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Playdate (FS, O, Sex, Willing, implied digestion)
« on: November 27, 2018, 11:06:33 PM »
  First, quick introductions.  I’m Ray; my partner is Joe.  Joe is a Pred.  A big pred.  6’8” tall, and about 300 pounds, nearly all of it muscle; with a bit, of a gut.  (Not a lot, just some nice padding.) And hairy, too.  Man, he was a furry guy!  Oh – and hung like a bull moose.  As a bottom, that’s one of my favorite parts of him.  I mean, don’t get me wrong, I like all of him, and I’m not really a size queen (at least, not when it comes to dick) but that big roll of tube steak is always a nice bonus.  Now, me; I’m what you might call a ‘twunk’ - a twinky guy with a bit of muscle.  Not a twink, not a hunk – a twunk.  Both Joe and I are in our early 30’s; he’s tan, with sandy hair and a tightly trimmed beard; I’m pale and clean-shaven with auburn hair.  He’s a very toppy top, and I’m a total bottom with the proverbial bubble butt.
Now – I’m not a pred, and I’m not prey.  I’m a bit of a bear chaser – and I love a big, round belly on a guy.  I’m maybe a bit of a feeder – I love the way Joe’s belly will bulge after a big meal – I can rub it for hours!  But mostly, I’m just a guy in love with my partner.
Our sex life is pretty good – we mostly stay to ourselves, but sometimes if the circumstances are right and the individual is up for it, we’ll bring in someone to play with; we always play together, because that’s part of what makes it good.
It was a bit late in the evening when I got home, and I knew Joe was hungry.  He hadn’t eaten properly in a few weeks.  We’d been talking about setting up a playdate, and I knew he’d been trolling the usual apps, so I wasn’t surprised to find some unfamiliar clothing strewn around the living room.  I was a little surprised at how much clothing there was – seemed like too much for a single visitor.
“I’m home, Joe!” I called out.
“Back here!” roared Joe from the playroom.
We keep a spare bedroom for playdates.  It keeps our own room private, and makes thing easier to clean up afterward.
I headed down the hallway towards the back of the house, and stopped at the open door of the second bedroom.  There was Joe, naked on the big king bed, and there were two other guys with him.  Both of them were pretty good sized, if not in the same way.  Both of them were lying on the bed on either side of Joe, and he had his arms wrapped around them as each of them sucked on one of Joe’s nipples.  Lower down, each of them was alternating between rubbing Joe’s fuzzy belly and playing with ‘little Joe’, which was standing tall, thick,and proud, precum dripping down the side.
“Hi, Ray!” said Joe.  He freed up a hand, and waved at the two guys. “Meet James, and Rico!”  James was a heavy white guy – quite overweight, with a big belly pressed up against Joe’s side, and a magnificently wide, round ass.  He gave me a sort of backward wave without looking up or taking his lips off Joe’s chest, and snuffled around the nipple between his lips.  Rico was a pretty big hispanic-looking guy; the epitome of ‘Tall, Dark, and Handsome.’  He raised up and rolled halfway over to wave at me, and say ‘Hi!’  I guessed him at about 6’4”, and built like a sculptor’s dream – every huge muscle  clearly defined and cut.  As he rolled back, I caught side of a truly magnificent cock; a pornographer’s dream – long, fat, uncut and rippling with veins, it curled up the crease of his crotch and leg, reaching almost to his hip.  I immediately knew where I wanted to start!
Joe was smiling big. “C’mon over and join us, Ray!”  I nodded, and with a big grin started pulling my clothes off as quickly as I could.  I moments, I was naked.  Rico smiled back at me, running his eyes up and down my body.
“Very nice!” he said.  He glanced at a Joe, “You weren’t kidding!  He’s a hot little number!”
“Thank you,” I said, and climbed onto the end of the bed, and crawled towards him. James finally stopped suckling at Joe’s pec and looked at me, nodding.  “Wow, man!  Gorgeous!”  He went back to Joe’s nipple, and I reached the promised land; thanks, to Joe’s endowment, I’m a pretty accomplished cock jockey, and before Rico could say more, I took a deep breath and swallowed his monster dong down my throat and until my nose reached his pubes.
“Oh my GOD!” Rico choked out.  “Holy crap!  You didn’t tell us he could do that!”  He gasped and grabbed my head with his free hand as I swallowed around his girth, using my throat like a fleshlight.
James’ eyes widened comically.  “Christ, even I can’t do that, Rico!”
Rico, gasping, just nodded as a he watched my head bounce in his lap.
“C’mon, boys, don’t stop now!” said Joe, as he pulled their heads back to his chest.
