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Bred for Success
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A/N: I wanted to experiment with Mpreg. It's something I've been interested in, but if you're not into it skip it, that's fine. I don't know if I'll write another story like this again, but here you go.


Asher was starved. He needed nourishment and Chad was on the menu.
Chad was the typical all-American quarterback. His light brown hair and blue eyes was enough to win anyone over.
Today, however, Chad’s smile would not be enough, to get out of the danger he faced. His muscles would prove to be useless against his future home—Asher’s stomach.
It was all just an accident. Chad happened to be the one that walked in the bathroom. He heard Asher groaning in the stalls. As sweet as he was, Chad had to check on him.

 Asher’s was having stomach pains. He was starving! The last thing he remembered was saying goodbye to his girlfriend at lunch, but now he was hungry again. So hungry. He couldn’t even leave the bathroom. His stomach letting loose loud growls, advertising how empty it was.
Chad knocked on the handicap stall and was surprised when the door creaked open. Asher couldn’t believe he’d been so distracted he hadn’t even locked the door. Chad started to apologize when he realized Asher wasn’t using the toilet just sitting hunched over on it.
Without hesitating Chad rushed over to Asher to make sure he was okay. Asher lifted his head up to see Chad, the prince of the school. If he had to be found by anyone, he was glad it was Chad. Chad wasn’t the type to spread rumors or talk behind people’s backs.
Chad had kneeled, asking if Asher needed help getting to the nurse, but Asher couldn’t hear him. His stomach was making it hard to focus.
Asher grabbed Chad’s wonderfully sculpted face and kissed it. When Asher pulled away Chad had a goofy grin and was smiling a bit.
“Wow, Asher I didn’t know you felt that way about me, but I’ve actually asked Rachel to go out with me.” Chad had started blushing as Asher still hadn’t released his face.
Asher already had a girlfriend too. He was already beating himself up for kissing Chad. But then Chad had to go and imply he wasn’t opposed to the idea of dating Asher either. What a life!
Chad reached up still a little dazed from the kiss and with his cute goofy grin ruffled Asher’s vibrant red hair.
Asher’s felt his heart aflutter for this boy, but something else inside him was stirring also.
“Hey, can we kiss on more time?” If only Asher hadn’t asked that. If only Chad hadn’t agreed to it. Then that day might have ended differently.
“Okay, throw off your book bag, and close your eyes I want to make this a good one.”
Chad did as he was told. Never once aware of the danger he was in. After all Asher was a good kid and what would he have against the jock. What he didn’t understand though was it wasn’t Asher out for him. The boy’s stomach was in charge.
Asher felt like a passenger in his own body, he had offered to kiss Chad again, but did he really want that? Of course, he did! But he’d never be the type to admit it, or even be so bold to ask for another. Yet nonetheless those words still left his mouth. He was once again holding Chad’s face in between his hands.
Yet the only though going through Asher’s head was the boy in his hands was in his prime and Asher needed to consume him. Asher was scared what kind of thought that was. As he brought Chad’s face closer, he realized the other boy was puckering for a kiss and he was not.
Asher felt his mouth go wide and engulf Chad up to his wide shoulders.
Immediately Chad knew something was wrong the moment he felt something slimy around him. He didn’t hesitate to get up and back away. That action of getting up though sent him a bit more forward into Asher’s throat trapping him.
Asher’s stomach was demanding its food immediately. Asher put his hands along both sides of Chad’s thick torso and slid him in more. Asher’s jaw relaxed going wider, while his neck expanded, pushing a young adult male into his system.
He continued working Chad’s torso down his esophagus into his desperate, needy stomach. Even though Chad had on clothes Asher felt as if he could feel all of Chad’s muscles against him.

 Chad screamed and struggled on his way down, but it only seemed to empower Asher more. Chad was prime beef, causing an insane raucous inside of Asher.
With a few forceful swallows, Chad’s waist and ass disappeared into Asher. Lastly, Asher picked up the beefy legs hidden behind jeans and shoved them in his mouth. He took off Chad’s tennis shoes putting his feet in, closing the exit off.
Any onlooker would have seen Asher’s stomach expand bit by bit as Chad entered the dark depths.
When Chad’s feet finally entered, into the stomach, Asher unleashed a belch, then fell to the ground. His stomach was too heavy. Asher rubbed his belly, ignoring the gurgles his stomach was making, the pain had stopped. That was all that mattered. He hadn’t taken the time to process what he’d done, or the danger Chad was in.
Asher’s belly quaked and shook as Chad continued to fight against it. Asher’s stomach had no problem releasing its juices upon the squirming jock and digesting him. Asher continued massaging his slowly shrinking belly, not noticing Chad’s struggle had long since come to an end.
Asher tried to catch his breath as his digestion ended. Asher had a hard time getting up but managed to get out of the stall. He got to the sinks and mirrors. He quickly splashed water on his face. He needed to cool down and try to come back to reality. He wiped his face odd and looked in the mirror in surprise.
Asher didn’t know who he was looking at. Chad had disappeared. The person in mirror though was nowhere as big as Chad. The guy was certainly bigger than Asher had been a few mins ago. There was only one person left in the bathroom. So that left one option. It had to be him. The person in the mirror was wearing his clothes, but he was taller. His flannel shirt was ripped at the seams and didn’t come down on his arms any more. In the reflection Asher could see the outline of a hard cock in his pants.
