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Grade A Prime - A Vore World Story (Male/Male, FS, O, Willing)
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Grade A Prime – A Vore World Story (Male/Male, FS, O, Willing)

The unmarked black van moved at a brisk pace down the main thoroughfare of the city, even though it was the time of day most people were getting off of work. Cars and pedestrians darted out of its way whenever they saw it coming, giving it a mostly clear lane of travel. No one wanted to give it a reason to stop or be the cause of delaying wherever it was going. 

A man dressed all in black military gear sat in the back of the van. He was part of the selection force, known by most as “Harvesters.” No one liked to see their presence anywhere near them. The man watched three profiles scroll across the screen on his wrist monitor. He was familiarizing himself with their targets. A special request had come down from on high for these three, and he was not about to miss them. Anyone that failed in their duties on the Harvester Team ended up in the food bank, or worse.

The van turned off the main street and made its way away from the downtown area, heading in the direction of one of the suburbs that lay on the outer rim of the central city. It had been a while since they had been in this neighborhood, not since their last random selections. Row upon row of almost identical looking houses lined the roads; it was yuppy hell.

Another turn sent the van alongside a series of parks, sports fields, and school building. After slowing down, it banked into a parking lot adjacent to a football field. The man stepped out of the back of the van and surveyed the area. Several people in the small park they drove by were heading in the opposite direction, that gave him a little smile on his face. His uniform didn’t have anything that designated his name, just a series of six numbers, 105369. That was all the public would know him by, better for anonymity in this job.

Checking the readout on his screen one more time, the man in black heavy booted his way toward a building at the edge of the football field. A big sign read “Go Cats” at the entrance, but he bypassed the main door, heading around to the side, where his indicator placed another way into the team area. No one was around to stop or question him about entering the school grounds, not as anyone would anyway.

Opening the metal door, he scanned his ID onto the reader on the wall and set the building to secure mode. Anyone wanting to leave now would have to scan themselves out. He did this just in case he had any trouble, it would give him some leverage. Lessons learned.

He didn’t have to use his wrist device to determine which way to go next. The noise coming from down one of the halls let him know immediately that the players were in that direction. It sounded like a brawl was going on, but he knew it was typically teen testosterone being let off — nothing he hadn’t seen before. Turned at the end of the white tiled hall, he moved by a double row of lockers, not even attempting to silence the echoes made from his footsteps; he didn’t think anyone ahead could hear them or would pay them any mind anyway.

Beyond the lockers, the Harvester stepped out into an open area with benches in the middle of the floor. Practice must have been over for a bit, all of the young men were changed out of their practice clothes and putting on whatever they would be wearing on while heading home. Most were stuffing shirts and shoes and other whatever else they had on into duffles bags or the few lockers built into the walls of this room. On the far side, a glass window allowed viewing into what was the coach’s office.

It took a moment for the thirty plus rowdy young men in the room to realize someone had joined them. Slowly, one by one, they fell silent at the sight of the man dressed all in black with a six digit number emblazoned on the breastplate in white. One of the half-dressed football players closest to the coach's office started beating on the door so hard that it sounded like he was about to shatter the glass window in the door.

“COACH!” he yelled in the suddenly quite changing room. “COACH!”
“What the hell Jones are you going on about?” the coach scolded opening his door. “Did someone die or wh . . .”

The coach didn’t finish his sentence as he followed the gaze of all his players and spotted the new arrival standing in the room. A million things flooded his mind as he realized that the stranger was a Harvester. What was he doing here? He couldn’t be here for any of my boys.

“It’s okay boys,” the coach tried to release some of the pressure he could feel building in the room. “Let me see what he wants.”

Zigzagging across the room, the coach made his way to stand just in front of the Harvester. He started to ask the man a question but was quickly interrupted.

“Boys my number is 105369,” the man in black started. “I have set the sensors on this building to no exit without scanning. I am here for three individuals.”

“This is a high school,” the coach said as defiantly as he could muster. “You cannot harvest from here.”

“The three individuals I am here for are all 18,” the Harvester continued. “The prohibition against underage selection does not apply.”

“So who are you here for?” the coach asked. The Harvester was starting to get annoyed with this man, but he played along to keep the room as calm as possible. Adjusting his wrist monitor, 105369 showed the coach the snapshots of the three young men he was after.

“You can’t do that,” the coach said wide-eyed.

“Selection has already been made,” the Harvester continued. “When I call your name, please come to join me at the front of the room. If anyone interferes or does not cooperate, I will request that all of the rest of the eligible men in this room be harvested for the Food Bank or the Agricultural Processing Plant.”