After a few moments, it was time to switch up a little.  Rico was too distracted by my oral action to do much, but Joe gave James a push.  James, nodding, smiled up at Joe and took the hint, and scooted downwards until he could take Joe’s throbbing cock into his mouth.
We stayed like that a bit, Joe and Rico side-by-side on their backs, kissing and fondling each other while James and I sucked away.  But – as much fun at this was, I wanted more.  I wanted to be pounded!  With a saucy look in my eyes, I reached up and tweaked Rico’s nip to get his attention, then pointed at my ass, which was waving in the air behind me.  Rico smiled.  “Hey, Joe, looks like it’s time to mount up! You good with that?”
“Sure, big guy – go ahead.  Remember what I told you, Ray likes it hard, and deep!”
Laughing, Rico lifted himself up off the bed. “Can do, big man!”
And – man – it was amazing.  The four of us sucked, fucked, cuddled, and fucked some more.  Joe and I hadn’t really done a foursome before, and I was wondering how he wanted it all to go, but eventually we wound up in a position that was…  complicated.
I was on my back, and Joe was between my legs, his tree truck dick buried in my ass deep enough to search for gold; my belly poking up with each stroke of his hips – not that I could see that.  Big, chubby James as straddling my face, nicely sized dick filling my mouth, and his beautiful round ball belly lying on my chest where I could wrap my arms around it from below while he made out with Joe.  Rico was standing at the end of the bed, fucking James from behind, giving me a fish eye view of plump, tight balls as his gorgeous fat dick plumbed the depths of James asshole.  It was as carnal a night as I’d ever experienced; heaving, swaying flesh, sweat flying everywhere, and the rising smell of sexy, sexed-up man funk surrounding us – seriously, there should’ve been cameras.
And then – it happened.  The sign that the next part of the night was about to begin.  The part that makes our playdates incredible and unique.
Joe’s stomach let out a tremendous growl.
Both James and Rico froze – and James stiffened as he came down my throat.
Of course, I couldn’t see – but I knew what would come next.  Joe was smiling a hard, and predatory smile.
From above, I heard James ask, in a high and squeaky voice, tense with excitement,  “It it time?”
And Joe, still fucking my ass with long, forceful strokes, answered in a much deeper and more resonant voice, “Yes, it’s time.”
In front of my eyes, I saw Rico’s balls tighten, and his perineum pulse as he came in James ass at the sound of Joe’s voice.
With only that warning, I felt James weight pulled off me, and his dick popped out of my mouth.  I still had my hands wrapped around James belly, but I could feel him being pulled from my grasp; his whole body gradually being drawn up and away from me.  At that moment, his ass was pulled off Rico’s dick,  which slapped down into my face, funky and covered in cum. Without hesitation, I sucked it into my mouth, raising my arms and wrapping them around Rico’s hips to grab his ass and pull him deeper into my mouth.
After a moment, I realized that James wasn’t fighting at all – no struggling.  I could hear muffled gulping, but there was none of the flailing that was so often part of these things.  James must be Prey!  Jeeze, Joe found a true Prey for tonight’s playdate!
And Rico wasn’t doing anything either!  No outcry, no fight!  In fact, he was helping!  As James continued to be drawn away from me, my field of vision cleared; I let Rico’s dick fall out of my mouth and raised my head to watch. I could see Rico, a blissed out, lascivious look on his face, actually pushing James towards Joe!  And through all of this, Joe was still fucking me!  Oh, my god, this was so hot!  I mean – he wasn’t real focused about it, the movements were slower, not so forceful – but those hips were still moving, and that colossal shlong was still churning up my guts. Above me, Rico was panting and red it in the face, his eyes glue to the scene in front of him. Joe’s mouth was stretched to impossible widths, working it’s way around that gorgeous ball of belly; his neck almost as wide as his shoulders, and his barrel chest expanding as his meal was swallowed, gradually but steadily.
My legs were spread wide as Joe plowed me, my knees around his hips, and my feet dangling helplessly behind his thighs.  And then, while Rico and I watched, mesmerized, Joe’s meal began to hit bottom, and his nicely padded belly began to swell.
Joe threw his head back, flipping James’ legs up into the air so that gravity would assist,  Now both Rico and I could see the muscular contractions traveling down Joe’s throat into his chest as he continued to gulp and swallow and pull James in.  James belly swelled out, pushing through the ‘Vee’ of my legs, spreading my knees and inching across my rock-hard dick, and then out over my own, flat belly. Reverently, I reached out and spread my hands across the swelling mass, watching the furry pelt thin out as the skin stretched.
