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Hey all. Here's another story from tumblr that was flagged.

Story Contains: Unwilling Oral Vore, Digestion, Uncle/Nephew Themes, Weight Gain, Eating lots of food, Fat Pred and Prey



“Food’s all ready boys! Come and get it!” Larry heard his brother call from the dining room.
“Oh good. C’mon Uncle Larry! I’m starving and this belly won’t feed itself.” His youngest nephew Wil said as he got up from the couch.
“Heh comin boy.” Larry chuckled as he hoisted his large frame off the couch. He grabbed for remote and shut off the ‘Digestion Wrestling League’ match they were watching.
Larry was visiting his brother and his nephews for his brother’s birthday. He was a big guy, and much like his brother and his nephews, a gluttonous hog. Their entire family were always big eaters, and when a celebration was in order, they called a catering service to prepare a feast. His brother Kent was turning the big five o today, so his sons had come home to celebrate with him.
Larry, or Uncle Larry as he was known to his nephews, was 48 years old. He was well over 350 lbs and gaining. His older brother Kent was slightly bigger at probably around 380, but he had the advantage of being a cop and getting to eat criminals and drunkards several times a week. His nephews were just like their dad, all of them voracious beasts when it came to food and had the appetites to show for it.
Larry walked into the dining room to see the large table overloaded with a literal mountain of food stacked several feet in the air. There was everything from Chinese food containers, pizzas, burritos, subs, burgers, chickens, fish, cakes, pies, ice cream, turkeys, and even a large roast pig. His brother Kent was standing at the other end of the table with a huge grin on his face, slowly rubbing over his huge rumbling belly.
“Wowee. That’s a lot of food.” Larry laughed.
“Nothin too good for us. Besides, gonna take a lot to fill up our tanks. Hell, this probably isn’t even enough.” Kent smirked as his three sons barged into the room.
Kent had three sons. Geoff, who was the eldest, was almost as big as his uncle. He was a chip off the ol block, a nice layer of hairy fat covered him from head to foot. His gut was by far his most prominent feature, jutting a good two feet from his chest, even when empty and could easily pack away a small room if he was so inclined. Kevin was the middle child. He was the skinniest in the family, but not by much. He was around 280 lbs, and just like the rest of their family, most of his weight sat proudly on his waist in the form of a nice spherical belly. Kevin had shorter hair than Geoff, deciding to keep himself tidy, shaving off his body and facial hair, giving himself a twinkish look. The youngest was Wil who would be turning 22 next month. Wil was more like Geoff than Kevin. He wasn’t nearly as hairy as Geoff was, but kept his beard as long as he could. He often tried to keep up with his brother and dad, but usually couldn’t handle the massive amounts of food that they could pack away and often tapped out early.
“Wow Dad! You even got a pig?” Wil said, surveying the food.
“Yup. That’s for me though so hands off.”
“Aww.” Wil moped.
“Alright boys! Shirts off, Guts out! We don’t stop until all of this food is in our bellies!” Kent shouted, pulling off his wife beater, letting his large hairy belly loose from its prison.
The rest of them followed suit, while Geoff took it a step farther and removed his pants, leaving just his underwear on.
“Hehe now that’s commitment.” His father laughed.
“Gotta make room for this baby.” Geoff rubbed his large hairy gut. “Don’t need my pants getting in the way.”
Larry removed his shirt and let his own belly out. He undid the top of his jeans and left his suspenders on for extra support.
The now shirtless group all sat at the table. Kent was at one end and Larry was at the other. Geoff sat on one side of the table and Kevin and Wil sat on the other.
“Ok Boys! Dig in!” Kent roared as he grabbed a large cooked chicken from the table and stuffed it in his mouth. The rest of the family followed suit, each grabbing various things from the table and cramming it in their maws.
Eating in their family was competitive, where the fastest eater got the most food. The family didn’t serve out portions like most families did, so it was all free game. The faster they were, the more they got to eat. The act of chewing food was slow, so the boys quickly learned to eat like their uncle and father, swallowing their food whole. Kevin and Wil were less ravenous eaters, usually eating one thing at a time. A lone burger or sub sandwich were often the food of choice for them, as they were easy to gulp down and move on to the next thing. Geoff was more like his father, where they would both cram as much food in their maws as they could before swallowing it all down. Mounds of food would quickly fill their maws before it was all swallowed down to their rapidly growing bellies.
Larry had just swallowed his 5th large turkey when his brother let out a massive belch. The food was almost half gone by this point, letting Kent grab the massive glazed pig that had been buried under the small mountain of food.
