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David Blaine's new trick
« on: November 17, 2018, 09:12:33 AM »
Hey Vore community fans, I saw this article & video about David Blaine, the magician, swallowing then regurgitating a frog. He called it being the ‘Human Aquarium’ which is interesting, so look him up. After seeing all this, I naturally couldn’t pass up the opportunity to forge a vore fantasy from it; hope you enjoy!
 Also, check out my profile, I have an album featuring David Blaine & his mouth ;)
 It was fall in New York City, the weather was just starting to change, that weather where it’s a bit chilly but all you need is a nice warm sweatshirt to feel great. Everyone’s mood is heightened in the city, because it’s a break from summer and there are new and fun activities coming up. This is where I stumbled upon a convention on magic tricks that just so happened to be here in my city. The expo was cheap, with a bunch of tables on different artists performing tricks or selling their games or info or what not, so I decided to attend. After walking around for a bit, I saw a huge crowd at the front of the expo center toward the stage. I was all the way in the back, but the crowd wasn’t terribly huge, so I could see the person on the stage talking, it was David Blaine as shown by the posters surrounding the crowd.

I had heard of him before, as he’s done amazing, even death defying tricks for nearly 20 years, Naturally, I stayed to watch him. It also didn’t help that he was super handsome; 43 years old, well aged, tall, slightly tanned skin, brown hair, handsome face, lips, and the way he talked with his deep seductive voice was very engaging and honestly just downright sexy. I watched his lips talk to the crowd, almost seductively. He was doing tricks left and right for a total of 20-30 minutes. Then I about lost it when his tricks were of him putting a safety pin through his cheek to his mouth, then swallowing them & brining them back up on a string! There were giant TV screens in the center & on the periphery filming, that even zoomed onto his face and right into his mouth as it opened up wide after his trick revealing an unharmed, yet sexy mouth! Bringing up swallowed safety pins that he had swallowed then somehow got on a string to be pulled back up?! How did he do that?!
 But seriously, let’s get real, it’s David Blaine who is just downright sexy. AND he was putting things in his mouth, swallowing them, somehow getting them out unharmed. And honestly, I’ve always had a fascination with the male mouth. I’m a gay man, I like men, and one of my favorite parts of a man is his mouth. Kissing is my favorite thing, because it involves an activity relying soley on a guy and his sexy mouth; lips parting, tongues rolling, spit flowing… I was into all of it, it really got me going! I’ve even fascinated about being shrunken down for a sexy guy and put in his mouth to be toyed with, salivated on, and ultimately swallowed whole. But this is just a fantasy, obviously one that I know would never come true, nor would I even volunteer to be eaten alive and die inside a man’s stomach; simply a weird sexual fetish.
 Hearing that, I then lost it after you’ll never believe what he just did: “For my last and final trick, I am going to make my stomach become a human aquarium.” The whole crowd pondered his words, all turning to each other in confusion. “I’ve been working on this trick lately, even done it a few times before at a tech conference and on the Jimmy Falon show, but here up close and personal I will show you, allow me to explain, folks. Back in 1920, there was a magician that performed a trick to make his stomach known as a ‘Human Aquarium’ for animals that could swim and live in his stomach. I’ve gone on an epic quest, including to a guy in Liberia who can regurgitate water from his stomach on command without vomiting. So I had to learn how to do this, and I will show you right now!” Everyone still awed by his words looked puzzled and quite frankly confused.