“Eli Jenkins,” he announced to the room. An audible gasp went out from the assembled players. One of the young men stood and slowly walked past his friends toward his fate, he wore grey sweatpants and a red shirt with dirty looking once-white sneakers. Even under the bulky clothing, you could tell he worked out; he was of average height, 5’10” and 180 lbs. His hair was short and brown, and a well-trimmed goatee adorned his face. He kept his head down so as not to catch the eyes of anyone in the room; he couldn’t look at them.

“Please don’t do this,” the coach begged.

“Daniel Jenkins,” the next name was announced even with the pleas of the coach. Another young man slowly rose from the bench he was sitting on and went to stand next to the other player. Daniel was the same height and build as Eli, with a similar facial appearance. However, his shaggy hair was a dark black, and he sported a partial, unkempt goatee. He wore a pair of basketball shorts and a wifebeater t-shirt.

The room was utterly silent because most of the young men knew in their guts what name would be called next.

“Christopher Jenkins,” the Harvester finally announced. The third brother stood up; he was seated closest to the other two. Chris was slightly thinner by a few pounds than his brothers but of almost the same height. Unlike the other two, his hair buzzed and dark like Daniels, and his face clean shaven. Also like Daniel, he wore a similar pair of basketball shorts and a regular t-shirt.

Standing next to each other, you could tell the similarities between the three. Although the triplets were not identical, they were still close enough that the average person would know almost immediately that they were brothers. Guessing their ages was difficult, most people always assumed that Eli was at least a year or two older, even though he was the youngest, Daniel being born a few minutes before him, then Christopher.

“Thank you for your patience,” the Harvester said to the group, looking at the coach he continued. “I will lift the exit scan protocol as soon as we leave. This way boys.”

The coach looked like he wanted to say something to the Harvester or to his three players that were on their way out, but he just held his head in shame. The boys were escorted down the hall and out the same door he had entered. Scanning his wrist monitor again, he set the building back to normal. Pointing toward the fan, he ushered the brothers onward, opened the side door and let them climb into the ominous vehicle. Following them, he slid the door shut with a resounding clank.

The boys sat in almost total silence for the majority of the van ride, at least until Daniel finally spoke up.

“Why us,” Daniel asked the Harvester.

“Someone was having a special event,” the man in black said looking up from the monitor he had been checking. “They put in a special request for guys from the same stock. Not very often we find brothers of the right age, let alone triplets. Even if you aren’t identical, you are close enough.”

His question answered; Daniel went back to staring at the darkened windows which made it impossible to see where they were heading. The brothers could feel every time they would slow down and turn, but that didn’t help them orient themselves any. Eventually, the van came to a stop with an abrupt jerk.

“We are here,” the Harvester said to the brothers as he opened the side door and waved them out. They appeared parked at the back of a brick building, a set of orange double doors set into the closest wall. Walking up to a panel next to the door, the Harvester punched in a code which set off a buzzer, and one of the doors popped open.

“In there,” he ordered escorting the three into the building. The Harvester walked them down a short corridor and then had them turn into a small room, about the size of the locker room they were in earlier. The most notable feature of this new space was the massive door built into one wall, way more significant than any average person would need. Against one wall, a large sofa couch made for a pred rested. The man in black typed something else into his wristband, which seconds later gave a confirmation beep.

Massive footsteps could be heard on the other side of the big door, a moment later and it swung open and entered what the brothers knew right away was a pred. He looked young for his age, probably just a little over the age of the triplets if preds aged normally. He dressed in a suit, but his dress shirt barely covered his beachball sized belly.

“Great, you are here,” the pred chirped in a happy voice. “I was beginning to worry. What have you brought me 105369?” He looked the three brothers up and down, smiling with delight. “They are perfect; he is going to love them.”

“Thank you, Martin,” 105369 said. “I had some trouble tracking them down, but here they are. Are they all for him? I thought one was yours.”

“No, no,” Martin explained, patting his belly he continued. “It is his birthday, and they are a special treat, that is why I ate earlier so I wouldn’t be tempted. You get them ready, there is a tote in the corner, and I will go keep him busy for a minute.”

“Yes sir,” the Harvester said as the young pred exited the room. He stepped over to the corner and grabbed a blue tote that was sitting by itself in the corner of the room. Placing it on the sofa, he looked at the three brothers, “Strip and put your clothes in here.”

The brothers began the process of removing all their clothing, slowly at first but then faster when the Harvester egged them on. Soon, the three were standing naked. Each of the boys had a similarly sized cut cock, that was about as near to being identical triplets as they got.

“So we are all getting eaten together,” Eli asked handing the tote with the remnants of them inside.

“Looks that way,” the Harvester answered.

“I guess we are going out as we came in,” Christopher tried to make lite of the situation. “Together, naked, curled up in the fetal position in someone's belly.”

The boys chuckled for a moment before they were startled back to reality when the door again burst open. Martin, the pred from earlier entered followed by the largest one the boys had ever seen; he was an absolute monster of a man. He dwarfed even the other pred in the room.

