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Paleo Diet (OV, Stuffing, Unaware, Muscle)
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Dave groaned as he stuffed yet another bunch of kale down his gullet. He leaned back in his chair as he let out a long and strained belch. No more for today. His gut was already bulging against his muscled stomach from pound after pound of greens. Today had been dark leafy greens. Yesterday had been hot dogs. And the day before that was cabbage. He was determined to win this year’s Iron Gut competition and was willing to try any and all training regimens.
His stomach growled, and Dave could feel that compact ball of veggies gurgling away underneath his muscled abs. Making sure that nobody else was in the room, he stripped and sprawled down on the living room floor, and rubbed his stomach contentedly, moaning in pleasure. The feeling of fullness was great, as was the feeling of grinding all that food in the pits of his insides. He shoved and jostled his bulging gut, moaning with every shift within. Soon, there was a sizable tent protruding from his gym shorts.
And Dave’s roommate Jon walked in.
Dave didn’t notice Jon. And Jon didn’t really notice Dave either. Jon had come home from a rigorous workout, his tank top sticking to his abs with hot sweat. His daily workout was a struggle because of his new paleo diet he’d been forced to partake in as part of a bet. Visions of tender steaks dripping with gravy danced in his heads as he gulped down the last of his impromptu dinner: nuts. Who’d have thought that the convenience store on the way back to the dorm didn’t sell locally produced organic vegetables? It was only day three of this diet, and already he could feel his willpower draining. Surely he could cheat? Surely some of the other guys already had?
His train of thought was broken as he felt his arm grazed with a string of sticky…cum?
“Aw, shit Dave!” Jon finally noticed Dave. Dave finally broken out of his lustful haze, trying to sputter out some reasonable excuse. Instead, he just let out a belch in his roommate’s face.
“Goddamn, you’ve got to be fucking kidding me,” Jon winced. “Fucking kale?”
“Sorry, bro –urp! It’s for the Iron Gut next week. Expanding my –urp- belly.”
Jon wanted to feel grossed out, but instead stared at Dave. Specifically, Daves’ stomach. It looked like there was a fucking watermelon in the damn thing. Squirming about underneath the skin as Dave continued to rub and knead it. He thought about how dense that ball was, trapped under layers of muscle, how hot and sticky it was in that stomach, how full that Dave must be feeling. He felt waves of jealousy, as well as awe. He knelt down beside Dave and found himself rubbing that stomach himself, feeling his cock grow hard hearing his roommate’s lustful moans.
“Aw yes, fuck, that feels good, bro.” Jon was struck silent, blushing furiously as he rubbed his roommate’s hard bulge, feeling his food underneath squish and slide about. As Dave came yet again, Jon couldn’t contain himself and started to suck on the nipples and lick that sexy gut. Soon he was fucking that gorgeous bulge as Dave snapped him out of his lust with a passionate kiss. After Dave broke the kiss, he let out a light sigh, and belched.
“Whew, I wasn’t expecting that. Sex-starved much?”
Jon took a deep breath as he slid off Dave, laying down on the floor next to him. “Yeah…a little. It’s just been this god-awful diet I’ve been doing—
“Wait, what? You? Diet?”
“Part of a dare. Some paleo bullshit. No cooked meat. Nothing processed. Gotta be the most organic and local food in the area. Oh, no sugars. No--”
The two chuckled. Out the corner of his eye, Jon saw Dave’s belly jiggle with each hearty laugh, and felt his dick harden again. “Hey,” he said, “You think it’d be cheating if I were to suck you off?”
Dave gave an embarrassed smirk. “Well, I am local.” He rose from the floor, straining to lift his stomach with him. “I’m lean.” He got on top of Jon, smothering him with his massive belly. “And I’m full of dark, leafy organic greens.”
Jon was in heaven. He could hear Dave’s steady heartbeat. Could feel his heat. Could smell his musk. And he wanted more. The sensation of being smothered. Of being full. Of being part of that fullness. He wanted Dave. No – he wanted to be a part of Dave. He wanted—
“Eat me!”
Dave didn’t hear him. So Jon had to force his attention with a kiss, whispering it again in the lull afterward.
