying to get your attention, you're face-to-chest.  You direct your gaze upwards, past the beefy pecs straining the red shirt, and into the eyes of the body builder towering above you.  You can feel his body heat roiling off his chest in waves.  Again, the smell of wintergreen.     "Hi," he says, "I'm Dave. Do you want to go get to know each other a little better?"     Dave gestures to one of the empty tables near a corner of the room.  You can't stop yourself, you're already envisioning what it would be like to take Dave home with you, to have him lay back while you ride him.  You're very vividly picturing how wild and sweaty you'll both get when you come back to reality.  Flushing with excitement and then embarrassment, you realize that you haven't given Dave an answer yet.     "Ye-es, you choke out, "I'd love to."     He grins down at you and then moves off towards one of the tables.  You follow in his wake, downing your drink to help steady your nerves.  He sits down at a table and you move to sit across from him, but he pulls your chair around so that you are now seated next to him.     "Is this your first time here," asks Dave."Yeah.""Did you get the VIP package?""No, I wasn't sure what that was, I can always get it next time.""Aww, that's a shame, a cute little guy like you should have got the VIP package.  Tell you what, you wanna make out?  It might make up for not getting the VIP treatment, at least for a little while."     You hesitate, but then remind yourself you're here to relax and have fun."Sure."       Dave leans down towards you and you close your eyes, but instead of feeling his lips meeting your lips, you feel his arms wrapping around you, one under your legs and the other behind your back.  You open your eyes, surprised, as Dave lifts you and sits you on his lap.  He chuckles at you as he places a finger under your chin and tilts your head back, leaning down to kiss you.  You close your eyes again and give in to the kiss.  Dave's embrace is incredibly warm, his lap and arms and the kiss quickly raising your own body temp.  Apparently you're not the only one who feels that the kiss is hot because you feel something stirring in the lap beneath you.  You get so into making out that you lose track of time and before you know it you hear an announcement crackling over the PA.     "Attention Slosh Pit patrons!  It is time for tonight's show, the reason that you're all here tonight!  Please down your drinks now and return all glassware to the bar.  Ready or not, in a few moments we're going to begin!"Dave kisses you deeply one last time before lifting you up and placing you back in your chair.  You're feeling kind of dazed from the heavy makeout session.  He grabs your empty glass and gets up.     "I'll take this back for you," he chuckles.     As Dave moves past you, he comes very close and ruffles your hair, his crotch pressing into your shoulder.  You feel the electric heat of his heavy cock through his pants, it feels like it runs from your shoulder all the way down to your elbow.  He rolls his hips, grinding into you a little bit.  The warmth brings another hint of wintergreen, but you're feeling too horny to question it.  You smile up at him, your mouth suddenly dry as your face blooms into a full blush.     "Thanks," you mumble.      Dave laughs and ruffles your hair again before moving off towards the bar.  You breathe deep, trying to cool off and catch your breath.  You're just starting to feel like you've calmed down when the lighting changes.  The main lights are slowly dimmed and you can tell that black lights have been turned on because random things around you have started to fluoresce.  What surprises you is the Jackson Pollock like quality of the fluorescent stains on the walls and floor.  There are glowing splatters everywhere, it looks like on of those crime scenes on a cheesy tv show. 
     You get up from your chair and glance towards the bar, looking for Dave.  You don't see him, but you notice that a rolling metal safety grate now blocks off the bar from the rest of the room.  You start to make your way towards the bar anyway in the hopes of finding Dave again.  Halfway across the room, you hear a slight hissing coming from above you and you see that the fog machines have started.  The PA switches off from the local radio station and shifts to party beat with a booming bass line.  The fog starts to descend from the ceiling and you can see it start to take effect.  All around you guys start pressing and grinding into each other, clothes start flying off, at first towards the chairs and tables but then off into seemingly random directions.  You're not sure you're up for this, you came out for a night of drinks and to maybe bring someone home if you were lucky.  What you weren't expecting was a full on orgy. 