“Ok big boy. Down you go.” Kent joked to the pig as he grasped the large hunk of pork and lifted it above his head. Larry watched his brother with a smile as he quickly began shoving the pig into his maw. With a loud gulp, the pig began making its way down Kent’s gullet, stretching his neck massively as it was squeezed down. Larry chuckled at how easily his brother gulleted the pig, the massive 300 pound swine barely a challenge for him. Wil and Kevin having stopped eating to watch their father finish swallowing the large pig, while Geoff took the opportunity to steal food from the other side of the table and continue eating.
Kent finally drew the last of the pig into his maw and with one last lethargic gulp, swallowed the pig whole. His two youngest watched as the massive bulge moved down their father’s fat neck and quickly vanished into his rapidly expanding belly.
“URRRRRRRRRRRP! Ahhh!” Kent moaned as he patted his belly. “That filled a hole.” He laughed as his cell phone rang. With some effort, Kent maneuvered his phone out of his jeans and answered it.
“Kent here.” He said while rubbing his spherical belly.
“Oh really? Well tell the chief I’m on my way.” Kent said excitedly as his belly grumbled hungrily.
“Yup. See you in a bit. Don’t eat em’ all without me or you’ll end up takin their place.” He laughed as he hung up his phone. “Sorry boys, Dads gotta go to the station.”
“Something came up?” Larry asked.
“Chiefs got a present for me. Said we caught the Morenzo biker gang in a sting operation. He’s got 50 guys in lockup right now.”
“What about your birthday dinner?” Kevin asked, while Geoff just grunted as he continued to cram more food into his mouth.
“You guys finish it. I’m betting my belly will be quite full by the time I get back.” Kent said, grabbing his shirt and putting it on, leaving the front open so his gut still had room.
“You got no complaints from me.” Larry said as he grabbed a tub of ice cream from the table and began emptying the contents into his mouth.
“Good. Keep eating boys. I expect this table to be empty when I return.” Kent said as he walked out of their front door, his large belly wobbling with the mountain of food inside.
“*GULP* Think we can finish it all guys?” Larry swallowed the entire contents of the tub, the large bulge of ice cream quickly making its way down his chest and into his massive belly. He laughed as he threw the now empty 12L tub of ice cream into the pile of empty wrappers, packages, containers, and tubs of now eaten food.
“I’m sure Geoff will finish what we don’t eat anyway, won’t you fatass?.” Kevin teased while grabbing a large bowl of profiteroles.
“MmmmMMMPH” Geoff grumbled while his mouth was full. He wedged another slice of pizza in his mouth beside the entire cake that was already in there and strenuously closed his mouth. His cheeks were the stuffed to the size of basketballs, packed full with food. He jutted his neck forward, scrunched his eyes closed, and with immense effort, began swallowing the pile of food in his mouth. His neck bulged out massively as the lump of food began moving its way out of his mouth and down his chest. His cheeks slowly returned to normal as the last of the food made its way down his throat. When the last of the food disappeared into his now massive belly, he gave his gut a hard slap and burped loudly.
“*UUUUUURP* Fuck you Kev, you just wish you could eat like me.” Geoff said as he reached over his large spherical belly and grabbed more food from the table.
The four continued to eat their way through the rest of the food, the pile of food slowly disappearing into their growing bellies.
“*BRAAAAAAP*…Oohhhh I think that’s it for me. I’m stuffed.” Wil moaned as leaned back in his chair. His belly was swollen to the size of a large beach ball, rock hard from being packed fully with food. His torso and face were smeared with chocolate sauce from the last few cakes he had eaten.
Larry swallowed more of the lemon cakes he had doused with whipped cream. He licked his lips and turned to his nephew.
“Heh. Well done Wil. You'll be your brothers size in no time.” Larry chuckled as he patted his large belly. His gut began to rumble loudly, demanding more food. He reached out for another lemon cake but stopped. He looked at Wil, who had his eyes closed as he gently rubbed over his engorged belly, slowly rubbing the chocolate sauce into his chest hair.
Deciding that Wil looks too scrumptious to pass up, he grasped Wil by the arm and dragged him up onto the table. Wil groaned as he was now resting on his swollen belly, too stuffed to move. Larry leaned forward and pinned his nephew’s arms at his sides.
“W-what are you do-mmmph!” Wil asked before Larry dragged his large tongue over his face. Larry licked the chocolate sauce off his nephew for a few moments before leaning back.
“Mmm delicious.” Larry chuckled. Wil coughed and gagged for a moment as he choked on his Uncle’s copious amount of drool. Larry then leaned back in his chair and dragged Wil off the table and up onto his own massive belly until the two were face to face.