He looked down and saw the bulge in his pants. He reached down and grabbed it. It was warm and ready to go. Asher felt a rush and a need to fuck.
He needed to breed. He was going to breed.
Rushing off to find his girlfriend, he left his and Chad’s backpack lying on the floor.
College -Sophomore year
Asher sighed heavily, He sat in his dorm room. Today was the day him and Gabriel were going to fuck.
He was scared, nervous even. He’d never had sex with a boy before, but he was ready! He was more scared then when he spent the holidays in Puerto Rico meeting Gabriel’s family. Yet he was also excited. This was going to be an experience. They were both going to switch positions, but it’d be Asher’s first time bottoming.
His stomach was grumbling. He patted his stomach. Butterflies…probably.
Asher also felt like he needed to have sex, and now that he knew it was coming the urge to have sex was greater. He hadn’t had sex since senior year in high school.
Not to mentioned he had a son out there somewhere.
Asher got up and went to the bathroom to brush his teeth. All his dormmates were out so he walked around in his underwear.
He knew Gabriel had morning class, then would be going to the gym. Gabriel always commented on how great Asher’s muscles when he hardly went to the gym.
Asher really didn’t know how to tell his boyfriend, after he devoured the prince of his high school, there wasn’t a need to go to the gym often anymore.
Asher had also revealed he had knocked up his high school girlfriend, Penelope. It happened right after he ate Chad, he fucked his girl right in the school. Then, the next thing they knew she was pregnant.
He didn’t reveal to Gabriel that she gave birth in a month. Although his girlfriend didn’t hold anything against him, her parents called him freak, and barred them from seeing each other. There was no proof it was Asher was the cause of the month pregnancy, it takes two to make a baby after all.
Asher wasn’t naïve though he knew after eating Chad, he wasn’t the same. When he fucked Penelope that day, the condom exploded because it was so full. Asher had never cum that much before, Asher figured it must have been a parting trait from Chad.
Asher spat out his tooth paste and looked down at the tent in his underwear, He was hard again, He didn’t know why but whenever he thought about that last fuck with Penelope always got hard.
He breathed out then lightly slapped his cheeks. He needed to focus. Today was all about Gabriel and him no one else. His stomach grumbled.
Asher threw on some clothes and headed out. He had to meet for a group project. For some reason the group had decided to meet in The Study which on the other side of campus. Along the way he passed the practice field and saw the men’s Lacrosse team doing its daily morning routine.
The group project meeting went mostly well, but it was clear no one wanted to be there. His group sat in a corner of the study that was fairly hidden by bookcases. The Study was empty, except for the work study student by the entrance.
Asher’s stomach growled loudly. Everyone looked at him.
“Well I’m taking that as a sign. It’s lunch time! let’s meet up Thursday same time?”  One girl said pushing in here chair and leaving, not waiting for a response. The other two group members said goodbye to Asher and left as well.
Asher stomach growled again, but this time it was loud enough to echo throughout the room.
“Ah, geez,” Asher started packing up he was going to have to get lunch before meeting Gabriel. While putting his laptop away he noticed a guy coming towards him out of the corner of his eyes.
“Hey, you okay?”  The young man asked.
“I’m fine, that was just my stomach” Asher said getting a full image of the guy. The young man, a bit taller that Asher, was wearing sweats and a workout shirt.  His hair was medium length, but he had the beginnings of a nice flow.
“Wait, you’re on the Lacrosse team, right? I saw you this morning.” Asher’s stomach grumbled.
“Yeah! I’m also in your Psych class.” The young man held out his hand, “I’m Kaden.”
Asher shook Kaden’s hand. The moment he did a familiar hunger fill his stomach. The next meal had been chosen. Asher wasn’t in pain this time, but he knew he had to eat. He threw on his bookbag and tried to walk pass Kaden.
Kaden blocked the exit out of the small corner.
“What the fuck dude?” Asher tried to push him, but Kaden quickly recovered.
Kaden bent over and smelt Asher. Asher was so creeped out he jumped back. Looking down he noticed Kaden’s cock was twitching, growing hard in his sweats.
Asher tried to look for the work study student, but they were gone, probably to use the restroom.
“Dude, I’m sorry it’s just,” Kaden took a whiff of the air, “You just smell so good.” 
Kaden’s dick was at full mast now with a wet spot forming at the tip.
Asher’s stomach made noise in anticipation.
Kaden backed Asher up against the study table, his tent pressing into Asher’s belly.  He grabbed Asher’s left hand and placed it under his sweats on his ass. He leaned in to Asher’s ear and whispered, “Fuck me.”
Asher was shocked. The guy had backed him into a corner and wanted to be fucked. He didn’t know what to say, but Kaden sure had a nice ass, without thinking he gave it a squeeze.
Kaden let out a moan,” Man, I need you to breed me right here.” The young lacrosse player was whimpering, begging for Asher’s cock.
Asher was worried the last time he heard a word about “breeding” he was the one thinking it and the whole situation was fucked up.
“Okay just back up,” Asher stated. Kaden did as instruct. Asher saw that Kaden’s wet spot had grown and even started to soak into Asher’s shirt, right over his stomach.
Upon seeing that a switch in Asher’s head flipped on. He realized he need Kaden too. Not to fuck, but to consume the same way Chad had been. There was something about Kaden his body wanted.
