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Here is the second story of my Vore World series. Part one can be found here -

Food Bank – A Vore World Story (Male/Male, FS, O, Willing/Unwilling)

In the small, white-walled cell, Kevin lay naked on his bunk. The room wasn’t overly small, being 8 feet by 8 feet, with a small desk, sink, and toilet, and a monitor built into the wall with almost any program he could want to watch. It had been three weeks almost to the day since he was picked up in a random sweep by one of the black vans and brought here.  He was getting slightly worried; if he wasn’t selected before a month went by, he knew what that meant.

Kevin wasn’t sure why he was in here so long, lots of others had gone already even those brought in after he was. He didn’t think he looked that bad, he was 6 feet tall, a little on the dad bod side, had a nice furry chest, belly, arms, and legs. His cock was even thick, meaty and cut. He thought he looked decent for being 28.

“Down the hall to the open room,” he heard a voice say from outside his room. Standing up, he walked over to the clear cell door and watched as someone strolled down the corridor and toward the room opposite his. It was a much younger man, probably in his teens, Kevin thought, with a very light build, no more than 5’4” and 110 lbs. His brown hair was cut short, and his skin lacked the hairy covering Kevin had. Even his crotch was hairless, probably groomed. A 6” uncut cock swayed side to side as the young man walked up to the cell door and entered the white room.

The door slid shut as the new arrival examined his surroundings. The monitor on the wall sprung to life, starting an instructional video on what to expect, how to behave, and what not to do, played.

“You can ignore that,” Kevin said, his remark causing the smaller man to turn. “Only a few things you need to know around here. I am Kevin, by the way.”

“Eric,” he replied half-heartedly while continuing to survey the room.

“Just really need to know when to eat, sleep, shower, shit, and stand to be examined,” Kevin explained while pointing at two red circles on the floor of Eric’s room. “You eat when they bring you food, sleep at lights out, shower once a day, shit when you want to, and stand in this red circles when they tell you it is showtime. Other than that watch tv and chat with your neighbor if you feel like it. It is not like any of us are in here for very long.”

“How long have you been here?” Eric asked after finally stopping his scan of the room.

“Three weeks tomorrow,” Kevin said with a worried tone to his voice. “Only a week to go until . . .”

“Oh,” Eric said.

“How did they get you?” Kevin changed the subject.

“I . . . ,” Eric hesitated then continued. “I was a senior in high school, missed too many days, hate school. I got called before the truancy  judge, and since I was 18 he gave me a choice, be sent here or to, well you know.”

“Yeah,” Kevin empathized with the young man. “That is rough. Well, do you want the good news?”

“Sure,” Eric inquired.

“From your looks, you shouldn’t be here long,” Kevin explained. “There is that. Unlike me or is going down to the wire.”

“Sorry man,” Eric said. “Do you think I will be gone soon?”

“Yeah dude,” Kevin realized he might have said the wrong thing as the lights slowly dimmed and a chime signaled lights out. “But don’t worry about, get you some rest, and we will talk some more tomorrow if you want.”

“Thanks, man,” Eric said heading to his bed and laying down, his face planted in the pillow. Kevin felt bad now, but he let the poor guy alone and went to bed himself.

The next morning, breakfast arrived at each of the cells. Kevin watched while his new neighbor just poked at the food. After eating, he stood up and walked over to the cell door, “You wanna talk any?”

Eric looked up from his uneaten meal and started to say something, but the tv interrupted. A red circle suddenly appeared all the screens as well as the light in the cells changing to a dim red glow.

“Showtime,” Kevin said to Eric. “Just put your feet in the red circles and stand there till the light changes back, nothing too it.”

Kevin watched the young man slowly stand and follow those directions as he stepped into position also.

“Sometimes this takes a few minutes,” Kevin shouted so Eric could hear him. “They are just viewing us on the monitors now.”

“Oh,” Eric replied.

After a short period, the tv screens darkened again, and the lights changed back to the soft white glow of before.

“See,” Kevin reassured Eric. “Painless.”

Kevin’s screen came to life, and a voice said “8472, please report to room 6. 8472, please report to room 6.”

Kevin knew that was the number given to him when he first arrived, “Guess I don’t have to worry about that last week.”

Kevin’s door slid open, and he stepped into the hall and walked over to Eric’s door. “You take care,” he started to tell the young man right when his screen flashed on and the same voice ordered, “8496, please report to room 6. 8496, please report to room 6.”