“I think you’ll make an excellent dessert Wil. You’ve already went through the trouble of dousing yourself in chocolate.” Larry licked his lips and opened his mouth wide, giving Wil a view of his cavernous maw.
“What?! I’m not food!” Wil shouted as he tried to break free of his Uncle’s grasp. Larry ignored him and began pulling his head into his mouth. “I’m your nephew! I’m not part of the food. Don’t eat me! PLE-MMMMPH!”
Larry glomped his mouth over Wil’s head. He began shouting and screaming, but his cries were muffled from inside the massive mouth. He kicked and struggled hard, but Larry held him steady, slowly pulling more and more of him in.
Kevin was wide eyed, watching his younger brother slowly get devoured by their uncle.
“Geoff! Stop eating! Can’t you see Uncle Larry has gone nuts?” Kevin shouted at his older brother. Geoff stopped shoving food into his mouth for a second to look at Kevin and then to Larry, who was now sliding his lips over Wil’s neck. He looked back at Kevin who was freaking out, shrugged, and continued to stuff his face, jamming another pie into his mouth among the smorgasbord of food.
Kevin looked over to see his Uncle work Wil’s shoulders and chest into his mouth. Larry was taking his time, lathering his tongue over every inch of his nephew before sending him further into his digestive track. Kevin flipped out and grabbed his brother’s feet and tried pulling.
With a massive gulp, Wil was lurched forward, releasing him from his brothers grasp. Larry’s maw was now around Wil’s upper chest, while his nephew’s arms were pinned at his sides. Larry tossed his head back, bringing Wil above his head, and swallowed deeply. Wil kicked wildly as his large belly began sinking into his Uncle’s mouth. Kevin could see the massive bulge his brother was making in their Uncle’s chest as he slowly sank downwards Without slowing, Larry took another gulp, pulling Wil’s immensely packed belly into his maw completely.
Kevin panicked and pulled out his phone and dialed his dad. He thought that his dad could dissuade Uncle Larry from swallowing his brother.
The phone rang for a few moments before his dad picked up.
“*BRAAAAAAAPPP* Ugh-Kent here.” Kevin heard his dad.
“DAD! I DON’T KNOW WHATS GOING ON BUT UNCLE LAR-“ He shouted before being cut off by his dad.
“Hold on a sec bud. COMERE YOU! NOBODY EATS MY FRIEND! *GLOMP*” Kevin heard through the phone. He waited as he heard loud gulping noises among various lewd noises in the background. Loud gulps and belches could be heard in the background as well as the up-close gulping noise.
“*ULP* Ooof. That’ll teach you. Enjoy my gut big guy!” Kevin heard his dad shout.
“DAD!” Kevin shouted.
“Hey Kev. Sorry about that. What’s going on?” Kent asked his son, as several shouts could be heard in the background.
“DAD! UNCLE LARRY IS EATING WIL!” Kevin screamed into the phone.
“WHAT?! THAT GLUTTONOUS FUCKER BETTER NOT BE EATING HIM. I SWEAR WHEN I GET HOME HE’LL BE IN MY BELLY BEFORE YOU CAN-*GLOMP*” Kent’s shouting was cut off. There was a muffled yell among the many shouts and eating noises before the phone was quickly muffled.
“DAD!?” Kevin shouted. He could hear muffled shouting now and various noises, but they quickly turned into loud gulping noises and were replaces by wet slurping noises.
“DAD! ANSWER ME!” Kevin screamed, but he could only hear more wet slurping noises. This continued for a few moments before the phone cut out.
“DAD?! DAD!” Kevin shouted. He threw his phone in anger.
Kevin turned to Larry to see Wil was down to his knees, his shorts and underwear tossed among the mountain of discard cans and containers from the evening festivities. Larry was guiding in Wil’s legs with one hand while he had the other resting behind his head.
Larry moaned as he swallowed again, pulling Wil all the way down until just his feet were outside his mouth. He could feel his nephew struggling in his belly among the massive amount of food he had swallowed before him. He began licking at Wil’s feet, tickling them so slightly that it caused him to struggle extra hard for a few moments. 
“GEOFF STOP EATING!” Kevin shouted to his brother.  Geoff stopped shoving the 3rd watermelon into his massively stuffed mouth and looked up at his brother. Kevin was red in the face from screaming so much. They both looked over at Larry who had taken the canister of whipped cream and doused his meal’s toes with a hefty serving.
Geoff let out a chuckle and finished cramming the watermelon into his mouth, bulging out his left cheek another few inches or so. With only a few things left on the table, Geoff reached out and grabbed a plate of steaks.