 Blaine takes an empty champagne glass, the camera zooms into his face as he holds it up to his mouth, makes a few weird facial and abdominal movements, then just like that, water and a frog come out of his mouth right into the champagne glass! The whole crowd went completely nuts, saying things like “how did he do that?” or “how long has that thing been in his stomach!” or “whoa holy cow!” He hands the glass to someone in the crowd, “holy cow it’s alive and moving!” Blaine smiles, takes another glass, and yet again, spits out one more frog! How did he do this?! Everyone was cheering in astomishment, how was this able to happen?! He smiles as the crowd goes wild, with that incredibly sexy look. Then says to the crowd “make sure my mouth is empty, guys! Is my mouth empty? Zoom in, camera man!” The camera zooms into face, his handsome unbelievably sexy face. His lips break into a smile, then slowly, almost seductively his lips start to part. His mouth starts to open with a string of saliva that snaps down onto his tongue. His tongue was so wet from saliva and the water he brought up, then his tongue protruded from his mouth out on his lips, flexing his throat revealing an empty mouth with a dark pit of a throat and uvula hanging at the very top. The crowd again went wild, as his mouth was indeed empty; nothing hidden back there, just a gaping dark pit. He then grabbed a third glass and regurgitated one last frog. The crowd still in awe, and him showing off his empty, vast, yet sexy mouth. Well by this point, I previously had a semi that turned into a full-blown hard on! What a sexy mouth! What a lucky frog! Wow, I wish I had filmed this, I want to watch it at home up close and personal! But unfortunately I did not, oh well, I will never forget it at least!
 Blaine walked behind stage after his show, you could see his confident walk after making the crowd go wild. As I was walking away, in astonishment and lust, I saw a man standing at his table with an open book. He could see I was curious, so he said “Hey! If you enjoyed the show, especially the last trick, sign up here to be on his mailing list!” So, of course I signed up, why not, right? I left the convention and honestly couldn’t wait to get home and think about this, all of this from a vore prospective.
 A few days later, I get an e-mail from David Blaine’s mailing list thanking me for my subscription and whatnot. Not really noticeable, a small link at the bottom appeared saying “Interested in magic? Click here to register to win and be Blaine’s next assistant with personal one on one training” It had a few requirements, he wanted a male, of younger/middle age, who wouldn’t be shy, and has always been curious about magic, and also required an attachment of your face picture. So again, why the hell not? Much to my surprise, I received an e-mail hours later that I had been chosen amongst a finalist with some other guys to be his assistant. Was this real? That e-mail came so quickly, I hope it’s not a scam? Weird, but ok, in the spirit of ambiguity, I replied and again, promptly received an e-mail about where to go for the interview. The interview was 2 days away and in NYC, so he must still be touring here, and maybe even desperate! I chuckle to myself, well, again in the spirit of ambiguity, why the hell not!
 Two days later was the interview. It was directions to the W hotel in my city, so it had to be legit, right? I was given directions directly to the hotel room and was told that I didn’t even need to check in at the front desk. Pent House, wow, this dude is loaded! I knock on the door, it opened and the same man who showed me the guest book was there. “Oh welcome! Thanks for coming and congratulations on making the cut! I’ll get things settled in a moment. Here, have some water and take a seat on the couch, Mr. Blaine is just in the next room. He hands me a small bottle of water, sealed, but with a label I’ve never seen before. Out of curiosity and thirst, I open it and drink most of it. It’s water, but with a tinge of something I just can’t put my finger on. The man come back into the room, “Ok, the great Mr. Blaine will see you in the next room, go on in and have a seat” he said with an ever so slight smirk. I walk into the room that’s decently but warmly lit, and have a seat on the couch.
 A few moments pass by, I finish my water. Weirdly enough, as soon as I finished my water, the door on the other side of the room creeks open. There in walks the infamous and sexy David Blaine. My eyes probably grow big with stars, I immediately stand up as he walks to me, literally right up to me. Looking down at me, as I’m much shorter than he, his eyes look like they have something to tell me. He holds his hand out and gives me a nice firm handshake, looks me right in the eyes and smiles. “Well, congratulations and thanks for coming here right after my show. Take a seat back on the couch” I’m so nervous, I studder out “absolutely, the pleasure is all mine, Mr. Blaine!” He smirks, “please, David is fine.”