Kevin and Eric stared at each other silently as the door slid open. Eric was still standing in the red circles; he had a deer in a headlight look. Kevin wasn’t sure what to say, to himself, he thought the kid was lucky, no waiting. But he knew that it must be hard the realization that this is it.

“Both of us,” Eric asked.

“Yeah,” Kevin replied. “It might be a group; sometimes they come together.”

“And if it isn’t a two,” Eric stuttered.

“Then I guess . . . ,” Kevin didn’t know what else to say.

Eric finally stepped off the red circles and into the hall with Kevin. Slowly they made their way down the corridor until they reached a door with a “6” stenciled on it, a small scanner pulsed red light from the wall next to the door. Kevin scanned his barcode on his arm and then looked toward Eric to do the same.

“I am scared,” Eric said.

“I am scared too,” Kevin confessed. “But you know we have no choice, it is either this or . . . “

Eric lifted his arm, and the red light verified his barcode. The door opened automatically, and the two men entered the room beyond. Kevin was surprised with how bare the place looked; he was expecting something a bit more extravagant. While the room was quite large, it lacked in furnishings. A large couch sat off to one side, and by the opposite wall was a wooden table. However, the most striking feature of the room sat on the couch. The pred was huge, about the largest Kevin had ever seen, he dwarfed both men. He sat silently eying the newcomers.

“Mr. Felix,” a voice sounded from above. “Does this order meet with your approval?”

“Yes,” Felix replied to the ceiling. “They will do nicely.”

“Well if you need anything let us know,” the voice from on high continued. “Enjoy.”

“Come here boys,” Felix ordered waving them over. Kevin placed his hand on Eric’s shoulder when he realized the younger man was hesitating. A slight tremor permeated through his skin.

“It is okay,” Kevin said in a hushed voice ushering Eric forward. “Let’s get this over with.”

Kevin led Eric to stand in front of the sitting pred. The two young men stood naked side by side, and even then Felix looked wider than that spread out on the couch. The monster’s eyes gleamed at the two while his mouth watered in anticipation of the what was to come.

“Turn around,” Felix ordered pointing to Eric, who slowly obliged; he didn’t want to face the enormous man anyway.

“Mmmm, nice,” Felix purred reaching out and grabbed Eric by the waist, causing Eric to nearly jump out of his skin. Pulling the much smaller man against his belly, Felix started to salivate as he opened his mouth wide. Eric knew what was about to happen; a terrified look masked his face.

“I will see you in a few minutes,” Kevin comforted him as Eric’s head vanished into the awaiting mouth, which slowly closed with the lips encircling the throat. Eric gave a slight struggle, but in the clutches of this behemoth, he wasn’t going anywhere. Kevin watched Felix’s eyes roll back into his head as he took in the flavor of this meal.

Felix let his lips part as he lifted his meal and crammed the shoulders into his maw. Eric’s back arched against the round stomach he rested against, his toes barely touching the ground. Kevin could only watch in awe as the naked body continued being slurped down. Just moments later and the lips were touching Eric’s belly button, his feet and legs dangled helplessly in the air.

A plate-sized tongue appeared and cradled the young man’s ass, slowly pushing between his legs, spreading them apart. The tongue cupped upward, driving Eric’s cock against his belly. At first, Kevin couldn’t see the young man’s member, but the more the pred rubbed it, the head slowly appeared from underneath the pink flesh. Kevin watched as the helpless youth’s hands clenched and his toes curled and then splayed, over and over again. It didn’t take long for a stream of cum to spurt onto the hairless stomach, some of it pooling in his belly button.

Feeling his prey orgasm, Felix tossed his head back, sending Eric’s legs into the air. Gravity did the rest as his legs were quickly slurped up, only leaving the soles of his feet and wiggling toes facing Kevin. One more gulp and the young man vanished forever into the pred’s stomach. Lowering his head level, Felix grabbed what looked like a beach towel from beside him and wiped the drool from his face.

“He was as good as I thought he would be,” he said to Kevin who was staring in awe at what he had just seen. While he had seen the vids of guys eaten before, it was different being this close when it happened.

“Why him?” Kevin asked in as forceful a voice as he could muster in the situation.

“Well,” Felix said looking at his next meal being slightly defiant. “I was going to eat you. I wanted a big meal this morning. But then I saw him and noticed he had just arrived yesterday. I knew if I waited and just ate you, he would be gone. So I splurged for both of you. And let me tell you I am glad I did. He was delicious.”

