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Hey all.
A few of you told me about this site when tumblr announced their obsolescence. I love the site so far and I will start posting my stories here. I hope the formatting is up to par, as I'm not used to forum posting just yet. I thought Id start with one of my more popular ones.

Story contains: Unwilling Oral and Anal Vore, Implied Cock Vore, Digestion, Implied Cum Digestion, Fat Pred and Prey, Sex, Family Themes (Vore between family members but no sex between them), Cum loating.

James walked up the aisle of the grocery store. Friday evenings meant that not a lot of people were around. He enjoyed doing some shopping in his free time as it took his mind off things. He had recently gotten a promotion at work through some unorthodox means and the stress from it had really taken his toll on him. He sighed as he bent down to pick up some chips off the bottom shelf. His gut groaned at the sudden orientation shift, not like being squeezed and shifted about as it worked on the final parts of his lunch. James smiled and gave his gut a few light pats, calming it down.   
His boss, Harry, had asked him to fire another few interns today, making it the third time this month. He and his boss had an understanding that if he was to fire someone, it meant eat them. James was always happy to do it, getting a free lunch that kept him sated until he got home.
He pushed his cart further down the aisle with one hand while rubbing his belly with the other. Having finished digesting the three interns, it was now ready and waiting to be filled again. He made his way to the meat section when he received a snapchat message from his younger brother Adam.
AdamsGullet90: “Daniel’s here.”
James04925: “k. Tell em to wait, I’ll be home in 20.”
AdamsGullet90: “What should he do?”
James04925: “Idk keep him entertained somehow.”
James invited his friend Daniel for their weekly session. Daniel was a chaser who had a thing for James’ gut and James appreciated the attention, so they saw each other often. They usually hung out and watched tv for a while and later in the evening got a little frisky, often stuffing James with a few hundred pounds of food and then getting it on. His dad had been extra hungry last night and had cleared out the entire kitchen and all of James’ secret gaining stash, so he was out buying more.
30 minutes later, James was just making his way to the checkout, cart full of food that if his evening went as planned, would all end up in his gut. He began putting his items up on the conveyor as the person in front of him took their receipt from the cashier and left.
“Hey there.” The cashier said, in an almost too friendly way.
“Uhh hi yourself.” James smiled.
The cashier was what James would call a cute cub. He looked about 3-4 years younger than James and was a foot shorter than him. He was clean shaven, and had a nice buzz cut. He had cute chubby cheeks, covered in freckles, and was a slight shade of red, either from seeing James or from working too hard. He was wearing black dress pants and a plaid shirt with an apron over top that sported the store logo. He had a bit of a belly on him and from the looks of him, a nice layer of pudge covering the rest of him.
“Paper or plastic?” The cashier asked.
“Uhh Plastic please.” James said as he unloaded more of his cart.
“Cash or Credit?” 
“Top or Bottom?”
James paused, and then realized what the cashier asked. He looked at him, with a smile on his face.
“Top.” James grinned.
“Oh good. I’m Tommy.” The cashier smiled.
“All this food for you James?” He asked, scanning the items one by one.
“Yup. Extra hungry tonight. Got a friend coming over to help if you know what I mean.” James grinned.
“Is he your feeder? Gonna help you eat all this?” The cashier asked.
“Oh yeah. Gonna make sure it’s all gone before the night is done.” James patted his gut. “Here give it a feel.”
Tommy looked around to make sure nobody was watching and put his hand on James bulbous gut.
“Wow its…big.” Tommy said, giving it light rubs.
“Mmm oh yeah just like that.” James grinned. He took the cashiers hand and put it under his shirt, letting the cashier run his hand through his thick belly hair. Tommy was in love. He slowly rubbed it while continuing to make sure he wasn’t caught. After about 30 seconds Tommy stopped rubbing and took his hand back, giving James a shy smile.
“You’re pretty good at that bud. I’d love to have you rub it after its nice and full.” James said, readjusting his shirt.