 So what makes you want to be my right hand man, my assistant on the stage?” I start to talk nervously “Well, I have always thought your magic was great, then I saw you on stage the other day and you were amazing!” He smiles warmly but confidently, “Ahh, you liked it, huh? So Did you also like the frog trick? Heh, heh” He looked right into my eyes as if he were piercing my soul with some cruel intention to my inner desires. I start to blush and grow a semi, I can’t even hide it, he sees my face is just enamored by that trick. “Uhhh, yes sir, Mr. Blaine, I mean David! It was so cool! Tell me all about it! I’ve never eaten a live animal before, how did it feel going down? Did the poor unlucky little frogs live?!” I try to laugh it off, but still appearing bashful. Still looking directly at me “Oh yes, of course they did. If I drink enough water, it’s basically a pool down there. So they can survive for a little amount of time for a show until a spit them back up. But you say they’re unlucky? I would disagree and say quite the opposite; they’re the lucky ones! I mean, it’s probably a nice dark hot tub down there, don’t you think?! Too bad these little guys can’t talk, it’d be cool to hear what it’s like from a first-hand perspective to be swallowed alive and whole! Tossed around in my mouth, squeezed in my gullet, down my throat, then into the nice warm pool!” He continues to stare right at me, and starts to smile, and inadvertently he licks his lips. Almost like he knows the mental anguish he’s causing me. I’m speechless, I fumble over all my words and lustful thoughts “uhhhh, ummm… yeah! Hahaha, I guess we’ll never know!”
 David then gets up and walks to the other side of the room. Thank goodness he isn’t staring at me anymore, I couldn’t take it. I hear him open a drawer by his bed and get something, I’m honestly not paying attention, just trying to calm myself down and not be nervous and horny. He walks over with his fist all coiled up holding something. “So check this out, it’ll be the start of my new trick that I’ll show you.” He opens his hand and a little circular object that looks like a light turns on. Dim at first, then it gets intensely bright, then bright blue. I can barely see anything, it’s blinding me! “What is that?” I start to say and honestly feel a bit dizzy and woozy. “It’s my new trick, it’s going to appear to morph people, so let’s see!” I start to loose my balance and fall, David and his strong arms catch me, lye me on the couch, but he continues to shine that bring light in my face. I’m so blinded by weak, I can’t move, and then from what I guess is I fall asleep and pass out.
 I start to wake up, blurry eyed at first, uncomfortable curled up against a cold surface. As I came to, I start to move and notice my surroundings. I put 2 and 2 together and realize it looks like I’m in a glass, a tall thin glass, almost like a champagne glass? I hear a presence coming, I look up as a giant David Blaine is looming overhead. He looks down at me and his serious lips break with a very devious smile, “Oh, you’re awake little man! How are you feeling?” I look up in awe; a giant David Blaine, so sexy, so big, but how!? “Mr Blaine?! What happened to me?! What is this?! What is going on here?!” I shout demanding answers, as if I could command him at current size. His seductive lips move as they’re talking to me in a very calm yet evil manner. “I told you, David is fine. And you’re it, I chose you! You’ll assist me in my next trick, which I’m going to try out right now. Pretty cool right?” I stare at him confused, blurting out in shock and anger, as if that will help me in my current situation. “Trick?! What trick?!” He looks at me as if he’s about to laugh, then he does, he bursts out in laugher. Laugher that seems jovial yet evil. His mouth opens wide at first, his whole cavity starts to shake in a monstrous, rhythmic laugher. It continues as he then looks up and laughs toward the ceiling, revealing a giant sexy Adams apple that shakes up and down as he chuckles. He then looks down at me still smiling from his laughter, “You silly man, the frog trick. Except no frogs here, I can’t find any left, not sure where I put them? But in case you haven’t realized, you’re about the size, actually a bit smaller, than a frog; Similar to the ones I used the other day.” He smirks one side of his mouth up and on the same side of his face his eyebrow raised up. “Well?” As if a blanket of reality and fear was draped over me, I suddenly started to understand. My face grew horrified, my eyes opened up, jaw wide, I couldn’t speak. Me?! The frog trick?! He