     The smell of wintergreen hits hard as the fog falls heavy around you.  You don't have time to think too much about it before a pair of hands slides across your shoulders from behind.  You turn around and find a cute guy close to your height staring back at you, his eyes glazed with whatever is being pumped through the room.  He's naked except for a pair of tight-fitting briefs that are shining neon in the blacklit room.  He leans forward, his arms now wrapping around you to bring you in for a kiss.  You try to resist, but he looks stronger than you first realized.  As your lips meet, you watch his eyes go wide and he pulls away from you."Ugh," he moans, rubbing his nose furiously.  "You're wearing pheroblock?  Why would you do that?  Half the fun at these things is losing yourself and letting go!"  He grabs your hands and flips them over to check the backs.  "No VIP stamp either, huh?  Well, I hope you know what you're doing."  He storms off before you can say anything. 
     You're about to head off to the edge of the room and sit this out, but you can't see the walls anymore, you can barely even see your feet.  The fog is thick all around you, and the room is mostly dark but for the eerie glow of black light fluorescence.  You can still dimly make out people around you, it looks like you're in the middle of a press of bodies.  You suddenly feel a pair of brawny arms come around your waist from behind.  You try to turn, but the arms hold you in place as the hands find your the top button of your jeans and pops it open. Another guy, eyes glazed, comes up to you from the front, his hands sliding under you shirt and along your chest as he leers at you.  You feel the guy behind you grind into your butt as he starts to lower your pants.  Remembering what the first guy said to you about the pheroblock, you quickly reach into your pocket and grab for the small tube you got from the bouncer.  Maybe with the blocker you can fight off these lustful zombies and get to a corner of the room and wait this out, but, to your dismay, you can't find the tube.  You can't feel it in either of your pockets before the guy behind you pulls your pants down and the guy in front of you pulls your shirt off over your head.  Your shirt disappears as it sails out into the fog and into the crowd.
     Your pants are wrapped around your ankles as the two guys start running their hands up and down your body.  You're not sure what to do, even if you could get away from these guys, you can't see far enough through the fog to get very far.  You decide to go ahead and take your pants off so you're not hindered if you do decide to try and make a move.  You toe your shoes off, kicking them away from you, and then kick off your pants.  The whole time you're doing this, the two guys never stop rubbing your body.  All around you are the sounds of grunting and moans, heavy panting and flesh-on-flesh.  You're about to say something, try to reason with the guys even though they both are staring at you with glassy-eyed lust, when you hear a randy cheer go up all around you.  You hear thuds and splatting noises all around you as something falls from above, and then something lands on you.
     You feel a warm, sticky wetness covering your whole shoulder, you look down to see a viscous liquid sliding down your chest, and you can feel it creeping down your back as well.  The smell of wintergreen is overpowering, the pheroblock is starting to give you a headache right between the eyes.  The liquid continues to slide down your body, softly glowing an ethereal blue as it begins to soak into your underwear.  You hear a rumbling followed by a rattling from the center of the room.  The paneled pillar you noticed before has started spitting out activated glowsticks.  The guys closest to the column start grabbing handfuls of glowsticks and start tossing them to people further out in the room.  One of the guys close to you snags one out of the air, it looks like it's on a string.  He flashes you a dopey grin, his teeth bright under the blacklight, and slides the glowstick necklace over your head.  Up above, you can hear big fans starting up and feel the air moving as the fog starts to clear up enough for you to see the rest of the room.     The two guys who were feeling you up have become entranced with each other, seemingly excited by the glowsticks and drawing patterns on each other using the glowing liquid.  You look around, trying to place the source of the strange liquid, but it seems to be covering everything.  You remember the stains you saw all over the walls and floor before the fog machine started and you look up to the balcony.  You gasp in shock at what you see.  All around the room, above everyone else, are naked men, but the disturbing thing is the size of their dicks.  Each man on the balcony has a dick at least as big as he is, each one throbbing above a massive pair of balls.  As you're watching, one of them runs his hands up and down the head of his cock, focusing on rolling the foreskin back and playing with the ridge.  It only takes a few moments before he roars in pleasure as he's cumming, massive volleys arching in the air before gravity pulls them down to coat the partiers below. 