“Really?” Tommy’s face lit up.
“Yeah bud. What are you doing later?”
“I’m off in an hour.” Tommy squealed, before turning an even brighter shade red.
“Want to come by and help my friend give me some nice belly rubs?” James grinned.
“Yes please.” Tommy said, trying not to make his voice crack again.
“Good. Gimme your number. I’m gonna send you some teasers to keep you going.” James winked. The cashier nodded and gave him his info. James pulled out his phone and opened it to 3 messages from his brother. Ignoring them for the moment, he added the cute cashier to his contacts.
“I’ll send you something really good later.” James said as he handed Tommy his credit card.
“ooo Like what?” The cashier asked.
“Something like...” James looked around through his bags before pulling out a grapefruit. Tommy watched in awe as James opened his mouth slightly and sucked the grapefruit entirely into his mouth. James grinned as he gave a hard swallow, watching Tommy’s reaction with great pride as the whole grapefruit bulged out his throat as it sank down his chest. Tommy was dumbfounded, but was incredibly aroused as James noticed a bulge forming in his crotch, pushing out his apron.
“Hehe how was that?” James teased.
“Holy shit…How did-“ Tommy was stunned.
“You’ll have to find out. I’ll see you in bit bud.” James winked as he took his card back and left, leaving his new friend standing there, mouth agape. As he left he pulled out his phone and checked what his brother had sent him.
20 min ago - AdamsGullet90: “Idk what to do with him.”
18 min ago - AdamsGullet90: “Hurry up k?”
10 min ago - AdamsGullet90: “nvm we found something to-do.”
James was confused. He honestly just thought that Adam would leave him alone and do whatever he did all day.
James04925: “What are you guys doing? I’m almost done.”
AdamsGullet90: “He’s eating my ass lol. Didn’t know your friend was so kinky.”
James04925: “Uh huh. And what are you actually doing.”
AdamsGullet90: “lol one sec.”
James was a mixture of angry and jealous. He knew Daniel liked his guys thick, but he didn’t think his brother would be his type at all. He sort of wished he was in Adam’s spot, having his ass rimmed. Daniel was an expert at it, and he knew from experience, he was an expert at getting in all the right places.
James04925: “You shit. I don’t fuck around with your friends.”
AdamsGullet90: “Hey he started it. Said I had a fantastic ass.”
James04925: “He says that about every guy!”
AdamsGullet90: “I’ll bet he never gets as deep in the other guys.”
James04925: “And what does that mean.” James finished putting the rest of his groceries in his car. He quickly drove out of the parking lot, having an unsure feeling about the last message.
AdamsGullet90: “He’s got his face buried so deep I can’t even see his head anymore lol.”
James was furious. His family were a bunch of Preds and ate almost anyone they could get their mitts on. James seldom ate like that, with the exception of his work habits, and instead opted to coax his meals into his gut, unlike his dad and younger brother, who shoved anyone they could down their gullets.
James04925: “I swear if I get home and he’s not there.”
AdamsGullet90: “Oh he’ll be here. He just might be under a few layers of my gut fat. :P
James didn’t answer. He instead formulated a plan to get back at his brother. He raced home, running a few stop signs, but managed to get home about 10 minutes faster than normal.
AdamsGullet90: “Dude is struggling hard Bro. Better hurry. He’s almost gone.”
James left his groceries in the car and quietly snuck around the side of his house, and up to his brother’s bedroom window. He carefully peered inside and saw his brother, lying face down on the bed, with Daniel down to his calves in his ass. He knew it was too late to save Daniel, so he settled for some tasty revenge instead.
James04925: “I’m almost home.”
James messaged his brother as he quietly made his way around the house and went in the back door. He snuck past his dad’s room, who he could hear snoring away, and stopped outside of his brother’s room. His phone then vibrated receiving a photo from his brother.