can’t be serious, am I dreaming?! Is this one of my sexy vore fantasies that I’ll wake up from!? Seconds later I come out of my terrified trance and burst out, “DAVID!?! I’m not a frog, I’m a human! I’m not some trick to be toyed with and eaten! You can’t! It’ll never work, it’s inhumane!!!” He started to smile again and almost interrupted me, “Oh, but I will!” he exclaims with glee, “You agreed with me, right? Wouldn’t it be amazing to hear first hand what it’s like to be swallowed alive? Regardless, I’m going to do it anyway! Besides, we’re both curious and it’s a new trick for my book! Of course I won’t tell anyone, and don’t worry, you’ll be returned back to normal after this. I think it’ll be the experience of a lifetime! Think about it, you get to be eaten by ME, THE David Blaine! I take pride in my mouth and what I can swallow, now this is on a whole new level, and you’ll get to not only experience it, but live to tell me all about it!” I look at David, scared and pleading with my big brown eyes staring right into his. “David, PLEASE! I thought it looked cool, but I’m honestly really scared! What if I can’t come back up?!” He smiles again, in a cocky manner and inadvertently licks his lips. His big pinky purpley tongue protrudes and gives them a soft, slow, almost spine-shivering hungry yet seductive lick. His lips are now all wet and glistening, just as his teeth are when he smiles. “Sorry little guy, this is part of the job you signed up for as my personal stage assistant; I’m going to eat you, you will slide into my mouth, get lubed up with my sticky saliva, and I will move you to the back of my throat where I will SWALLOW YOU” He breaks out in an evil chuckle. “Yup, that’s right, however you want to say it, I am going to gulp you down, gobble you up, eat you, swallow you, alive and whole, nice and soft, You’ll be squeezed down my throat and dropped into my hot tub-like stomach. Don’t worry, I’ve drunk a lot of water already and I’ve always been able to regurgitate these little frogs, you’ll be fine, heh! Alright, enough chit-chat my newest little trick, time for the trip of a lifetime!” He quickly licked his lips once more, “Down the hatch to Blaine’s belly!”
 “NOOO, DAVID, PLEEEAASSSEEE! DON’T EAT ME!!!” He grabbed the glass and lifted it closer to his face. Looking right at me, his lips pursed. Without warning a big glob of spit appeared and dropped down, right on top of me, splatting onto my head, then slowly oozing down my naked shrunken body. “YUCK!!” I try to wipe it off, just further spreading it around, making it more disgusting for myself. He spit again, this time on the top of the glass then coming down to my feet, making me fall into the bottom of the glass, on my hands and knees. The saliva and ‘trick’ filled glass started to tilt towards his face. I’ve never been so close to his handsome face, a face I adored and wanted to kiss is now a giant predator before my eyes. Saliva started to flow out the glass, slowly taking me with it, screaming, shaking, writhing as if there was another way out. His lips started to part, slowly and gently. His mouth started opening wide, as if it were a movie premier. His mouth was gaping with strings of what I once thought was beautiful delicious saliva were now sheer terror before my eyes as they clung from his tongue to the roof of his mouth. There must have been a light behind me, because I could see all into his mouth. His beautiful pinky purpley tongue was before me, in all its contours, which then started to protrude toward the glass, making a bridge for me to fall onto. I slide ever so slowly towards his mouth, then I look up, past the strands of spit, I see the most horrifying thing of all: a deep dark pit, guarded by tonsils and a hanging uvula above, as if it was defying gravity not falling down his throat. I gasp and shriek. Before I knew it, I arrive so softly covered in slobber on his tongue. The glass is tilted up and as I’m gently lowered and freed from my glass prison but now onto my new but scary and smelly one. His tongue, still outside of his mouth starts to slowly retract back. I look up and can see his eyes, almost crossing looking down at me, then I pass under his nose and into the cavity of his mouth. Before closing his mouth, he starts to laugh. It almost deafens me, thunderous laughs come from that scary pit in the back, while his soft palate and uvula fly up and down, almost as if they’re mocking me. His tongue starts to curl as it softens around me, forming around my saliva-covered body. Then smell of spit and minty breath is washed over me, how utterly disgusting!