“DAMMIT GEOFF ARE YOU GONNA HELP ME?” Kevin shouted, slamming his hands on the table. Geoff looked up at Kevin, before they heard a loud slurping noise. They both looked at Larry, who was loudly lapping at Wil’s toes, licking them clean of any whipped cream. He let out a soft moan as he held the last of his meal steady while he thrashed wildly in his belly.
Geoff’s gut let out a loud grumble. The two remaining nephews turned back to each other before Geoff let out a deep muffled laugh. He quickly let go of the plate of steaks and grasped his brother’s hands. Before Kevin could react, he was pulled onto the table, shoving the remaining food out of the way. Geoff quickly shoved his brother’s hands into his maw, cramming them in among the pile of food in his mouth already. Kevin screamed, and tried to pull away, but Geoff held him tightly in place while he continued to jam his arms in his mouth. Kevin began kicking and flailing wildly on the table as his elbows disappeared into his brother’s mouth. He could feel his arms squished among the various food sitting in Geoff’s mouth. Geoff put his hand on the back of his brother’s head and slowly pushed, shoving Kevin’s face against his brother’s bearded mouth. Kevin’s screams were soon muffled as his head was slowly pushed inside, swelling out Geoff’s cheeks even further, as they strained to hold the massive amounts of food.
Meanwhile, Larry had finished licking all the whipped cream off Wil’s toes, leaving them wiggling in the air, just outside his lips. Larry moaned one last time and decided it was time to finish his wonderful meal. He let go of the wriggling toes with his left hand and let his throat do the work. He felt the last of Wil slowly slip down into his mouth, dragging the toes between his lips and out of sight. He let gravity slowly pull his nephew down until he felt the feet reach the back of his throat.
With a quick gulp, Larry swallowed his nephew whole. He felt his fat neck contract as the feet slipped down his gullet quickly and joined the rest of his nephew. Once he felt them slip completely inside his belly, he opened his eyes and looked down. Before him was his large, spherical gut, protruding a good four feet from his chest and shaking wildly. A smile crept across his face as he watched Wil struggle in his new home, shifting and maneuvering himself among the mass of food in there with him, while he worked to get himself into a comfortable position.
Larry finally looked over to Geoff, who was busy working his younger brother’s waist into his mouth. He smiled as he admired his nephews pure gluttony, willing to do anything to sate his appetite. Geoff’s cheeks were bulging wildly now, as Kevin tried to fight his way out. It reminded him of when he and Kent were back in college, playing chubby bunny with the local frats. Kent managed to cram 14 guys in his mouth while Larry only managed 11, but only because they ran out of guys. He smirked to himself as he remembered how it took Kent nearly 20 minutes to power the lump of guy’s down his throat, a feat which today would have taken him under 30 seconds.
Larry began snacking on more lemon cakes and whipped cream with one hand while he rubbed his massive wriggling gut with the other. He watched Geoff shove more and more of Kevin into his mouth. He just finished working his knees in, the last of his legs kicking wildly. With both hands, Geoff grasped his brother’s legs and held them steady. He began guiding them into his mouth slowly, the free space in his mouth now all but gone, it being so utterly full. Before long, only Kevin’s feet remained. Geoff grasped his brother’s soles and with a hard shove, crammed the last of his brother into his mouth. He winced as he managed to close his mouth completely, before he looked up at his uncle and gave a goofy smile.
“Swallow bud. Yer gut’s waitin.” Larry said.
Geoff nodded and tilted his head back. He strenuously began to swallow, condensing his stuffed cheeks together until a massive bulge began to form in his throat. His head began to shake slightly as he worked the contents of him mouth into his tight throat, the strain being almost too much.
The massive squirming lump began to move down his chest, stretching his neck as the lump of food made its way down his esophagus. He gritted his teeth and squeezed his throat to help the last of his food on its final descent.
With the blink of an eye, the bulge disappeared into Geoff’s belly, making it swell out to almost double it’s original bloated size. He moaned as he looked down at his accomplishment.
“Wow. Never though it’d -*BOORP*-be that easy.” Geoff grumbled.
“With the size of him I’m surprised you or your dad didn’t eat him sooner. If you didn’t toss em back I would of.” Larry smirked, patting his own struggling belly.
“Oof… He’s putting up a fight.” Geoff moaned as his belly began to stretch and shake aggressively now.

“A good belly rub always help with the wrigglers. C’mere and let your old uncle help you digest.” Larry said, sitting up in his chair.
“oooh…Thanks Uncle Larry.” Geoff groaned as he stood up and waddled his way over to his uncle, his bloated belly swinging ponderously with each step.