And still, Joe continued to fuck me, his belly surging against me in a slow, pulsing rhythm.  The swell took on new dimensions as James midsection entered Joe’s stomach, now only James feet remained.  With a final huge gulp, Joe swallowed one last time, and James feet disappeared.  At the same time, Joe’s belly settled down on top of me, reaching almost to my chest, and I raised my arms to wrap them around the swollen ball, feeling James shifting around inside. Rico, panting with excitement, also put his hands on Joe’s belly, spreading his fingers wide, rubbing across the swollen dome.  James gave a particularly distinct wiggle, right under Rico’s hands, and with a gasp, Rico came again, painting my hair with his spunk.
Joe laughed, and with a lunge, reached forward and grabbed Rico under the shoulders. Smiling, he looked Rico in the eyes, and said “Your turn!”
There was a pause in the relentless assault on my ass as he gave a mighty heave and yanked Rico forward; in an instant Rico’s head was buried in Joe’s throat and his shoulders deep in Joe’s already-stretched mouth.
After the stretch at strain of James wide frame, Rico – sweaty and slick – slid down Joes’ throat like a kid in a water slide. And, again – no fight! No struggle at all – in fact, just before his dick disappeared behind Joe’s lips, Rico came again!  Unbelievable!  Joe had found not one, but two Prey for this incredible foursome playdate!
Inside the circle of my arms, I could feel Joe’s bloated belly swell yet again, as Rico was added to that incredible tank; in the moments it took to swallow the handsome Hispanic down, my arms and legs were both spread wide.
Focused on his meal, Joe wasn’t moving anymore, but he was still buried to the root in my ass.
And then, the meal was over. Joe’s belly was almost up to my chin – and I couldn’t see anything else, the swelling, hairy hill obscuring my vision of Joe entirely.  But I could hear when it was done; Joe took a huge breath (causing that belly to swell even more), smacked his lips, and resumed fucking me.
Trapped underneath that shaking, swollen mass, I was in heaven!  And then I realized; James and Rico were taking one last fuck inside there!  Joe started to moan and pant, and I could just imagine the simulation as they hit a beat that match his movements as he fucked me.
They didn’t have long, and they made it count!  In just moments, the bouncing movements inside Joes’ belly, a sexual counterpoint to his hips thrusts between my thighs, reached a frenzied crescendo; the friction of the belly lying across my cock and balls driving me insane with lust.  Like dominoes falling in sequence; there was a muffled shout from inside as they came; then an animal grunt as Joe shot in my ass, filling me with enough cum to make my belly swell up under his just the slightest bit, and that dropped me over the edge, my cock jerking as I shot between us, painting Joes underbelly with my cum.
And then, it was over, except for the panting.
With an amazing show of strength, Joe managed to uncurl his legs, one after the other, so that he could lie back.  Like a ball in a hammock, his belly gently rolled off of me, rising above Joe as he settled into the pillows.  I kept my arms wrapped around that belly as much as I could, and rode the shift, the belly pulling me up into a sitting position as it shifted and settled back into Joe’s wide frame.  After a few more moments, I got my legs under me and gently lifted myself off Joe’s spent cock, then crawled around the gently pulsing hill of hairy skin.  The two inside were unconscious by now; the only movement that of the peristalsis that would gradually break them down and add them to Joes already impressive bulk.
With a happy smile, I curled up against Joe’s side, my head on his shoulder, his arm wrapped around me, my body cradling the belly, my free hand gently rubbing the swollen mass.
Joe – his breathing settling down, smiled at me.  “So, what did you think? Was that a good playdate?”
I nodded.  “Where did you find them, Joe?  I mean, two willing Prey – both at the same time?”
“Voreplay,” he replied.  “Of course.  We’ve been messaging back and forth for a couple weeks now.  They are, I mean were, a couple – been together for several years.  Apparently James was diagnosed with a form of liver Cirrhosis that they didn’t catch until it was much too late – and he’s got some sort of strange factor that meant he couldn’t take a transplant; they gave him less than six months.  So – since there was little or no hope, and they didn’t want to be apart, they decided to go out together as Prey.”
“Man – that’s awful – but holy cow, it was amazing!”
“Yeah – god, that was hot! Just one problem.”
“What’s that?”
“How on earth can we top this on our next playdate?”
BigHorton from Alaska. FS Pred.
6'4", 370lbs.  Tendency to inadvertently loom over people.
Yeah, I'm a great big fat guy, named Horton.  No, I haven't heard a 'who' or hatched any eggs, ThankYouVeryMuch.

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Re: Playdate (FS, O, Sex, Willing, implied digestion)
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Fuck this is hot 😍😍😍😍