     You look up to the balcony again, something seemed familiar about a few of the men.  You figure it out at last.  You recognize the bouncer, his twinky body almost completely hidden behind his massive cock, further down is Dave, his heavy cock resting on the railing, dripping glowing cum into waiting mouths below.  Turning around you spy the bartender.  He's slowly petting his dick with one hand, in the other he has a drink.  Catching your eye, he winks at you, lifting his glass in a mock toast before downing the rest of his drink.  He places the glass on a small table next to him before bringing both hands down to start stroking.  More cheers go up as another volley of cum launches into the crowd. 
     You're starting to wonder just what the hell is going on.  The blocker was supposed to protect you from any psychoactives, but it's clearly not working because surely all those giant dicks can't be real.  The only thing you can smell now is the wintergreen, sharp and clear.  You think back to when you smelled it before; at the door with the bouncer, when the bartender took your order, when you made out with Dave, when the fog arrived, and now, strongest of all, when you're covered in cum. 
     You finally make the connection, the pheroblocker isn't protecting you from psychoactives, it's blocking all the pheromones around you!  All of the guys around you are lusting out on the musk from the men on the balcony.  But if you're not high, that means you're not hallucinating, and if you're not hallucinating, that means those giant cocks are real.  Your mouth goes dry again as you look around for a way out, but there isn't any.  The bartender said it was for the safety of the club-goers, but you're starting to have your doubts.       A muscle bear comes up to you and looks you hard in the eyes.  He looks high, but still a little bit in control.     "Applied too much blocker," he growls, "didn't ya?  Rookie mistake.  You want just enough that you're aware of what's going on, but not so much that you can't cut loose and enjoy it.  Here, let me help ya, dosing is always tricky."     With that he leans forward placing one hand on your dry shoulder to steady himself while scraping a large dollop of cum off your chest with his hand.  You look at him confused."Hold still now," he grunts, "this might sting a bit.""Wha-," you start to say, but the man has covered your whole face with his hand.  You try to pull away, but his hand tightens on you shoulder.  Your mouth is full of the cum and you want to breathe, you can feel some of it going past your nostrils.       "Past the pheroblock," you think to yourself.     Suddenly you're feeling a lot more relaxed, the muscle bear let's go of your shoulder as you swallow your mouthful of cum.  You can't really smell the wintergreen any more, there's this wonderful, delightful muskiness filling your nose and washing over your brain.  Dimly, you know you should be concerned about something, but you can't remember what.  Your headache seems to have disappeared, maybe that's what you were worried about, your headache.  You're really horny now, and it looks like there's an orgy going on all around you.  The muscle bear leans forward and looks into your eyes with approval.     "That's better," he says, "are you ready for some fun?"     You nod mutely, swallowing again to get the thick cum to clear your throat.  He grins at you as he reaches down and rips your cum-soaked underwear off.  He stands back up and grabs the back of your head, guiding your face into his pit.  You breathe deep, the warm, manly smell permeating your brain as you get more and more turned on.  You're hard, harder than you've ever been in your life as the muscle bear moves your head to his other pit for you worship.  Your hand rubs through his furry chest, trailing down until you wrap your hand around his hard cock.  You can remember wanting Dave to fuck you, to ride his dick all night long, but you don't think it would fit inside you now.  It's not something that bothers you, it's just a fact that flashes across your mind.  You can't see what your hand has wrapped around because your face is still buried in the bear's pit, but you definitely think it will fit.  It might stretch you wider than any other dick you've ever taken, but you think it will fit.  The bear let's you pull back from his pit, he applies gentle pressure to your shoulders and you take the hint, sinking slowly to your knees.  You find yourself in front of a fat, veiny cock, the head already leaking precum.  The bear grabs the back of your head and rubs your face into his heavy ballsack.  You can feel both balls rolling all over your face as he grinds into you.  You're breathing deep from his musk when he pulls you back just far enough to guide his glistening cockhead into your mouth.  You suck on it, the delicious, musky flavor spreading out onto your tongue.  He gives you a few moments to get it wet before sliding further into your mouth.  He repeats this process over and over again until he's pressing at the entrance to your throat.     