He lunged at the taller young man, his mouth went wide as he, stuffed Kaden’s head in. Kaden was so taken by fear he couldn’t even let out a word when the dark moist cavern went over him. Soon Asher was pushing the athlete down his powerful throat with experienced gulps. His throat only grew wider with each swallow of the young man, who had a delicious salty flavor.
Kaden wasn’t even screaming. He had been so petrified nothing came out. He had to experience being thrown into a crammed space in total silence. Kaden noted Asher’s body was unusually warm, it seemed to get hotter by the minute. It finally kicked Kaden into a mode to start fighting back.
But it was too late.
Asher, having removed the pants and shoes, was already working on Kaden’s legs. He had swallowed Kaden’s penis and tasted the savory wet spot that was on the underwear. (Kaden deserved some dignity) Asher slurped in Kaden’s well-toned thighs with his knees soon following him. Soon a thrashing lacrosse player, except the feet, occupied Asher’s belly and throat. The way they jiggled showed how massive the meal was.
Asher sucked in the feet with a loud slurp. The feet made their way out of the mouth and down Asher’s throat.
The athlete that grew Asher’s gut was better than an all-you-can-eat buffet, for Kaden would become nutrition for Asher’s body.
Asher unleashed a belch that tasted just like Kaden. Kaden hadn’t stopped kicking or punching so Asher started rubbing his stomach. He pressed into and kneaded against every lump on his skin. In return that spot would become much softer.
His stomach continued to gurgle away. As it did the lump began to fade away becoming a smother shape.
Asher’s digestion was loud and vibrated throughout the study. Asher looked down at his belly. He had failed. He had failed at protecting Kaden.
“Oh god,” Asher couldn’t hold on that taught because pleasure was taking over. He slammed his fist into the ground. “Digest faster, man” Asher’s stomach continued to churn away, “Give me whatever you got!”
Asher burped again. Kaden sure had made him gassy. His muscles grew a bit to match the change in his bones. The last of Kaden’s impression on the belly disappeared into Asher’s decreasing stomach. As Kaden was processed, Asher’s ass got firmer, and his legs grew slightly longer.
Asher was growing. It wasn’t significant like with Chad. It’d barely be noticeable by anyone. However, Asher knew. He could feel Kaden’s life being drained into him. Kaden was flowing through his veins, into every part of him.
“Hell, yeah give in to me, hot stuff! I’m so hungry feed me! Ahhh”
Asher’s voice got a bit deeper. His jaw reshaped itself becoming even more chiseled and squarish. Asher’s hair grew 2 inches longer. The crevices between his muscles got deeper making them even more defined. His neck grew thicker more powerful, strengthening his power to engulf.
“Holy shit!”
The manly voice echoed through the room. Books on the surrounding shelves shook in response. His cock kept growing, leaving a sticking trail of precum as it made it way up his abs. All the while his cock thrashed as wildly as Kaden once did. Kaden was once a fertile young man and that fertility poured right into Asher’s nuts, expanding and plumping them. Their new growth demanded space between his thighs, so they could display their size.
The remaining bulge of Kaden digested away with a chorus of gurgles, revealing an enhanced six-pack.
Asher’s was breathing heavily. He fixed his cloths as best he could. He had to get out. He needed to find Gabriel. His nuts were aching for release. Asher grabbed his things and ran out the study. He needed to get to the gym.
As Asher walked through the campus, heads kept turning as he walked by. Women were whispering to each other, and guys were trying to hide their boners.
Asher overheard one guy asking his friend did he smell Asher. Asher didn’t know it, but he was broadcasting he was ready to fuck to everyone. His scent was overwhelming, letting people know he would bend them over if he was stopped.
Asher wasn’t aware of the sent he was omitting. Even if he had been it wouldn’t have stopped him. He was fixated on getting to Gabriel.
When Asher got to the gym, he checked the weight room, not finding anyone. He went to the locker room and saw Gabriel taking his shirt off. Asher got to see how handsome his boyfriend was. The sweat from his work out was covering his brown skin giving it a shine under the lights. Gabriel was a stud plain and simple. His body was beautiful, large and powerful. Even after adding Kaden, Asher didn’t compare.
Gabriel turned around, seeing Asher walk towards him.
“Hey babe!”  Gabriel said, then he noticed Asher looked a bit different. As hard as he thought though he couldn’t figure out what was different. The change just wasn’t noticeable enough.
Asher planted his face right in between the beautiful mounds of muscle Gabriel called pecs. Asher breathed in his boyfriend’s scent. It was a masculine wooden scent making his cock jump.
Gabriel placed a hand on the back of Asher’s head, as he began sucking on Gabriel’s nipples. Gabriel couldn’t smell Asher’s musk at first due to his own post-work out scent, but now Asher’s pheromones were invading his noses. In truth, Asher was getting more turned on by his boyfriend causing him to release more pheromones, making his own scent grow stronger.
Soon Gabriel was drowning in Asher’s scent. Gabriel’s cock was pressing up against Asher’s.  Gabriel was getting turned on, but his mind had not yet submitted to being bred.
Asher was not giving up on worshipping Gabriel’s chest. He kept switching between sucking on each nipple.
“Dude,” Gabriel said through pants. “Mi novio, you can suck as hard as you want. You’re not gonna get any milk.”
Asher looked up with sad puppy dog eyes. Gabriel caressed his boyfriend’s face and brought their lips together. Gabriel was ready to bend Asher over right in the locker room. He fished in his gym bag and pulled out a condom.