He quietly opened the door a crack and could see his Daniel’s twitching feet getting pulled between his brother’s fat ass cheeks. Adam moaned, and with a loud slurp, Daniel disappeared into Adam forever. James could see Daniel writhing in his brothers gut as he was squished under Adams weight.
“ohhhhhhhh fuck. Man, you are a squirmer all right. Just settle down and digest.” Adam laughed, until he felt a punch in his gut.
“Well you don’t have to be a bitch about it. Just man up and accept that you’re food. You’re in my gut and whatever I put in my gut, I digest. Don’t think your butt buddy James is gonna save you either. I’ve eaten plenty of his friends and I don’t intend on stopping haha.”
That last line pushed James over the edge. He unbuttoned his shirt and undid his work pants, not wanting to rip another set of his work clothes. Down to his underwear, he kicked his brother’s door wide open. Adam flinched and turned around to see his older brother barge into his room, charging at him.
“Eat my friends did you?” James shouted, grabbing hold of his brother’s ankles. 
Adam panicked tried to get away, but James pulled him back and shoved his grimy feet into his mouth and took a huge gulp, pulling him in up to his calves.
“Nonono Stop! Let go!” Adam cried trying to pull himself out of his older brother’s mouth.
“Urgh.” James thought as he had the taste of feet still on his tongue as he slid his lips up his brother’s calves.
“James please!” Adam cried. “I’m your brother. You know. Your little bro Adam.” Adam tried to plead. James ignored him, taking a huge gulp, pulling more of his brother’s chunky legs into his maw.
“C’mon don’t eat me.” Adam was bargaining now. “Remember that time we ate the neighbors together. You got the dad and I got his son. We can do that again.” Adam was a bit more desperate as his thick thighs started their decent down his brother’s rippling throat.
James chuckled and took a huge gulp, pulling Adam’s waist into his mouth. No amount of pleading was gonna save him from his hungry gut. The hairless ass slid into his James’ stretched mouth like butter and was soon on it’s way down his throat. James could feel Adam begin to enter his stomach, slowly bloating it out as he began to curl up inside. He knew that this was going to be a huge meal, as his younger brother was not a small guy. Weighing close to 350 pounds, Adam was all flab, like a nice juicy pig waiting to be devoured.
Adam began struggling hard now. He began rolling around the bed, tossing and turning trying to wiggle his way out of his brother’s throat. James was annoyed, but was prepared for this, as he found himself in a similar situation with a former employee who was quite the struggler. James leaned back, dragging Adam along with him. He tilted his head back, bringing the upper half of his brother above his mouth and held him there, while Daniel was still struggling in his brother’s gigantic belly. James tried to balance himself as Adam still twisted and turned trying to throw James off balance. James managed to grasp one and then both of Adam’s arms and pull them to his sides, gulping them into his maw and holding them tightly.
Adam tried to pull his arms out, but his brother’s throat was just too tight. He whimpered quietly as James’ lips began working their way around the base of his bulging gut. James snickered at his brother’s hypocrisy. He was always cruel with his Prey, finding the most pleasure when they begged and pleaded to not be eaten. He had even gotten himself a cheap stethoscope so he could hear his Prey’s pleas through his gut before he digested them. He always told his meals to ‘man up’ and ‘accept that they’re getting digested’. Now that he was the one getting eaten, he was crying and pleading just like his all of his meals.
James was feeling merciful however and decided to spare his brother a long drawn out goodbye. He reached up and grabbed hold of his brother’s shoulders and started pulling them down, cramming Adam’s bulging belly into his bearded maw. He worked his jaw around his brothers gut some more while pulling him in past his naval. James could feel his gut expanding as more and more of Adam was pushed into it. It didn’t faze his however, as he had swallowed much bigger men than his brother. James slowly squatted down, careful not to fall forward and opened his mouth a bit wider. He then fell backwards and landed squarely on his fat ass with a loud thud shaking through their house. With the combination of dropping and the sudden stop, his meal sank a few inches into his mouth, his lips now wrapped around Adam’s upper chest.
