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Shallow Date (AV, OV, Muscles, Scat)
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Bert found that dating was hard. He couldn’t find the right man. Most of the guys were shallow, dull, and superficial. Most had only dating him for his massive ass. And all of them found themselves stuffed up it.
Like this latest guy. Ted, or Tim or something. Bert had just wanted a relaxing night in. Order some takeout, maybe watch a movie at home or something. But the moment the guy had come in his apartment, Bert was very aware of the large tent in the guy’s pants. The dude was rubbing against Bert’s ass the whole time that he was trying to order a pizza. Slipped his hands into Bert’s pants during the movie, and fingered Bert’s wet slimy hole.
So finally, Bert had enough. He stripped.
“You want my hole? You really want it?”
The response was naturally an emphatic and lustful variation of ‘yes’. Oftentimes ‘fuck yes’, or ‘ohgod yes’. But the end result was the same.
Bert would have his ass eaten. Lewd slurps and wet smacks as his cavernous ass was fully explored. He’d feel the bristles of facial hair, his current date sporting a finely groomed beard himself. The probing would get deeper and deeper as his date would soak in more of his ass’s fine musk. They never noticed themselves sinking deeper and deeper within its slick slimy entrance. Even with their head plunged and plugged in that ass, never, not even once did they stop their licking and slurping. There was never any struggle to get out, but sometimes an impatient struggle to get further in. The hotness and the wetness of Bert’s ass was warm and rancid and comfort.
Bert, on the outside, had his own struggles, fighting the urge to cum. He made it his goal to hold it in till his food was fully in his gullet. He found it helped with digestion. He bucked his hips as his ass ate his date. He felt the guy’s dick rub against his balls. Using his saliva as lube, he helped the guy get off before sucking up his hips. It was almost like regular sex, he thought as the dick was shoved up his ass the rest of the guy. Soon, once it was just the feet protruding out his ass, he let out a deep breath and relaxed a little. He liked to play with his food. He reached back and grabbed the feet, slid it out a little, gasping with pleasure as he did so. In, and out, and in, and out. He relished the feeling for as long as he could, he moans quickening, and his dick drooling precum. Finally he shoved both feet into his ass as he grunted, his cock shooting cum deep into the crevices of his couch, shooting a wad completely through it, splattering on the floor.
As he was still gasping and catching his breath, the door rang.
“Fuck, forgot about the pizza.”
Bert got up, and was hit with another wave of pleasure as he felt his meal kick and struggle. Immediately, he rested back on the couch. Fuck pizza, he was pretty full. He rested there for a minute, content to just let his meal digest when—
Bert was just about to take a nap, too, so—
Now he was upset. Normally, Bert was a very calm, very reasonable man. But he had just ingested about 200 pounds of living, writhing meat, and was about to settle in for a very good nap. Being woken up constantly as he was trying to do so brought out the irritable grouch within him he never knew he had.
It also made him inexplicably hungry.
Wilson didn’t get paid enough. Three pizzas. 11pm at night on a weekday. After working double shifts. And now the dumb fuck didn’t even have the common decency to open the damn door. There was no way he was leaving this building without the 35.95 that he had come to collect. And no way was he heading back with three goddamn anchovy pizzas in the car. And he was patient. He could wait. He was being paid by the hour, so he could wait. He had all the fucking time in the world.
So he rang the bell and knocked on the door until he heard a set of very heavy feet stomp its way to the door. Fi Fie Fo Fum, he thought, imagining some muscled up sweaty jock pausing in between reps to move their sweaty ass to the door. Fully hairy chest with a lumberjack build and billowing voice that demanded respect…
Fuck I’m tired…daydreaming on the job…
It had been weeks since his last fuck, so he was irritable, tired, and horny. An unholy trinity.
But all that melted away into shock once he laid eyes on the behemoth that greeted him at the door. Or well, that behemoth of a stomach. And that wriggling figure moving within. Within that musky, hairy belly.
Wilson dropped the pizzas to admire this giant of a man. With no regard for decency and a rock hard dick, he found himself rubbing his cheek on that stomach, cradling the huge bulge and rubbing up against the captive within it. He heard the gurgled of the stomach as it went to work and heard the faint warm pulse beating from inside. His breaths became shallow as he felt himself being hoisted upwards. He didn’t notice he was being grabbed. Didn’t notice the hot gusts of breath at his feet. Barely even registered the tongue licking and sucking at his feet. He was too engrossed in hugging that stomach, hugging that shifting figure within.
It was only once he was parted with the stomach did panic and pleasure seep in. His cock was being attended to and his legs were surrounded in a fleshy tube. He was being eaten. Devoured.
He came.
It was a nice dream. A good dream. Once that he should take advantage of. The musk all about him helped to calm him down. A belch escaped from around him, shaking his body a little. He grabbed on to whatever he could find in front of him, not to escape, just to prolong the experience. Grabbing a pec with each palm of his hand over a nipple, he ground himself into his captor. And he bucked forth, fucking his predator’s throat. Belch after belch escaped as his captor granted him this last small favor.
But all good things had to end, and Wilson felt his stomach and chest dragged downward. His final act before plunging into those depths was wrestling with the giant tongue that had brought him so much pleasure.
Bert was incredibly full. The pizzas were devoured soon after his impromptu meal. And he laid on his bed in a drunken stupor. He could feel his two ‘guests’ were getting acquainted pretty well in his stomach. Could even feel the cum flying inside his gut as he drifted off to sleep.
Bert woke up with a loud fart.
He felt his pipes ready to burst and hustled into the bathroom. Already familiar with the process, he ignored the toilet, and instead squatted over the tub. The first thing to squeeze out of his ass was a soiled uniform. Pizza guy. Once he had got on a roll, pizza guy just didn’t stop, a long thick rope of shit. As for Tim or Ted or whatever, he was built like a brick, and therefore passed like one. He was so difficult to pass that Bert slipped and fell into the tub himself, covering himself in the remains of the pizzas guy. His date peeked out from his ass as Bert tried to push him out. Bert squeezed his glutes and stretched his ass. Took deep breaths and continued such. Inch by inch, his ex came out. Sweaty and covered in his own shit, he was exhausted. He got out and showered in the stall in the opposite corner of the bathroom.
Someday he’ll find a man that’ll love him for more than just his ass.

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Re: Shallow Date (AV, OV, Muscles, Scat)
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But until then there's nothing like a free meal.

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Re: Shallow Date (AV, OV, Muscles, Scat)
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Its nice to see another hyper masculine pred who just packs em away!

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Re: Shallow Date (AV, OV, Muscles, Scat)
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LOVE the final, dirty ending of the journey!  Loved this!  Thank you!