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Stiffed pt.2
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The events of the past hour have left Tim scarred, emotionally and physically. In the moments after Zack's departure he worked with all his might to escape the glass prison and wound up on the floor with cuts and shards of glass all over. The middle aged man took a great deal longer to escape but now stood beside Tim and assisted with removing the sharp glass from Tim's lacerated body. As much as he was in pain, Tim was happy, they were on the floor, and even as battered and injured as he was, it was still better than being eaten by the waiter Zack.

"Okay we're free but we still have to find some way out of this hell horror show, I'm Tim, and that bastard isn't going to be eating us today!"
The middle aged man smiled and nodded, "Barry, I...How the hell do we get out of here?" It was a fair question and one Tim still pondered at, the dorm room was huge and what should only be a few feet of distance seemed to be at least a few miles, it all seemed amazing and terrifying at the same time. They both began to plan their escape, weary and weak in the face of a giant world.

Meanwhile Zack was just finishing purchasing the last of his books with Gwen's credit card, he barely registered the fact that she was now working into his intestines, he'd done this so many times it barely dawned on him anymore. As he walked about the city he hit up multiple stores for books, a few video games courtesy of Tim and Barry, and finally nearing noon he stopped at a subway two blocks from his dorm. The thought of sending Barry down with a double meat Italian sub and picturing him screaming inside his stomach was too much temptation and of course he ordered it to go. Several bags in hand Zack hummed as he began the trek home, his stomach already growling in anticipation.

Tim and Barry had barely made any progress on the hardwood floor, moving slowly through discarded clothes, beer bottles, fast food wrappers. It was like a mine field of obstacles for the two tiny men who both looked in fear at the clock above the giant's bed and saw it already read 1215. "We might not be leaving this room today... I know it sucks but we have to consider hiding if we don't want to end up in that bastard's gut!" Tim suggested, pointing to under the bed which seemed considerably closer than the door. The two began moving at speed toward the new destination but as soon as they began to relax a sudden shadow descended over them, "Holy shit man! Run! Run! Run!" Barry shouted as an enormous spider descended down it's web and onto the floor in pursuit of the two tiny men. Running as fast as they could, Tim had the age advantage and quickly dodged several strikes from the leaping spider and crisscrossed wrappers and found himself free of pursuit, with a sigh of relief he knelled down inside a panera bread wrapper and thanked god for the momentary safety.

Barry wasn't so lucky, he gasped and begged for air and speed as he was pursued into a corner. The chase ended with him inside a Styrofoam cup and staring the horrifyingly large spider in it's eight eyes. Sensing the fight was over, the spider moved slowly but purposely towards the tiny man. As the spider began to advance, Zack suddenly opens the door and immediately sees the two shattered jars, "Fuck! Where are you assholes!?" He shouts as he sets his food and books onto a counter and begins searching the immediate area for his two tiny snacks.

Barry cried in fear as the hairy legs begin to feel around him, "Oh God no, please just go away" he cried trying to melt into the Styrofoam cup in effort to escape the touch of the insect, it's fangs seemed to click in anticipation. As the creature was about to pounce and claim it's prey, Tim emerged with a toothpick spear and impales the spider in it's head. The creature makes no noise as it back tracks and seems to run in confusion, knocking into the cup and forcing it to move slightly. It's enough for Zack to notice though. Inside the white cylinder Tim lifts a quivering Barry up, "I told you we're getting the fuck out of here..." he says triumphantly. The two shake hands and have a moment of hope as they walk out together onto the hardwood floor, then all hope instantly flushes out of the two as Zack looks down and locks eyes with them.
Reaching down with impossible speed Zack grabs the frozen men with ease, "Sorry boys but we have a lunch and dinner date, what did you guys forget?" The giant laughs, he places the two tiny men in a new plastic tupperware bin and slowly unwraps his sub. "Decided to go with a six inch so I don't eat too much, tonight's dinner is the main event after all, Barry, you're slightly worse than Gwen. You come in all week with some tinder chick you're cheating on your wife with and every time leave me high and dry, no tip, usually short on cash and just an overall asshole." Barry just incoherently cries as Zack lifts him up. "Well you were a piece of shit in your old life, you might be in this one".

Zack dumps the tiny Barry onto the pink sliced ham and covers him with mustard and rebuilds the sub before quickly taking a bite, all the while looking at the terrified Tim. Each bite seemed to be easy and casual to Zack but to Tim he continued to wonder in terror what Barry was going through. "Don't worry Tim, you're good until dinner, you see I always save the worst for last and we're going to actually enjoy your last night on earth." Zack gloats while chewing and swallowing several bites. "Why...Why not just take my money and let me go, I won't tell anyone, I won't fight you, just please... I want to live!" Tim pleads.

Zack looked down at his sub and as he planned, saw the mustard covered Barry, flailing and pleading on the edge of a slice of ham. "I know you're sorry, thing is people like you are never really sorry until you get to rock bottom, no matter what you're going to be my dinner tonight, I'd be grateful I'm not going inside a stomach full of a spicy sub like poor Barry here!" He chuckles before taking a bite. Chewing slowly Zack opens his mouth in front of Tim to show his tiny comrade being thrown about and covered in saliva, the ordeal lasts only two minutes before Zack decides to swallow. The lump in his throat signifying Barry's demise as it disappears into the giant's chest. Tim just sobs, that's two now he's seen sacrificed to the giant man.

Zack quickly finishes the rest of the sub and lets out a few tiny burps, and gestures to Tim while he pulls out some grocery items. Tim watches in awe as a giant steak is set before him, a few potatoes, broccoli, asparagus and finally a bottle of red wine all set in preparation for tonight. "Don't worry Tim, by the time Barry is digested I'll be sending you down with this awesome dinner, I really only cook on special occasions so you should feel honored!"

Tim only feels dread and fear, the giant has already proven his appetite for tiny people and he definitely doesn't want to experience it first hand. Inside the Tupperware box he scans the area for anything that might help. Nothing seems to pop out to him but suddenly Zack's phone rings several times and he seems agitated and reluctant to answer it. When he finally does he looks up, "Hello? Oh...Babe no, nothing like that. What?! I'm on my way okay? just hang on". Zack looks at Tim and does one last check to make sure the plastic bin will secure his captive. "I'll be back, don't go running out on me, we've got an awesome date planned!" He mocks while patting his stomach.
Inside Zack's stomach Barry is still sobbing, clinging on to a piece of lettuce he prays hopelessly in the hot darkness as the walls churn and spit gastric juices at him. No matter how loud he screams his only response is from the giant's body and groaning as digestion goes on like normal. The air is hot and humid and in the pitch blackness Barry can only pray, saying several hail mary's until the acid begins to burn and tingle. As Zack runs down stairs his stomach shakes and throws the tiny occupant around without regard. When Zack finally catches a cab things settle down, but it's little relief to Barry who bangs on the wrinkled walls that push on him and the chewed sandwich, as Zack finally burps, the air becomes thin and Barry passes out, becoming just another morsel in Zack's digestive system. The second human to fall victim in the day and left to build up the young 23 year old man's body.