With Adam’s squirming belly now lodged in his throat, James continued working his kin down his throat. With another few gulps his lips enveloped over his brother’s chubby shoulders and were wrapped around his fat neck.
“Please James don’t do this!” Adam was in hysteric’s now, practically shaking in his brother’s throat.
James chuckled and reached up and put a big meaty paw on his brother’s forehead and pushed him down further. His lips slowly slid up Adams chin and neck, just as the squirming belly slipped into his own, causing it to expand out several feet to hold it. With another gulp, he pulled the rest of Adam into his mouth, sliding his lips over his head until his brother was completely incased in his body. He closed his lips and grinned, sealing his brother off from the world forever.
Licking over his brother’s crying face as one last insult, he tilted his head back in preparation. Closing his eyes and gritting his teeth, he swallowed one last time, sending Adam on his way down his throat. He looked down at his expanding belly as he felt more and more of his brother being forced into it. He finally felt his brother’s head pass through his sternum and slip into his belly completely.
James smiled and watched his belly shift and bulge as his brother struggled within. He put his hand on his gut, feeling every punch and kick his brother could muster.
“Well Adam. You were the tastiest meal I’ve had in a while. Don’t worry. Let your big brother take good care of you.” James taunted. Adam began fiercely struggling, limbs bulging out his belly in all direction.
“C’mon Adam. You don’t have to be a bitch about it.” James laughed. “Just accept that you’re in my gut and that I’m going to digest you.” He gave his gut a slap. He carefully rose to his feet and sat on the bed, his squirming belly resting in his lap. He gave a loud belch, it resonated through the entire house, depriving Adam of almost all of his air. However, James quickly gulped down more, intending to keep his meal alive and squirming.
“I think I should lug you around for the weekend, maybe digest you before work on Monday.” James laughed giving his belly a shake, tossing his brother around inside. James then heard loud stomping coming from the hallway.
“God dammit boy I thought I told you to keep it down! I’m tryin to sleep here!” James’ father shouted as he burst into the room. Their father was a big man, slightly taller than James and just as wide. He was completely bald just like the rest of the men in his family, and had a large unkempt black beard with a few gray hairs hiding in it. He was only wearing a pair of mesh shorts, letting his hairy belly hang free from the confines of a shirt. His gut was bigger than it normally was, but he had large meals so frequently that it was almost always double its normal size.
“Oh it’s you. What ya doin’ in here? Where’s your brother?” He asked, still half asleep.
“Right here pops.” James chuckled, giving his belly a couple of pats. “Fatass ate my friends so I ate him.” James grinned. He wasn’t sure how he would react to the news of his son eating his other son.
“Really?” His dad put his hand on his son’s belly, feeling Adam squirm around. “Ha. Got what was comin to you eh boy?” He taunted his youngest son by wobbling his brother’s belly, sloshing him around inside.
“Heh. He sure did.” James smiled, rubbing over his belly some more.
“I’m surprised it took you this long. So, how’d he taste?”
“Pretty good. Kinda like a nice mix of salted pork and fear.” James laughed.
“Haha. Sounds about right.” The old man laughed. “Can you hear me boy?” He shouted, giving James’ belly a couple of slaps.
“Ooof” James groaned as his dad’s big hands slapped his gut. His gut bulged out a few times in the same spot signaling that Adam could hear his dad through his brother’s stomach. Soft muffled shouts could be barely heard through the fat gut.
“Heh hold on.” James’ dad grabbed Adam’s stethoscope off the dresser and put it on, putting the chestpiece on his son’s belly.
“Say that again boy!” He shouted. More muffled shouts could be heard.
“You want out? Well I don’t think your brother wants to part ways with ya just yet.” His dad looked at him. James grinned and shook his head. “Yup. He wants to keep ya around for a bit longer.”
