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Re: Eaten
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A very nicely done story. Certainly refreshing and hopefully will be a classic. Curiously, I think it would be interesting to see the story from the preds point of view also. No ones ever done a second story from the other side. Not requesting it but throwing the idea out there. ^_^
The whole concept of a vore hookup app has all kinds of great possibilities.  I'm thinking of the example of "Oceanic Airlines," a fictional brand name which is found in multiple television shows which otherwise have no connection.  If Jivanman is OK with it, the HUNGR app could easily be one of those plot devices which shows up in multiple stories, even if the stories don't otherwise share situations or characters, or even have the same author.

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Re: Eaten
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I come back to this story often. Its my favorite

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Re: Eaten
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Thank you so much for bumping this! wow was it a hot read and it is definitely a classic to me!! 
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Re: Eaten
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I LOVED this story!!!! thanks