The wide grin on the pred’s face sent a chill down Kevin’s spine. Even though he knew what was about to happen, and had seen it first hand now, he still couldn’t believe this was happening to him. It had only been three weeks since he had been randomly stopped on his way to work and selected for the food bank. He couldn’t have believed his luck that day; he was running late because his roommate wouldn’t get out of the shower, which put him arriving at that bus stop right when the selection started. Now here he stood naked, getting ready to be devoured by this pred.

“Well we better get you in here,” Felix said patting his belly. “You don’t want to wait until my stomach starts digesting your little buddy, that wouldn’t be comfortable at all for you.”

Felix leaned forward grabbing Kevin by the arms and pulling him ahead. Kevin stumbled a bit, not prepared for the swiftness of the attack. The mammoth maw of the pred opened, sending saliva dripping on the naked man’s brown hair. Felix took his head into his mouth in one quick motion, forcing Kevin’s head to turn sideways as the tongue slurped over him with a coating of saliva. Since he was taller than Eric, he wasn’t lifted off the ground as his shoulders were forced inside. The throat grabbed the crown of his head, strong muscles tensed and pulled downward. The monster’s tongue was now rubbing against his chest, matting down the hair there.

Kevin found himself disoriented as more and more of his body was shoved into the pred. The tight tube he was descending massaged his flesh, almost in an erotic fashion. He let out an involuntary gasp when he felt his cock glide onto the writhing tongue. He had watched what it did to poor Eric, but he couldn’t have imaged it felt this good. His hips instinctively thrust into the spongy flesh, trying to get one last bit of pleasure before the end. Just as the end of the esophagus opened up and let his head start to pass, his rock hard cock sent his last load ever into the mouth of the pred eating him.

Kevin’s shoulders breached the stomach, and he was thrust quickly into the chamber. His body attempted to curl up as he felt the wiggling form of Eric trying to make room. At first, Kevin didn’t think he was going to fit, but then several hard swallows from above sent is legs and feet in and he ended up with his arms and legs finally settling around the sobbing youth that had preceded him.

Kevin didn’t try to speak to comfort Eric. There was no need, they both knew what was to come. Instead, he squeezed the younger man tight, closed his eyes shut, and waited for the stomach to do its thing. He only hoped that they would both be dead before the digestion started and the acids melted their flesh.

Felix patted his stomach. He could feel his two meals squirming around, trying to get comfortable. Leaning back, he took in the afterglow of is food. They tasted amazing and he was glad he went with both of them, even if it bloated his stomach out even further.

“Next time,” he said to himself. “I think I will just go to the gym.”

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Re: Food Bank - A Vore World Story (Male/Male, FS, O, Willing/Semi-Willing)
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Great build up and setting! Love the whole concept! Also, don’t be afraid to add more details to the end. It was HOT.

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Re: Food Bank - A Vore World Story (Male/Male, FS, O, Willing/Semi-Willing)
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What kind of details would you like to see added/expanded?

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Re: Food Bank - A Vore World Story (Male/Male, FS, O, Willing/Semi-Willing)
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What is the “other thing” that could have happened? Because to non prey, being eaten and well... death... seems like something pretty bad to happen to random citizens! I MUST KNIW, other than that big question it was really good

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Re: Food Bank - A Vore World Story (Male/Male, FS, O, Willing/Semi-Willing)
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What is the “other thing” that could have happened? Because to non prey, being eaten and well... death... seems like something pretty bad to happen to random citizens! I MUST KNIW, other than that big question it was really good

It's the same thing that's at the bottom of the pit in The Pit and the Pendulum.

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Re: Food Bank - A Vore World Story (Male/Male, FS, O, Willing/Semi-Willing)
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Yeah, the "other thing" was something that I was going to hint about in various stories. I was being purposely vague. I do have a story related to it outlined but I will not be able to post it here, I will have it somewhere though, probably Ekas, for anyone that is interested. For now, my next story, Grade A Prime, is underway. Hopefully I will get it done before vacation.

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Re: Food Bank - A Vore World Story (Male/Male, FS, O, Willing/Semi-Willing)
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Hey awesome story, dude! Its definitely arousing - wish I was sent to this food bank haha

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Re: Food Bank - A Vore World Story (Male/Male, FS, O, Willing/Semi-Willing)
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Thanks everyone. I was going to have the next chapter done before I went on vacation but didn't manage it. I am back now so will try and get it proofread and uploaded as soon as I can.