 His mouth doesn’t waste any time at all as his tongue had a mission to lube me up, then move me back to of his gullet. I was flailing and squirming every which direction, occasionally my hands would hit his teeth, but every surface was so soft and slick, that there was honestly nothing I could grab ahold of. Despite my every attempt to move and struggle to the front, I was pushed and sucked back. I felt a soft gross structure rub then cling to my face, when his mouth opened, it was his uvula. I screamed and struggled as I was near the point of descent! His tongue then started to lift up as it made a ramp to his gullet. I tried to cling to his uvula, but it was too soft and slippery. My feet hit some soft spots probably below his tonsils, then I felt nothing below. It was like I was suspended in mid air. I started again to panic and flail, as I was seconds away from the inevitable downward fate of his ‘human aquarium’ below. Then it all happened so fast, his mouth and throat worked in unison to accomplish the same goal to propel me downward. His upper soft palate and uvula came from above, pushing me down, his tonsils started to squeeze from both directions, which barely allowed me to move, then a powerful suction below sucked me down along with used saliva that has served its course in David’s mouth. GULP. Just like that, the loudest, most wet, and squeezing sound deafened my existence as I was forced unceremoniously down David’s throat.
 As scary as I thought David’s mouth was, his throat was even scarier. Not that it was as violent, but the exact opposite. Being slowly lowered and squeezed ever so softly down a soft tube that led to a giant pool below. I squirmed and writhed, I’m not sure why, it wouldn’t help my situation, but I couldn’t help myself. Sounds of fear came in succession: after the gross scary swallow, came his lungs breathing very deeply, as I could tell he was proud of his conquest to swallow me whole. Then came his heart beating, very loudly, then a few seconds of nothing but soft gurgling below, which completely scared me to my core. I came to a stop as my feet were forced against a closed wall, with saliva and throat mucus building to my knees. Seconds later, when his stomach was ready to accept me, a soft yet tight opening squeezed me and my whole body in, feet first. Scarily enough, without warning, the hole closed right after me and I was trapped in a stomach of warm watery liquid.
 I was stunned, I couldn’t move, what had just happened?! It was obvious that David wasn’t lying, he literally drank so much water in order to make his stomach a mini aquarium. I had room to swim, but only little room at top to try and breath. I then came to my senses and tried to tread water to stay atop, feeling for the opening to his throat. Seconds felt like hours in this prison. I hoped he would keep his promise and get me out of here! The water was warm, and weirdly somewhat calm which is not what I expected for a human stomach. Minutes passed, it was getting stuffy and a little hard to breath in here, surely he should let me out soon?! More time passes, then without warning, the walls of his stomach start to violently shake. I’m sucked toward the bottom and then water above me shoots up and is expelled out. I come to the top with less water, catch my breath, and its all a blur as I’m hoisted and shoved through a wide open hole up, up, up, land on his tongue and then I’m spit out in an all too familiar champagne glass. I cough and spat, “WHEWWWW” I yell panicked yet relieved.
 I can barely speak in full sentences after the reverse water slide hell I was just put thought, as I manage to shout between breaths “Holy…. Cow…. Poor… Frogs!” My heart rate and breathing finally slow down, as David looks from above and slowly starts to speak. “Well, well, how was it, little man?” he says with a smirk, as if he knows the hell he just put me through. “It was honestly so scary, I didn’t know if I would be let out! It was hard to breathe, but calm. Your mouth was so scary! It was like a giant soft spit filled torture chamber! Those poor frogs, but at least they’re alive! Wow, I never knew the mouth could be such a scary place! I’m becoming a vegetarian!” David smiled, “Yes, it took me a long time to learn this trick. If I eat hours and hours before allowing time to digest and empty, I can then completely fill my stomach with water, I’m able to stop digestion, the trick is to mentally be ready and keep filled with water. But I just spit out all the water in those other cups before you came out, so I need to refill my gut with some water, but maybe after I eat first. Speaking of, I’m going to get some lunch, I’ll be back in a bit to change you back!” David smiles, covers the top of my champagne glass with a coaster to lock me in, and briskly walks away, “Wait! Can’t it be now?!” The lights are dimmed so low, I can barely see, but I hear the door close and I’m left alone in this dark room.