Larry put his hands on his nephews squirming belly. He could feel Kevin moving around in his older brother’s gut among the few hundred pounds of food that was stuffed in there with him. He began kneading and massaging Geoff’s gut, squishing down the protruding bulges that Kevin was making.
“That feels nice Uncle Larry.” Geoff moaned, feeling some relief from his brother’s struggles.
“He’s quite the fighter. Here feel Wil.” Larry took his nephew’s hand and placed it on his own wriggling belly.
“Heh, he’s barely moving.” Geoff smirked as he felt around his Uncle’s gut, pushing and kneading around, trying to feel his brother. Suddenly a large bulge stretched the large gut outwards, it’s occupant still had some fight left.
“Oof.” Larry winced. He patted his belly, trying to calm his nephew.
“I wish I could have eaten him. He looked so good covered in chocolate sauce.” Geoff said, helping his Uncle massage his massive gut.
“Well lucky for you you’ll get the chance.” Larry said, grabbing his nephew by the waist and pulling him in close, squishing their guts together. Before Geoff could react, Larry leaned back in his chair, pulling his heavy nephew up onto his belly, his face inches from him. Larry opened his mouth wide and showed his nephew where he was going.
“WAIT DON’T MMMPH” Geoff shouted before his uncle shoved his head into his maw. Uncle Larry waisted no time and swallowed quickly, sending Geoff’s head down his gullet while pulling his shoulders in.
Geoff screamed as he was squeezed into his Uncle’s mouth. His powerful throat began tugging him downwards, eager to add more food to his demanding belly. He felt his Uncle grab his hips and pull him upwards, stuffing more of his large body inside. His uncle was relentless and quickly swallowed more of him, not even bothering to taste him like he did with Wil. He quickly felt himself move more and more down the slick throat, his younger brother’s shouts becoming louder and louder with each gulp.
Larry heaved his nephew upwards, reared his head back and opened his mouth wider, letting Geoff sink into his gullet more. He groaned as his meal struggled in his throat, his fat neck stretching massively as his big nephew fought. His meal’s chest slid over his tongue while Larry opened his mouth wider, getting ready for the massive struggling belly that was approaching his lips. He began squeezing and cramming the large hairy belly into his mouth, compressing its contents even further that they already were. Kevin was clearly not happy about being squeezed so tightly in his brother’s belly, but Larry didn’t seem to notice or care as his lips began sliding over the massive ball of a gut.
With several more hefty gulps, Geoff’s large gut slid into his uncle’s throat, stretching out his throat massively as his meal slid further and further downwards. With the aid of gravity and his relentless throat, Larry quickly worked his nephew’s fat thighs into his gullet, quickly approaching the end to the great feast. His belly quickly expanded as the majority of his last nephew made his way inside. Soon Larry had his lips wrapped around Geoff’s ankles, the twitching feet being the last part of his meal. He leaned back in his chair, it creaking under his immense weight, and put one hand behind his head. With the other hand, he reached up and put a finger on each of his meal’s feet and slowly pushed them in. With a loud slurp, Geoff’s toes slipped under his Uncle’s moustache and disappeared into his mouth. Larry put his other hand behind his head and swallowed gently, letting his large meal slowly sink down his gullet.
Larry sat there, content, as his belly continued to grow while Geoff continued to make his way down. He closed his eyes as he concentrated on the struggles in his belly, feeling every kick and punch that his nephews could muster. Suddenly, he felt Geoff slip past his sternum and drop like a rock into his belly.
“Ooof. Boy you are heavy.” Larry chuckled as he smacked his gut. “Now that was a meal!”
His belly continued to shake and shift, several bulges appearing all over before disappearing just as fast. He could feel his nephews kick and fight inside his belly, but he knew that nobody had ever gotten out once they slid past his lips. He sat there, eyes closed as he enjoyed the struggles for a while, pleased with himself for eating almost the entire feast.
“Oh almost forgot, the title match is on soon.” He patted his belly as he sat up. His massive gut sat proudly between his legs, almost touching the floor. He slowly stood and stretched, his belly wobbling as his nephews were thrown around with the sudden movement. He grabbed his suspenders and pushed them off his arms, letting his pants fall to his ankles, leaving only his underwear on. He stepped out of his pants and made his way into the kitchen, the large belly barely fitting through the doorway. He could still feel the two struggling inside, but Larry paid it no mind. He reached the fridge and found a six pack of beer inside. With a smile, he grabbed it and a bag of chips off the nearby counter and made his way to the living room.