“Happy birthday, Felix” Martin announced when the newcomer saw the three naked boys standing in the middle of the room. “I hope you like them.”

“You really shouldn’t have Martin,” Felix patted his friend on the back, examining the young men.

“450 lbs. of Grade A Prime,” Martin explained. “Just for you.”

“Oh I couldn’t take them all,” Felix said.

“I didn’t get them for me,” Martin said. “Plus I ate earlier.”

“Well if you don’t need me for anything else,” the Harvester interrupted the conversation. “I will be out in the van if you need anything else.”

“Thanks again Harvester,” Martin commented as the man in black exited the room. “You did a good job.”

Felix walked over to the terrified looking brothers and held out his wrist scanner. One at a time, they ran their barcodes under the light, causing the monitor to register the delivery, and sealing the brother’s fate. Backing up against the sofa, the birthday “boy” plopped down unceremoniously.

“Now who’s first,” Felix asked to himself eyeing each boy.

“This one,” Eli nearly jumped out of his skin when Martin’s hand pushed against his back and shoved him into the waiting arms of Felix.

“Good choice,” Felix commented licking his lips. Eli could feel himself trembling as adrenalin flooded his body from the fear of being eaten. Felix reached out and grabbed the young football player by the waist, pulling him toward his end. The other brothers watched while a slime covered pink tongue exited the preds mouth and licked up along Eli’s chest and across one side of his face. They knew there was nothing to be done; they were all three as good as in this man’s stomach.

Smacking his lips as his tongue tasted the flavors of this young man, Felix couldn’t resist any longer. Stretching his mouth to a seemingly impossible size, he shoved Eli’s whole head into the waiting maw. The muscles in the young man’s shoulders tensed up when his world changed to darkness and the sounds of slurping as Felix’s tongue slathered his brown hair with saliva. The sensation was disconcerting, realizing someone was eating you alive.

Feeling his first birthday present relax a little, Felix lifted him further across his soon to be bulging belly and took in the muscular shoulders. Eli’s head was forced back and into the throat, which greedily grabbed hold as though it had a mind of its own. The young man tried not to panic as he felt the pinkish tongue slip between his nipples and down his chest, adding more and more slim to the meal. The esophagus is tugging on Eli’s head, helping to pull him further along, he could feel saliva run down his back and into his ass crack when he entered the mouth up to his stomach.

Even though he was terrified, his body reacted to the tongue and throat message. Wish his ass in the air and legs dangling, his brothers could see between his semi-hairy legs and had a good view of his taunt balls and erect cock. They watched as the tongue slipped between Eli’s legs and pushed his crotch inside. The pred rolled his eyes back not his head as he savored the flavors coming off the young man — the sweat and grime of the earlier practice enhancing every taste.

The two remaining brothers looked on as Eli straightened his legs and curled his toes as much as he could in his current position. They watched as the muscles in his calves tensed up right before his legs and feet twitched violently. Inside Felix’s mouth, Eli deposited his last load of cum onto the tongue that had expertly coaxed it out of the young man. The pred tossed his head back and swallowed hard, slurping up Eli’s legs, closing his mouth around the young man’s ankles to give his feet one last wiggle before he let them follow the rest of the body down to the stomach.

Martin watched his friend’s belly swell with the arrival of his first meal. He knew that the young man would be forced to curl up into the fetal position in the cramped space. The smaller pred was jealous. However, this was his friend’s day, and he was happy to watch, for now.

“Who’s next,” Felix asked licking his lips to grab whatever taste Eli left.

“I’ll go,” Christopher said stepping forward. “I want to get this over with.”

“See ya soon,” Daniel said to his brother.

“Yeah,” Christopher replied without turning around.

Christopher closed his eyes tight as Felix grabbed his arms and shoved his burred head into the mouth. The young man tried not to struggle, but, even though he had accepted his fate, his fight or flight instinct was kicking in. His attempts to break free were useless, however. Once a great pred had you it was over.

Felix found the flavors of this young man just as delightful as the first. He could tell that they had a similar taste but with little different accents. Swirling his tongue repeatably over the head, Felix parted his lips and gulped down the shoulders, sending Christopher along the same path as Eli. The wet tongue lapped down his chest and belly, matting the little bit of hair he had there to his body. Christopher wanted to cry out, but the esophagus muted any sounds he made.

Like his brother before him, Christopher couldn’t help but get an erection as he was eaten. He had heard the rumors that this happened, no matter what the official pred videos they were forced to watch said. A push from held legs send his crotch in the warm, wet mouth. The massaging tongue worked feverishly on the young man’s organ, sending him into an orgasmic state after just a minute or two. Cum shot out the head of his cock, joining the other juices in Felix’s mouth, who moaned with delight at the taste.