He chuckles down at you, "I hope you're ready."     You look up at him, your mouth filled completely with his dick, and you look into his eyes, just visible over his muscle gut.  He grips your head tighter and pushes into your throat.  You start to gag, and he moans as he feels your throat constrict around his dick.  He keeps going until he's balls deep down your throat, your nose buried in his scratchy pubes, his warm and heavy sack resting on your chin.  He pulls back, slowly, let's you get a breath, and then slides back in.  He does this over and and over and before you know it, he's facefucking you.  You've tuned out the rest of the club, the rest of the world, all that matters is the pleasure between this man and you.  All too soon he pulls out of your mouth, and you look up at him, whimpering.  He laughs before sitting down on the floor in front of you and pushing you back down on his dick.       His hand reaches around to collect some of the cooling cum off your back before he spreads your cheeks and begins to finger you.  You yelp around his dick, more from the feeling of the cool cum entering your hole than his actual finger.  He slowly works more cum into you, and more and more of his thick finger.  You've worked out a good rhythm and you're in the middle of deep throating his dick when he pulls you off.  You're not too disappointed because you think this means he's about to fuck you, but you hear a message over the PA that you apparently missed the first time.     "...repeat, round one has ended, please reload for round two."     Your muscle bear grins down at you, looking at the strand of saliva running from your mouth to his dick.  He starts to get up and pulls you with him.     "C'mon, bud," he growls, "you heard the announcement. It's time to reload, and since you don't have a VIP stamp, that means you."You're confused by what he's saying, but you're concerned that you're not going to get that fat cock in your ass than anything else.  You reach down and grab his dick which is still slick with your spit and look him in the eyes.     "Please?"     He laughs as he chucks you under the chin.     "Don't worry, he says, "I'm still going to fuck that tight little ass of yours."     You hear a low rumble and look to the walls of the room.  All of the men on the balcony are slowly being brought to ground level, the parts of the balcony they were standing on revealed to be separate motorized platforms.  Your muscle bear starts leading you towards the nearest man who just so happens to be Dave.  Dave smiles at you as you get near and you just grin back, slightly confused but still incredibly, unbelievably horny.       "Hello again," says Dave, "I was hoping I'd get to be the one to take you."       The bear has reached down to get some precum from Dave's massive cockhead which he then proceeds to smear over your hair.  He places his hands on your shoulders, and you sink to your knees thinking he wants you to suck him again.  He grabs a handful of your hair.       "Take a deep breath," he advises, before shoving your face into Dave's waiting cockslit.       You gasp, your face completely coated in warm, salty precum.  You lick your lips, but you feel the fleshy walls drip more onto you.  You try to back out, but you can feel the bear behind you, keeping you from pulling your head out.  You feel his fat cockhead pressing it's way into your ass, it seems like he's going to fuck you after all.  As he works his dick deeper and deeper into you, you moan into the cockflesh that surrounds you.  The muscle bear's dick is buried all the way inside you and he begins fucking you in earnest.  You can feel his balls slapping into you with every thrust.  It takes a few moments for you to realize that every thrust is also sending you deeper into Dave's hungry cock.  Your shoulders are now being gripped and pulled in, a few moments more and it's your chest, then your stomach.  The bear grabs your legs and spreads them further apart, your progress into Dave halted as the bear continues to fuck you mercilessly.  It feels incredible, and you just keep moaning and swallowing pre, the smell of the musk making you crave this animalistic sex. 
     Finally, after several minutes, you feel the muscle bear thrust as deep into your ass as he possibly can, and you feel him shooting deep within you, a warmth spreading out into your guts.  All too soon you feel him pulling out, and as he exits your ass he begins to bring your legs together and starts to push.  You feel yourself slipping deeper into Dave's cock maw, the slick warmth crawling up over your freshly-fucked ass, you thighs, your knees, your calves, your feet, and finally over your wiggling toes.  You slide down faster now that you are fully in Dave's dick.       You suddenly find yourself landing in a tight space filled with a few inches of cum.  You realize you can see, you forgot about the glowstick hanging from your neck.  Looking up, you can see Dave's balls hanging just above you, they both look the same size as your head.  Your dick is still rock hard and you wonder what is going to happen next.