“I think I’ll keep him as some nice belly fat. A nice little trophy to remind me of my brother.” James grinned.
“Oh ho! Hear that boy? You’re gonna be some inches on your brother’s waist.” His dad laughed and patted his sons gut. “Heh. Don’t worry Adam. Your brother will be digestin in my gut with ya.”
James’ eyes widened. He looked at his dad just in time to see his father’s wide-open mouth lunge at him and completely engulf his head. His face was pressed against his dad’s big tongue as it lathered over his face. He felt his dad’s rippling throat slowly engulf his head as he was pushed deeper. He had to act fast. His arms were pinned down in a bear hug as his dad dragged him further into his mouth. With a swift kick, he felt his knee hit its mark. His father roared in pain as James’ head slipped from out of the wet mouth.
His dad was doubled over in pain, as he grasped his crotch. The old man’s bald head was inches away from his son’s mouth. In an act of survival, anger and hunger, James lunged at his dad, completely engulfing his head in one go. Not wasting time to taste the old man now, he gulped hard and fast, pulling the large head into his throat and wrapping his lips around his old man’s beefy shoulders. He heard his dad shouting in his throat, but it was hard to make out as he was crammed into such a tight place. Another gulp pulled his dad’s chest into his mouth. Still sitting on the edge of the bed, with his brother in his gut and his father on his way to join him, James leaned forward and grasped his father by the waist. He then leaned back and pulled his dad towards him, squishing his dad’s massive belly against his.
With immense strength, he dragged his father from his feet and onto his gut. His legs were kicking wildly, trying to get himself out of his son’s throat. Sweat pouring from his face, James realized that the only way to get his beast of a dad down his gullet was with the help of nature. Over the years he had seen thousands of men get swallowed into and digested by his dad’s massive gut, so it would be no easy task cramming it down his gullet.
Pulling hard, James finally hoisted his dad’s heavy body upwards, tilting his head back until his dad was completely upside down above him. He stretched his mouth and relaxed his throat, letting the big gut slowly slip down into his jaws. With a massive gulp, James’ jaw stretched wider around the gut as his throat slowly dragged its meal down.
James began taking quick methodical gulps, dragging his meal down maybe a half an inch at a time, while simultaneously cramming his dad’s gut into his mouth. His mouth stretched wider and wider until he finally crested over his dad’s midsection. His dad started slipping in faster now, James taking massive gulps, pulling his dad down until he had his gut completely in his throat. He felt his father’s head slip into his belly, the struggles now viciously returning.
With a grunt, James reached up and took hold of his dad’s kicking legs. Holding them steady, he slowly started dragging them down into his mouth. His dad’s waist started entering his mouth. Not caring for the taste of mesh fabric, he quickly shoved and gulped it down until he was working up the thick thighs. His dad’s legs were the most in shape part of him. Strong muscular thighs and calves allowed him to easily lug around the biggest of prey with no issue. James quickly learned that it was vital if he was to be a Pred and worked on his legs every time he went to the gym.
As James reached his meal’s knees, he felt the massive belly finally slip out of his throat and drop like a rock into his gut. He grunted as his gut sagged to the floor and bounced back up, wobbling slightly before settling about a foot from the floor. He slowly pushed his father’s calves down, licking and tasting the salty flavors as they slipped into his throat.
Finally, he slowly engulfed his dad’s massive feet into his maw. He slowly drew them in, tasting them as they passed his lips. His dad’s feet were much better than his brother’s, tasting like a well-aged slab of beef. He gently placed two fingers on the feet and pushed them completely into his mouth. He closed his lips around his fingers and pulled them out, sucking the flavor off them completely. Tilting his head back, he pressed his chest forward, his father’s form bulging out his throat massively. He slowly felt up every contour his dad was making in his throat from his thighs to his feet. Clenching his teeth, he prepared for the final swallow.