 Time passes, it must have been at least an hour or so? I must have fallen asleep in my curled up position in the vortex of my champagne glass. I hear footsteps and then the door open. The lights are turned on, but still at a dimly lit level. David walks over, grabs the glass and gently turns it upside down on the coaster. He sets it down on the round table in the middle of his fancy hotel room, and takes away the glass. “Morning little guy, how are you doing, sleep ok?” I look up, he seems genuinely concerned about me, which is weird. “Uhhh, I’m ok, I’m hungry… and honestly, when do I get turned back to normal?” David has a puzzled, almost sad look on his face “Oh, I thought you were having fun being my little assistant? The little man shrunken down and swallowed alive and brought back up.” I look at him, it almost looks like I’ve disappointed him, I start to feel bad. “Oh, no, I’m sorry, it was ok, but I would honestly like to be back to normal.” He continues to look at me with pitiful eyes, “Well, my man, there’s one little problem. There is no antidote, I shrunk you like this thinking you would be my assistant and go on tours with me. Instead, you’re going back on your deal! But I had a suspicion this would happen, which is why I’m back. I couldn’t find anything to eat, so I took my appetite restimulation pill, so now my stomach is back in hungry digestion mode. I was going to get us food, but wanted to come back and see just how you thought. Now I have my answer…” he looks at me, his eyes turn evil and mad, he starts to smile, then lick his lips with that once beautiful but now ravenous tongue, “and it’s you!”
 My eyes widen up “Whhhaaaaaa…. WHAT! WAIT!” I instantly start to panic as I run across the small table to the end. Maybe I should just jump. Then without warning, his giant fist shadows overhead and descends to pick me up. This time, unlike last, seems much more fast and forceful. I’m hoisted up to his face, level with his lips. “You fool, you could have been one of the protected frogs, but now you’re done. Go figure a human would be dumber than a frog!” He starts to laugh as his jaw opens and closes in an evil laugh. “But that’s ok, maybe this is better!” His laughter stops, he smirks, then begins to open his mouth. Hip lips slowly part, his giant mouth opens wider and wider, definitely wider than the first time and more coated with saliva; it’s as if he’s been preparing for this by extreme hunger and salivation. Strands of saliva are clinging everywhere from top to bottom, his beautiful soft pinky purpley tongue starts to stick out of his mouth, then follow it down the course of his chin. As his tongue protrudes, his uvula and hatch start to appear out of the hidden darkness. A sheet of saliva is stuck to the very back and then suddenly snaps and spills right onto his tongue. With his mouth open, he starts to intermittently talk, “And now for my final trick, YOU, as LUNCH!” he laughs between, and just as his first trick, he again opens wide, saying “make sure my mouth is empty! You see? My mouth is empty? Not for long, runt…!”
 Before I can react I’m lifted up, above his mouth, as it’s still gaping wide open with his tongue extended outward. He grabbed my legs so my face falls with gravity. He tilts his head up, and his tongue extends, giving me an unwanted bird’s eye view right down into his cavernous mouth. It’s wet, dripping, and frightening! I’m dropped and begin to fall to the gaping maw. I scream and fall about 5 inches right onto a squishy, slimy, soft tongue. “NO!!” is all I can say before his tongue is sharply retracted into his mouth. I’m face down, flat, staring into his mouth and deep, dark hatch. Isn’t once enough for this?! His lips close and I’m sealed in darkness, being tossed and turned, thrown around endlessly as I become coated in disgusting saliva, which is thicker than before. I lose all orientation of my surroundings. His lips opens intermittently to shine in some light and reveal the horror of my situation. He’s definitely being rougher than before. His mouth tosses and turns me around like a piece of candy, it seems like he’s enjoying this way too much! Then after I’m completely exhausted, his tongue starts to undulate under me, but in waves, he’s basically moving me towards the back! No, I thought, he can’t do this?! How would he get away with this?! I have to get out! I begin to should through my saliva coated face and accidently inhale some as I start to gag. “DAVID!!!! PLEASE!!! PLEASE LET ME GO! GET ME OUT! PLEASE, PLEASE DON’T EAT ME!!!!”