He held it up to Asher and nodded toward the showers. They dressed down to their underwear and headed toward the showers. Gabriel pulled back the curtain and motioned for Asher to step in the shower stall first. Asher snatched the condom from Gabriel and lightly pushed him in the stall first. He pulled the curtain back over the stall.
Gabriel was a bit taken aback by Asher’s sudden grab for the condom. He guessed Aiden wanted to fuck him first. Not that he minded. They already agreed they’d both be having each other’s ass today. Whether it was right now, or in one of their beds, Gabriel was sure he’d be topping when having sex with Asher today.
Asher kissed along Gabriel’s neck, shoving both into the back of Gabriel’s underwear, grabbing his well sculpted ass. Gabriel copied Asher’s actions, even grabbing his ass, trying not to go for Asher’s ass right there. Gabriel had full access to Asher’s naked body which meant direct contact with the pheromones. As he kissed his boyfriend, Gabriel got huge whiffs of his domineering scent. Gabriel didn’t realize how quickly he was getting over Asher deciding to top first.
As the underwear came off and the shower was turned on, Gabriel still didn’t realize this would not be ordinary sex. Even fucking wouldn’t be enough to describe what happed next. It would be a breeding— pure and simple.
Water ran down their bodies as Asher pushed Gabriel against the wall, pinning his arms above his head. Gabriel thought Asher was just being playful, he couldn’t see the lust that had over taken his man. It wouldn’t have matter if he did because Asher’s scent was its own aphrodisiac.
Gabriel saw Asher’s nuts swing, but he couldn’t think too hard about how full they looked. Only that everything in them was meant for him.
Asher placed the condom on and quickly returned to Gabriel, both their bodies pressing into each other. Gabriel guided Asher’s cock into his ass. The cock responded by feeding itself into the ass slowly until, Gabriel’s ass was eventually stuffed with each push.
Lifting one of Gabriel’s legs, Asher went slowly, then started pounding into him like a jack hammer. He was relentless, only slowing down, to continue with faster harder pushes.
As if on auto pilot, Asher couldn’t stop his body from fucking. He did clear his mind long enough to say how good he felt. “Fuck, you’re so tight Gabe,” Asher whispered into his lover’s ear.
When Gabe felt Asher’s warm breath on his ear, he couldn’t hold it anymore. Gabriel’s hard thick cock started to explode without Gabriel touching it.
Asher noticed what Gabriel was about to do, or at least his body did. In response Asher’s body made sure each of Gabriel’s spasms was met with a proper thrust making the young man cum more.
There were now wonderful trails of cum between the young men two torsos. Gabriel thought Asher would cum soon too, but that was not the case. Asher continued fucking passionately.
Eventually, he lifted both Gabriel’s legs wrapped them around his waist, while Gabriel threw his arms around Asher’s neck. It was all one flawless motion. The fucking never stopped. He continued to bounce his boyfriend up in down. He was supporting this beefcake on nothing but his cock.
Asher reached his climax, as all men must, if they are to breed successfully. With one final thrust he buried his cock far into Gabriel. The constitution of the condom however gave way, ripping with all the intensity it had been forced to handle.
Asher felt pure bliss overtake him. He let out a huge moan in pleasure. Cum shot out of his dick flooding Gabriel’s ass and bowels. The cum burst into the other man’s body making sure not to let up until Asher’s cock was done twitching.
Asher cooed as his cock went flaccid, depositing the last of its load. He put Gabriel’s legs down and placed him back against the wall.
He backed up and got a full view of Gabriel. The boy was breathing heavily, but Asher’s body wasn’t interested in that. He looked down at Gabriel’s belly were the young man’s abs were protruding due to the cum resting in his stomach.
Asher walked up and gave the belly a soft tap and watched it jiggle. It made him give a devilish grin. He could consider this man successfully bred.
Gabriel felt off, His stomach was heavy. The condom ripped, mistakes happen, so cum entered his ass, but this feeling in his stomach was unnatural. He had his eyes closed when Asher put him down. All the cum that rushed into him was sitting somewhere in his belly.
He only opened his eyes after Asher slapped his belly. He looked and saw an expression on his boyfriend’s face he had never seen before. It was so odd on Asher’s face he looked like another person. He groaned, feeling the cum in his belly move a bit. Asher’s twisted smile slowly disappeared, giving way to a growing look of concern. Gabriel couldn’t tell how but he felt his boyfriend was back.
Asher’s feeling of success in breeding was pushed back in his mind as his true personality came to the forefront. Gabriel was in pain and needed him!
Gabriel tried to walk towards his boyfriend, but his legs wobbled. He would have fallen over had Asher not caught him.
The breeding was full of passion; It’s only natural when both parties share mutual attraction however, Asher’s body had also been rough on Gabriel. Now he was feeling the first drawbacks of an intense breeding.
Asher helped Gabriel return to the locker room. They put their clothes on in silence. That’s when Gabriel grabbed his stomach and shook it. “You sure do cum a lot!”
Asher realized Gabriel was just trying to ease the tension between them and played it off by laughing. He knew logically that two males could not have a baby. His main thought after cumming in his beefy boyfriend though, was that Gabe was thoroughly bred. He didn’t want to admit it, but his subconscious mind knew. His body had acted on instinct and bred with his partner. 
He looked over at Gabe forcing his pull-over hoodie over his cum filled belly. He knew there was no explanation for that.
Gabe came up beside him and threw his arm around Asher’s neck. “Once this belly goes down, I’m going to return the fuck.”