James felt his father’s feet leave his mouth and slowly slip down the back of his throat. He smiled as he felt his throat squeeze him down through his chest until he felt him slip completely past his sternum, signaling that he had completely swallowed his dad.
“Oh fuuuuck….” James moaned as he felt his dad land in his belly. The struggles soon started up, stretching and bulging out his gut massively. He could relieve them of their air and end it all, but he was enjoying his family’s struggles. He slowly rose to his feet, barely struggling to lift his massive gut. It hung out proudly in front of him, jutting out a good 5 feet from his chest. It wasn’t the biggest meal he had ever had, but his father was the single biggest guy he had ever eaten.
He looked at himself in the mirror. His gut was so massive he couldn’t even see it completely in the mirror. He waddled out into the hallway, squeezing his squirming gut past the doorway and made his way to the bathroom. He stood back from the counter and managed to get a complete view of his gut. He watched his brother and dad tried to fight their way out. Many of his prey had tried to fight their way out of his gut, but James had never let anyone go once they passed his lips. He slowly rubbed over his gut, but only managed to reach the top half as it was much too big.
Suddenly remembering that he had the cute cashier coming over, he made his way back to his brother’s room. He grabbed his phone from his shorts, his gut swinging with each stride as he then strolled back to the bathroom. He smiled as he watched his meals try and stretch out his gut, hoping to find a way out. With a quick flex, James compressed them back inwards, making his belly wobble as they collapsed on top of each other.
Taking a quick video of his gut, he sent it to Tommy with the message ‘My meals not cooperating. I need some good belly rubs.’. He hoped it wouldn’t scare the guy, but judging by his face when he swallowed the grapefruit, he was more than interested. He waddled down the hall to his room and pushed open the door. His bed sheets were all riled up on the floor from last night’s date, leaving his bed bare. He made his way over to the bed and hoisted his gut up and flopped it down heavily on the mattress. An idea popped into his head, and he grinned at the thought of it. Climbing up onto the bed, he leaned over his belly and rested on top of it, squishing his meal under his weight. He loved feeling his brother and dad struggle as they tried to escape.
James phone dinged. He opened it to a message from Tommy.
TomTommy4: “Uhh Holy shit! What have you got in there?”
James smiled at the response.
James04925: “My brother, my feeder, and my Dad. My brother ate my feeder and my dad tried to eat me.”
TomTommy4: “Wait. You swallowed them?”
James04925: “Yup. I’m laying on of my gut right now, feeling them squirm under me. I could really use your gut rubbing skills right now. They’re fighting me pretty hard.”
TomTommy4: “Holy shit. I mean you ate your brother and your dad.”
James04925: “Yeah. What do you think about that?” James smirked, already knowing the answer.
TomTommy4: “Honestly. It’s pretty hot.”
James04925: “Thought you’d like it. When are you off? I am achin’ over here.”
TomTommy4: “15 minutes. I’ll be over in 20. What’s your address?”
James04925: “Chesterfield Road. Last house on the right. Number 10. Just walk in the front.”
TomTommy4: “Ok. Are you gonna digest them?”
James04925: “Hell yeah I am.”
TomTommy4: “Fuck ok. Just don’t do it before I get there.”
James04925: “Heh alright.”
James rolled over onto his side, giving his gut a few more rubs as the struggles continued.
“Heh well guys. How is it in there?” James taunted. He could hear muffled shouts coming from his gut as it wobbled about.
“Well you guys deserve it. Well two of you at least. Eating my friends and trying to eat me?” James slapped his gut. “You guys are gonna get what’s coming to you.”
James rolled onto his back, feeling the full weight of his meals rest on his chest. He was in absolute bliss. The struggles have died down some, a couple of bulges making their way out here and there, but for the most part, his meals were still. James lay back, lightly brushing over his belly with one hand while taking a picture with the other.
He sent the picture to his friend and closed his eyes, enjoying the light struggles and feeling of being so contently stuffed.