He eased himself down onto the couch and got himself comfortable. His gut sat between his legs and hung off the couch, resting on the floor. He grabbed the remote and turned the TV on. As the TV finished adjusting itself, the DWL came up again. There were two men in the ring, or at least one and wat was left of another. A large Hispanic man had his lips wrapped around the neck of a massive beaded old guy. His head slowly sank into his opponents’ mouth, a look of pure terror on his face as he watched the world disappear when the Hispanic man closed his mouth and swallowed. The camera’s got a good close up of bulge as is traveled down the sweaty chest and disappeared into the expanding belly.
“Looks like I’m just in time. The title match is a few events away.” Larry said to his wriggling belly. “I’ll let you know how the title turns out Wil!”
Geoff shouted as he dropped onto his younger brother. The two crashed together and stretched the confines of their prison as it sagged downwards before bouncing back into place. Wil attempted to sit up but his brother was laying on top of him.
“Get…off…mmmof me!” Wil struggled to say as his face was mashed into the various swallowed foods.
“Yeah sorry.” Geoff pushed off of his brother and sat up. The two maneuvered until Geoff was on his back, with his younger brother curled up on his belly, the two so utterly compacted together in their uncle’s belly.
“What do we do now?!!” Wil panicked, the loud grumbles and groans echoing all around them.
“Not a whole lot we can do.” Geoff said. “There’s still some food here though.” He laughed as he grabbed a turkey from the pile of food and shoved it in his mouth.
“How can you eat at a time like? We’re in Uncle Larry’s belly!” Wil shouted.
“*Gulp* Well we can try fighting if you want. Kick and punch!” Geoff said as he gulped the turkey down.
The two began kicking and punching wildly. Fists went flying and legs stretched their confines as much as they could, but their Uncle’s belly was used to large meals, even those that fought back. Before long they were out of breath and the air was beginning to get stale.
“Well. Maybe Dad can save us?” Wil said, defeated.
“Doubt it. If Dad finds Uncle Larry like this he’s more likely to swallow him down than save us.” Geoff said.
“Well maybe Kevin then?” Wil asked.
“He’s not in any position to help either.” Geoff chuckled, before grabbing another few slices of pizza from the mountain of food around them.
“What? Why not?” Wil asked. Before Geoff could answer, Wil felt his brother’s belly wriggle wildly, several bulges quickly stretching the hairy gut.
“You didn’t!” Wil shouted, trying to push his brother away.
“I did. And I think you should join him!” Geoff shouted before attempting to grab his brother.
The two fought hard, Wil trying to avoid his brother’s grasp. It became more difficult as their Uncle began moving around, jostling their confines constantly. Before too long however, Geoff got a firm grip of his brother’s feet and pulled them up to his maw.
“NONONONO STOP!” Wil screamed. Before he could move, Geoff shoved his feet into his mouth and slurped them up hard, the skinny legs quickly sliding into his mouth. With a quick gulp, Wil’s hips were pulled into his brothers mouth and with a hefty shove, the large belly was squeezed into his mouth. Geoff moaned as he tasted over his brother, his delicious taste was absolutely hypnotizing, before he swallowed again, letting the large belly slide into his gullet.
“Please don’t eat me…” Wil pleaded, utterly defeated, but his brother didn’t listen, and instead swallowed hard, pulling his chest inside before the bearded lips wrapped around his neck. With one last heavy gulp, Geoff swallowed his brother whole. He moaned as he felt his belly stretch out even further while Wil made his way down. Before long, both of his brothers were squeezed into his swollen belly, struggling wildly for room, or maybe even to avoid being eaten by the other. He didn’t care however, instead grabbing more food from around him and shoving it in his mouth.
“AND THERE HE GOES FOLKS! WITH ONE LAST GULP WE HAVE A WINNER!” The announcer cheered as the camera focused on a large black man whose head was leaned all the way back with a pair of feet slowly slipping down his esophagus. The match ended swiftly as the large man patted his gut and opened his mouth, revealing to the crowd it was empty.
Larry watched while munching on chips, his belly now wobbling like wild.
“Ooof! Easy in there boys.” Larry smirked as he gave his gut a few pats.
“AND NOW FOR THE MAIN EVENT!” The announcer shouted, as the large man waddled out of the ring, his belly violently shaking. Cheers rang out as the camera panned to the locker room.
A large Japanese man appeared. He was a former sumo wrestler turned pro eater. He stood at 5’10” and looked like he was just barely over 350 pounds of just pure fat. His gut hung slightly over his mawashi, but he looked like he should be in the amateur league. He made his way down to the ring and stepped inside. The ring was similar to a sumo ring, but was significantly larger, letting the large Preds move about more easily.