Asher just sighed sadly. Didn’t look like he was going to get fucked anytime soon.
Chad had made Asher’s balls start producing gallons of cum back in high school. Kaden had made Asher’s cum stronger and extremely potent.
So many things can change in a week. In just seven days Asher’s life got even more hectic. Gabriel’s bump didn’t go away— expected, but his bump was growing tremendously. Even Penelope had to wait a week before noticing anything significant.
Here Asher was though, in a hospital waiting for the birth of his son. Asher was pacing back and forth. Gabriel’s family had been much more accepting to their son’s sudden pregnancy than Penelope’s had been. No, rather they hadn’t had time to let the reality hit them yet. Asher was sure he’d be labeled a monster sooner or later.
7 Years Later

Asher Stevens laid on his bed, head against the back board. His cock was finishing up it’s current meal.
Some know-it-all otter with the cutest smile, and a little bit of flab. The moment Asher saw him he knew the guy would make excellent ball-batter.
He hadn’t got the hunger in his stomach for years. Nowadays, when he saw an attractive man his nuts begged to turn him into a load. A load full of that man’s beautiful genetics. One saving grace was that Asher’s cock didn’t control his life.

 Asher was scrolling through his phone, while his giant cock swallowed the otter’s arm. It was the last remaining part of him in the world. The otter quickly descended into Asher’s nuts creating a sizable lump.
Asher’s nuts were incredibly hot, for Jarod, whose name Asher would not remember.
Asher spread his legs open on the bed and bent over to knead his nuts. He moved his hand over each lump until it smoothed out. Each movement against his sack got slower and less forceful, until it became wonderfully round. Asher let his hand rest on his sack, so he could feel the cum moving around.
He used his free hand to pick his phone back up and scroll through the names.
“Who to call Jenna, Maddie, Warrick, or Isiah?”  Asher had to deposit this load somewhere, and he couldn’t remember who was next. He would choose someone. He refused to use a hotel’s bath tub again.
Asher sighed. Based on their initial interviews, the only good choice was Isiah. The others would ask a million questions, and Asher was not in the mood to deal with it today.
Isiah arrived one hour later. Enough time to leave Asher’s nut’s stewing, turning the load formerly Jarod, into a thicker and creamier batch every minute.
When Asher answered the door for Isiah. He had let his cock and balls shrink down. It was still a fat 9 inches even soft and hung proudly between his legs.
Isiah studied Asher. Asher’s hair was low fade with his beautiful red curls adorning the top. He was barely wearing the robe he had thrown on to answer the door. The smell that hit Isiah was no surprise though it was Asher’s musk and it was powerful. It meant Asher needed to breed.
Asher pulled the young Kenyan college professor into the room were his smell was infused with the room. Asher usually never gets this bad, but Isiah couldn’t get away from his class, so Asher’s nuts had concocted something powerful. Thankfully the smell wasn’t going through the walls or Asher would have had a huge problem.
Asher tore through Isiah’s clothes. He was ready to start fucking. He had to release the load so badly. He threw Isiah on the bed and the two started going at it passionately. Asher drove is fully hard 11-inch dick into Isiah’s ass. Watching the dark skinned, muscular college professor get wrecked by his dick.
One final huge push meant to end the ordeal, made him unload gallons of Jarod into Isiah’s bowels.
Isiah felt the warmth enter him, but it didn’t just end there, it spread throughout his whole body. Asher fell on top of Isiah his hips still moving to release all his seed.
The moment he was done Asher pulled out, leaving Isiah’s hole gaping with cum, which quickly got sucked into his ass.
“Well that’s done,” Asher retrieved his phone. “Make sure you call the hospital later.”
“Wait, that’s it?” Isiah said still coming down from the afterglow. His ass still felt full, and so did his stomach.
“Hello, you there?” Asher talked into the phone. “How about I schedule you for next week?”
Isiah was about to ask a question, when he finally noticed how huge his stomach was. He knew Asher came for a long time, but enough to distend his stomach was insane. Where were his 4-pack abs?
“So, I’m really pregnant?”  Isiah said.
“Definitely,” Asher said looking at Isiah.
Isiah felt the softness in his stomach congeal. It was like all the cum he had in him was coming together. He watched as Asher’s face dropped, feeling Isiah’s stomach change underneath his fingers.
“What the fuck is happening to my stomach?” Isiah said more scared. He crawled back up against the bed, trying to get away from his own belly.
“Isiah look,” Asher hung up the phone, “You’re pregnant. That’s all there is too it,” Asher said dead serious no hint of warmth in his voice.
“This is an actual baby, how?”
“Doesn’t matter. It’s kind of my thing.” Asher said, “Isn’t this what you and your husband wanted?”
“Yes, of course. No qualms about it? It’s just talking about it and seeing it are different things.” Isiah placed a hand on his expanding belly.
“Are you sure it’s a boy?”
“Look man, I’ve been doing this a long time. Whenever I eat before fucking. It’s always a boy. No exceptions.”
“That logic doesn’t follow,” Isiah looked up worriedly.
“It’s pretty obvious I can get men and women pregnant rapidly. Does that logic follow?”
To that Isiah didn’t have a response, Isiah asked a few more questions before waddling out the hotel room with his belly. He thanked Asher and went on his way, baby growing all the while.
Asher, breathing a sigh of relief, closed the door.
This was his life now a walking, talking, fertility treatment. A woman can’t get pregnant— call Asher. The gay couple was denied adoption—call Asher. A guy wants to know what it’s like to have a baby—CALL ASHER.