10 minutes later, he heard a knock at his bedroom door. The door opened and Tommy was standing in the doorway to his room.
“Uhh oh…wow.” Tommy said, his face going bright red. He was James, lying on the bed, his gut so massive that it looked like he swallowed a gigantic exercise ball.
“Oh, hey belly rubber. Just in time.” James smiled.
“Uh hi James. Wow. It’s even hotter seeing it in person.” Tommy stood frozen in place.
“Heh yeah. Why don’t you come give it a feel?” James said, giving his belly a light pat.
“Are...are you going to eat me?” Tommy asked.
“Hmmm. I don’t know yet. Do you want me to?” James smiled.
“I…I'm not sure.” Tommy dropped his head.
“Well don’t worry. There’s plenty of time to decide. Come. Have a feel.” James patted his wriggling belly.

“O-ok.” Tommy carefully approached James. He put his hand on the massive gut and slowly ran his hand through the hair.
“Mmm just like that. How’s it feel?” James smiled.
“It’s….a lot bigger than it was before.” Tommy choked.
“That’s because I got three guys stewing around in it.” James chuckled.
Tommy felt around, now using two hands as he rubbed over every bulge and protrusion that his meals were making. The immense heat coming from his gut, combined with the smell of sweat and musk coming from James was driving him wild.
“Mmm why don’t you get out of those clothes?” James asked.
“Oh uh…You sure?”
“Yeah bud. I think your cock is struggling harder to break free than my brother and father are.” James laughed.
Tommy slowly stripped himself of his work clothes, until he was completely naked. James looked him up and down. His chubby frame was more apparent without clothes on. His cock was standing proudly at around 6 inches and was completely clean shaven.
“Very nice.” James smiled. “Come up on the bed and get to work.”
Tommy nodded and climbed up on the bed. The bed creaked but held steady as he made his situated himself between James’ legs. He gently put both hands on the mountainous ball belly and began slowly rubbing it down, putting James into a nice state of bliss.
“Mmm yeah. Get the top too.” James groaned.
Tommy stood up on the bed, the big belly jutting up so high it went up past his waist. He rubbed the top of the gut, poking his finger into James’ navel, eliciting loud moans from the Pred.
“Erghhhhhh. Yeahhhh.” James grunted. The two stayed like that for a while. Tommy slowly worked his way around while James moaned in bliss. His head started to spin, becoming fatigued as his gut drained all of his energy to begin its work on the massive meal. Tommy smiled and slowly moved down between James’ legs.
“Mmmm whatcha doin down there?” James asked in a semi delirious state.
Tommy slowly pushed the gut upwards and moved his head to James’ crotch. The musky smell hit him almost immediately, driving him absolutely wild. He slowly felt around, as it was hard to see under the massive gut, but he eventually found what he was looking for.
“Found yourself a prize, did you?” James laughed.
Tommy smiled and fished James’ cock out of the underwear. It was rock hard and fairly thick, near the girth of a can of soda. He slowly sucked the bulbous tip into his mouth and began licking around the slit.
“Mmmmffff careful there bud. My cock has been known to suck back.” James moaned.
Tommy took the advice and moved the cock into his mouth deeper, slowly working up and down the shaft while working the head to the back of his throat. He slowly began bobbing his head up and down, sliding the cock in and out of his mouth. James grabbed his belly and pulled it towards him, giving Tommy more room to work. The cub slowly ramped up his pace while he began fondling the bloated grapefruit sized balls.
“Oh yeah that’s the stuff. My balls should be done churning up that intern for ya too.” James moaned.
Tommy excitedly worked faster, eager to get his reward. 10 minutes later, James was panting hard, sweat was dripping from his brow as he began humping the cubs mouth. His gut was rocking back and forth with each thrust, eliciting more struggling from his meals as they were tossed around. The room started spinning as he reached his climax.