Not wanting to finish this one so quick, Felix gobbled him up to the knees, letting his head hang right at the end of the esophagus above his brother. The meaty thighs tasted even better than the chest, making Felix hold him in place while he enjoyed this meal. His stomach, however, couldn’t wait any longer and the throat spasmed hard, jerking the young man downward quickly, his feet rushing past the preds lips.

Forced into the stretching stomach, Christopher found himself curling up and sliding along his brother. When he finally settled into the fetal position, his back was against Eli’s chest, whose arms and legs partially wrapped around him. Christopher leaned his head back against his brother and quietly whispered, “Love you, bro.”

Outside the pred, Daniel watched the belly balloon with the addition of his next brother. Looking down, he realized his cock was hard, causing him to blush with embarrassment. He wasn’t sure why watching his two brothers eaten was getting him excited, it didn’t matter since he was about to join them.

“Oh, that one was amazing,” Felix said to Martin as the birthday boy pointed to Daniel’s erection. “This one looks more than ready to go in next. I am stuffed though so you might have to help me a little. Pick him up and let me take him feet first.” Daniel was suddenly hoisted upward as Martin put his arms around the much smaller young man.

Daniel shook when Felix extended one hand and grabbed him around the ankles, the monster pred cradled the young man’s ass, lifting him almost horizontally. Daniel wasn’t afraid of dying, being raised since an early age to expect selection at any time, it was just something you lived with on a daily basis. He did however not want to suffer and was hoping it would be over with quickly.

Those thoughts quickly vanished when Daniel felt his feet suddenly enter the hot, wet mouth of his devourer. He let out a soft giggle as the fleshy tongue lapped the soles of his feet. Felix held the young man in this position while enjoying these new flavors. The pred knew this was the last of this stock and he was going to take his time.

Felix gripped Daniel above the knees on his meaty thighs and tugged forward, pushing the young man's feet into the awaiting throat. From his position, Daniel could see his lower legs slide into Felix’s mouth, saliva dripping from the oversized lips to the ground. The sensation for both of them was sensual. The young man’s cock ached as his erection stiffened even harder than before.

“This one likes it,” Martin commented as he heard the moans coming from his held prey. The smaller predator watched his much older mentor continue up past the young man’s knees almost to the tops of his thighs. He knew that Daniel’s legs below the knees were getting a good massaging from the hungry throat.

Felix’s tongue slithered out, replacing his hand under the young man’s firm ass. He worked the slimy, spongy organ into every crevice. Flavor after flavor sent the almost sated pred’s eyes rolling back into his forehead. Any doubt that he was going to finish his meal whole evaporated.

Daniel’s arms hung loosely toward the ground, his hands clenched in tight fists. He would feel the breath of both his devourer on his legs and the one that was holding his torso on his head. The tongue that kept him upright lifted slightly and sent him further towards the awaiting stomach. The sensation was more than he could stand. Daniel took several quick breaths as his cock shot cum upward onto his chest, the stream landing all the way between his nipples and almost too his neck.

Felix let his lips wrap around the young man’s waist, just below the below button, eliciting another moan of delight. It had been a while since he had a meal this large, and he was enjoying every moment of it. He could feel his throat tugging on the legs, trying to pull the rest of the meat downward.

Martin shifted and grabbed the soon to be devoured football player by the arms, letting the head read just below his neck. The smaller pred knew he wasn’t going to have any of this meal, but he was suddenly determined to have a taste. While Felix continued to suck on the lower half, Martin slid the arms into his mouth, using them to slurp up the young man until he was in up to the nipples.

The only part visible of Daniel between the two hungry monsters was a small patch of skin between his belly button and nipples, the rest of him was either heading deep inside Felix or tasted by Martin. Daniel continued to cry almost silently from the sensation of being devoured alive. It was a shame he was only going to be able to enjoy this once. He remained in this position for several minutes before he felt the tugging muscles around his legs start to increase in strength, and he slowly was pulled out of the mouth of Martin. He looked upward at the ceiling as his slipped beyond the lips of one pred and into the mouth of another, his arms still outstretched, he cried out once more as he had one final orgasm deep in the throat around him, just in time his head and arms to disappear.

“Oh my god that was great,” Felix leaned back and waited for the last boy to settle into his stomach. 

“Happy birthday buddy,” wished Martin.

Inside the stomach, Daniel was squeezed into the tight space in front of his brothers. Because of the way he was eaten, the last brother was turned the opposite way from the other two, facing them. All three were smushed into the fetal position with arms and legs wrapped around each other. They didn’t speak, other than to whisper “I love you bro” every now and then. They simply waited for the darkness to take them before the digestion started.

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Fuck, this got a few loads out of me ♥️

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I love a HappyEnding

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this is a good story

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Thanks, I had fun writing it.

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Damn this is hot! Great job!

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Loved it! I look forward to more 'Vore World' stories!  Especially if it includes anal vore ;-)