It’s not that he minded too much. He loved helping people in need and tried to make sure they understood what they were getting into. However, he always found himself answering the same questions after the deed was done. It’s not like he wanted to have sex and go, but this was work and he had other things to do.
Asher got his clothes on and left the hotel room he had somewhere to be now.
At the restaurant the music was boisterous and loud. Before Asher even reached the table, a little kid came up and tackled him in a hug.
“Hey, little man what’s up?” Asher bent down to give the 7-year-old a high five. “Where’s your dad?”
The 7-year-old ran back a table singing, “Dad’s here, Dad’s here!”
Asher walked up to the table, where a man in a dark navy suit sat. He smiled as the kid came running up to the table, but his eyes lit up upon seeing Asher.
Asher felt butterflies in his stomach. the man before him had only grown more handsome every time he saw him.
“Asher!” Gabriel said wrapping the man in a tight embrace. Once Asher found himself in Gabe’s arms he didn’t want to be let go.
Gabriel probably felt the same, but they had an audience. He released Asher as the two men sat down. They had started to check in with each other every two months.
“Hey, Jackson, why don’t you sit by your dad?”
Jackson, their son, happily hopped out of his seat next to Gabriel and sat with Asher.
Asher rubbed Jackson’s head. Sometimes he still couldn’t believe he had put this beautiful kid in Gabriel, or that Gabriel produced such a stunning combination of them both.
The two fathers talked and updated each other on their lives. Jackson drew on the coloring sheet the waitress had provided.
Jackson eventually went to the bathroom and the fathers got a real chance to talk.
“So how many kids you have now?” Gabriel asked, but in a way to let Asher know he was only teasing.
“They’re not MY kids,” Asher explained, “but …maybe ,47?”
“Wow,” Gabriel said, “That’s lower than I thought.”
“I don’t just put my cock in anyone,” Asher said, putting on a fake elegant voice. 
“Of course not, of course not,” Gabriel laughed. Gabriel stared down at the table. His eyes grew more serious. “Do you want to be a dad, with me?”
Asher felt as if he’d been shot in the chest that was one question he never wanted to be asked. “Gabe, you know I love you. I love you both so much, but I can’t.”
“Why not?”
“Look, at me. Jackson’s dad’s a freak.” Asher had both of his index fingers pointed at himself. “Ugh I can just hear it now. Jackson dad can’t keep his dick to himself. Jackson has a million siblings. Worst dad of the year, etc.”
Gabriel let out a small chuckle. “I don’t know about that, according to Jackson you’re a great dad. I mean ice cream two nights in a row!”
Asher facepalmed, “He told you about that?”
“Not your finest hour but, I’m fine with it.” Gabriel cracked his knuckles, “The only thing I’m not fine with is now he thinks you’re the cool dad.”

 Gabriel had big hands that could easily plant a black eye. Asher thanked the heavens that Gabe was not actually upset.
“As for the other stuff you get people pregnant quickly, big deal.”
Asher sucked in air through his teeth. Gabriel knew about the job and Penelope. What he didn’t know were the men that fell victim to Asher’s body. Asher was so ashamed. How could he tell Gabe he swallowed a lacrosse player whole and became so horny he had to fuck a baby into him?
If that wasn’t enough Asher already felt like he ruined Gabriel’s life. They were both sophomores in college, but Gabriel clearly had the tougher road carrying the baby. If Gabriel’s parents hadn’t stepped in Gabriel would have had to drop out. Asher’s parents were concerned too, but when Penelope was pregnant in a month they were confused. When they got news, a boy was carrying their next grandbaby their minds broke. They loved their son, but his sperm was way too active. Their suggestion: STOP HAVING SEX.
“It’s a bit more than that,” Asher didn’t meet Gabe’s eyes.
Gabe lifted Asher’s face, so he could look into his eyes, “If that’s how you truly feel I’ll respect it. Just… don’t feel afraid to come to me. You and Jackson mean the world to me.”
Asher smiled on the outside, but inside he was in turmoil. There was no doubt he loved Gabriel and Jackson, but there was another part of him that loved what Jackson represented. Asher had dominated that stud of a man, Gabe, and bred him. Gabriel’s belly had to make way for his seed. Asher’s heir grew inside Gabriel. The baby became an essential part of Gabe’s life. The result of their combined genetics was so perfect, only proving their breeding was meant to be.
Gabe didn’t get unnerved by much, but every now and again he’d catch Asher looking at him, often with Jackson nearby. Asher would wear a face that said Yeah, I put that in you. It reminded him of a twisted grin Asher once had in their college days. If Gabriel stared long enough though Asher’s face would soften and warm up with affection. Sometimes the difference was so subtle Gabriel felt he needed to check his eyes.
The two continued talking until Jackson returned. The three closed the night and headed home.
Two day’s later Asher found himself at a bar. He hadn’t had time to think over what he discussed with Gabriel. Now, here he was drinking in replace of therapy for his emotions.
A man came up to the bar and started talking to Asher. Normally Asher would ignore it, but this man was hot.
“I didn’t expect to find you here,” The man said.
Asher let his eyes focus a bit and noticed he was staring at Gabe. Gabe had his hair slicked back and his dress shirt’s top buttons were conveniently unfasted showing off part of his chest.
The night wore on as the two continued to talk and drink. Asher ended up inviting Gabriel over to a hotel room, he had bought for his client work that week.