“AND NOW FOR YOUR CHAMPION HENRY BAGROV!” The announcer screamed as the crowd went wild.
From the locker room a massive gorilla of a man appeared. He was of Russian descent, and was actually the cousin of Boris ‘The Bottomless Belly’ Bagrov, who held several eating records. Henry was close to 600 pounds of pure beefy fat. His solid round gut jutted out a few feet in front of him, tightly held in place by an impressive set of stomach muscles covered by a thick layer of fat. He towered over most at 6’7” and dominated the league as the champion for 6 years running.
Larry knew that Henry was Wil’s favorite, and the two were going to watch the match tonight.
The two wrestlers entered the ring and stood on the line. They bowed to each other and the crowd got quiet. The two of them looked ridiculous next to each other, as Henry completely towered over Hisoka. The Ref blew the whistle and the two grappled at each other. Surprisingly, Hisoka managed to keep his ground and push back against the massive man. Henry leaned down next to Hisoka’s ear.
“You’re gonna feel real good going down my gullet.” The large Russian sneered.

The big guy opened his mouth, showing his opponent and the crowd his maw and the entrance to his gullet. However, the Russian did not expect his opponent to grab the back of his head. In a panicked move, he attempted to push Hisoka off of him, but ended up doing exactly what his opponent wanted. In an amazing display, Hisoka shoved Henry’s head into his maw, muffling the gigantic man’s screams as Hisoka brought him to his knees.
“Hah. Stupid cocky bastard.” Larry laughed, slurping on more of his beer.
The smaller man quickly shoved his opponent’s shoulders in and started working his mouth down over Henry’s flabby chest. The crowd was cheering fanatically as the announcers were besides themselves watching the tiny Japanese man easily gulp down the 600-pound beast. Eventually, Hisoka got to the top of Henry’s gut, Henry’s arms pinned at his sides. He quickly and methodically began gulping at the man’s gigantic belly, stretching his throat out massively as the large gut slowly slid down into it. In under 10 seconds, the belly was gone, leaving just Henry’s waist and legs. Carefully, Hisoka leaned backwards, picking up the rest of his meal as he began cramming Henry’s large ass into his mouth. Before he slid his opponent’s ass in completely, he tore off Henry’s mawashi and draped it over the back of his neck. The crowd cheered as Hisoka grabbed both large ass cheeks of his opponent and groped it a few times, giving it a few jiggly shakes. The act was considered respectful as saving the mawashi is considered a high honor for the devoured opponent and in Japanese eating, the ass grabbing means that he is a great meal.
Hisoka was slowly cramming Henry’s fat legs into his maw, careful not to lose his balance as he worked his way towards victory. Gulp after gulp, Hisoka worked more of the fat legs into his maw until just the man’s large feet were left. Putting a hand on each foot, he crammed them into his maw and gulped hard, making the crowd explode with excitement as the last of the former champ slowly bulged out Hisoka’s throat as it made its way down his chest and into his gut.
The ref came out and held the Japanese man’s arm up, declaring Hisoka the winner by ingestion. The crowd cheered as Hisoka patted his completely still 4-foot belly, that was somehow containing a 600-pound man. Hisoka turned to his opponents empty starting spot and bowed, showing respect before he turned and walked out of the ring towards the locker room, his large gut wobbling with each step.
“Well Wil, guess your idol ended up just like you did.” Larry chuckled as he gave his belly a few rubs, the struggling having pretty much stopped now, with only some slight movements here and there.
“I wonder where your dad is. I was hoping to have the whole feast to myself.” Larry smirked as he shut the TV off. “Oh well. Time for bed I think. Got a lot of digestin to do.”
Larry heaved himself off the couch and slowly stood up, his gut bouncing with the sudden movement. He made his way to his brother’s room where he knew Kent had a reinforced bed, perfect for him and his gut. He eased himself onto the bed and lay down, his massive belly jutting a good 6 feet upwards. Larry smiled as he rubbed the parts of his belly he could reach. His gut was solid as a rock, absolutely stuffed with hundreds of pounds of food and his 3 nephews. He loved it when his belly was gigantic but knew that it was only temporary.
“Ok boys, time to let my gut do it’s thing. I can’t wait to see how big you guys make my belly after I digest you.” He said patting his gut proudly. “Goodnight guys. Enjoy being belly fat.”
Larry let out a belch that rattled the windows, lasting for a good 20 seconds. His belly slowly shrunk about a foot, bearing down on his food, removing every last bit of extra space. His belly let out a low grumble, revving itself up for the immense task of digesting over half a ton of food.