 His moving mouth, tongue, and throat stop abruptly. After all movement ceases, the sounds of squelching continue as spit is falling from the top of his mouth, down onto me, then his tongue. Thank goodness! Maybe some sense finally came into his head. I wipe away my saliva-coated face and catch my breath as I’m steps away from a dark, twisted, contorted throat and an ever so ominous uvula pointing with saliva dripping in a downward direction toward a scary pit. I try to lift myself up, now with some comfort that I’ll be whisked out of his mouth and freed from this sticky smelly prison. I can’t move, as I’m weighed down with spit, then I feel his mouth open wider, as his hatch before me stretches wider and wider. His fingers grab my little legs and ever so slightly start to pull me towards his lips away from his throat. Freedom, at last! However, my thoughts and sighs of relief are stopped as he stops pulling me, and as if someone took a megaphone and brisk wind to my face, he shouts in a monstrous tone, “LUNCHTIIIIIIIIIIMMMEEEE!” Without any warning, the tip of his tongue lifted up, making a step ramp for me to slide. All I can muster out is a defeated life-threatening scream, “AHHHHH!!!” as my arms are thrown in every direction, which actually works to my disadvantage hastening my slide.
 His gullet, uvula, and tonsils quickly start to contort, flex, and twist working against my favor. Saliva is being sloshed everywhere and now starting to cover me more; even more so than before. I go into fight or flight mode and just utterly panic as I try to swim away in a futile effort. This felt even worse than before; he’s being more hostile, hungry, and salivating uncontrollably. I think to myself, “No, he won’t!” Light shines to the very back illuminating every crevice of his frightening wet throat. I look up in one last attempt as I start to see his uvula coming down right on my face with a SPLAT. I slowly slide past it, face first into the unforgiving hatch. I thought this was it, but being in a magicians mouth, David Blaine had one final trick up his sleeve, rather, in his mout. Somehow, his tongue and uvula spun me around upside down. Now I’m not only face first staring into his deep dark hatch, but I’m upside down, completely defenseless and helpless! I didn’t realize how terrifying this could be, upside down at the mercy of David Blaine’s contorting throat! David had decided he had tormented me enough, either that or his swallowing reflex started to kick in as my surroundings started to shake, contort, flex, and squeeze me inward. Pinned between his tonsils, I can’t move a muscle, then all of the sudden everything starts to squeeze and I’m again sucked rapidly and violently down his hatch, into his throat.
 I start to cry, knowing this is my final descent as I’m rhythmically moved down this throat. I hear the same sounds as before, but his heart is beating faster and he is breathing much more quickly. Again I come to the entrance to his stomach this time face first upside down. I cry, with my tears of fear mixing with saliva and throat mucous. His stomach sounds much more active and gurgling than before, I know this time there is no aquarium, but a deep, empty, hungry stomach waiting to accept its food. The sphincter opens and more quickly than before squeezes me through. I enter, this time without water breaking my fall, onto an empty goopy stomach floor. Then I hear a few giant roars in a row. Did he just orgasm!? How disgusting! Everything transiently calms down, there is less air to breath and I feel myself getting dizzy, like when I first started to shrink, but worse. I begin to punch and claw at the walls, which unfortunately starts to activate his stomach’s digestive process. The walls awaken and start to move, secreting gastric juice, then I realize the ultimate futility in my situation. I give up in some final conscious breaths and fall flat on my face.
 Blaine has just finished jerking himself off in the chair he’s sitting in by the table. “Phew!” He exclaims as he wipes post-orgasm sweat off his forehead feeling accomplished. He’s done it! He’s perfected the art of shrinking a man, to then tempt them to their doom of being eaten alive. He shouted to the man on the outside door, “Hey, I’m good for the day man, but let’s schedule some more interviews this week!” David Blaine patted his belly as he confidently knows he did the right thing to his enamored little assistant, further knowing this won’t be the last time. He has shrunken a man, making him even lower on the food chain than a simple frog, and swallowed him alive and whole. “What a lucky little guy, to be eaten by me, the great David Blaine!” he cockily says, as he starts to drift off into a nice nap after a great, albeit little lunch.
 The End

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Well done!  Lucky little guy.  And to think what's left of him will be grunted out Blaine's sexy arse the next day!  Bravo!