The two men barely made it into the room trying to grab at each other’s cocks. Asher wrestled Gabriel on the bed until he wound up on top and grinded into him.
Asher pulled out a condom from his back pocket. Gabriel grabbed his wrist.
“Actually, do mind if I do it?”
5 mins later the positions were reversed. Gabriel was making his way into Asher’ ass. It was a tight fit, but soon Asher was taking Gabriel’s cock like a pro. In their drunken haze both had forgotten about the condom, which now laid on the floor at the foot of the bed.
The two quickly found their rhythms. Even on the bottom Asher was releasing pheromones, overpowering all of Gabriel’s senses.
Gabriel soon found himself pounding uncontrollably into Asher’s ass. Asher’s cock slapped between his and Gabriel’s abs, leaking his prime precum everywhere.
Eventually Gabriel pounded the cum right out of Asher’s dick. Asher couldn’t contain his moans as he painted both their chests in a hands-free orgasm.
Looking down at the dick, firing shot after shot of the protein rich baby batter, Gabriel, lost in lust, leaned over and licked each thick trail left on Asher.
Gabriel rolled the cum around in his mouth feeling powerful. He knew even one cell was enough to knock him up, yet here he was gulping it down. Once it hit his stomach, he felt a wave of energy over take him. In minutes he was dumping his own load deep into Asher. He drove his dick into the hilt, making Asher moan.
Gabriel collapsed on top of Asher, and the two men fell asleep.
Several days later while servicing a client, Asher was still riding his high of having sex with Gabe. As he finished up images of Gabe flashed in is head. He shot load after load deep into his client.
The client hopped off Asher’s dick, grabbed some clothes, and waked into the bathroom.
Asher laid on the bed confused. He knew he had made it an excellent time.
“I think my boobs are already getting bigger,” Jade walked out of the bathroom, wearing maternity clothes.
“Seems you’ve come prepared,” Asher chuckled a bit.
Jade gave a smirk, “The first time Val and I were surprised at the suddenness, but this time I know what’s up.” Then she spun around, showing off the dress.
Asher was surprised Jade had come back. Typically, while clients are grateful, they hardly ever want a repeat experience. However, it seemed Jade and her wife decided it was quicker and easier to ask Asher.
Asher was all for it, after all their money was still green.
“Sorry handsome, no time to bask in the afterglow.” Jade packed up her things.
Asher, frowning on the inside, begrudgingly threw on his robe and went to walk her out the room.
She started out the door, but then turned around. “I meant to ask but are you bulking up?”
Asher was a bit taken aback by how random the question was, “Umm…no?”
Jade blushed with embarrassment, “Sorry, it’s just you have a bit of a pot belly since I last saw you undressed.”
Asher didn’t really have anything to say. Sure, he might have put on a little weight, but he wasn’t out of shape. He took her hand and slid it under his robe. He ran it up and down his abs.
“See pure muscle,” He smiled at her.
“So, it is,” Jade admitted, “Sorry, I think that was bitchier than I meant it to be.”
Jade apologized profusely, leaving out, while Asher closed the door. Asher couldn’t believe it was he really getting that fat? He undid his robe and looked at it, he still had muscles, but his belly did stick out a bit. He ran his own hands over his abs. He thought back to the times he had gotten someone pregnant.
Then he laughed, “There’s no way…it couldn’t be.”
That Saturday he met up with Gabe. The two went to a college wrestling conference so Gabe could cheer on his little cousin. Then later, they’d go on a date.
Asher’s stomach hadn’t gone down in fact it was getting bigger. Fortunately, he could still pass it off as a muscle gut. He’d have to tell Gabe they were going to have another child. Some part of him was in disbelief he could be carrying a child. He was the one that did the breeding.
Asher and Gabe sat on end of the bleachers. The place was packed. Asher didn’t know people loved wrestling this much.
Down below Gabe’s cousin wrestled with a man twice his size. Gabe cheered, but Asher wasn’t paying attention he was looking up at the other matches going on in the building.
There was one guy in a gold and blue singlet that was expertly pinning his competition.  As they changed positions for the next phase, the singlet hugged the guy’s tight ass. The young man was thick all over his legs his arms. It was amazing the singlet worked at all.
Asher’s stomach growled.
“Are you that hungry?  You should have said something,” Gabriel rubbed Asher’s belly. “I’ll be treating you to dinner so don’t be afraid to pig out later.”
Asher wanted to refuse but what could he say? All he knew was that this hunger was different from before. There was no pain, just a hollowness from within. He knew what the young man he had been watching triggered it.
 It didn’t take Asher long to figure out the problem.
 The baby was hungry.
Asher had no idea where that thought came from, but it popped in his head, and he knew. He knew it was true. The baby wanted this guy.
The wrestler, after winning his match, grabbed his phone out of his pants. He threw off his head gear and walked out of the area.
Asher excused himself, then followed the wrestler. He had walked into an empty hallway, only lit by from the light outside.
The young man apparently wanted to find a quiet place to call his girl. The young man was so into his conversation he never noticed Asher come up behind him.
At first Asher had waited and studied the handsome wrestler. The dark curls on his head his green eyes and the way his muscles moved under the singlet. However, time was of the essence, he needed the wrestler and he needed him now.
He quickly clamped one had over the wrestler’s mouth and threw his head back into his awaiting mouth.
The cellphone hit the ground, falling out of the strong hands. A feminine voice on the other side called out, “Travis? Travis are you there?”