“Eat me.”
Dave was confused, and scrunched his face to show it, before he burst out laughing. “You’re too horny to be thinking straight.”
“No, no, no. It’s a good idea! You need to expand your stomach right? Well you’ve got a fucking 200 pound weight right here!” Jon went in for another kiss.
“Jon, I’m flattered, but how the hell do I get this,” he gestured to Jon, “into this?” pointing to his belly.
Jon wasn’t sure how he knew, but he did. And just told Dave: “Easy, like this.”
He punched his roommate in the bulging, squirming gut. Hard. Hard enough to penetrate the layers of muscle, forcing a great belch to shoot up. And here was Jon’s chance. Dave’s mouth gaped open in pain as the rush of gas rose from his stomach. And Jon jumped right in, stuffing his sweaty body into his slippery gullet. He had descended into Dave’s gut as easily as he’d descend down a water slide. Dave barely had time to savor his taste.
“Uuuuuuurp!” Dave droned even after the pair of hairy legs slid down his throat. “Shit!” He was pinned to the ground with Jon’s weight.
Inside the stomach, Jon had stripped off his clothes, and was wiggling and squirming through the muck of veggies. Kale had never tasted so good. He couldn’t tell if he was lightheaded from the lack of oxygen or the pleasure, but found that he didn’t care.
Dave was panicking. He didn’t want this. He didn’t want to see his friend churned into his gut. And just thinking about Jon’s future exit made him queasy. So he punched his gut. Shook it. Even despite the protest from in his gut, he continued to agitate his stomach, until finally—
Jon was squeeze out the way he had entered. The kale marinade made for decent lube. He was coughed up all over the floor, a mess of green muck clinging to his sticky, slippery body.
“What the fuck!”
Dave was gasping for air. “Thank god…” he said. He was able to stand upright for the first time in a while without any weight in his stomach. His body shone with sweat.
Jon was livid. But upon seeing Dave so shaken up, felt his anger subside pretty quickly. He gave him a hug. A sticky, putrid embrace.
But then he caught scent of that musk. He caught the scent of his roommate, all 180 pound of it. The stink of his crotch and the smell of his dried cum was like spice. The kale on his breath a garnish. All sentimentality melted once he went in for a kiss. The two were breathing heavily afterwards, their sticky foreheads touching.
“Dave, that was hot.”
“Yeah, I bet.” Dave let out a nervous chuckle. He felt Jon’s grip tighten around him.
“And you’ve got me so fucking hungry.”
“Y-Yeah?” Dave felt Jon’s hot breath against his face, smelled his own stomach acid, humid and suffocating. “I-I could fix you a sandwich…gluten free.”
“I don’t want none of that shit. Not when I have a good local boy right here.”
“Jon, wait!”
But of course, it was too late. Whatever it was Dave was about to say was muffled within the confines of Jon’s mouth. He sputtered and gagged against Jon’s probing tongue. Jon gulped, sending Dave’s head descending into his stomach. Jon rested his tongue atop Dave’s nipples. They were rock hard. A few gulps later he sampled the navel, the belly button, and ran his tongue against the fine ridges of muscle before finally getting a taste of that cock. That cock that was obviously hard as steel. The pre was fantastic, and the cum thick and creamy. Jon was convinced that Dave must be having a great time, despite his muffled protests from inside his stomach. Jon struggled to flip his meal over, as to get a good long taste of that toned ass. It was every bit as amazing as he had imagined it’d be since the first day he had met Dave. Of course, he hadn’t imagined that he’d be tasting it quite this way. To his surprise he found his meal’s ass plugged up with some anal beads. Of course the dorm slut would’ve been rocking those on a weekday night. After a bit of a struggle, Jon managed to pull out the long string of beads and stored it in his cheek as he swallowed the rest of his meal. The massive thighs with the spicy taint, and the meaty hairy legs. And he lingered on the calloused but flavorful feet before finally making one last swallow.
His belch echoed through the apartment. Jon rolled onto his back. Got out his phone. Took a quick selfie, flashing a mischievous grin.
“Paleo Diet Day 3. Going strong with a nice raw meal.”
Maybe this diet wasn’t all that bad.