With a smile on his face, Larry closed his eyes and let sleep take him.
15 hours later, Larry woke up to a loud grumble. He slowly opened his eyes to the bright room. He stretched and groaned as he slowly opened his eyes. He looked down at his belly. It was still quite large, about a foot bigger than it normally was. Larry didn’t think his gut had finished digesting yet.
“Guess I’m gettin old. Don’t digest as fast as I used to.” Larry grumbled.
A loud groan emitted from Larry’s gut just then. Larry was hungry. He gave his gut a slap and realized it was empty, the extra size now a permanent part of his belly.
“Holy shit. You guys made me huge!” Larry gasped as he sat up. He went over to the mirror and observed his new belly, now jutting a good 3 feet from his chest in a nice spherical shape. Another loud gurgle reminded him that he still had to deal with what was left of his nephews. After a long trip to the bathroom, he made his way to the spare room where his dufflebag was and got some new clothes. He grabbed a shirt and put it on, before realising it was too small. Way too small. The shirt could even make it halfway down his gut.
“This shirt fit perfectly few days ago.” Larry chuckled.
*Ding Dong*
Suddenly the doorbell rang. Larry went to the front door and opened it. Standing on the porch was a skinny guy in his 30s, wearing a bright red shirt and cargo shorts.
“Yeah?” Larry said, scratching his gut.
“Hello Sir. Would you like to don-*GUURGLE*” The guy stopped mid sentence as he was interrupted by an incredibly loud hungry grumble coming from Larry’s gut.

They both looked down at his gut for a moment, before looking back at each other. With a grin on his face, Larry grabbed the guy by his shirt and dragged his up to his mouth. Before the guy could make a noise, Larry engulfed his head and quickly swallowed him up to his chest. The guy struggled hard, kicking and shouting, but Larry held him steady as he dragged him inside the house and closed the door. He swallowed again, easily pulling the man’s torso and waist into his mouth, the skinny man sliding all too quick down the Pred’s throat.
Larry quickly reared his head back and brought the kicking legs above himself, letting gravity assist. He felt the man effortlessly slide down his throat, thrashing wildly the whole way. With a few more gulps, the man’s shoes slid past Larry’s lips and down his gullet, joining their owner in his gut.
“*URRRP* Ahh. A nice quick breakfast.” Larry smiled and patted his belly, feeling the struggles quickly fade away before realising his belly hadn’t grown an inch to accommodate his small meal.
“Damn boys. You made me so fat you cant even tell he’s in there. The guys have gotta see this.” Larry chucked as strode back to the spare room, the man inside sloshing back and forth with each step. The ‘guys’ he was referring to are a group of locals who enjoy eating like he did. They share a chatroom that they often post pictures of their conquests, usually their full wriggling bellies. Larry sat in a chair and took a photo with his phone.
He then uploaded it to the chatroom with the caption “Swallowed my three nephews last night along with a few hundred pounds of food. They made my gut so fat that you probably can’t tell that I’m digesting a guy right now. Their father won't be too happy when he finds out.”
Several responses came up after a few minutes, mostly cheering for him and congratulating him on the serious growth. After a few more minutes, he received a personal message from his friend Ralph.
“Hey bud. Nice gut! Got word that there’s another huge meetup on the Meriwake Trail just outside of town this afternoon. I went to the last one and there were over 10 different orgies along the trail. I left with six guys in my gut but Pierre managed to devour an entire group all by himself. Course having 15 guys in his gut didn't stop Winston from tossing him back an hour later. If you’re still hungry, there’s gonna be a lot of tasty guys for us to eat. Plenty for us to share.”
Larry chuckled as his belly grumbled loudly again.
“Always hungry. I’ll see you there.” Larry replied. Larry threw on a pair of shorts, gathered his clothes and shoved them in his duffel bag. He made his way out the door and to his truck. After he got in, he adjusted his seat to make room for his larger belly.
“Glad I got this baby modified.” Larry thought as he started his truck.
The engine roared to life as he backed out of the driveway and onto the road, on his way to the many guys he would fuck and devour before the end of the day.


Sounds like Larry's brother Kent never made it home last night. Wonder what happened at the police station with all those bikers...

As for Larry, he's off to the backwoods for an afternoon of dicking, devouring, and digesting.

You'll get to read about both in upcoming stories.

Thanks for reading! Till next time.


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hah awesome story! love the gif's throughout too. Awesome job man! :)

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This was always one of my favourite stories on Tumblr - really well done!
I'm on Grommr, too - feel free to ask for my username!

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Great job, can't wait to read more about Larry

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Glad your story here, I enjoy reading it.