Travis could not respond however as his head was being introduced to Asher’s gullet. Asher got to Travis’s huge shoulders, cheeks bulging out, gulping him down. The indentation of the huge college wrestler under Asher’s skin was sent further down a dark moist tunnel. Muscles even more powerful than Travis’ worked to guide him down. Asher had now lifted Travis off his feet, his form began to distort Asher’s belly.
Asher noticed a hard cock pressing through the singlet. The young man must have removed his cup. Asher got even hornier as he closed the distance between him and the cock. Travis was well gifted in that department and Asher couldn’t wait to get it in his mouth. Asher placed one hand on the cock, rubbing it a bit. and another on the ample ass. This was going to be a mouthful.
A mouthful it was! He had stretched his mouth wide enough to swallow, but now the guy was stuck. A bit of a problem since Travis’ huge dick keep grinding against the roof of Asher’s mouth as he continued to fight.  Asher had gotten so hard he had to unfasten his pants and let his dick hang out.
Luckily, the powerful throat muscles pulled more of Travis in, leaving his massive thighs and strong legs hanging out. Asher undid the wrestling shoes and fed himself the rest of Travis. He pushed in the young man’s feet.
Soon Asher was left with a distorted belly. Travis writhed and turned, crying out from beneath his fleshy prison, not realizing he was only putting Asher in a more euphoric state.
Holding his huge belly, Asher crumpled to the floor. Travis practically kneaded himself, with his stamina.
Asher lied on his back, letting his huge wrestler-dominating stomach stick out in the open. His stomach started working on, the trapped, constricted, shouting Travis. The cries were muffled by flesh, but this had been risky. Asher knew he could have gotten caught. But he didn’t care. Maybe it was time someone stopped him.
Eventually, Travis stopped fighting and shouting. He had grown tired. Asher could still feel Travis moving slightly in his belly.
Asher looked at his own belly. Under his pristine skin held a doomed young man. He cautiously pressed his hand onto the side of his stomach, where Travis’ back was. The boy flinched at first but relaxed as Asher rubbed up and down. His stomach was huge, rotund, and so malleable. He rubbed another part of his stomach and watched it jiggle.
All the while the hallway was filled with the noises of digestion. Gurgles came from the stomach and danced themselves into Asher’s ear.
It felt like hours, but in over the course of a few minutes Asher had fully digested Travis, growing his body only slightly larger.
Asher picked up Travis’s phone with his shirt. He didn’t want any finger prints on it. Travis girlfriend was still on the other side asking for Travis. He hung up and went to the bathroom.
Asher put the phone on the bathroom sink. It was good idea to leave it and let someone find it there.
Asher stared at himself in the mirror. He didn’t look that much different. His stomach was back to normal. He couldn’t believe it. If he had to eat someone, the least his body could do is give him something in return. He must have eaten 200lbs of pure beef. Pure protein. He didn’t understand how it could have affected him so little. He wasn’t even horny after eating.
Getting excited for a minute, he whipped out his dick, only to see his regular size flop out. Guess it didn’t grow him there either.
What he didn’t know was that all that nutrition, protein, and testosterone would go to the one that had truly been hungry.
Asher met back up with Gabe. The two congratulated Gabe’s cousins, then went on to grab dinner together.
Over dinner Asher told Gabe that there was another baby on the way. Gabriel was shocked of course, but to say he was elated would have been an understatement.
Asher went back to Gabe’s house. Gabe walked babysitter out and the, while Asher put Jackson to sleep.
The two both got into Gabriel’s bed without talking much. They spooned together and fell asleep.
The next morning Asher woke up. All he could see was his belly. He was fucking huge, He looked to his side and saw Gabe sleeping peacefully. He thanked the heavens that he hadn’t eaten Gabe in his sleep.
He felt movement under his skin and gulped. He new what it was. The baby was going to be ready soon.
11 Years Later

Come on Jackson we’re waiting. Jackson had gone upstairs to the bathroom, but now he was needed. The birthday boy is required to blow out his own candles.
Gabriel finished lighting the candles as, Donovan carried out the plates and forks. Donovan wanted his brother to hurry up, he was ready to eat. Soon Jackson came runnig down the stairs.
He rubbed his little brother’s head as he got situated in front of his cake with Asher ready to take photos. He blew out his candles.
Later, Asher found his son sitting on the front porch staring out into the neighborhood.
“What’s the matter?” Asher said sitting down beside his son.
“I don’t know if I’m ready to leave,” Jackson admitted.
“Well you still have a few months. Don’t go shortening our family time that quickly. College isn’t going anywhere.” Jackson flicked his son’s ear playfully.
The two laughed and continued talking as their neighbor came home. He was a bachelor in his late twenties. Recently though he had started bringing a girl home. They clearly had been fighting as she stormed inside the house and he slowly came up his walk way. The neighbor looked over seeing the father son duo and waved.
Asher smiled the guy was handsome.  Glad he didn’t feel the urge to eat him. In fact, he hadn’t eaten anyone one in years. At least, not through his mouth. He sometimes fed his cock just to get an extra special batch.
Then he heard a noise. He looked at his son worried. Jackson looked down at his stomach, curiously. It was rumbling. Looks like it agreed with Asher. That handsome man was made to be a part of someone else.
Asher looked though the house window at Donovan inside, then back to Jackson next to him. He stared out into the neighborhood and whispered, “Oh boy.”

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