     Suddenly the sack draws closer to you, hands pressing in from the outside, rubbing and squeezing the parts of you they can reach.  You hear Dave moaning above you as his sack is massaged with you inside.  You're still so horny, you think you should be concerned with what's going on, but that's a very small voice under all the lust you're feeling.  You start to dip your hands down into the cum and eat it.  It tastes sweet and salty, perfectly creamy, the best load you've ever tasted.  The hands continue to press into you from the outside, it feels like they are getting more urgent. 
     Looking up, you see Dave's testicles beginning to come down towards you, one brushes the top of your head and slides down onto your thigh, the other lands on your shoulder and and rolls down your back.  You notice that where they touch you feels numb.  They rise back above you and the hands continue to massage you.  You lean back, your slippery hand finding its way to your own dick, and you start to jack off.  The balls hanging above you are now the size of watermelons, and the cum level in the sack has risen, your own balls are bouncing in and out of the cum with every stroke, small ripples and splatters as you get closer and closer to getting off.  You cum, hard, and you can feel your own load hit you in the face.  You moan, more of a gurgle, and look at the cum surrounding you.  You think you finally understand what The Slosh Pit is.  It isn't a pun about getting drunk, it's what you're sitting in, it's this sack, sloshing around, as the hands from the outside continue to move you around, this is a Slosh Pit.  You watch Dave's balls come back down and slide across your body again.  Looking down, you can see that you seem to be turning whitish, that the color is draining from you.  A hand presses into your chest and another grips your leg and both leave prints.  You hear a drunken sounding cheer from outside and realize it's for you.  You're turning into cum, you're going to fuel this party, help it keep going.  You smile, your lips running together as you slip beneath the tide of jizz around you. 
     It's hard to think, but you are still aware, your musky mind like a cloud connecting all the parts that used to be you.  You feel a rumble under you, probably the platform taking Dave back to the balcony so he can shoot you all over the room.  You think that maybe if Dave left you in his nuts a little longer he'd finish breaking you down, that your mind would fade away, your last thoughts being about nothing more than cum and musk and lust.  But Dave doesn't have time to wait, for all intents and purposes, you are cum, and no-one can tell the difference between cum that's experiencing consciousness and cum that isn't.  You feel Dave start to jack off, his massive sack swaying in time to his strokes.  It seems like no time at all before you feel yourself being collected by his nuts, drawn into his shaft, and fired over all the walls and floor and horny people down below.  They cheer for you, your cummified body glowing softly under the blacklights.  You can feel everything, the mouths you're landing in, the skin you're absorbing into, every single stroke as someone uses you for lube, the chill from the floor and the walls.  It's too much for you, all this separate and disparate sensory information coming in.  You sigh, or do what feels like a sigh to you as one last electric shock of pleasure shoots through you, and your mind finally fades away.  You're not you anymore, you're just a cumstain waiting to happen.

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Re: The Slosh Pit - FS, C
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Wow--what an intense and hot story.  Really well written!

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Re: The Slosh Pit - FS, C
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Great story

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Re: The Slosh Pit - FS, C
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Dude this was INSANELY hot. I love all the foreshadowing, and especially the steady digestion and ejaculation. I'm glad the main character stayed conscious long enough to be jizzed all over the crowd and the floors, uunnffff...

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Re: The Slosh Pit - FS, C
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So fun and hot. Personally i could see a part 2 where somehow the prey can reform in order to enjoy more and more.
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Re: The Slosh Pit - FS, C
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Love the detail and build up! and ooooh~that pit worship <3
Was actually rooting for the bear to be the one that took him lol

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Is there a way to edit a post?  I've got just a couple of things I missed when I proofread.