“Fuuuck Here it comes bud! Take a deep breath!” James shouted. He dropped his gut onto Tommy’s head, pushing his cock into the cub’s throat to the hilt. His body started spasming as he came hard, spraying his load deep into Tommy’s throat.
“Ohhhhhh FUCKKK! IM COMI-*URRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRP*” James’ body went rigid, inadvertently expelling all the air from his gut at the same time.
The cub moaned as he felt the thick cock spasm in his mouth, unloading a torrent of cum down his throat. After he swallowed at least a gallon of cum, he felt the cock stop twitching, signaling that James’ orgasm had subsided. He slid the softening cock out of his mouth a licked it clean.
Sitting up on the bed, Tommy felt his bloated belly. It sloshed around, it full of James’ thick load.
“Heh. Hey James thanks for the belly.” Tommy smirked. James didn’t respond however, as the only thing moving on the bed was his gut, it wobbling back and forth as its meal’s air had completely vanished.
“James?” Tommy looked over the mountainous belly to see James snoring loudly. Mouth wide open, James was passed out in a massive food coma as his gut began to process its meal.
“Oh…” Tommy smirked. He could hear the muffled shouts begin to die down and the struggles slow as loud gurgling began. Tommy listened to the belly work on its meal, the loud noises echoing among the snores as the struggling completely stopped. His gut slowly started churning, contorting and squeezing its meal down into a tighter ball.
Tommy looked at James’ wide open mouth. He could see the throat open up and close with each snore. He wasn’t sure if he wanted it, but the invitation was right there. All he had to do was slide himself in and James would take care of the rest.
James awoke to the sound of his phone dinging. He opened his eyes to the sun shining on his face. He looked over at his clock, reading that it was 2PM. He groaned, disoriented from having slept well over 18 hours. He looked down at his gut. It was back down to its normal size, except several inches bigger. He gave it a few rubs, the last of the remains of his brother and father sloshing around as it continued to process the last of his meal.
Looking around, he didn’t see Tommy anywhere. He felt his gut, which he could have ended up in. The last thing he remembered was Tommy working his cock. He reached down and fondled his balls, but they were a normal size, the intern completely drained. Happy that Tommy didn’t end up in his gut or balls, He checked his phone, and smiled as it was a message from his belly rubber.
TomTommy4: “Hey you awake yet?”
James04925: “Heh yeah just woke up. Couldn’t find you for a bit so I thought I ate you last night.”
TomTommy4: “Oh. Sorry. You fell asleep so I went home. I brought your groceries in for you though.”
James04925: “Haha sorry. Digesting takes a lot out of me.”
TomTommy4: “How’s the gut? It still working?”
James grinned and took a picture.
TomTommy4: “Wow.”
James04925: “Yup. Guess I just inherited a house.”
TomTommy4: “Heh. You actually filled my gut nicely last night too.”
James04925: “I bet. You drained my balls like a champ.”
TomTommy4: “Thanks.”
James04925: “Why don’t you come back over so I can return the favor.”
TomTommy4: “Maybe. Are you gonna eat me this time?”
James04925: “I was thinkin about ordering some pizzas and delivery boys. Maybe have you feed them to me.”
TomTommy4: “Sounds good, but you didn’t answer my question.”
James04925: “Well I guess we’ll have to see where the evening takes us.”
TomTommy4: “I’ll be over in 20. Order the pizza and I’ll bring something tasty for you.”
James smiled and rubbed his gut, it grumbling again, waiting to be filled.

Thanks for reading!


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Can't wait to see the others ;)

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Thank you for coming and posting this here :)

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Re: Tasty Revenge (OV, AV, Unwilling, Sex, Digestion, Fat Pred/Preys)
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Despite this not being my sort of pred/prey, this was really well written and very enjoyable! Thank you muchy for sharing!

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Glad to see that you're finally on VP. I can't wait to see what you come up with next.
I love to eat big men. :P

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Big fan from tumblr! glad to see you'll be posting here!

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So glad to see you here man